Some people may like the big cities, but I found out it was not for me, as you'll see below.

I am a 22 year old college graduate from Ohio State and hold a B.A. degree in marketing. Being an only child and the daughter of rather conservative, religious parents, I was raised to believe that people are the same all over the world. I was taught that if I treated others with kindness and understanding, others would treat me the same. Boy! Was I WRONG!

First of all, let me tell you a little about myself and then I'll continue with the story I have to tell. I left home about 2 months ago and was prepared to seek my fortune as a marketing analyst in New York. Up until that time I had had only one steady boy and, although we had come close several times, we never actually went all the way. Yes, that's right, I was a virgin, but not as prudish as you might think. I had told Bob, my boy friend, that I really wanted to have sex with him but I wanted to wait until we could be married. When we used to go to drive-in movies I would satisfy Bob by jerking on his cock while he squeezed and sucked on my boobs. I must admit that I always wished the spurting cock in my hand was buried in my pussy instead of Bob's finger.

As far as my looks go, Bob used to tell me that I resemble Madonna, but he would always add, "but your tits are much bigger!". I suppose my figure would pass for Madonna's except for my 39D bust. There have been times that I have seriously considered surgery to reduce the size of my breasts, but it is nice to receive the stares I get from men. I have light blonde hair that is shoulder length, blue eyes, and stand 5' 7" in my stocking feet.

Well enough of my personal description, let me tell you of my life in the big city. When I arrived in CaliforniaI had a job waiting for me with one of the larger marketing agencies. Although my position was at the entry level, I had great expectations of rising through the corporate ranks to the management levels. My immediate supervisor's name was John and after working for him for only two weeks he asked me out. I told him that I really wasn't interested in dating and that I had someone waiting for me back in Ohio. I really did want to go out with John, but I had deep feeling of guilt about cheating on Bob.

Every week John would ask me out and every week I would politely say no. - Until last week. I couldn't resist anymore and finally accepted John's invitation to dinner. He said he knew a great little Italian restaurant in Hollywood and thought that I would enjoy the food there. After finishing work, last Friday, we took the new subway on our way to the restaurant. We enjoyed a nice evening of wine, pasta, and conversation and finished our dinner around 10:30. As we boarded the subway car to make our way home, I noticed a gang of 5, latin looking, males at the end of the car. They were dressed in tight fitting jeans and wore red kerchiefs around their necks and all of them were following us with their eyes as we took our seats. John didn't pay any attention to the young males in the car with us. He was busy rubbing my leg just below my skirt hem and whispering in my ear that he would like to take me back to his place for some after dinner drinks. I must admit that John was really turning me on and I just laid my head back on the seat and enjoyed the touch of his hands.

John started rubbing my arms and would brush his hands along the sides of my breasts as he moved them up and down the length of my arms. I was aware that my breathing was becoming heavier as John's caresses grew more and more bold. He was beginning to place his hands on my breasts and would gently squeeze them through my blouse. I looked up and noticed that the latin men were watching us and a couple of them were rubbing the crotches of their jeans.

I sat up and told John that we were being watched and to stop his affections. He told me to relax and not to worry about the men at the end of the car. He said we would be reaching our station soon and then we could continue at his place. Suddenly, all the lights in the car went out and I felt the train starting to slow. John said not to worry that it was probably a temporary power failure and it would be over soon.

As we sat in the dark I heard some scuffling in the aisles of our car and some low whispering from a few feet away. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the dark somewhat and I could make out the silhouette of several of the young males standing in the aisle. John spoke up and said, "Well, what do you want ?" and put his arm around me in a protective manner. I heard the men laugh and then they pulled John from our seat, out into the aisle. I became terrified as I listened to the sounds of John being beaten and the horrible groans he was making. Then it was quiet again and I saw the outlines of the men gather around me. I started to scream but one of the men stuck his kerchief in my mouth and gaged me with it. One of the men said, "Hey, somebody get behind the bitch and hold her arms." Another voice said,"You do it man, I'm fucking her first!" The men started arguing with each other on who was going to go first and I thought that I might be able to escape but I was pushed back into the seat. Then someone was standing behind me and he grabbed my wrists and held my arms up so they were fully extended. The, swarthy looking, latin man standing in front of me stepped between my legs and commented, "Well baby, lets have a look at those tits". Then he pulled a large switch blade knife from his pocket and proceeded to cut my blouse from bottom to top until it fell open.

I was shaking my head and trying to scream but it was useless with that sweaty kerchief gaging me. I heard someone say, "I can see the nipples poking at her bra!" Another said,"Hey, cut that bra off man. What's wrong with you?" Then I felt the cold blade as it was inserted between my skin and the halter bra I was wearing and with a quick flick of the knife man's hand the fabric separated. My bra snapped open in the middle and my restrained breasts swung free. The man holding the knife gasped and remarked,"Oh!, shit man! Did you ever see tits like these?". And then he put his free hand up to my left breast and began squeezing it and rubbing his fingers across the nipple. Then the bastard held his knife to my throat and said,"There's going to be a little party in your pussy tonight and you are going to be real nice and invite us all, if you want to live." I became even more terrified and just nodded my head in an up and down motion.

I closed my eyes and waited for what was to come. I felt my skirt being torn from my waist and hot, sweaty hands were rubbing the inside of my thighs. My panties were then ripped off of me and someone began running his fingers through the hair on my pussy. The knife that had been pressed against my neck was removed and I heard one of the men say something in spanish and then all the men began to laugh. I still couldn't bring myself to open my eyes but I felt the man standing between my legs move away and the one holding my arms released them. For a moment I thought that it was over and that the young men were just having some fun. I slowly stood up and opened my eyes to see one man kneeling on the seat in front of me, the others were standing in the isle and were removing their jeans. I knew then that it wasn't over yet, it was only beginning!

The man in front of me told me not to scream and he would remove the gag from my mouth. I nodded slowly and the rag was pulled from my mouth. I started pleading with the men to let me go and one said,"OH. Don't worry baby. We're going to let you go, but first we got to finish something!"

The man kneeling before me told me to move closer to him and to remember what would happen to me if I didn't cooperate. I nervously inched my way closer to him and closed my eyes again. I felt his hands lifting my breasts as if he were weighing them. He said, "Lady, I can't believe the tits you got!" And then he pulled me even closer and I felt his tongue flipping at the underside of my nipple. Then someone moved in behind me and pushed me up against the seat back in front of me. I shut my eyes even tighter, hoping this was all a terrible nightmare. My hands were gripping the seat back and I started shaking uncontrollably. The man behind me moved my feet apart with his and pushed on my back so that I was bent over the seat. I heard someone say,"Man, look at those big tits swing!" I could hear the man in front of me breathing heavily and I heard his jeans zipper being pulled down. He then said, "Okay, baby, now I'm going to give you something nice to suck on while you get some exercise from behind! Be nice and don't bite or you know what will happen." I felt his cock press against my lips as he fondled my breasts. He said, "Now be a nice bitch and open up those pretty lips." I opened my trembling lips and the large cock began moving in across my tongue. I could taste the pre-come on it as it slid farther and farther into my mouth.

The man behind me was rubbing his cock along the underside of my pussy and he was commenting to the others, "You ain't felt nothing like this pussy! It's hot like hell, man!" Then I heard him tell one of the others to give him the hair oil he carried with him. I felt his hand rubbing the oil on the lips of my pussy and he told me, "This oil should help that pussy hair of yours look real nice and it's gonna help me get this up inside you!" Then he spread the lips of my cunt and eased his prick inside. He said, "Oh, baby you are tight! But once I shoot a load into you ain't gonna need no more lubrication!" Then he laughed and grunted and proceeded to jam more of his swollen cock into me. I tried to scream but the cock pressing against my throat was pushing its way further down. The cock in my pussy was now pumping in and out and I was going crazy with fear, anger, and humiliation. I started feeling like I was going to orgasm and I was angry with myself for letting those feelings come, but I couldn't stop them.

Suddenly the cock in my stretched mouth was spewing hot streams of cum down my throat and the hands holding my breasts were clenched like vices. I heard the man coming in my mouth yell and then he pulled is dick out and wiped it on my face. I opened my eyes for a moment and saw another man move into the seat and hold his rigid cock up to my lips. The man fucking me from behind was grunting and saying, "Oh Shit!, baby I going to fill your tight hole with some hot, Puerto Rican cum!" I could feel the large dick twitching it my virgin cunt as the spurts of hot sperm shot deep inside me. I was screaming with my own orgasm when the man in front of me slid his cock into my wide open mouth. The cock in my cunt pulled out and a another man moved in behind me. Cum was running down my leg and out of the corners of my mouth. I was unconsciously sucking on the dick in my mouth as the next cock started it's entry into my dripping pussy. I started feeling some pain and realized that the shaft insinuating itself up my cunt was much larger than the one that just finished fucking me. The owner of the huge member was groaning and said, "This bitch is so tight I don't think I can get my dick in all the way!". I was about to faint when the dick I was sucking pulled out and drenched my face and tits with hot cum.

I was moaning as the monster stuck in my pussy slowly pulled out a little and then rammed in again to enter a few more inches into me. The man was pounding his huge cock further and further into me with each powerful stroke. He grunted loudly and then said, "Here comes the whole thing baby. Get ready!" Then, he pulled out almost the entire length of his enormous dick and, with one quick thrust he buried his dick deep in my hot cunt. I screamed out and the man in me just froze for what seemed like a whole minute. I could feel his cock swelling in me and then long jets of hot cum began splashing against my womb as he started fucking in and out. I passed out and didn't know, or care, what the last man did to me. I only remember waking up in the hospital with a nurse asking me if I could hear her. I'm going back to Ohio now and I don't think I'll ever return to California again. But, I can tell you that I sure don't have any fears of having sex with my old boy friend now!

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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