She kept remembering what it felt like last night with Andy. Just

the sight of him made her pussy tingle and she could feel the dampness

seeping from her cunt. She put her finger in her panties and began to

rub her clit. She realized that the cockpit door had just been opened,

and she removed her hand from her panties with at start.

It was all right, it was only Andy returning from a trip to the head.

The skipper was still taking a nap. Andy stretched, feeling the muscles

of his spine crackle deliciously as he arched his back. He let out a groan as the

tension was released, then slid into his seat behind Angie. Angie

smiled inwardly at the groan. She had heard the same groans coming

from Andy the night before as he had emptied his load deep into her

snatch. She could still feel a slight stickiness in her crotch where

traces of his semen were leaking out of her cunt. "Hope I can make it

to the hotel before it starts to show", she thought. Her thoughts

were interrupted by Seattle Center.

"Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, descend and maintain flight level

three-zero-zero, contact the Center now on one-three-four-point-six-

five, good day".

Angie reluctantly focussed her attention back to the present. It

was Captain M's leg into SeaTac, so Angie was working the radios and

doing all the other pilot-not-flying duties.

"Descend maintain three-zero-zero, one-three-four-point-six-five, so

long, Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy".

Angie spoke with the practiced ease of the airline professional,

well aware that her musical voice sent thrills up and down the spines

of male air traffic controllers and pilots on the same frequency.

Flying the big jets had always turned her on, and she was feeling the

beginnings of a dampness in her crotch as she deftly dialed in the new

frequency and adjusted the altitude alerter to flight level 300.

"SeaTac Center, Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, out of three-five-

zero for flight level three-zero-zero, good evening".

"Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, SeaTac Center, good evening".

Angie quickly completed her flow checks and pulled out the landing

preliminary checklist. She then glanced expectantly at Captain M.

Receiving a nod in reply, she began to call it off.

Andy responded promptly to each of the Flight Engineer challenges on

the checklist, but his attention was mostly on what he planned to do

to Angie when they reached the hotel. The memory of last night was

still vivid. Angie shaking with pleasure as he pumped into her for

all he was worth, her legs up over his shoulders giving him the best

possible angle for deep penetration of her hot wet slit. He shifted

in his seat to relieve the pressure of his pants on his woody, which

had been standing at attention for most of the flight out of Los Angeles..

"Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, cross Civet at one-six-thousand, cleared

Civet-three profile descent, SeaTac altimeter two-niner-niner-


Listening to Angie acknowledge the clearance, Andy stuck his right

hand deep into his pocket and began to massage his member. He wasn't

sure he could wait to get to the hotel. A faint smell almost below

the conscious threshold was slowly driving him crazy with lust, and he

realized with a start that it was the same smell that he had wallowed

in last night as he tongued Angie to orgasm after screaming orgasm.

"Descent power" called Captain M, pulling the power levers back

slightly. Angie responded by pulling the power levers smoothly back

to flight idle, and the whine of the three engines faded as the EPR,

N-1 and EGT gauges wound down in unison. "Descent power set". The

engine noise was replaced by the sound of the airflow over the hull as

the DC-10 began its descent into the SeaTac area. The three

General Electric turbofans were still producing enough power to

pressurize the airplane and power the hydraulic, electrical and anti-

ice systems, but other than that the huge airplane was now essentially

a three hundred and fifty thousand pound glider.

"It won't be long now" thought Angie as she busied herself with the

SeaTac approach charts and prepared to brief Captain M on the approach.

"I can't wait to get to the hotel and feel Andy inside me". Spreading

the Low Altitude En-Route chart on her lap, she carefully slid her

hand below it, under the waistband of her uniform and into her damp

panties. "I hope the skipper can't tell what I'm doing" she worried

nervously as she wiggled her hand down to where she could insert the

tip of her index finger into her slippery wet vagina. Sliding her

hand up a little, she was able to massage her swollen clitoris. Wave

upon wave of pleasure coursed through her as she fingered herself.

Andy was aware that Angie was tensing up in the seat just to his

left. By leaning slightly over, he was able to see that her left hand

was reaching under a chart that she had opened up all the way on her

lap. "No way", he thought, "she wouldn't have the nerve to do that

here!". But there was no mistaking the slight spasmodic jerks of her

shoulders and the deep breaths she was taking. The unmistakable scent

of a woman was reaching his nostrils, exciting him still further.

With an effort, Andy pulled his hand out of his pocket and turned his

attention back to his flight engineer panel.

Angie was close to coming now. Her wet fingers rubbed up and down

between her labia, keeping her clitoris well lubricated as she rubbed

herself towards orgasm. She quickly scanned the instrument panel and

noted that they were just passing through 18,000 feet. Captain M was

reaching out to reset the altimeter and Angie hurriedly did the same

to hers. "Transition altitude. Altimeters set left and right and

cross-checked". Angie hoped that the sexual tension wasn't

detectable in her voice as she made the required callout. Her panties

were drenched in vaginal lubricant and her groin was aching for the

release of orgasm. "It's too late now", she thought, "I'm going to

have to wait". As she pulled her left hand reluctantly out of her

panties, Angie's watch caught on the waistband and pulled her

panties tightly up into her crack. Captain M was reaching for the

power levers as the DC-10 approached 16,000 feet. A slight back

pressure on the yoke raised the nose and the jet leveled off at the

assigned crossing altitude. Captain M moved the power levers forward

slightly, and called for cruise power. Angie obliged, carefully

balancing the EPR gauges to equal power settings. The jet droned on

toward Civet intersection at a steady three hundred and twenty knots,

unaware of the vaginal lubricant now coating the power lever handles.

Angie quickly contacted the company via ARINC and got their gate

assignment, then briefed Captain M on the SeaTac ILS 25-R

approach. Captain M reached for the P.A. handset and motioned to the

controls. "You have control". "I have control", acknowledged Angie

as required by the company operating specifications. Captain M made a

brief passenger announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain M speaking. We will be landing

in SeaTac in approximately fifteen minutes. The temperature

there is a pleasant 75 degrees. Some of the traffic ahead of us has been

experiencing a few little bumps, so please be sure to keep your seat belts

securely fastened. Thanks for

flying Wandler Airlines".

"I have control". "You have control". Angie turned over control of

the DC-10 to Captain M. "Crossing Civet, down to 12,000, 12 miles,

next fix Bremr" she called out as the numbers on the DME clicked down

to show 52 miles from the airport. "Descent power". "Set". Angie

noticed out of the corner of her eye that Captain M was smelling her

fingertips and rubbing them together. With horror she realized that

the fingers of her left hand had been covered with her vaginal juices

when she had touched the power levers.

Descending through fifteen thousand feet, the DC-10 encountered the

first of the mountain wave turbulence winds. Angie felt the jet buck and

surge beneath her, and was pleasantly aware of how the movement was

transmitted through her tightly fitting panties to her clitoris and vaginal

lips. "This could be fun", she mused, struggling to keep the pleasure from

showing in her expression. An electric thrill shot through her as the DC-10

again shuddered and swayed in the turbulent air.

Angie made the callout for Captain M as the jet crossed the next

step down fix. "Crossing Bremr, down to 11,000, 7 miles to Olympia".

"Roger, descent power". The jet shook in the rough air as it

descended toward Olympia, 33 miles fromSeaTac. Busy with her

duties, Angie was struggling to keep from being distracted by the

panties that were sending every sudden movement of the airplane

directly to her throbbing clitoris. "Oh, I'm going to come soon, I

can't help it", she moaned silently to herself as the stimulation

continued. "I'm soaking wet". Suddenly it felt too warm on the

flight deck and she reached up to adjust her air vent.

"Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, reduce speed maintain two-five-zero

knots, contact SeaTac approach one-two-four-point-niner".

"Slowing... gasp... two-five-zero, one-two-four-point-niner, two-

twenty-six-heavy". Captain M was looking at her strangely, then she

turned back to her scan. "She must know what's going on", thought the

horny young first officer, "I hope she doesn't write me up for this".

She thumbed her mic switch. "SeaTac approach, Wandler... gasp...

two-twenty-six... oh!... heavy, with you on the... oooh!... profile".

"Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, SeaTac approach, reduce speed

maintain two-one-zero knots until Downe cross Fuelr at eight thousand

cleared ILS-runway-two-five-right approach contact the tower at North,

traffic at twelve o'clock five miles is a Singapore heavy 747 will

precede you to two-five-right, caution wake turbulence, report that

traffic in sight".

"Welcome to Seattle", Angie said dryly to no one in particular, then

acknowledged the rapid-fire clearance. The DC-10 crossed the fixes in

rapid succession - Patti, Fuelr, Downe, Hunda, and finally captured

the glideslope just before North, the outer marker. "Glideslope

alive". "One dot below, gear down, landing final checklist". Coupled

to the localizer and glideslope, the DC-10 passed North descending

through 1900 feet. Trying desperately to ignore the rubbing of her

panties on her clitoris as the DC-10 lurched up and down, Angie

dialed in 120.95 and called SeaTac tower. "Seattle tower,

Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, inside North". "Wandler two-twenty-six-

heavy, SeaTac tower, runway-two-five-right cleared to land, wind

three-five-zero at one-five gusts two-five".

"One thousand above, minimums three-zero-two, cross-check, no flags...

gasp!..., bug plus five, sink seven hundred". The DC-10 was crabbing

to the right as the autopilot corrected for the crosswind. Captain M

was monitoring the approach and preparing for the landing, and seemed

oblivious to the frenzied state of her first officer in the right

seat. Angie was squirming in her seat as the stimulation rose to

new heights. She could feel the tension rising in her vaginal muscles

and knew that she could hold off her orgasm for only seconds longer.

Her breath was coming in short sharp gasps, and she was straining

against the shoulder harness as the wave of pleasure started to rise.

She felt her toes start to curl as the orgasm began. Struggling to

maintain her self-control, Angie made the next callout. "Five

hundred above, no flags, sink seven hun... gasp!... dred... Unnnh...


Angie was arching out of the seat, shaking and shuddering with

pleasure, gasping for breath and swinging her head wildly from side to

side in ecstasy. Her hands involuntarily slid down inside her panties

and she plunged three fingers deep into her vagina, the fingers of her

other hand rubbing her clitoris furiously. She was completely lost in

her orgasm, and completely unaware of the DC-10 that was now seconds

from touchdown. Captain M had uncoupled the autopilot and was hand

flying the airplane. The scene in the right seat had startled her for

a moment, but she now turned her attention back to flying. Well, most

of her attention. She was aware of the wetness that had started in

her crotch.

"Two hundred feet, flows off, final gear check, cleared to land".

Captain M was making her own callouts. "One hundred radar... fifty...

forty... thirty... twenty... ten... five". With a rumble the DC-10

touched down and the ground spoilers rose automatically. Captain M

engaged reverse thrust and pushed the power levers forward. The DC-10

rumbled and shook as the confused engine exhaust tumbled over the

tail. Angie screamed and shook as another orgasm shot through her.

"Eighty knots". Captain M reduced power to idle, applied braking and

turned the DC-10 off the runway onto taxiway 42, then onto Thomas


"Wandler two-twenty-six-heavy, contact ground one-two-one-point-seven-

five". Captain M acknowledged, contacted ground for clearance, and

proceeded to taxi to the gate. When the jet was moving slowly along

Kilo Inner, she turned her attention to her first officer. Angie

was sitting limply in her seat, mouth open and breathing heavily. Her

face was flushed and she seemed only dimly aware of her surroundings.

Without a word Captain M reached up to the overhead panel and flipped

the cockpit voice recorder mode select switch to the Erase position.

With a barely perceptible jolt the DC-10 stopped at the gate, and

warning lights flared in the cockpit as the cabin and cargo doors were

opened. Captain M quickly completed the shutdown checklist and

climbed out of her seat. In silence the flight crew donned their

jackets and caps and filed out on their way to the crew bus that would

take them to their hotel.

"I'm really fucked", thought Angie miserably as they boarded the

crew bus. "The skipper's going to turn me in and they'll fire my ass

for sure. Fuck, I wish she'd say something and get it over with".

The flight crew climbed out of the bus and led by Captain M, entered

the lobby of the Holiday Inn Hotel. Angie checked in and hurried to

her room, where she quickly showered and changed into fresh clothes.

Throwing herself face down on the bed, she wondered how she could show

up for the next leg the following morning. Angie closed her eyes

and tried to take a nap. She was awakened by a quiet knock on the door.

"Who's there?" she called through the door. "Angie, I need to talk

to you, may I come in?". Angie recognized the voice as belonging to

Captain M. "Oh fuck, here it comes", she thought as she opened the

door and stood aside to let Captain M enter the room. Angie noticed

with surprise that the skipper was dressed in a tight form-fitting

white mini-skirt and top that showed off shapely thighs and perky

breasts, her shiny long dark hair falling loosely over her shoulders.

Without a word Captain M stepped into the room and closed the door

behind her, then turned to Angie and touched her on the shoulder.

Moving closer, she planted a soft kiss on Angie's moist lips.

Angie's eyes widened in surprise, but she did not pull back from the

touch. Angie had been with another girl in college, and since then

she had sometimes thought about repeating the experience but had been

afraid of what might happen if her employer ever found out about it.

And now the skipper was here putting the moves on her! Maybe she

wasn't in so much trouble over her performance during the last leg as

she had thought. Taking a deep breath, she made up her mind.

Angie returned the kiss, using her tongue and increasing the

pressure. The response was immediate, and she felt a hand exploring

her breasts before sliding down her belly and running over her mound.

They moved slowly over toward the bed, their tongues intertwined.

Angie slowly pushed Captain M onto her back, her dark hair spilling

over the pillow. Moving her attention to the skipper's skirt, she

slowly unzipped it and pulling it free, she tossed it on a nearby

chair. The top followed it, the skipper raising her shoulders off the

bed to make the task easier. Captain M was wearing a pair of filmy

white see-through panties and no bra, and Angie could see the

dampness of a neatly shaved pussy though the thin material. Reaching

down, she carefully peeled off her own white cotton panties and threw

them aside. Captain M was smiling up at her, and motioned for her to

come closer. Angie climbed over her and straddled her on the bed,

her blonde hair tumbling down on either side of her young face.

Captain M reached under Angie's skirt and gently stroked her slit,

then carefully slid a finger into Angie's willing vagina. Angie

gasped with pleasure, and tightened her vaginal muscles around the

finger. Captain M slowly pulled her finger out of Angie's snatch

and licked the juice off with obvious enjoyment. She then undid the

catch holding Angie's short skirt, and pulled it off. "I've been

wondering all week whether you're a natural blonde Angie, and now I

see that you are". She pulled Angie forward by the hips until her

wet cunt was directly over her mouth. Pulling Angie gently

downward, she teased her fine blonde cunt hair with her tongue, then

started to lick along the length of Angie's slit. Angie went

purely crazy with pleasure, gasping and moaning as wave after wave of

intense pleasure jolted her clitoris and radiated to her extremities.

In no time she was on the edge of another climax. "Oh yes! fuck me!

I'm coming... don't stop... stick it in me!... I'M GONNA CUMMMM!...

don't stop... yes!... ooh!... I'M CUMING!... YES!... UNGHHH!... OOH


Slowly Angie came down from her orgasm, panting and moaning, to find

Captain M gasping and rubbing herself as she watched Angie. "Do me

now, Angie" she pleaded, "I can't wait any longer. Make me cum".

Before Angie could respond, the telephone rang, and she answered it.


"Angie, it's Andy. What do you think's going to happen? Think

she'll report you?".

"Well, actually, Andy, I don't think it's going to be a problem".

"Huh? Why not?"

"Andy, I don't want to talk about it on the phone any more. Why don't

you come over to my room and I'll explain it to you. It's room 405".

"OK, I'll be along in a minute".

Angie turned back to Captain M with a wicked sexy grin on her face.

"I can do one better than that, honey. How would you like me to get

Andy to slide his tool into you? I spent the last two layovers in his

room, and believe me, it was incredible! I've never met someone who

comes back for more like he does". By way of reply, Captain M reached

for Angie and kissed her deeply. "Only if you join in", she panted.

Angie smiled and moved down to where she could use her tongue on the

Captain's engorged labia and clitoris. It was a highly erotic feeling

licking the recently shaved pussy, and it made her strangely excited

in a way she couldn't quite explain.

There was another quiet knock on the door to her hotel room.

Andy stepped into Angie's room, and took in the scene at one glance.

Peeling off his shirt, he stepped over to where Captain M lay on the

bed slowly fingering herself and arching her back. Captain M looked

up at him, then sat up and reached for Andy's pants. Andy stood while

Captain M unfastened his pants and let them fall around his ankles.

His penis was standing at rigid attention, and throbbed slightly in

anticipation of what was to come. Captain M reached her hands around

Andy and pulled him forward to where she could reach him with her

tongue. Taking a deep breath, she slid him all the way in until the

tip of his tool touched the back of her throat, then started to move

in and out slowly. Andy groaned and stumbled slightly as his back

muscles tightened. He could feel the pressure building at the base of

his cock and knew that he wouldn't last long with the Captain deep-

throating him so expertly. "I'm going to cum soon", he warned.

Captain M pulled free of his cock and smiled at him. "No doing that

until you're in my cunt", she announced. Andy needed no further

prompting. As she rolled over onto her back and raised her knees,

Andy mounted her and slid his penis into her hot moist vagina in one

long slippery movement. "Aaah!" he groaned, "that feels so fucking


Andy slowly pumped into her cunt, sending waves of intense pleasure

through both of their bodies. He pulled almost all the way out on

each stroke, so that Captain M gasped and dug her nails into his back

to keep him from pulling all the way out. He rammed into her each

time with enough force to drive her back against the headboard and

make her arch herself up to meet his thrust. "Oh yes, fuck me, fill

me up, fuck me, make me come, I want to come, fuck me, harder, yes,

oh... yes!" she gasped. Andy increased the pace, driving into her

snatch as hard as he could on each stroke. A drop of pre-come escaped

from his cock, and he determined to make his partner come before he

did. He could feel her vagina constricting around his cock, and knew

that her orgasm could not be far away. Gathering her legs over his

shoulders as he had done with Angie the night before, he pulled

himself forward so that her thighs were pressed against her breasts on

each stroke and he could drive into her until he felt his cock bumping

into her cervix. Captain M lost control as she felt him press against

her cervix, and started to buck and moan spasmodically as her orgasm

took her over. Her nails raked deep scores in Andy's back as she

screamed and shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Her vagina

contracted so forcefully that he felt like he was in the grip of a hot

wet vise, and the resulting pleasure pushed him suddenly over the

edge. He came into her so forcefully that she felt a blaze of heat

inside as she was rammed up against the wall behind Angie's bed.

Andy pumped spurt after spurt of hot semen deep into her snatch. He

groaned in almost unbearable pleasure as his nuts released their load

into her. She was lost in ecstasy, head thrashing as she gasped and

shook with pleasure. It seemed like neither of them would ever stop

cumming. Then suddenly it was over and they were panting and gasping,

looking into each others eyes in exhausted delight.

A sound from the end of the bed brought them both back to reality.

Angie was on her knees at the end of the bed, her fingers excitedly

rubbing her clitoris while she pushed a vibrator into her dripping wet

vagina. While they watched Angie gasped and threw her head back,

then went rigid as every muscle locked in orgasmic pleasure. Andy

felt himself hardening again at the sight and sound of the beautiful

blonde girl bringing herself off. Moving down to lay next to Captain

X, who was still breathing heavily, he beckoned to Angie to join

him. Captain M got up on one elbow to watch as Angie slowly got to

her feet and walked unsteadily to where Andy lay slowly rubbing his

cock as it grew harder. Angie's firm breasts jutted from her chest,

the nipples hard from the hormones that were coursing through her

lithe body. A clear gush of vaginal lubricant escaped from her wet

matted pubic hair and ran slowly down one leg. Angie pulled her

blouse over her head and tossed it aside. Her breasts sprang forward

and they could see the firm nipples surrounded by the dark aureole.

"Why don't you fuck her? I want to watch you fuck her brains out!

Make her come!", Captain M breathed excitedly. Angie moaned with

excitement at the thought of being watched by another woman while Andy

fucked her. She climbed on top of Andy and slowly sank down onto his

cock. She was so wet that he slid in to the hilt effortlessly. Her

eyes widened and she gasped as his penis stretched her open and slid

deliciously over her erect clitoris. Leaning forward to kiss him

deeply, she began to rhythmically contract her vagina around him as

she slowly rocked from side to side. Andy kissed her hard and met her

rhythm, thrusting his hips forward to meet her, feeling his penis bump

into her at the end of each thrust. Andy became aware that Captain M

was carefully positioning herself above him with the obvious intent of

being eaten out. He grabbed her hips and brought her down to his

mouth, her back to the headboard, her firm breasts facing Angie's.

Captain M moaned and shuddered as Andy expertly went to work on her

labia, clitoris and vagina. Angie moved forward to get the deepest

possible penetration of Andy's penis inside her, then leaned forward

to kiss Captain M passionately on the mouth.

Captain M came first. A loud groan escaped her as Angie thrust her

wet tongue deeply into her mouth, their lips locked together. She

shook and shuddered violently and ground her pussy down onto Andy's

mouth. Andy gasped for breath as Captain M pressed her cunt over him

and gushed a sudden flood of lubricant over his face. The sight of

the orgasming woman just above him was more than he could stand and

suddenly he was pumping his seed into Angie's tight slit as she

rocked rapidly and grabbed him rhythmically with her vagina. He was

still emptying himself deep inside her when her vagina began to widen

out internally and she pushed herself as far down his cock as she

could. Her cunt grabbed him like a hot vise, and he could hear her

muffled screams as she came and came.

Andy sighed and lay back in the center of Angie's king size bed,

Angie on one side and Captain M on the other. Both women were

making contented noises and snuggling on either side of him. He

reached over and pulled the comforter from where they had kicked it to

the floor so that it covered them all. Andy was almost asleep when he

felt Angie reach over and play with his cock, urging it to get hard.

At the same time, he felt Captain M blow in his ear and start to

nibble it wetly, and her hand stroked his chest. Angie was sliding

her body over his, feeling with her cunt for his rapidly stiffening

penis. He groaned as he felt it slide again into her hot slippery

wetness. With a sigh, he realized that none of them were going to get

much sleep that night.


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