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A Letter to Laura


My entire home is furnished in natural oak. Not the golden oak, but

the light oak - blonde oak- if you will. Due to some incident early

in my puberty (something only Freud would be able to discover) I

have an eye for all things blonde. Particularly, big titted natural

blondes dressed in black. I also picked up a little facination with

mild restraint and dominance. While our first encounter will be

controlled by me, the next time you will be in charge ( can't wait).

Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing only a

black velvet choker which accents the smooth lines of your neck and

shoulders, and sheer thigh-high black stockings which give your firm

legs a delicious sheen. As I walk in, I catch a faint hint of your

perfume- something delicate and quite exotic, unlike anything I've

ever smelled before. I get even a stronger dose as I crouch beside you

and kiss you gently behind your right ear, inhaling your clean, fresh

smell along with that wonderful perfume. Pulling back, I look for a

moment into your clear green eyes before kissing you, gently but

firmly, on your velvet lips. After a moment, we break the kiss, only

to start another, with more passion in it.. and then another, and


As we kiss, I run my fingers through your silky hair and down onto

your neck, lightly scratching down your spine, then back up in large

circles across your naked back. You shiver, and as you press closer

against me I can feel your nipples harden against me. You retaliate by

drawing circles with your nails on the small of my back, driving

sparks up my spine and down into my groin.


I stand, step in front of you, and say your name. You look up, a

hint of a smile on those splendid lips. "I want you to use your mouth

on me, Linda." Your smile grows, and you beckon me closer, slightly

parting your lips so I can see the pink tip of your wet tongue.


You cup my heavy balls in your hand, relishing their warmth and

furryness, while with your other hand you drag a fingernail down the

length of my hanging cock. I immediately begin to harden, and you

giggle at this... after all, I'm calling the shots, but we both know

who *really* has the power right now! As my cock stiffens to its full

length, you bend slightly forward and blow a warm breath across my

skin, making my skin tighten slightly. Then, in one smooth stroke, you

run the point of your tongue from the tip to the root of my cock. I

moan with pleasure at the sudden contact, and you begin steadily

licking me like a popsicle, using your hands to grip me and hold my

cock where you want it.


Your teasing is arousing us both, and I look down at you, enjoying

the sight of your beautiful mouth giving me pleasure. I reach a hand

down and gently brush my fingers across your nipples, causing a sudden

indrawn breath as a flush starts to spread across your collarbone. I

disengage your hands and press you flat on the bed, so that your feet

are still on the floor, running my hands across your perky nipples,

down along your sides, switching to my palms as I press my hands all

down your legs. I repeat this stroking movement three or four times,

enjoying your small gasp each time I touch your nipples. I then kneel

beside you on the bed, positioning myself near your shoulders. I lean

forward so that my cock briefly brushes your lips, and you take the

hint, opening your sweet mouth and suddenly sucking hard, so that the

head of my cock pops into your mouth, where you caress it with your


I want to reciprocate the intense pleasure that your sucking is

bringing me, so I lick a finger and gently slide it across your clit.

To my pleasant surprise, your clit is fully engorged, and your hips

lurch upward as I first contact it. I settle into a slow, circular

motion, speeding up each time you engulf me in your mouth and slowing

down each time you start to withdraw me. We settle into a magnificent

rhythm, both of us moving faster as our pleasure starts to reach a

crescendo. I reluctantly pull out of your mouth as I feel your orgasm

near, but I gently press my thumb between your slick lips and into

your vagina as I speed up my finger motions. A sigh escapes your lips

as you reach your hips up to meet my thumb, and you begin to groan as

you feel the waves of pleasure crashing over your body.

Suddenly I stop, and you look up in surprise, only to see me

bending to run my tongue the length of your wet slit. You moan- a

long, drawn-out sound that makes my cock even harder- as I suck your

swollen clit into my mouth and flick my tongue across it. "Yes, yes,

ohhhhhhh, lick meee," you say as I intensify my tongue motions. Your

breath comes in short gasps as I bring you closer and closer to the

edge of climax. Just when I think you're about to come, I switch to

slowly running my tongue between your lips, gently probing your hole.

I notice that you are pinching your nipples as I bend my head to reach

you better. I gradually speed up my tongue motions, starting you up

towards orgasm, but again stop just before you explode.

And again.

And once more... until I finally decide to quit teasing you. I

reposition you on the edge of the bed, and kneel on the floor before

you, putting your stockinged legs over my shoulders and pressing my

mouth against your sweet wetness. I begin flicking your clit with my

tongue as I slide a slender finger inside you, gently stroking it in

and out, feeling your muscles grip me as I increase my attention to

your clit. I can feel your heels on my back, pressing me closer to

your pussy, and I speed up my licking even more, knowing that very

soon now you will cum with incredible force... and as I continue, you

begin to thrust your pussy into my face, grunting with passion as I

lick you. Finally you can't take any more, and with an almost-scream,

you press against my face and stay there, griding your pussy against

me as your orgasm explodes like the sun... but I keep licking you

until your heels on my shoulders push me away.

I look down at you, beautiful and disheveled on the bed, gasping

for breath and flushed, and hand you a glass of water from the bedside

table. After a few sips, you recover enough breath and presence of

mind to say "Whew." I smile and nod... because I know what I'm going

to do next.


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