Charles and Celestial Changes pt1

As a celestial event it was a very minor one. This sort of thing went on all

the time. Just a fact of the universe.

Streaking through the darkness of night, the meteor headed for its rendezvous

with the Earth. It had traveled many light years before being drawn by the

gravitational forces of the sun. A few scientists on Earth noticed it as it

passed Saturn and, using the latest in computer technology, they realized that it

would be striking the Earth. Since the meteorite wasn't very big to begin with,

and most of it would burn up in the atmosphere, they decided that it wouldn't

cause any damage unless it landed on someone or their property. They issued a

statement to the Georgia's Governor's office and released a news briefing to

let the press know where it would land. The estimate was somewhere between the

cities of Atlanta and St. Mary's. Since most of the land between these two cities is

not very developed, except for the Jefferson Botanical Gardens, the press didn't give

the story much coverage. In fact, the newspapers in both Atlanta and St. Mary

didn't even print the story.

The only coverage was by one of the local college papers.

Charles was eager to cover the story. He had started working for the paper only two

weeks earlier and felt that this was his big break. Little did he know that the

editors didn't expect him to actually find where the meteorite would land. The

editors considered this a snipe hunt for the new boy. Every reporter had gone on

a wild goose chase for his or her first story andCharleswould be no different.

With the scientists predicting that the meteorite would be about 6 inches long

when it landed, no one felt that it would be found. So, at 2:00 a.m., Charles

climbed into his 84 Honda and drove down I-63 towards the airport.

Charles had overheard the editors laughing at him when he talked about getting this

story. He was determined to prove them wrong. "I'll show them," he thought.

"I've spent the last four days with my astronomy professor and we came up with

three landing spots. With the information we got from the weather service and

our calculations, I'm willing to bet that it's going to land a spot #3. Of

course, spot #3 was a 1/4-mile wide circle. But that's pretty small compared

with the amount of distance the meteor had traveled." Pulling over on the side

of the highway,Charlesgathered his camera and notepad, and climbed out of the

Toyota. Up the side of a hill the highway cut through, over the wildlife fence,

and into the woods he went. After walking a few hundred yards,Charlesfelt he was

within the 1/4-mile circle he needed to be in. Now all he had to do was wait.

The meteor plummeted into the Earth's atmosphere and started to shed its outer

coatings of metals and methane ice. The heat of the friction against the

atmosphere melted the meteor, just as the scientist predicted. It also awakened

the sleeping being at the core. The being's thoughts were disjointed at first,

but as the heat made its way to the core, the thoughts became more coherent.

Safety .. Shelter .. Food .. Survival.

Charles stared up at the sky waiting for the indications that the meteorite was

coming his way. Unfortunately, he was facing the wrong direction. The explosion

of the trees around him was his first indication that he had picked the correct

spot. His second indication was the smell of burning pinestraw and the small

fires blazing a trail away from where he was standing. Charles realized that the

meteorite had missed him by only ten yards. His first reaction was to run down

the burned path the meteorite left, but he took the Charlese out to put out one or

two fires it had started. "No need in attracting to much attention," he noted.

After the small fires were out,Charles moved down the meteorite's trail, putting out

more flames, until he found the end. There, within a small crater and amidst

smoldering ashes, lay the meteorite. It had split in two pieces and lay exposed

for all to see.

Squatting down to get a better look,Charles reached behind him with his right hand

to bring his camera forward. During this motion, Charles's hand brushed a wet spot

on the ground. Charles looked at the back of his hand, where the wet feeling was,

but didn't see anything. He shrugged it off as being condensation and returned

to taking pictures of the meteorite and the surrounding destruction its path

made. Sitting down,Charles began to write the story of what had happened when the

meteorite landed. "This will surely make my editors take notice of me." Once

the meteorite had cooled down enough to handle,Charles took his backpack and scooped

the meteorite pieces into it and headed back to his car.

Driving back to campus, random thoughts entered Charles 's mind. Feelings of safety

and definite survival were the strongest, but hunger fulfilled and confusion were

also present. Charles also noticed that the back of his right hand seemed to be a

lighter color than the rest of his arm. "Must have scraped some of the dead skin

off and not noticed it," he thought. "Well, if it starts to hurt and doesn't

heal, I'll see the campus doctor." The remaining part of the drive home was


Since it was 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning,Charles threw his backpack on the floor

and went straight to bed.

As Charles slept, the spot on his hand expanded. Slowly, it spread over his right

hand and then worked its way up his arm. As the being covered Charles , it burrowed

microscopic tendons into Charles 's body. Different tendons were designed to link the

being to specific parts of the host's body. Some would open capillaries to

provide the being with a food source, while others attached to the nerves to pass

sensations to the host. During this process, the being released a sedative into

Charles 's bloodstream to keep him asleep. After two hours, the being had covered

Charles 's entire body, except for his head. Slowly, the being began to work over the

back of Charles 's head. The being didn't cover the hairs on Charles 's head, but worked

its way between them and into the follicles and around the roots of the hairs.

Once the back and top of Charles 's head was covered, the being began to move up his

neck, down his forehead, and around the sides of his neck meeting at the nose.

In a less than four hours, the being had completely encased Charles . The being's

tendons continued to borrow themselves into Charles , making connections to his brain.

Once this was achieved, the being began to find out what this host was like.

Charles awoke around 10:00 a.m. and felt like he was starving. He got out of bed and

put on a robe his ex-girlfriend had given him and then walked to the kitchen.

Charles opened the refrigerator and pulled out a full carton of eggs and some butter.

Pulling a pan out from a cabinet, he placed it on the stove and turned the stove

to medium heat. After cracking six eggs in the pan,Charles decided that should be

enough to satisfy him. As the eggs fried, he toasted some bread. When everything

was finished, he placed it all on a plate and sat down at the dining room table

to eat. As he ate, he looked at this hand and noticed that the spot had

disappeared. Satisfied that it was nothing,Charles quickly forgot about it. After

eating all six eggs and finishing off four pieces of toast,Charles finally felt

full. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Charles "

Charles jumped up and looked around the room. He was sure he had heard his name

being called out, but no one was around. Since he lived alone,Charles figured he

was just hearing things. He went into the second bedroom of his apartment and

sat at his desk after turning his computer on, and uploading his story to the

student paper, he knew he needed his daily Internet fix. After connecting with

his local provider, he went straight to the newsgroups. He wasn't in the mood to

view the hundreds of advertisements that appear in the regular

newsgroup so he decided to view the new story group that appeared just last week.

It was called Charles didn't know what tg meant, but he figured

that he could guess once he read a few stories. He opened the group and found 24

new articles. He marked the ones that were stories for downloading and then

started the transfer. Knowing that his dinky 9600-baud modem would be awhile, he

went into the bathroom and started his shower. After he finished the shower, Charles

returned to the computer, not bothering to put his robe back on. Once he sat

down,Charles checked his mail and some other newsgroups and then logged off the net.

He then started his word processor and opened the first story he had downloaded.

The plot was fairly basic, with the protagonist being forced into dressing up as

a woman. The idea made Charles laugh and he wondered why the guy didn't just leave.

"Even if they had photos, I wouldn't let them blackmail me," he thought. It

seemed that all the stories were like this until the last one. In this one, the

main characters were a married couple that was having problems with their lives.

Each seemed to take the other for granted. By some magical device, they were

forced to exchange bodies. Charles felt a little swelling in his dick at this

thought. The story went into details of the feelings each character felt with

the change. While he read about the first Charles e the couple had sex in their new

bodies, his dick became it's solid 7 inches and he began to rub it gently. The

descriptions were so well written theCharles could close his eyes and see the scene.

BeforeCharles knew it, he was spurting his load. He opened his eyes to find his

dick and hands perfectly clean.

"That's weird," he said out loud. "I didn't think it was possible to orgasm and

not cum. Well, it sure makes jacking off better."

The being, realizing that the sexual energies the host had just shown were better

than and food it could get though it tendons, had absorbed the cum before it had

even made it way out of Charles 's dick. The being then replayed the nerve firing that

had caused this sensation.

Charles felt his dick get hard quicker than he had ever seen before in his life. The

pleasures he felt were as if someone was stroking his dick again. Before he knew

it, a breath taking orgasm shook his body. Charles sat in confusion wondering how

that had happened.

The being realized that he needed to absorb that type of energy to survive now.

Its normal method of food consumption would not compare to this. After two

tastes of the orgasm energies, the being figured that it wouldn't need any more

feeding for at least a week. The being wondered what had brought the first orgasm

on and began to probe Charles 's mind for the reason. It knew he was reading a story

that he had never read before and that the concepts behind it were what brought

on the orgasm. After studying the text of the stories, the being realized that

this planet had a difference between male and female beings and that the orgasm

of the female was stronger than the male's. It figured that a woman's orgasm

would feed it for at least a month. It needed to bond to a female. Being bonded

toCharles presented a problem. If he left Charles ,Charles would die and so would it.

Charles 's body would have no way of repairing the damage the tendons had done before

Charles 's heart would expire. The being, on the other hand, couldn't spend the four

hours it needed to bond to another human without expiring. It just couldn't get

rid of its waste product without the host. Since the being was addicted to the

power of the orgasm, it would have to figure out how to achieve a female level

orgasm inside of Charles 's body. It would look into this as it worked at

communications with Charles .

After the two orgasms,Charles got out of the chair and went over to the spare bed.

He couldn't get the story off his mind. He even came to the conclusion that a

woman's orgasm was over 8 Charles es more powerful than his. He closed his eyes and

was soon asleep.

Chapter 2

The dream began with Charles sitting alone in his car. He was parked in the old

drive-in movie theater. It was dark outside and a movie had just started. He

turned to the woman that was suddenly sitting next to him.

"Are you enjoying the movie?" he asked her.

"Actually," she responded, "I just can't get that story off my mind."

"Yes, I know. It's as if it was written to my soul. I've always wondered what

it would be like as a woman."

"Why don't we switch?"


"Let's switch. Just like in the story. I'll become you and you can become me.

It would be wild. We could jump in the back and have sex."

Charles couldn't believe this. He knew he was in a dream, but he couldn't wake up.

He figured that he might as well go along with it. "OK, let's do it," he said and

then he was looking at himself. They hopped into the back of the car and started

to fool around. Before Charles had a chance to even get excited, the phone rang,

waking him up.

"Hello?" he said slowly.

" Charles ? Is that you? Did I wake you up"

Charles 's sister Jenny was calling. Charles remembered that Jenny was flying in to visit

with him for a few weeks and he was supposed to pick her up at the airport.

"Actually sis, yes you did."

"Well, excuuuuuse me," she said in her best Steve Martin voice. "Did you forget

that you needed to pick me up at 2:00?"

"No. What Charles e is it?"


"Shit. Sorry sis, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

Charles jumped out of the bed and rushed to his room. He pulled out underwear,

socks, a T-shirt, and some shorts and quickly put them on. Running out to his

car and racing down the highway, Charles made it to the airport in just a little over

20 minutes. His sister was waiting at the curb. Charles got out of the car and

helped her load her bags into his trunk after hugging her hello. They climbed

into the car and headed back to Charles 's place. The conversation was the quick

catch-up type. Since they talked on the phone twice a week, nothing new had

happened except the meteorite. Charles told her the entire story.

"So that's how you lost the hair on your legs, huh?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, I didn't think you would shave them. And since they don't appear to have

any hair on them, I figured that it happened when the meteorite landed."

Charles took a brief look at his legs and noticed his normal thick and dark leg hairs

were gone. He rubbed his hand over his legs and they felt smooth to his touch.

"I..I don't know what happened."

Jenny could see he was a little shaken by this discovery. "It's OK," she said.

"It should grow back in about four weeks, maybe a little longer." She decided

not to follow up on this line of questioning and quickly got Charles talking about

the latest computer game he was playing. This filled the Charles e until the reached

his apartment.

Once home, Charles and Jenny went to the spare bedroom and Charles helped her unpack her

things. She would be staying for a month and had brought enough clothes to last

that amount of Charles e. "You never know when you'll need to change clothes," she

said when he asked her if all the items were really necessary. When all the

clothes were hung up, they went to the kitchen to start working on dinner.

"I'll start the chicken while you do the salad," Charles said.

"OK. Where do you keep you knives?"

"Second drawer on the left."

Jenny opened the drawer and pulled out a butcher's knife. Setting up on the kitchen

table, she began to cut the vegetables for the salad. She was halfway through

when she cut her finger. "Ouch!"

Charles rushed over to her side. The cut wasn't deep, but it was bleeding pretty

heavily. Charles held her hand and placed a finger over the cut to reduce the

bleeding. Charles led his sister to the bathroom to cover it with a bandage. "You

should be more careful, sis."

"Ms. Klutz is what they call me. I'm OK to finish the salad."

While this was happening, the being tentatively soaked up some of the blood from

Jenny and began to compare it with Charles 's.

The rest of dinner preparations went uneventful and they were able to sit down

and enjoy the expertly prepared food.

"This food is delicious," Jenny said. "You should open a catering business."

"But I need to finish college."

"No you don't. Mom and Dad aren't paying for it and you could always go back if

the business didn't take off. And I could work as your business manager. After

all, two years out of college and the best job I got was working in retail.

Which I was fired from last week."

"Yea, and now I get to support you for a month."

"I'll get a job somewhere and give you a cut for rent."

"Sure you will. What are you going to do? Walk the streets?"

With that comment, Jenny threw some mashed potatoes at Charles and they both broke out

in laughter.

"That's no fair. When I wanted to do that I was only 10 and I didn't know what

they were really doing."

"I know. Heck, if I didn't remind you of that career choice you wanted to make,

you might get a swelled head thinking you weren't capable of making misjudgments.

Let's clean up and go watch some TV"

Charles and Jenny cleared the table of the dishes and then went into the living room to

watch the tube. After talking and watching TV for a few hours, they went to bed.

The being continued its work on Charles . Removing his leg hair and under arm hair

had been simple. Burrow under the hair in the follicle and then absorb it from

the root up. Burrow deep enough and the follicle will never produce another

hair. The next step would have been trickier except for the luck of Jenny cutting

herself. The being had spent the Charles e since the injury analyzing her blood for

difference between Charles and Jenny. The being knew that she was the female sex by

interpreting Charles 's brain. He would use her as the template for the changes. For

the first Charles e in a long Charles e, the being realized that an unlimited supply of its

basic needs would be satisfied. Tonight, it would let Charles in on the plan.



The girl from Charles 's afternoon dream reappeared in front of him. The room they

were in had a pink canopied bed in the middle. Everything in the room was pink,

expect for the white walls. The entire room had a female touch to it, like the

room of a teenage girl. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and beckoned him

to her.

"Come sit by me Charles . We need to talk."

"Who are you?"

"Well," she hesitated. "I not human. The closest I can come to describe me is a

parasite. Basically, I feed off of your body and pass my waste on to your

system. When I attach to you, I also improve the functioning of you body so it

can handle my added waste. But your body also has to provide both of us with the

energies we need to survive or we will die. That's why you were so hungry when

you woke up."

"A parasite?"

"Well, I would prefer to call you my host and myself as a passenger. But

parasite is a more clinical definition of what I do. Unlike a true parasite, I

actually provide you with some benefits. You'll never get sick, grow old, or die

short of massive damage to your internal organs. All I ask in return is a

constant food source."

"What a bargain," Charles said sarcastically. "You suck me dry for all of eternity.

I don't think so. I'll just wake up and this dream will be over."

The girl stared at Charles in amazement. "You think I'm not real. Well, I am. That

meteorite you picked up had me inside it. If you hadn't been there, I would have

died." Tears started to form in her eyes. "I was starved and you were the best

I could find. I'm offering you something people throughout the ages have looked

for. And you scorn it like I a plague or something." At this, the girl began to


Charles couldn't believe it. His dreams were getting weirder each Charles e he went to

sleep. Charles decided that he needed to get her to stop crying or this dream would

evolve into a nightmare.

"There, there now," he said. "I'm sorry." He reached his arm around her and

kissed her forehead. "It's just to incredible to believe. I guess it won't be

so bad. You don't have to leave. Why don't you just lay back and get some

sleep. We can talk about this later."

"OK," she said through the sniffles. "I need to finish changing your body

anyway. And that's going to take Charles e and energy. By the way, two thing to

remember. One: If we get separated, we will both die. And two: orgasms are a

better source of energy for me that any food you could eat. But you need to keep

you strength up so that you can achieve the orgasms."

"Sleep tight," Charles said to her as she closed her eyes. This was definitely one

of his weirder dreams, he thought.

Charles awoke later than normal, around noon. He could hear his sister in the other

room playing on his computer. "She's probably playing one of my games while

waiting for me to wake up," he thought.

Charles pulled on his robe and headed out to the bathroom. When he got in there, he

closed the door and locked it remembering the games they played when they were

growing up. If you didn't lock the bathroom door, there was no telling what

would be waiting for you when you got out. Dropping the robe to the floor, Charles

lifted the lid of the toilet and began to pee. He noticed that his penis seem

smaller than he remembered it and he usually had a raging hard on when he woke.

Charles just chalked this up to the weird dream he had and assumed that his normal

sexual urges were suppressed after thinking about having a parasite living on

him. Into the shower he went. When washing his hair, Charles noticed that it seemed

to be getting a little long. He decided to call the barbershop and set an

appointment to get it cut. As he lathered himself up, he rubbed the bar of soap

across his chest and was treated to a sharp pain.

"Damn, that hurt," he said. And then he gently poked himself in his chest and

the pain greeted him again. His nipples became hard as the pain subsided and his

chest got red and appeared to swell a little. "This is weird," he thought. "I

ask Jenny what she does when her breasts are sore. Maybe it'll help me."

Charles climbed out of the shower and dried himself off, being careful around his

tender chest. When he was dry, he put the robe back on and went to the guestroom

where his sister was. As he entered the room, she looked up in surprise and

quickly closed an opened window.

"What are you trying to hide, sis?" Charles asked her.

"Well.." she started. "I was bored this morning and didn't want to wake you, so

I decided to write mom and dad a letter. I started your word processor and it

asked me if I wanted to restore the interrupted editing process. Curiosity got

the best of me and I said yes. The program pulled up a story so I started to

read it. Where did you find it?"

Charles flushed at the question. He was stunned that she found it, but remembered

that he had forgot to stop the program before turning off the computer. The

computer had thought it was a power outage and had prompted her to see if she

wanted to continue editing the story.

"I was bored yesterday so I checked out some of the new newsgroups on the net,"

Charles said to Jenny. "That story was from I'm still not sure

what tg stands for."

"Transgendered. You know, people who find sexual excitement from dressing or

pretending to be someone of the opposite sex."

"You mean fags!!"

"No you idiot. Just because someone likes to wear woman's clothes doesn't mean

they are gay. And the politically correct word is homosexual, not fag."

"That explains the other stories. To be honest with you, the other stories

didn't give me any excitement, but this one did."

"Maybe you have some tg tendencies."

Charles was shocked at this. He had never thought of anything like this before in

his life. He couldn't have tg tendencies. Not him, not one of the better

athletes of his school. "No way, sis. Not me."

"Sure. I won't tease you, but there's a little bit of opposite sex wishing that

everyone does. I wanted to be a boy while I was at college. They didn't have

the pressures to do as well as us girls. And to top it off, they could have all

the sex they wanted and they would be studs while the girls would be sluts.

Definitely no fair."

"Well, I may have thought girls have it better some Charles es, and that story may have

gotten me a little excited, but I don't think I want to be a girl."

"OK. I can except that. So, what brings you into my room in your robe?"

"I was showering and when I cleaned my chest, it hurt. My chest seems a little

swollen and sore."

"Let me look at it. I get that way during my period."

Charles opened the top of his robe and exposed his chest. Jenny's eyes widened a

little, but Charles didn't notice. Jenny stood and reached out to touch Charles 's chest.

There were two A-cup breasts sticking out. The areola seemed too large for a

man's chest and his nipples were shaped like a small cylinder, not a cone that a

man's nipple forms.

Jenny slowly and lightly ran her fingers around Charles 's breast and Charles closed his

eyes and sucked in his breath. She could tell that he was getting aroused by

this and was amazed. She continued and then gently worked her hand to the

nipple, which she pinched softly. Charles let out a moan of pleasure and his knees

went weak, causing him to fall to the floor. Shocked, Jenny couldn't do anything

but watch.

Lying on the floor, Charles began to rub his nipples with one hand and reached up

under his robe to stroke his dick. Jenny thought his dick seemed small compared to

ones she had seen, but still watched in amazement as he continued what she had

started. After five minutes, Charles 's body shook in the spasms of orgasm. After he

stopped thrashing, Jenny could see his breasts growing. They stopped when they

reached a C-cup.

Charles lay there with his eyes closed completely unaware of what was happening to

his body. His robe had fallen open and revealed the beginnings of a very shapely

female body. The one thing that distracted from Charles 's new form was his dick.

Although it, along with his balls, had severely shrunk, they were still evident.

Jenny knew he would be in shock when he awoke, so she dragged him to her bed and

maneuvered him into it. She also disrobed him, then pulled the covers over his

body. This way, he wouldn't notice the change immediately. Jenny wondered why this

was happening. In Charles 's mind, the battle had begun.

Chapter 4

Charles stood on a hill, which overlooked a lake. Beside him appeared the woman from

all his previous dreams.

"I didn't want it to be this way," she said.

"What way?" Charles asked.

"You didn't believe me, so I had to force this on you."

"Force what?"

A full-length mirror appeared out of mid-air. Staring back at Charles was a

beautiful woman. He recognized himself in the woman, but Jenny's features were

more prominent. As he reached towards the mirror, the reflection did the same.

Charles looked down at his body and saw the woman from the mirror.

"What have you done?" he screamed.

"This is what you will look like when I am finished. You will be beautiful and

in full control of the body. I only require that you have an orgasm once a

month. If you resist, I can and will force you to have one. I told you the

truth and you didn't believe me. Therefore I had to prove to you that I am real.

And you can't stop me. If you work with me, I can give you any form you like.

If not, you will get the type of life that I decide you need. I can take control

of your body when I want and I will not hesitate to do this if you try to stop


Charles turned to the woman and rabbit-punched her in the face. The woman fell back,

but quickly jumped back up and tackled Charles . They rolled down the hill towards

the lake, each of them trying to get the upper hand on the other. Right before

they rolled into the water, the woman wedged her legs against Charles 's stomach and

launched him into the water.

She stood on the shore and watched Charles swim to shore. Although the water was only

waist deep, the edge of the lake was a foot higher than the water was, so Charles had

to brace himself to pull his body up and out of the water. As Charles climbed out,

the woman kicked him in the side and launched him back into the lake. Charles 's arms

felt weaker each Charles e he landed in the water. He headed towards the shore again.

This Charles e, he stood where the water was at his waist and went no closer.

"Let me out," he said. "I'm feeling tired."

"Of course you are," she replied. "That lake is like a mental barrier. Each

Charles e you land in it, it takes some of your resistance to me away. Fall in the

lake too many Charles es and you mind will be mine to shape as I see fit. Of course,

if you can get me into the lake, the same thing will happen to me." She paused

to let this thought sink in. "Now, if you quit fighting me, I'll let you out.

Otherwise, another dunking is in order."

Charles waded to the edge of the lake and prepared to pull himself up again. As he

did this, the woman backed off enough for him to see that she wasn't going to

push him in again.

"I want you to work with me," she said. "It takes too much energy to keep this

up. I could change you body quicker if you didn't fight it. Since you are, It's

going to take another day to get your vagina correct."

"Will I be a woman forever?"

"Depends on whether or not you fight me. I probed your mind and found out that

most people believe a woman's orgasm to be more powerful than a man's. Since

joining with you, I siphoned the energies of many male orgasms. Once you become

a female, I can see if that belief is true."

"OK. I won't fight you. I don't like the idea, but I like the idea of being a

zombie even less. The only thing is that I'm not 100% convinced that this is not

a dream."

"When you awake, you will know it isn't. Also, as you can tell by the image from

the mirror, I was able to get a sample of your sister's DNA to build you body on.

You will be the same size as her. If you wish, I can make you her twin."

"No thanks. I don't think she would appreciate that. This form is fine."

"Good. Now, wake up and get your proof. Once I get your body shaped like your

dream image, I will be able to communicate to you while you are awake. I almost

managed that earlier."

"That was you. I thought I had imagined it."

"Yes. It was me. You were in a relaxed enough state for me to break through to

your conscious mind. But once you got startled, I lost contact and had to come

to you in your dreams. Now go and refuel your body so that I can continue my



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