Joseph was not an outgoing guy. He had stumbled nervously in his first year of college, holding his own but feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights of a car.

He hated living in the dorms after having his own wing of the house back with his parents. He was a good looking guy standing 6 feet tall. His muscular 170 pounds was well apportioned. His wavy brown hair was cut short, but still his bangs occasionally fell down covering his green eyes. Joseph was a nice guy who never hurt anyone or did anything wrong. He had but one girlfriend all his life who left him for another guy at the end of his senior year in high school. In a world of sex and passion, Joseph was still a virgin. He saw that as a virtue, most of his friends just felt sorry for him. Until that first semester at college...

Intelligence was always a part of Joseph's life. He scored the highest on all his tests, graduated valedictorian from his school, was voted most likely to succeed, and the list goes on and on. It was no surprise then that Joseph was taking high level classes from the start. His AP tests had boosted him in sophomore standing before starting school, and Joseph was in many classes with Juniors and Seniors. It was in one such class, Advanced Cellular Biology, that he first saw her.

Ellen was the epitome of beauty in Joseph's eyes. Her slender frame of only five feet and three inches drove him mad. He had always liked smaller girls. Her petite figure was perfect in its form. Her supple, muscular legs were attached to a firm, tight buttocks that screamed for a lover to hold it. Ellen's stomach was flat and sensuous from years of sit-ups and exercise. Her breasts were large for her petite frame, but didn't seem overwhelming or out of place in the least. They were soft and yet firm, always perfectly formed without the need for a bra. Her face was that of an angel with its angled jaw line, slender chin, high cheek bones, small nose, and deep blue eyes. Ellen's eyes were what really set her apart. Indeed, her body was stunning, but her eyes seemed as though to put Joseph into a trance. He fell into their depth, lost in their beauty. Her blonde, shoulder length hair curled ever so slightly at the tips, and hid her face just enough to make you want more. Yes, Ellen was something special. She was a senior who had struggled through her past few biology courses, but had to finish this one for graduation. Little did Joseph or Ellen know that the stage had been set for their meeting.

It was the second week of classes and a quiz was set for that Friday. Joseph wasn't worried, he knew all the information already like the back of his hand. Ellen, however, was confused already and unsure that she could pass the quiz let alone the class. As fate would have it, Ellen sat at the table in front of Joseph. At the end of class, he heard her asking her friend Diane if she knew anyone who could help her study. That was all the prompting Joseph needed.

Since the first day of class, Joseph had been in love with Ellen. He couldn't believe it when she sat in front of him. He always looked forward to that class where he had such a great view of her body as she squirmed restlessly through the boring lectures. Joseph had only needed some excuse to talk to her, and now he finally had one.

After class was dismissed, Ellen left the classroom quickly before Joseph had a chance to grab his books. Obviously she was in a hurry to get somewhere. However, Diane was still sitting down as she leisurely gathered her purse, applied some lipstick, and stood up. Joseph realized his chance and tapped her on the shoulder. "Um, hi, my name is Joseph. You're Diane right?" he stumbled over his tongue. "I wasn't listening really, but I heard Ellen mention that she needed, well, needed a tutor or something, and I..."

Diane's eyes moved across Joseph's body, checking him out like a wolf examining its prey. A slight smile etched its way across her face as she interrupted, "And you would like to help her out, be her personal tutor. I see. So, what makes you so qualified, Joseph was it?"

He stared at her for a moment thinking what to say, and then answered, "Well, I understand the material and I always used to tutor back in high school."

"And you really want to meet Ellen, right?"

Joseph felt his face flush with blood as he found himself at a loss for words. Finally, he simply replied, "Yeah."

"Well, I'll tell ya, Joey," Diane responded, "Ellen's a special girl. She's my roommate ya know, and I don't want her gettin' messed up with anything that wouldn't be good for her." Diane grinned as she said, "After all, she just broke up with her boyfriend, and I know she took it really hard." As she said that, Diane looked down at Joseph and saw that he was taking it really "hard" too. "Tell ya what, you come over tonight to Lehigh Dorm, room 235, say eightish. We'll see how good a tutor you are." And with that, Diane left.

Joseph stood staring as Diane left. He felt his engorged member trying to break free from his pants and wondered if she had noticed. "Tonight is going to be a very good night!" Joseph exclaimed to himself.

The pressure built and built within Joseph all day long until eight o'clock finally arrived. He actually got to Ellen's dorm room by 7:45, but sat outside waiting for 8:00. When the time finally came, he jumped to his feet and knocked softly on the door.

Diane opened the door and looked Joseph over. His navy slacks and striped navy and cream shirt looked good on him, she thought. Joseph looked over Diane also. She wasn't as beautiful as Ellen, but she was still an attractive girl. She stood in the doorway wrapped in a robe, her hair wet from the shower she had just taken, little puddles forming around her bare feet. Finally she said, "Hey, Pete, come on in! Ellen's taking a shower now, but she'll be out in just a minute."

"Why would she be taking a shower now," Joseph thought to himself as he sat down on her bed to wait. He began to lay out some books and notes on the floor in front of him, so he'd be ready for his tutoring job at hand. Besides, he wanted to prove to Diane that he was really a tutor and he wasn't just after Ellen.

Joseph looked up as the bathroom door opened ever so slightly. He heard the sweetest voice call out, "Diane, could you hand me that robe, I forgot to bring it in here with me."

Diane looked at Joseph and said, "Hey, could you hand her that robe sittin' beside you there. You're closer."

He quickly remarked, "Sure, no problem!" He crossed the smallish room quickly with robe in hand. As he approached, Ellen's slender arm reached out to take it. Joseph handed her the robe and his hand brushed against hers. He felt himself getting hard with just that simple touch.

Ellen remarked from behind the door, "Oh, is that Joseph?"

"Yeah, um, I'm Joseph. I came over to help you with your studying for that cellular biology class, ya know the quiz on Friday."

The door opened and there stood Ellen, her hair wet, a robe covering her sensuous body. She stretched out her perfect hand to Joseph, saying, "Hi, Joseph, nice to meet you. I hope you don't mind if I don't dress up here, but I just feel like being comfortable tonight. I study better when I'm comfortable."

"Oh, sure, no problem. Actually, you look, um, very nice just the way you are," Joseph returned. He felt his face blushing and his now rock hard member leap as me touched her and said those few words.

"Well, thanks! You look nice yourself. So, we should get started, right?"

"Yeah, we should. I brought over some books and papers. I hope you don't mind that I laid 'em on the floor over here by the bed. Anyway, this what we need to know for the quiz." Joseph walked over by the bed and dropped down to the floor. As he sat down, Ellen shrank down beside him, her gorgeous legs pulling away from the fabric of the robe. She moved close to him, their shoulders touching as she smiled, seemingly eager to learn.

Diane watched on as the two talked about biology for nearly two hours. Joseph was excellent at explaining the complex topics and soon Ellen understood everything she needed to know. All during the evening, she would occasionally move, revealing more of her legs, or perhaps her shoulder. One time Joseph could have sworn her saw a nipple. At that time his penis jumped and he made a slight moan. Otherwise, the evening was full of work and study. Indeed, Joseph was aroused. He wanted so badly to feel her, to touch her lips to his own, to move inside her perfect body. However, each time he pulled himself back and focused on the work at hand. Finally, the studying was done and Joseph stood to leave.

"Thanks for coming over. You really helped a lot. I know I can at least get a B on this quiz now!" Ellen said softly.

"It was my pleasure, really. If you need any more help, I'm pretty much available every night. So, I'll let you two get some rest, and I'll see ya tomorrow in class."

Ellen opened the door for Joseph, and as he was walking out the door she grabbed his arm. She turned around to face her and gave him a hug along with a few last words of thanks. Joseph almost screamed as he found himself in her arms. He didn't ever want to leave the warmth and safety of that embrace. Finally, as he walked away down the hall, Joseph thought to himself, "Oh, shit! I hope she didn't feel this rock in my pants! Dang, she makes my horny! Oh, tonight has been a good night!!"

Back in the dorm room Ellen looked over at Diane and giggled. "Could you feel it?" Diane asked.

"Oh, yeah! Geez, that boy is hung! I can tell he was hot for me! How'd ya like that thing with the legs and the little nipple show? Did you hear him groan?"

"Yeah, I did," Diane replied, "but what about yourself? Girlfriend, you look awfully hot and bothered right now. Didn't he turn you on just a little?" Before Ellen could answer, Diane grabbed her robe and pulled it off. Indeed, Ellen was certainly aroused. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her crotch was soaking. Ellen just blushed. And then she moved her hands down her stomach slowly.

Joseph ran all the way back to his dorm a half mile away. He burst into the room finding his roommate was gone. He wasted no time stripping his body of the confines of clothing. Soon his engorged penis was standing straight out from his body its full eight inches. His hands fell to it and he began to pump quickly, wanting to, needing to release his overflowing love juices.

Ellen fell back onto her bed, a look of sheer ecstasy across her face. Her fingers were drenched with her juices as they worked quickly on her clitoris, every so often penetrating deep into her body. Her moans filled the room as she worked herself. She intermittently called out for Joseph to pump her harder, faster. She moved her left hand to her breasts, rubbing her aching nipples between her wet finger tips.

Joseph ran his right hand along the length of his cock with ever increasing speed. With his left hand he grabbed at his balls, pulling them and finding even more pleasure. His eyes closed and he saw her, Ellen. He imagined her body dripping with sweat as she rubbed herself, pleasuring herself while calling his name. Finally, Joseph's moans turned to calls of, "I love you, Ellen! Take me in! Don't stop!"

It had been half an hour since Joseph left and Ellen felt herself coming towards orgasm. Her fingers moved around her clit with abandon, one hand probing her sopping vagina, the other rolling her clit between wet fingers. She was now screaming Joseph's name. The neighbors could certainly hear, but Ellen continued anyway. She arched her back high as the orgasm came. Her feminine walls spasmed around her fingers as she let out a long, slow breath. She fell back to the bed, covered in perspiration. Her body shook with excitement from her climax as she continued to stroke her sacred places slowly and lovingly, imagining that it was him touching her with his hard, solid manliness.



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