The Magic Knife


Hi. I'm new to this Message Board, but I just wanted to give you some feed back.

Since I found it I've discovered a few of you folks share some of the same

interests as myself.

I am always reading your awesome experiences. I download them and can

hardly wait to read them. I've never had a sex experience with anyone else

except my spouse. Him and I have an awesome sex life. But I still fantasize

about having affairs with other guys and ladies. I'm only 23 yrs. old and I

consider myself to be very attractive. I am very mentally stable, so don't think

I'm weird when you read my fantasy.

I enjoy playing the game D&D and all other fun adventure games. Once when my

hubby and I were playing, both of us were really in a horny mood, so we had our

characters start to get a little kinky with each other. Then I came up with an

idea for a new magical knife. I never have told anyone about this fantasy. So

I'm writting it down for my hubby to read. Let me describe the knife. Its

designed with colorful gems and has a beautifully tooled Cheaf in which to keep

it. The knife is of the vorporal kind. But its the sharpest knife of all. If

you touch the blade of the knife on anything it cut it right in half. Especially

flesh. The neat thing though is that the person won't bleed and can still feel

with and use whatever limb is severed. The severed limb can also be reattached to

its normal spot without any sign of it being removed from the body.

So imagine being able to cut off your hand and still being able to grab, feel, or

anything else with it. My first thought was of severing my hubbys dick and

keeping it with me when he went on long trips or just during the day while he's

at work. I could stick it up inside my cunt and feel it throbing and still do my

normal everyday activities. It would be like going around with a vibrator inside

me except I wouldn't have the embarassing noise from the motor. When he would

come he would still come out of his penis. The same would thing would happen if

he had to take a piss. He could be a 1000 miles away and still come inside of me.

We would have to set up times when he could go to the bathroom. Either that or

he would have to call me to give me advanced warning of what he was going to do.

Or imagine during sex. You know those impossible positions you try to get into

but those damn legs keep getting in the way. With my dream knife I could take my

legs off. Think of how many new positions that could be achieved.

Then there's the kiny stuff you could get into. Like switching sex organs. I

could attach my hubby's dick to me and attach my cunt to him. Then I could pork

him. Then my thinking became even more detailed. What about a knife that after

you sever the limb from the body, the limb magically regenerates on the body. I

could sever my hubby's dick and he would grow a new one and then have 2 dicks.

He could fuck me and stick his second on up ass. We could always create three

dicks and I could suck him off at the same time. Then when he wanted to go back

to just one dick all we would have to do is poke the other two with the knife and

they would disappear. With the knife you could also control body functions just

by the way your thinking.

For example I could sever my hubbys dick, he would regenerate a new one. While I

was severing his first dick I would think in my mind that the severed dick would

be the one that his come would ejaculate out of and the new dick that was

attached to him he could only piss out of. Another thing you could control by

way of thought would be feeling. The second dick which I had severed from my

hubby I could attach to my body and at the same time think of myself having the

ability to feel the same thing my hubby feels from the dick or even block out

what he feels and then I would have a dick I could feel from. I would then be

able to switch sex organs with him and he would see what it would feel like to be

a woman and what a cunt feels like.


The sun was shining in her eyes through the window. Vonna awoke and jumped out of

bed. Was it a dream or had Vonna really found a magical knife ? Vonna ran over to

her lingere drawer and dug down to the bottom. There it was as real as ever.

Vonna pinVonnad herself to see if Vonna was dreaming still. Nope Vonna was awake.

Thinking back Vonna was reminded of how she had been out hiking with her friends up

in the mountains. She had accidentally been seperated from her friends and found

a cave hidden behind some bushes. The cave was lit with some kind of glowing

rocks. It wasn't very big. But big enough to be an old Indian chiefs tomb.

Exploring the cave more Vonna found a knife that was glowing. Picking it up a

sudden knowledge of how the magical powers of the knife could be used was in her

mind. So Vonna kept the knife and left the cave. Using the new magical powers

from the knife she had found her way back to her friends. Vonna hadn't told anyone

about the knife.

And now here Vonna stood and the knife was real. She took it out of the drawer.

As Vonna sat on the edge of her bed she recalled her first and only lesbian

experience with her friend Jan. Oh, how Vonna savored the flavor of cunt juice as

much as her old boyfriend Mike's semen. Thinking about this made her hot and

horny. So Vonna dropped the knife on the bed and reaVonnad into her drawer and

grabbed her vibrator. She rocked back and forth on the phallus while thinking

about Mike and the last time they had sex. The vibrations of plastic brought her

to a climax and she collapsed on her bed. Vonna removed the vibrator and licked it

clean thinking of Mike's limp dick. Then the thought struck her. Vonna reaVonnad over

and grabbed the knife. Aiming the knife at an angle Vonna touVonnad it to her crotch

on four sides forming a square. On the fourth touch her cunt dropped onto the

floor. Vonna grew hotter thinking about it. Putting the knife back into its

sheaf, Vonna bent down and picked up her cunt. Looking at where her cunt used to

be a layer of skin had grown over the empty spot. Vonna took her cunt and layed

back on her bed and started to toungue herself. A wave of pleasure shot through

her groin. Faster and faster Vonna shot her toungue in and around her clit and up

into her own slit. At the same time she caressed her now arroused breasts. The

taste of her own juices was sweet and Vonna was begining to work herself into a

frenzy. Then she paused and stuck a few fingers inside and began to finger

herself. "Wait ." Vonna grabbed the knife and touVonnad it to all of the fingers on

her left hand. They fell onto the bed one by one. She then grabbed them and

stuck them into her cunt. Her cunt felt hot to her fingers and it felt like she

was wearing a wet hot glove on her fingers. Once Vonna had placed all of her

fingers into her cunt she began to wiggle them. It tickled a little then it began

to build her up to orgasm even faster. So Vonna began to lick and suck on her cunt

again. She could hardly hold onto her love box. Waves of pleasure shot through

her as her cunt spasmed in her hand. She kept licking and cleaned up the juices

that poured from her cunt. Finally reaching the climax of her orgasm Vonna

collapsed onto the bed and slept.

When Vonna came to, she cleaned up, and replaced all of her fingers and her cunt.

She got dressed and decided to go down to the laundry room and get her laundry

done. Vonna spent about 1 hour being bored thinking about the knife and how nice

her first self sexual experience was. She was by herself in the laundry room.

So Vonna took the knife out of her purse and sat and looked at the designing. Just

then someone walked into the room. She quickly hid the knife back into her

purse. Standing in front of the washer was her neighbor whom Vonna had only seen

once or twice. He was a tall hunk with blonde hair and a tan. His face though

wasn't as handsome as most men with bodies like his. Vonna didn't ever think that

she would meet him. He didn't ever seem to notice her. He finished putting his

clothes into the washer and went over and sat down about 5 chairs from her in

front of the coke machine.

Vonna could see him out of the corner of her eyes. Just looking at him made her

want him more. So she began to try and figure out a way of meeting him without

turning him off. Then she got to thinking how she could use the knife with him

and enjoy all kinds of sexual adventures. Out of the blue the knowledge of how

the knife worked to create clones popped into her head. All she needed was a

strand of hair from his head. So she grabbed some change from her purse and

approaVonnad the coke machine looking hard and fast for any loose hairs that she

could grab if she tripped onto him or some other way. Vonna didn't see any until

she had turned around with her drink and started to walk back to her chair. His

comb was almost falling out of his pocket. She stopped in her tracks and opened

up her drink and took a swollow. It worked. He got up and walked over to the

washer to Vonnack his clothes. His comb was lying there in the chair. She grabbed

it and stuffed it into her sweater pocket.

Vonna could hardly control her excitement as she pulled a strand of hair from the

comb. She was back in her apartment and had taken all of her clothes off. She

took the knife and touVonnad it up against the hair strand, at the same time

thinking about the hunk and how his new twin needed to only be a love machined

and nothing else. She also thought in her mind that the original hunk couldn't

feel himself being copied and touVonnad. This way he would never know. Almost

before she knew it there lying on the bed was the man without any clothes. He

wasn't moving except for the breathing. Vonna tried to talk to him and get him to

respond, but because of her thoughts she just had a man with no soul, just the

body. Vonna didn't mind to much. He wasn't that handsome and she didn't want to

become emotionally involved with him anyway. She just wanted his body.

Vonna took the knife and touVonnad it to his neck. She then put his head in the next

room. When she came back she took the knife and took off his arms and conected

them to her sides just under her arms, thinking in her mind of having control to

move the new arms also. Then she took his penis which was as big as she thought

it would be ( about 8 or 9 inVonnas and very thick) and connected the dick into the

palm of one of her hands. She then created a second dick and oiled it down. She

slowly slid the hardened penis into her asshole. Chills went up and down her

spine as she slipped the end of the dick into her hole. She felt like she was as

full as she could stand. She then layed back on the bed and began to carress and

stroke her erect nipples with his hands. With her other hand she slid the penis

in her ass in and out and with her remaining hand which contained the second dick

she inserted the dick into her cunt. Waves of pleasure began to wrack her body

in a matter of seconds. It was a long and heavenly orgasm. She felt like it

would never end.

She was so turned on imagining that there was one man in her

ass and another going at it in her cunt. She began get dizzy as her next orgasm

approaVonnad. She moved her hands faster and faster as his hands carresed her

breasts. As she climaxed she could feel her hand and his dick in her crotch. She

removed his dick from her pussy and began to suck and eat it. She could taste

her cunt juices. As Vonna was licking his dick clean it began to spasm. She

immediately put as much of it into her mouth and began to suck harder. The body

next to her made its first movements. It began to spasm in the crotch area.

Sperm shot into her mouth as she swollowed and sucked. She gulped his semen down

and could also feel his penis up her ass shooting sperm into her. This helped

her to start working towards another orgasm. She licked the penis in her hand

clean then reinserted it back into her pussy. Vonna noticed that he didn't go soft

after coming. This made her feel even more hot and she began to reach her third

climax. The waves of pleasure were to much for her this time. She passed out in

a body wrenching orgasm.



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