Butterflies in my Stomach



He had got through several employement and temporary

agencies looking for just the right secretary. In fact it

took him several months to find just the right person.

Albert Schmidt looked up as his secretary came into the

office. Tina Bohn was the perfect image of the executive

secretary. Poised and tall, she moved and spoke with complete

self-assurance and had the knack of taking control of whatever

situation she found herself in. And she was not too damned bad-

looking either.


This morning, Schmidt noted that she looked especially good,

wearing clothes that were subtly out of character for her. At

first glance, she was merely a well-dressed, well-coifed woman

with a somewhat regal bearing. As she moved, however, Schmidt

noted that she wore a moderately sheer white blouse with a very

sheer seamless bra beneath it. Only when she drew her shoulders

back did the dark shadows of her nipples become visible.


"Good morning, Mr. Schmidt."


Her shoulders went back proudly and he looked at the dark

shadows staring at him. And just as quickly, they were gone.


"Good morning, Tina. Did you get a chance to look over

that manuscript last night?"

She nodded.

"What did you think of it?"

"I...I thought it was very interesting."


She smiled down at him.

"It should sell very well. If it doesn't get banned first! I

didn't know we published that sort of book."

Schmidt smiled back at her.


"That's our problem, Tina. We don't, and that just might

be one of the reasons we're losing our asses! This dirty book

could put this firm back in the black! We might just have to

ghost publish the damned thing.

But it's a damned gamble. If the thing

turns out to be just another porn book, we'll be out a lot of

money and subject to becoming the laughing-stock of the

publishing world.

"That's why I need your advice."

Tina was taken by surprise.

In the three years she had worked for Robert Schmidt, he had

never asked her, or anyone else to her memory, for any advice.


"I'm not a critic," she told him.

"You're a classy lady," Schmidt told her. "I need your

opinion as a classy lady, not as a critic."

Tina blushed in spite of herself and realized her

shoulders were back, pulling the fabric of her blouse tightly

across her breasts. Schmidt's eyes were fastened on them. This

time, she took a deep breath and held it for a few moments. He

licked his lips in unconscious appreciation.

"Did you like the book," he asked.

"Parts of it."

"What parts didn't you like."

"Well, there were some things about men together that didn't

really do much for me, but they didn't really bother me. There

were some other things that..."

"Go on. It's important."

"Well, they described some things I hadn't really..."

"Heard of?"

"No. I've heard of them. It's just that, well, I've never

really considered them in that light. Besides, I think it was the

characters that made it so interesting."

"The characters?"

"Uh huh. They're like people I might know. I mean, I could

see the people, but when I read about their thoughts and secrets,

I got sort of..."


"Right," Tina smiled shyly.

"That's why we have to publish the book. This woman fellow

has found the lost chord of erotica! But there are some things I

think might have to be changed. Like this part here."

He indicated the open manuscript on the desk in front of


"See? This part right here. It's the man's secret memories

of his first time with his mother's friend. Do you think this

passage should be changed? It doesn't seem to read right."

Tina suddenly realized he was talking to her chest. At

the realization, her nipples began to stiffen and she let them

protrude through the thin bra and blouse. She also realized that

Albert Schmidt was inviting her to stand beside him in order to

read the passage he was pointing to. She stepped beside him and

leaned down to read the text, her left breast rubbing against his

shoulder. She felt the faint shock ripple through his body.

"Do you think it's wrong of the woman to take advantage of a

boy like that?" he asked.

Tina immediately thought of the way she had seduced her



"It was something he wanted to do," she said. "It would have

been different if she had seduced him, but he was the one who got

her all hot and bothered."


Schmidt smiled and his fingers slowly underscored a


His hands ran up and down the inside of

her thigh until she could no longer stand it,

and involuntarily spread her legs under the

heat of the afternoon sun. His hand slipped up

to her crotch and wormed its way beneath her

bathing suit to feel the hairy moistness of

her pussy.

"Robert," she whimpered. "It isn't right

to do that."

She could see his penis stiff and pink

protruding from the leg of his own suit.

"Look at you!" she chided.

He smiled up at her.

"I saw Mommy and Daddy like this one

day," he told her. "They didn't see me."

The small hand had found the wet

softness of her pussy and stopped. She held

her breath and then, when he did not continue,

let it out and felt his fingers begin to move


"Be careful," she told him.

"I will."

"What were your Mom and Dad doing," she

asked, trying to visualize the very prim Mary

Rorke and her husband horsing around beside

the pool.

"Daddy was doing this and Mommy took his

thing in her mouth and kissed it over and

over. He liked it."

"I'm sure he did!" she sighed.

The fingers were beginning to have a

definite effect on her as she visualized her

best friend going down on Jim Rorke. She

realized that something had changed and when

she looked down she saw Robert's head within

inches of her crotch, his breath hot against

her thigh.



"This is what Daddy did. Except Mommy's

pants were off," he told her.


"Don't. Let me up," she protested.

"Daddy was right," he went on. "It does

smell nice!"

Tina's eyes followed his fingers as they traced the

descriptive prose telling the story of a just 18 old boy

seducing a woman in her late Twenties by imitating what he had

seen his parents doing. It was not her favorite part, but she

could see it had quite an effect on Schmidt.


"Is that how it was with you?" she asked.

He laughed uneasily.

"It's probably best not to personalize."

"That's the best part of the book," she objected. "It's not

the sex - it's the secrets and the way the characters excite each

other! You have to personalize it or it doesn't work."

He looked up at her and nodded.


"It wasn't by a swimming pool," he told her. "And I was


"So was I," she whispered softly.

"It was my mother's cousin who was staying with us, and I

used to spy on her when she took a bath."


"My uncle," she answered. "I teased him until he..."



"God!" Schmidt exclaimed. "This damned thing is a catalyst.

I haven't felt this way since Tracy."

Tina stepped away from the desk. The heat of the man's

body was setting her on fire.

"If we're going to discuss this anymore, maybe you should

lock the door. You don't have any appointments for another hour."

Schmidt stood up and walked to the door and snapped the

lock. She could see his hard penis sticking through his trousers.

"It was my first time," he said as he came back to the desk.

"Tell me."

"She used to lay on her bed and read movie magazines.

Sometimes she would play with herself."

"She let you watch?"

"I hid. She didn't know."

"I did that, too. I used to watch my uncle in the shower.

His thing looked so big!"

"Yes. I remember how hers looked. It was brown and when she

got excited, it was like flower petals opened. I got so hard

looking at her that I thought I was going to hurt myself."

Tina laughed a throaty laugh.

"When did you first touch her?"


"I let her catch me naked a couple of times and then she

caught me spying on her. I had my pants down and she was so

worked up from playing with herself, she just stood there looking

at my thing."


"Was she pretty?"

"Not really. But I thought she was beautiful and told her

so. She kissed me and said I should leave."

"What did you do?" Tina asked excitedly.

Schmidt's face twisted slightly and he stood up, his hand

lifting Tina's skirt and firmly taking a hold of her soft

mound, now dripping into the bikini briefs.

"This!" he told her and his fingers pulled away the panties

and slipped up inside her.

"I finger-fucked her and she told me how to do it. Then she

let me suck her tits. They were stiff and hard. Just like yours!"


"What did she do to you?" Tina insisted.

"What do you think?"

"She sucked your cock, didn't she?"

"Yes. Just like you sucked your uncle's big dick. Suck


Tina reached down had drew his fingers out of her pants

and to her lips. She looked into his eyes as she licked them off,

one by one.


"You'll tell," she whispered.

"No. I won't tell. Let me eat you."

She sat back on the desk as he knelt between her thighs. He

reached up and pulled her panties aside, pressing his lips to her

clit. His tongue ran down and found her wet hole. His fingers

spread it open and she felt his tongue slip up inside her.

Looking down, she began to come and pulled his face closer to her

thrusting her wet pussy against his face.

His cock was out and he made her kneel down in front of him.

Placing one hand on either side of her face, he impaled her lips

with his cock, pressing into her without mercy as her uncle had

once done. She massaged it with her tongue and squeezed his balls

at the same time.


"You suck me just like Sally did!" he groaned. "Did your

uncle fuck you like Sally fucked me?"

She took her head away for a moment.

"Uncle Tommy fucked me like a dog. And he came all over my


Schmidt groaned and pulled her to her feet, pushing her down

over his desk. She felt his cock enter her and cried out as he

buried it to the hilt, her ass rubbing his pubic hair. Slowly he

pumped in and out of her, gradually increasing his rhythm. Then

he pulled out and she felt the warm come spurting against the

crack of her ass and running down her thighs.

Schmidt pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply.

"I want more!" he told her.


She could feel his come running down her legs under the

skirt. His cock hung between them, limp and wilting.

"Tonight. I want to come in your mouth."

"Yes," she said again. "Come to my apartment."

She stood away from him and reached under her skirt to with-

draw a large glob of white come. She grinned at him and smeared

it on her lips and licked them off. Then she unlocked the door

and left the office as he hurriedly closed his trousers.


Michele Bohn lost her virginity when she was eighteen,

crying out in pain as the boy thrust himself into her thinking he

was exciting her with his mad, rutting motions. Years later, she

realized that she had to share the blame for the insensitivity of

the event having urged the boy on, anxious to know what it was

like. It hurt and she cried. The boy, unnerved by her reaction,

slapped her and pushed her out of the car in front of her house.

She never forgave him or it and vowed to get even.

Three months later, she found out that women had their own

kind of love. It had been Sue who held her and let her cry when

she told the story of her deflowering at the hands of the

nameless dolt. Sue had kissed her and soothed her, and then had

insisted on inspecting any damage that might have been done. Her

hands had been soft and warm as they gently probed and felt the

secret places inside her.

Sue was short and muscular with small, flat breasts. She

openly admired Michele's lithe body with its delicate tits and

curved ass. Of course, Michele had heard about Lesbians, but her

friend, Sue, was no dyke. Her hands felt so good as they massaged

Michele's stiff muscles and soothed the hurt between her thighs. In

gratitude, she had hugged the girl and kissed her cheek. Sue's

response had surprised her when the girl let out a sob and buried

her face in Michele's neck.


They had made love - that is, Sue had made love to Michele

then, covering her body with tiny kisses and finally bringing her

to climax. It was not something that possessed Michele, but she

never broke her relationship with Sue, despite the subsequent

string of men who shared her bed and body.

She sat in the living room drying her hair as her mother

nervously moved around the apartment.

"Didn't you say you were going out tonight?" Tina asked.


"What's the matter? Got a big date?"


"No! I was just asking."

"I thought I might improve my mind watching T.V.," Michele

replied. "I'm not cramping your style, am I. You're not chasing

that young stuff, are you."

"I am expecting someone, actually," Tina said.

"And you would appreciate it if I was to disappear. You

don't want him to know you're old enough to have a daughter my

age. Right?"

"Really! It's someone who'd rather be anonymous."

"You're screwing a married man! Fucking great, Mom!"

"Please! I'm not screwing anybody. We'd just like a little


Michele laughed and got up.

"You're in luck, Mom. I'm a little tired tonight so I think

I'll go over to Sue's for a few hours and relax."

Michele left the apartment and a little while later, Schmidt

knocked at the door.

"Who's there?" Tina asked.

"Uncle Tommy." came the muffled answer.

She opened the door and he saw her naked standing in front

of him.


"I used to be like this when he would get home from work,"

she said.

"How old were you?"

"Twenty. That's when I first made him fuck me!"

Schmidt had stripped off his clothing as she talked and

walked to where she stood.

"Suck my cock!" he commanded.



"That's right. What do I get out of it?"

"Did your uncle always give something in return?"

"Always! If he came in my mouth, he had to do whatever I

asked him. He did it, too! And so will you, Albert."


They stood close together, she holding his cock and he

fondling her round ass.

"Do you like my ass?" she asked.

"Love it."

"Kiss it for me. I love it when it's kissed. Then maybe I'll

let you come in my mouth."

Schmidt pushed her down over the arm of the sofa so that her

ass stuck up in the air. Gently, he ran his tongue down the

length of the groove.


"Is that good?" he asked.


"Sally liked me to lick her ass, too."

His tongue found tender spots and tickled them until she

began humping the arm of the sofa.

"Your ass is prettier than hers," he told Tina. "In fact,

everything about you is prettier than her."

He made her kneel on the floor in front of him and suck his

cock as deeply as she could. He had no mercy but fucked her face

relentlessly. When he came, she held her mouth open and he took

his cock and shot the cum all over her lips and chin.

"Did Uncle Tommy to that?" he asked.

Tina nodded. Then she kissed him and he tasted his cum

in her mouth.

"He did that, too," she grinned. "How about Sally? Did she

share the goodies with you?"

"Who would have ever guessed you were such a horny little

piece!" he marveled.

"What would people say if they ever found out about either

of us?"

"It's important that they don't."

She caressed his cock and balls.

"Let's go to bed," she suggested. "We have some work to do!"


He kissed her again and stroked her ass as they walked to-

gather to the bedroom.

Sue had not been feeling that good and when Michele rubbed her

back for her, she fell asleep. Michele sat alone in her living room

for awhile and then got up and headed home. Hopefully, her mother

would have sent her guest home by now.


When she opened the door to the apartment, she saw a man's

clothes spread all over the room. Wide-eyed, she tiptoed in and

looked around. On the floor beside the couch were some familiar

spots. She looked closely at them. She was sure they were cum!

Her mother had been getting her brains fucked out while she was

giving her dyke girlfriend a backrub!

For her mother's bedroom came familiar sounds of people

making love. She went over to the door and eased it open a crack.

Her mother was astride a man whose face she couldn't see. All she

could see was his cock going in and out of her mother's cunt. She

had never before noticed what a sexy tush Tina had.

Apparently, the man had because he was holding and stroking it as

he fucked her. From time to time, he would wet a finger and

tickle her asshole with it and Michele heard her squeal as he

inserted one finger up to the second joint. Instead of objecting,

she had ground her ass into him harder until he had two more

fingers deep in her ass. Michele was speechless as she watched the

woman making love to the stranger. Tina exhibited a style her

daughter never suspected she possessed.


The two began to change positions and Michele ducked back out

of sight. Soon, however, the sounds told her they were fully

occupied and she peeked in once more. They were in a sixty-nine

position with Tina still on top. She had the man's legs spread

wide as she sucked his cock and played with his balls. As Michele

watched, Tina licked the length of the man's cock, laved his

balls, and licked his tight asshole as he moaned into her cunt in

pleasure. Tina went back to the man's cock and engulfed it

deeply, fucking it in and out of her mouth. Michele could see her

mother humping furiously against the man's mouth as she ate him.

The shock had worn off and was quickly being replaced by a

strange excitement as she spied on the two.


"I'm coming!" the man gasped and Michele's eyes widened as her

mother milked the raging cock into her mouth, swallowing as he

shot his load into her.


Michele had sucked men from time to time, but had never al-

lowed one to come in her mouth. Seeing her mother swallowing the

anonymous man's come, however, was the most exciting thing she

had ever seen. The two were giggling and talking quietly together

and she slowly eased the door closed and went to her room. Taking

her clothes off, she lay down in the dark and contemplated what

she had just seen. She could not imagine who the man could have

been. Her mother had been seeing no one that she had been aware



She had to admit that her mother knew how to choose a good

cock. And she knew how to treat it, too! Michele could picture her

mother's ass bobbing up and down on the wide root, white froth

from her pussy coating the shaft and seeping down over his balls.

Her mother had a beautiful ass. Michele knew, now, where she got

hers. No wonder Sue liked it so much. Actually, Michele told her-

self, Tina Bohn was a beautiful woman. Michele fingered her

cunt trying to tell herself that she had not gotten turned on by

the sight of her own mother's ass.


But she had. Tina had taken three fingers in her ass

while that lovely cock ran up her wet pussy. She closed her eyes

and thought of Tina's pussy over her face, the same way Sue's

had been. She moaned and lifted her feet high above her, opening

her legs. She had four fingers deep in her pussy fucking as hard

as she could, her breath coming in harsh panting sounds. As she

started to come, she moaned loudly.


"Michele, are you all right?"


Tina stood in the doorway looking at her daughter coming

on the bed. Michele let out a wail of despair and rolled over, her

orgasm still shaking her body. Tina stepped into the room and

closed the door quietly.


"It's all right," she told her daughter.

"I'm sorry," Michele cried. "I couldn't help it. I saw you

with that man and I got so turned on!"


Michele turned over and threw her arms around her mother.

"You're so beautiful, Mother. I didn't know."

"What did you see?"

"I saw everything. I saw you on top of him making him come,

and I saw you come, too. And I wanted... I'm so sorry. I can't

help it," Michele sobbed.

"Let me send him home and we'll talk," she told her daugh-


"No! Please! Not because of me. I want you to be with him."

Tina smiled.

"We're both getting a little tired," she smiled. "I'll be

back in a few minutes."


When Tina did not return right away, Michele went to her

door and looked into the living room. Tina was seated on the

sofa. The man was kneeling in front of her, his face buried in

her pussy. Her fingers played through his hair as he ate her. His

cock hung limp beneath him. Michele smiled. Her mother had taken

the starch out of it.


When the man finally left, Michele ran from her room and threw

her arms around her mother again.

"You're not mad at me, are you?" she asked.

"No. But I'm embarrassed. How much did you see?"

"I saw you fucking him, Mother. God! You do it so good. And

then you made him eat you while you sucked his cock. Did you

taste your pussy on it?"

"Michele! Is that you talking?"

"Well, did you?"

"I suppose I did. What does it matter? You really shouldn't

have been watching."

"Will you teach me?"



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