Extra Effort

I had become a physician out of a desire to help. A classic sentiment. Even

though my schooling had perpared me for some ordeals i would encounter, nothing

had truly perpared me for the long, over worked hours involved in hostpitle work.

The ICU was exceptionally busy. Three admissions in four hours. Two deaths.

Everyone hassled and racing to get all the work done. As the only physician I

was not just writing orders and examining each patient but trying to help the

three nurses with their chores. Mary was an old friend whom I had helped

through three long and painful relationships with young residents. Soon she got

through her shift and had to head home to her young son. Carol was a gorgeous

brunette and had crushed the hearts of many of the young residents who thought

they were God's gift to her, only to find she could play them perfectly until she

dropped them. Shara would have stayed all night, but she had a hot date and left

at the end of her shift. The crisis was that the two night nurses due on at 11

pm had both called in sick, and there were no easy replacements.

Thank goodness Emma was willing to stay over and work a double shift. I

had only met her a few days before as she joined the staff after getting her MSN

at USC working at LA County and doing her internship at Jackson Memorial in

Miami. From a few days observation she seemed about the most knowledgeable nurse

in the unit, challenging many of the residents about fundamental physiology and

pharmacology. She was very dedicated to each patient, providing a soothing word,

positioning them for comfort, and also making each family feel they were the

special ones. And, she would work a double shift and save my life, and my

patients' lives, that memorable night.

Thank goodness things got quiet. Shara and Mary had gotten us caught up before

leaving and with no admissions for a few hours we had gotten everyone stabilized.

Emma was so kind she was even trying to help with my trauma of breaking up

with my longterm love, who chose a top faculty position in Seattle over staying

with me. For months I had been hurting, lonely, abstinent, and hoping she'd

change her mind but now getting fewer and fewer calls. Emma was very caring

and just drew out some of the facts and the pain from me while we were working

side by side. I had never talked openly like this before.

All was well until 0327 when Mr. G had a cardiac arrest. He was 83 years old and

his family never came to see him, but we had tried to get him over his heart

attack, but he was failing and had been in a coma. Emma and I decided to

give him the full court press as he had insisted he wanted to walk out of the

hospital no matter what interventions we used. I started the closed chest

massage while Emma gave the epinephrine and got the tube ready. Then I put

in the endotracheal tube and got him on the ventilator while Emma kneeled

on the bed and did the cardiac massage. She did it just right with her shoulders

over his midsternum, applying enough force to move the sternum inward about two

inches on each stroke. That is really hard work and as I was reading his ECG and

listening to his chest, Emma worked harder and harder. I noticed that her

knees were getting farther apart on the board we had put under Mr. J and that her

white uniform skirt, and the beautiful lace slip under it, were working their way

up her thighs.

I hadn't thought much about Emma as a young lady before, but even in the

midst of this arrest I realized my colleague was gorgeous, with long slim legs,

brilliant green eyes, a radiant smile, and a perfect nose. Soon, no matter how

hard I worked with drugs and defibrillator to get back Mr. G, I also noticed that

Emma's skirt had worked above the tops of her white stockings and their

garter belt attachments and that there were hints that she wasn't wearing the

usual nurse thick white panties. In fact, I began to see a brilliant red bush.

I was awestruck. I'd never seen a nurse's sex displayed on duty, although I knew

that many did not wear underwear under their scrubsuits in the OR. Well, we had

done about everything for Mr. G and he wasn't going to make it. Probably his left

ventricle had ruptured and filled his pericardium with blood and there is no way

to fix that. In any event, seventeen minutes of resuscitation at his age on top

of his coma had done in his brain. I thought about prolonging it a little longer

just to see more of that intriguing red vision that riveted my vision when I

could look away from the ECG, but that wouldn't be fair and Emma was

getting tired. So we stopped. In getting down from the bed, Emma pulled

her skirt up a little higher so I could confirm from the front what I had only

seen from behind. Then she smiled, pulled down her skirt, came a little closer,

complimented me on my management of the arrest, and said she'd like to talk about

cardiac arrest after we got through our double shift for her and quadruple for


It took us several hours to clean up Mr. G and get his family in. They were so

uncaring they wouldn't come to the hospital when I told them he had taken a turn

for the worst. So I had to insist on them coming by telling them I didn't think

he would make it to morning. His son and daughter-in-law showed up, grumpy about

being awakened. When I told them Mr. G was dead they didn't ask a thing about

him but attacked me for waking them up when it didn't matter and, they said, they

could call the undertaker from home. They were about to hit me when Emma

arrived with a tray of hot coffee and her usual kind words calmed them down a

little, and probably kept me from getting in trouble, as it isn't good form to

hit a family member. I kept trying to remember that it was their problem, not

mine, and I was the doctor supposed to help. Oh well.

Thank goodness everything else went well, we got everything in order, and when we

signed off to the crew coming on at 0700 the ICU was in good shape, even if

Emma and I were tired and a little tattered around the edges. Her gorgeous

red hair, usually curled up under her cap, she let down to her waist and it

looked silky and very fine. I was headed to home to lick my wounds and get some

sleep, when she caught up with me and said that it had been such a good night

that she had really enjoyed working with me and wondered if I'd join her for


Well, like most ICU staff, our breakfast was several cups of coffee, but her

apartment was spectacular. It seems she was an expert on Scandinavian

handcrafts and she explained that she came from Uppsala and had been an art

student before going into nursing. Now she was applying to medical school and

her MSAT exam scores were incredible-equal to my own of which I was very proud.

She sat across the coffee table in a matching sofa and began leaning back. Her

knees parted more and more and as she inched forward to sit right at the edge of

the sofa, her white skirt and lacy slip rose far above her stockings and I saw

again that bright red bush and even some details within. She smiled when she

noticed where I was looking, but I was embarrassed. She said my blush was sweet

and showed how sensitive I was. I just said that it had been a long time since

anyone had cared. We talked about my pain and the long separation as she

squinched forward even more on the sofa.

She understood the pressures arising from my abstinence and shared with me that

she too was very lonely. She said that she had been married and had only had a

few brief affairs before a long marriage that was very painful. She said that he

had forced her to have very painful anal intercourse, never stimulated her to

orgasm, and that when she finally divorced him she had had several unsatisfactory

affairs with women who, though gentle, had not really fulfilled her. For three

years she had buried herself in her work and had no relationships at all. At

this point she put both stocking feet on the coffee table and leaned back.

I was about to burst. Ever since we had been resuscitating Mr. G I had been

pretty excited and semierect. Since coming to her apartment I had been holding

things in front of my pants and bending over a lot to avoid showing what a large

bulge I had. Sitting on the sofa was a little easier to try to hide it, but it

was really stretching my pants and making me wonder if I would have a wet dream

while awake.

She smiled invitingly and seemed to purr. Well, I didn't want to be forward, but

I couldn't stand it. I slipped off the sofa and on all fours crawled over to her

side of the coffee table and began licking behind her left knee. She didn't pull

away, but instead leaned further back and made it easier to get to her knee, then

up her left thigh while my left hand massaged her right leg. Soon my head was

inside her thighs as I kissed and gently licked first left then switched over to

the right. She slipped down further, put her hand gently on my head, and urged

me forward.

It didn't take any urging, as I was eager to explore. I had seen a few patients

with a hint of dull red pubic hair, but never in a girlfriend and I'd never seen

such a brilliant red bush. Soon my nose was just touching the hairs and I

realized how very fine and soft they were with a wonderful sweet, tangy, musty

odor that was overwhelming. I could see her inner lips pink, pouting, thin,

sensuous, and closed with a wavy border projecting beyond her pubes. The tip of

my tongue soon explored the lower limits of her lips and I ran the tip up and

down their edges without parting them. Then, just a little inside, and the taste

was delicious. A mirror of the odor. Pert, musky, sweet, and just wonderful.

Emma was moaning, her legs fell further apart, and her hand on my head

urged me onward.

Soon I was bold enough to run the tip of my tongue around her vagina. Just

pushing on the edge. Then I worked up to the base of her clitoris. It just

peeked out from the lips with a pink tip. I tongued the base on the left first,

then over to the right. Then I tried circling the base. Her clitoris began to

twitch, her hand was pressing a little firmer, and her moans indicated I wasn't

off base. Soon I ran the tip of my tongue from the base up to the tip and then

flicked over the tip from left to right, right to left. Her fingers tightened in

my long blonde hair and she started rhythmically pulling me to her.

As my lips circled her clitoris and I started sucking deeply, while flicking the

tip with the tip of my tongue, I eased my right hand up her left thigh and found

her gorgeous buttocks. They were small, tight, quivering, and soon I could get

down the crack to her anus. My index fingers just found it and started to gently

circle it on the outside in time with my sucking of her clitoris.

For variety, every few minutes, I'd let my tongue slip up and down inside her

labia and insert it all the way in her vagina. My tongue, as well as other

parts, is long, but it could only get in a couple of inches but enough to expand

the opening that was very tight and make her squirm. But she seemed to prefer my

sucking her clitoris and so I returned to that. She also was moving her bottom

and her anus was contracting in time with my finger just pressing around the edge

and slipping just slightly inside.

She was getting very wet and I was waiting for that subtle change in flavor as

her special glands secreted their fluid around the base of her clitoris. That

was the signal that she was about to orgasm and I wanted to see if she could get

up to a true plateau and hold that orgasmic and preorgasmic sensation for a half

hour or more. I alternated sucking hard and deep and pressing firmly with my

tongue on the tip of her clitoris with backing off and blowing down the clitoral

shaft, gently massaging her anus, and reaching up with my left hand to feel her


She had already opened her white blouse and undone the front fastening on her bra

so it was easy to feel her firm breast and its tiny put very erect nipple. I

circled it with one finger and then gently squeezed it with three fingers in time

with sucking her clitoris. She began arching her back and her pelvic thrusts

grew more vigorous and faster. I could feel her anus contracting vigorously and

then the change to the saltier and somewhat more complex taste as her Bartholin

glands kicked in. This was the critical time. I slowed down on clitoris, anus,

and nipple and just gently and more slowly kept licking. She was sighing deeply

and her hand relaxed a little on my hair indicating I shouldn't drive her through

her first orgasm. After three or four minutes her clitoris started twitching and

I knew she was entering her first orgasm and so backed slightly off and ran my

tongue between her clitoris and vagina. I was concerned that her clitoris would

get too sensitive for me to continue licking it and so I concentrated on that

special sensitive area where the Bartholin ducts run up to the clitoris. I call

it the B spot and not many people know how important it is between orgasms if the

clitoris is sensitive. She responded immediately. As my tongue tip made S

curves back and forth over her B area and just barely reaching up to her clitoris

base and down to the upper edge of her vagina, she began to moan more and more

and rock her hips from side to side as well as back and forth. Her anus was

trying to suck my finger in but I kept it just at the edge.

Soon her hand urged me back to her clitoris and I sucked vigorously while picking

up the pace with either hand. Her moans, arching, bucking, and hand in my hair

soon showed that things were going well and she orgasmed a second time quickly.

I backed off to her B area but within a minute or two she was pushing me back to

the clitoris and I thought that we might be on the verge of a real plateau.

Well, it really happened. I couldn't believe how responsive she was. For forty

minutes or more she was in an orgasm or just on the edge and never lost momentum.

She was wetter than I had ever imagined and my tie and shirt were covered with

her secretions. Finally, she gently pulled me back and I realized that she had

been stimulating her right nipple and running her hand through her long red hair.

Her pupils were dilated, her eyes were a little out of sync, she had the biggest

smile, and she pulled me up to her gorgeous mouth and kissed me deeply, sticking

her tongue deeply into my mouth.

She held me against her naked breasts and I realized for the first time how large

and fully supported they were and I saw that erect nipple for the first time.

She still had a faint pink rash over her breasts that usually I'd seen just

before the first orgasm. She said she couldn't believe it. She had never

experienced such orgasms and only reached orgasm occasionally even with her women

partners. They had tried appliances of various kinds that she didn't like, and

her husband after a few months had quit even fingering her clitoris and just

forced her into fellatio and anal intercourse while hurting her. She was rubbing

my face, fingering my ears, while kissing me deeply and repeatedly. She licked

all over my face, tongued me repeatedly, and then asked what she could do to help

with the very large bulge she now felt through my pants. I hadn't even taken off

my coat so she stripped that off, took off my tie and shirt, pulled my T shirt

over my head, and started licking and sucking my nipples. That blew me over the

edge. I hadn't had sex with anyone but my hands for months. I had been working

hard to forget all those urges, but after a few noctural emissions that were

really messy I had been stimulating myself whenever I felt the urge, which was

becoming more regular. Fortunately it had been just two days before or I would

have had a pantsful of semen. She undid my belt while kissing the outside of my

fly. Then she separated my fly with her fingers, grabbed the zipper in her

teeth, and inched it down. I tried to keep myself calm, but it was hard not to

buck just a little. With my button undone, my belt open, and my fly unzipped all

the way, she reached in with her lips and caught my sex in her lips through my

boxer shorts. I about melted. I was so large there was no way she was going to

get me free of my shorts with her lips, so I encouraged her to work faster. She

stripped my shorts and pants off my shoes in one swift pull and there I was in

shoes, socks, and a massive red erection even without red hair. That was soon

corrected as her red hair surrounded me and began bobbing up and down, her tongue

going around and around, while her lips stretched widely to get over my swollen

glans. She made it and was wise enough to keep stimulating the glans which was

driving me quickly to relief. As she felt my testicles engorged and began gently

squeezing them and circling my sex with her fingers, I knew I couldn't wait.

Just then she began deep strokes and for the first time I knew what deep throat

really meant. Other partners either didn't have the knack or my size had

intimidated them, but she got all the way to the roots and I could feel her

contracting on my glans deep in her throat. That was it. I exploded. Never

before have I felt such an incredible orgasm that went on and on. She stayed

with me all the way to the end, gently released my sex, and then tentatively

raised her head as I rushed to kiss and tongue her deeply.

She just smiled and said that she had never enjoyed it before, but with the

incredible orgasm I had given her she had wanted badly to see if she could

reciprocate and had gotten stimulated from my obvious excitement. She urged my

hand down to her bush and pushed my finger to her clitoris as she moaned and

urged me to stroke her. I had gotten a little limp but this started to

strengthen me again and I suggested she show me how she masturbated so I'd know

just what to do. She said she didn't like to do that and used a shower massager

but no vibrator, but then fingered her clitoris. I moved down to watch, but she

pulled me back up and said she had a better idea. Grabbing my sex, she began to

rub its head on her clitoris. Back and forth across the top and then in circles.

She was breathing faster, bent down to kiss and lick my nipples, and kept

rubbing me on her clitoris. Soon she pressed me back on the sofa and straddled

me as she kept my sex working hard on her clitoris. Then, she edged it backwards

until it stuck in the opening to her vagina. Despite how wet we both were, it

was a tight fit. She rubbed it around a little and then, spreading her knees

wide, she forced herself down on it. As soon as the glans was inside, it was

easier and she sighed and then started sucking my right nipple wildly as her hips

started bucking up and down and deeper and deeper. I was about to die of love.

Her long hair cascaded all over my face as I could taste her sex while kissing

her deeply. Her gorgeous breasts stroked my chest and she expertly alternated up

and down strokes with little circles. Soon her vaginal muscles were squeezing

me. I had never felt anything like it and asked how she did that. She explained

that she had had some pelvic floor weakness that led her to do the exercises that

tightened her muscles and made them far stronger. It cured her wetting herself

when she coughed and I had found, perhaps for the first time, that it made her

vagina something very special. She said that she had not had a man's sex inside

her for years and didn't realize how much pleasure she would get from giving

pleasure. She also tilted her pelvis so my shaft rubbed on her clitoris on each

stroke and soon her breasts were flushed with a light pale fawn rash and I knew

she was about to orgasm. She pressed down as far as she could and I could feel

her cervix pressing on my head and I couldn't hold it any more.

That night seemed to last forever. We took three showers but couldn't get

through any of them without starting sex again. We tried every position we knew

for oral and vaginal intercourse, but neither one of us were into anal

intercourse and we agreed on everything else. She shared with me her experiences

with her women friends and distant memories of a few boyfriends whom she

described as inexperienced and after a quickie. She had always been very erotic

with wonderful fantasies she shared, but had had difficulty in finding pleasure

with lovers of either sex before. By morning we hadn't had any sleep, and were

fully satisfied and sore. We feel asleep in each others arms, both thinking that

we'd gone to heaven.

Well, that was how I met my bride. We've got three children, two with the

wildest red hair you've ever seen, and we have sex almost every night at least

once. My thrill at seeing Emma after a long day of work is greater every

year, and she keeps me excited with just a hint of breast or bush or a breath in

my ear or a gentle caress of my pants. We have a perfect marriage, and all

because of that resuscitation. She told me she had never done that before, but

that I had aroused her that night and she cared so much she took off her panties

just on the possibility that I might see something that would get us together.

Well that something is all real, no tinting, and over the years it has gotten

even more fine and red and still tastes like the greatest treat on earth.

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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