Like most gamblers, I was always sure I'd be lucky at the start. How wrong I was.

I had been playing cards for about 7 hours, with many people coming and going from the table through the night. The last hand is what killed me, I had three Queens and two Tens and was ahead on the night by about 40,000. I bet all of it and continued on credit up to 150,000. When I lay my cards on the table, confident of a win, the man opposite to me put down four Kings and an Ace. I could have died. How was I to pay, what did I have to clear my debt.

I could see my house, my car, my wife's car and everything else I owned disappearing. I looked round and realized that in the hours we had been playing the crowd had drifted away until only the man and his friends were left besides me.'Well, Jack, I have had enough for tonight what say we pay up and call it a night' said the winner.'I don't have the cash with me' I said lamely, trying to think fast of how I might get out of this.

'What, you bet and can't meet your debts, I'm sure you must have something of value' he said.'Look, I can raise the cash, I'll have to sell my house, car and some other things but you will get your money.' I said, more in hope than anything else. I could see that things were beginning to look ugly around me, his people were all looking at me with pity in their eyes. I was puzzled by this as I was expecting hostility, not pity.'If you can't pay I will choose what I want from you, Jack.' said the winner.'Let me introduce myself, Jim Richmond at your service.' Now I felt really scared, there were many stories doing the rounds about Jim Richmond, all of them bad. He was alleged to run drugs, prostitutes and protection in the area and there were many stories of his enemies simply disappearing.

'I will take your wife for six months, after which she will be returned and if she wants you can then pick up your lives where it was interrupted.' said Jim. 'What, why do you want my wife, she could not be of interest to you, she is forty five like me and the mother of two grown children. What could she possible have that would interest you?' I asked.'I have recently brought a cosmetics company that promises that they can transform anyone in six months from any age to look as good as a twenty year old, with no side effects or problems, all they need is a volunteer.'

'No way, your not using my wife' I shouted, moving in towards Jim. I was grabbed from behind and held firmly. 'Lets go and ask her in person and see what she wants.' said Jim. One of his men grabbed my wallet from my pocket and retrieved my drivers license to get my home addressI was bundled out of the darkened club and forced into a large car. I was reallyfrightened now and was begging that my wife of twenty five years be left out of this. I might as well have been talking to myself for the notice that was being taken of me.After about 20 minutes we pulled up outside my house and I was bundled up the drive and one of Jim's men opened the front door using my keys. The men then moved around the house as if they had done this many times before.

I heard my wife upstairs being woken up and after a few stern words she was dragged down the stairs and into the kitchen were we were all congregated.'Jack, what is going on' she cried on seeing me.Before I could respond I was hit very hard in the stomach and was pushed onto one of the breakfast stools.'Mrs Smith, your husband lost very heavily at cards tonight and I would like to make it possible for him to pay his debt without any nastiness' said Jim. 'All I ask is that you give me six months of your time at a beauty spa in exchange for your husbands kneecaps.' My wife went white at this statement and then promptly fainted.She was gently placed on a stool and one of the men held her while one of the others got a cold cloth and wiped her forehead. After a few moments she came round and looking like a frightened rabbit asked 'What do you mean, you want me to spend six months at a beauty spa, why?' 'Well the spa is experimental and is using a new technique to reverse the processes of ageing in women.

You would go away a middle aged woman and return a twenty year old in looks.' said Jim. 'There are some slight risks involved as the treatment is still experimental, but nowhere near the risks of complications your husband faces with having both kneecaps shot at close range with a shotgun.' 'I'll tell you what, you have two minutes with your husband in the room next door to make up your minds on what you want to do.' We were bundled into the hallway, with one of his men at each end, to talk. After a bit of argument each way, Ellen said 'Look I love you and would never forgive myself if you became a cripple because of me.''It would not be because of you, I lost at cards and got carried away with my bets, there are some risks with this treatment they want you to take.'

'Whatever, I love you and I'm going to accept the treatment.'After we went back into the kitchen Ellen said 'I accept.'That was the last I saw of her for the next six months. Once a month I received a hand delivered note merely saying she was OK and that I was not to worry. I made up a story for our children that she had gone away to think about us and her life. Included in her letters to me where short notes for the children saying that she needed time to think and decide where she wanted to go for the remainder of her life.

Chapter Two. Six months later

I received a note, again delivered by hand, to be at the airport in two days time, Wednesday at 18:15 to meet flight BX123Y that would be arriving at that time, my wife would be on it. I brought flowers and waited by the arrivals gate watching people arriving from her flight. After what I thought might have been the last passenger walked passed, looked around not seeing my wife. Then down the passageway came a vaguely familiar young woman with a huge pair of breasts. I looked harder and realized that the young woman walking very slowly towards me, with a spaced out look on her face was like a much younger version of my wife. It then dawned on me that it was her and that the treatment had obviously been successful, she looked no older than about twenty five. I felt a slight worry as she was walking as if she was walking on eggs and trying not to break any. I quickly strode over to her and wrapped her in my arms, she immediately grabbed me hard and moaned. 'What have they done to you' I asked as I held her at arms length gaping at her new look. She looked more like a twenty something than a forty six year old wife, with a very slim figure except for what must have been DD cup breasts. Her nipples were poking out obviously through the blouse and bra she had on.'Please Jack, just help me to the car and I will tell you about it once we are there.' I gave her another hug feeling her large breasts pushing against my chest, she again held me tight and moaned deeply. This had me worried 'Are you in pain' I asked while still holding her tight. 'Oh Jack' she purred starting to rub herself against me. Call me slow, but it was only then that I realized she was moaning with pleasure not pain and that I had a raging hard-on from her look and smell. That's right, smell, she smelt stunning is all I can describe it, even now two years later. It effects everyone who gets too close to her, men and women, you just get instantly turned on. I quickly moved back and noticed her nipples now seamed to be trying to bore a way out through her bra and blouse. With her having no luggage we went straight out to the car, I helped her in and then went around and got into the drivers seat. 'Jack, I will tell you what was done to me now, before we go home so you can decide if you still want me.' 'How can you say that, you did all this to save me.'

She then began to tell me her story. She was taken out of the house to the car that had brought me home. Once she was inside someone stuck a needle into her. The next thing she remembers is waking up in a bed in what looked like a hotel room. Once she had gotten up, bathed and dressed in the clothes she found in the cupboards, Ellen, left the room and found herself in a short corridor leading to a closed door. The door was locked when she tried it, but shortly after trying the handle it was unlocked and a young woman entered accompanied by a guard. 'Well how are we today' said the young women in a typical nurse manner. 'Fully rested after are long trip, not feeling any nausea or other aches and pains?' 'No I feel fine, where am I' asked Ellen. The nurse, as my wife assumed she was, continued with her conversation as if my wife hadn't spoken. 'That's good, you will be confined to this room and an exercise area for the next two weeks until after stage one has been completed.' 'What stage one?' asked Ellen. 'Just lay down on the bed for me while I check your pulse and blood pressure, please.' Ellen laid down while the nurse checked her over. 'You will have your meals delivered here and we will provide any entertainment that you request, within reason.' The nurse was then passed a syringe by the guard which she injected into Ellen's left buttock. 'See you tomorrow.' said the nurse. This continued for the next three days. Ellen watched TV, read books and generally had a good time resting. On the morning of the fourth day she noticed that all her grey hairs had fallen out during the night from all over her body. Also her skin felt a lot firmer. Over the next week her body changed quite rapidly, becoming an idealized version of her younger self. All the blemishes and faults from her youth though were missing. She estimated that she now had a better figure than when she was twenty, about 5ft 4in, 34-20-34. During the remainder of the two weeks her body just improved, becoming more firm and supple. She had never felt better even when she was twenty.

Chapter Three. Breasts

At the end of the two weeks she was visited again by the nurse and received injections for the next three mornings. At the same time all the programed on the TV and the books and magazines changed. They all now contained material to do with sex, sex between couples, sex in groups, sex with animals in fact sex in any form. Over the following week Ellen noticed that the staff that brought her meals started to try and touch her or fondle her every time they came in. During one of the nurse's visits she noticed the nurse's nipples were obviously quite erect and the nurse also started to rub Ellen. The nurse realized what she was doing and quickly ran out of the room, returning a few minutes later with a face mask on, to continue the check up. Ellen asked her what was going on and was told that phase two was progressing well. It was about the same time that Ellen noticed that her A cup bras were becoming rather tight. Also her nipples seamed to be very tender and sensitive. Every morning now the nurse came in wearing her face mask (as did all the staff now) and inspected Ellen's breasts and nipples. It was on the sixth day since the injections that Ellen woke up feeling very aroused and noticed her nipples had swollen to be nearly one inch long and half an inch in diameter. She touched them to see if they were really her and was shocked by the exquisite sensation that immediately sparked from her nipples, throughout her breasts and down to her vagina and clit. The feeling was so good that just using one finger to lightly rub along the length of her nipples almost caused her to cum. As soon as the nurse arrived Ellen asked 'What is happening to me, my nipples are so big and sensitive.' The nurse replied, 'This is just phase two progressing, once this is over you will have DD breasts, maybe even and E, with nipples as sensitive as most women's aroused clits. Your breasts will also be superbly sensitive to sexual stimulation. The last women we had in here could cum just by having someone blow gently over her breasts and nipples, it was great watching her outside topless in a breeze!'

'You will find over the next two or three days that anything touching your aureole or nipples will make you feel aroused and if there is any movement or other stimulation you will cum. You will have about two weeks to get used to this before phase three begins.' 'Do you mean I will be like this from now on' screamed Ellen. 'Oh no, they will get slightly more sensitive over the next month or so before they stabilize, that will be how it is for the rest of your life.' 'I see your breasts are nearly complete, please take your top and bra off so that I can inspect your development.' Ellen stripped off her top and bra and went to lay down. 'No, please stand and put your arms down by your sides.' said the nurse. 'Wow, you sure are developing well, not an inch of droop, they must be a D cup now.' 'Here, lets just try an experiment.' On saying this the nurse quickly started to fondle Ellens breasts. 'Ohh Ohh' cried Ellen nearly collapsing due to the wonderful sensations. She began panting as the nurse continued to fondle her breasts. 'Yes, you sure are coming on fine, lets see what happens if I suck on your nipples.' Ellen looked on in despair as the nurse bent her head down and took Ellen's left nipple into her mouth and started to suck. 'Oh my god, I'm cumming' screamed Ellen as she grabbed the nurse for support. The nurse spent the next few minutes sucking and playing with Ellens nipples causing her to have almost continuous orgasms as she clung to the nurse for dear life. 'OK, that's enough. God your nipples are the biggest I've seen here.' said the nurse as she moved away from Ellen. 'They must be nearly an inch and a half long, just one more test.'

The nurse then reached forward and using just one finger on each hand rubbed once around the base of each nipple, along its length and back to the base. This caused Ellen to drop to the floor cumming better than she had ever done before in her life. Once she reached the floor she grabbed her breasts and nipples to make the pleasure continue. 'Don't wear them out or pull them off, I will come back in ten days time to check up on you and begin phase three.' called the nurse as she left. Over the next ten days Ellen recalls only snatches of what happened as she played with her breasts and nipples. When the staff brought her meals they seamed to take great pleasure in stroking her nipples once they had delivered her food or before they left having cleaned the room. Ellen could not bear to have anything touch her breasts or nipples as it just caused her arousal to rise uncontrollably. She spent most of her time masturbating her breasts until exhaustion drove her to sleep. By the end of the period she was just learning how to have some control over her behavior. Her breasts were soft to touch but had absolutely no droop and nipples that were always at least three quarters of an inch long, except when she was aroused when they extended to about an inch and a half. Ellen's breasts look amazing, they are longer than they are wide, about half as much again. Much as most other women's breasts look when they are hanging down while they are on their knees. Ellen's are like this all the time sticking straight out from her chest with her big red nipples sticking out like nose cones.

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