Charles and Celestial Changes pt2


Charles awoke finding himself tucked in to his sister's bed. She was sitting at his side with a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong sis?" he asked.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine. But I've been having the craziest dreams. In them, this space creature

keeps appearing as a beautiful woman and changes me into a girl. She says that

she has attached herself to me like some parasite and needs energy from me to

live. She actually said that the energy of an orgasm feed her better than any

energy she can get from my blood stream. And, since women's orgasms are more

powerful than men's, she's going to turn me into a girl. Just like that crazy

story I read. Isn't that weird?"

Jenny, being the pragmatic woman she was, just pulled the covers down to Charles 's waist. Jutting out from his chest were two perfectly formed breasts. Charles saw them and almost passed out.

"I need some food," he said.

"I'm not surprised. You've been out for over seven hours. Sit tight and I'll

get you something."

Jenny went to the kitchen and returned with a sandwich. She handed the sandwich to Charles without saying anything. After he finished the sandwich, Charles spoke. "It wasn't a dream. It was real." As if in response, Charles 's breasts moved of their own accord. Jenny backed away from the bed slowly.

"What's happening to you?" she asked.

While they looked, Charles 's balls pulled up into his groin, followed by his scrotum. His penis shrank back to nothing and a vagina began to form. Leaning forward as he was, with his legs spread wide, Charles could stare down between his large breasts to see the whole thing. Apart from that, he could feel it. There was no pain, just a slight pulling sensation. It was a little like the beginnings of an erection, but the tug was in the opposite direction.

The tugging continued around his groin and then shifted to his ass, hips, stomach and then the rest of his body. Jenny saw the entire change and was fascinated and disgusted at the same Charles e. She knew that things would be different for Charles now and that he would need her support.

When the change was finished, Charles looked at Jenny and said, "The woman said I would be your size." He stopped talking when he noticed the soprano sound his voice was making. No one could mistake that voice as being anything other than a woman's.

"I'll get you something to wear," Jenny said. She turned and opened her closet and pulled out an off-white mini-dress. She also pulled out a bra and a brand new pair of taupe pantyhose. "You can wear these until we get you some underwear of your own. I don't want to share my panties with you. That just seems too strange."

She tossed him the bra and pantyhose and then grabbed a pair of taupe flats that

would go with the outfit. Holding the dress and shoes, Jenny turned to see Charles staring at the bra and pantyhose where they lay next to him on the bed. She walked over to the bed and placed the dress on the end and the shoes on the

floor. Looking at Charles , she said, "You're going to have to make some adjustments to your new life. I'm not sure I can believe this, but my eyesight isn't that bad. The bra is going to be necessary to keep you from getting propositioned by every man you see. Those tits are big enough to draw attention. The pantyhose will be a different experience. If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy the feelings as they massage your legs."

Jenny noticed that Charles was still just staring at the clothes. He had made no move to put them on. Jenny moved to the side of the bed and sat next to him after picking up the bra and pantyhose.

"Snap out of it," she said while gently shoving him. "You'll make it. I know

you will. Just go with the flow."

Charles turned to face her and she noticed the tears on his face for the first time. She leaned into him and hugged him. This caused the floodgates to open and before they knew it, both of them were crying.

Charles finally returned the hug with surprising strength for his now smaller and weaker body.

"You'll help me?" he asked.

"Of course I will. Let me show you how to pull on those hose without running


After opening the new package, Jenny rolled one leg of the pantyhose up and then

placed it on Charles 's leg, pulling it up half way. She then did the same for his other leg. She had him stand so that she could finish pulling them up.

"Why didn't you give me any panties?" Charles asked.

"For one thing, you shouldn't share your underwear with anyone. You never shared you jock straps did you?"


"It's the same for women. Since the pantyhose are new, you don't need to worry

about any sanitary problems with them. The second reason is that when a woman

wears a nice dress, she doesn't want her panty-line to show. Therefore, she

should wear pantyhose without the panties. Hell, I hardly ever wear panties. I

think I own five pairs and three of them are thongs. I figured your first night

out, we should do something special, so I decided you should wear that


"Seems like everyone is making decisions for me lately."

"Get used to that. Men get off on making the decisions. If a woman tries to

tell a man what to do, the man gets upset. Some Charles es he will spread a rumor that you're gay or a butch bitch. If that's the image you want, don't give in to the men. Otherwise, get used to it.

We've got ways of getting what we want." With that, Jenny patted Charles 's new crotch. After showing Charles how to put the bra on, Jenny said "Now let's get that dress on and do your hair, nails, and face."

Charles walked to the end of the bed and pulled the dress over his head like a

sweater. The cotton mini-dress fit him like a glove and showed all of his

assets. Stepping into the shoes, Charles looked dressed to kill.

Jenny pulled him into the bathroom and turned him so that his back faced the

mirror. Working for fifteen minutes, Jenny put the finishing touches on Charles . When she was done, she turned him around to face the mirror and then went to change her clothes. Charles was amazed at the woman looking at him in the mirror. She was sexier that the mirror image of his dream. Charles worked his hands all over his body, exploring every curve he could find. The dress left nothing to the imagination. His breasts were a 36C and his waist a puny 24 inches then flaring out to 32 inches at his hips. He knew his height was 5' 1" since this was his sister's height, and he stepped on the scale to see a whopping 103 as his weight. As he stepped off the scale, Jenny reappeared in the bathroom.

"My turn, sis," she said to Charles . "Go wait in the living room and I'll be out in a few minutes. We can decide where to go when I'm done in here." She lightly pushed him out into the hallway. Charles turned and headed to the living room.

Plopping down on the couch, Charles closed his eye to get a grip on the changes. His sister was moving to fast for him. Before he had a chance to protest, she had him dressed and made up like a girl. And he had actually enjoyed the attention.

"See," a voice came to him from inside his head. "I told you that this was

better. And real."

"I have to accept that it is real, but I don't have to enjoy it."

"You will Charles . And if you don't, I'll tweak your brain a little to accept it and then you will enjoy it."

Charles just sat there fuming. Then he felt a little push in his mind. Like a fog lifting, Charles realized that being a girl wasn't the worst thing that could happen.

He caressed his breasts, actually enjoying them, and started to rub his pussy

through the nylons, but before he could really get going, Jenny showed up in the

room and sat next to him.

"We need to teach you a few thing before we go out. First of all, you need to

cross your legs when you sit down. Heck, I can see your bush from across the

room." She tactfully avoided mentioning what he had been doing to his bush when

she walked into the room. "Although most men would enjoy the view, it will most

likely get you raped. Secondly, you will need a new name. How about April?"

"Sure," Charles said. He wasn't happy that this was happening and realized that the parasite had pushed his thought just a few minutes earlier.

"I like that name," the being said to Charles . "You can call me that when we're talking to each other. I'll still call you Charles ."

"Sure, but changing my thoughts wasn't fair. Why don't you just give me Charles e to adjust? I can't just become the perfect woman overnight."

"Yes you can. Sit back and watch."

Charles felt his mind get pulled back and realized that he had no control of the body he was in. It was as if he was in a fog. All the sounds were distant and he had a muted sense of feel. He tried to stand up from the couch, but his body didn't obey him. Horrified, he watched as the being suggested that they go to one of the hottest nightspots in town. Charles knew he and his sister would be hit on by every man in the bar and he heard the being mentally laughed then say, "That's what I want. Maybe I'll get lucky and get fucked my first night out."

Jenny didn't hear Charles 's mental scream as they stood to leave. But she wondered about his sudden change of attitude. "Well," she thought, "at least he's willing to get out of the house."

Chapter 5

As usual, the dance floor at The BrainDrain was packed. Watching her new sister

dance amazed Jenny. Just two hours earlier, Charles seemed depressed over the change

his body had gone under. Now, he was the life of the dance club. Charles had danced

with every male in the place, and even with a few of the women. Jenny had a few

offers, but she spent most of her Charles e just watching her sister go to town. She

wanted to make sure that no one got to close to Charles . There were just to many

things that he didn't know yet. "It still seems strange to call him June, but

Charles just doesn't sound right for that body," she thought. "I just hope that we

can reverse the change. That parasite could be dangerous, and Charles did say that

they would both die if it were removed. I need to find a way to get it off of

Charles without it killing him." Jenny's thoughts were interrupted by June's sudden

appearance next to her.

"I'm leaving now," June said.


"I said, I'm leaving. Jonathon is going to take me home."

Jenny noticed the tall and very handsome man next to June. "You can't just leave

with him," Jenny started. "You don't know anything about him. What if her rapes


"What if I rape him?" she responded with a little laugh.

Jonathon joined in as they turned to leave, his arm encircling June's waist. By

the Charles e Jenny had gathered her things, they were half way to the door. Jonathon was

assisting June into his Porsche when Jenny caught up with them. Grabbing June's

arm, Jenny pulled her out of the car.

"What would mom think?" Jenny began. "After all, you're not even 19 and you have

to be at school tomorrow morning."

Jonathon looked at June. "I'm not going to get busted again. No pussy's worth

spending a night in jail." Jonathon closed his passenger side door and got in on

the driver's side. Punching the accelerator, Jonathon drove off leaving the two

women in a shower of dirt and small rocks.

"Great," June said. "Now how am I going to get laid?"

"I can't believe you said that!" Jenny shouted at June. "You seem to have

forgotten all of your morals. What if he had AIDS? Did you pack a condom? And

what about other protection? If you're going to have sex, you should at least be

on the pill."

"I'm sorry, sis," June said. "It's just these hormones got the best of me.

Dancing so close to all those men, the smell of their sweat, the feel of their

bodies against mine, I just let the animal side of me take over. It seemed

easier that way."

"We'll talk about it when we get home. Let's go."

Through the haze and fog, Charles reminded himself to thank his sister for saving

him. Even if he didn't have control over his new body, he was thankful that his

loss of his virginity was put off for now.

The two girls walked over to the car and climbed in. Jenny started the engine and

pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. The trip was a quiet one.

When they got home, they got out of the car and went in the house and into Charles 's

bedroom. June sat at the end of the bed and started to cry. Jenny sat down on

the bed to the right of June and placed her arm around June's shoulder.

"Don't cry June," she said. "It's understandable what happened tonight. I

remember my first night in a bar. I got so drunk and I ended up with this loser

that I still don't know how I met. All I remember was waking up with a sore

pussy and some bloodied sheets. The jerk was gone before I woke and never called

me back. I didn't want you to have that type of experience."

June's tears had stopped and she wrapped her arms around Jenny in a loving

embrace. Her face was on Jenny's shoulder so she pulled back a little to look into

Jenny's eyes. As their eye's locked, June moved closer and gently kissed Jenny's

mouth. Jenny was a little shocked that her brother would do this, but found

herself returning the kiss with a heightened sense of passion.

"No you don't," Charles said to June in his mind. Charles had noticed that June's kiss

released some saliva onto Jenny's lips. Jenny's tongue had moistened her lips

automatically after the kiss and June's laced saliva went to work.

"You can't stop me," June responded. "She's got the aphrodisiac in her system

now and if she doesn't find release in an hour, her mind will go crazy with lust.

I've got her and you now. Just sit back and enjoy the show."

Charles 's screamed and tried to distract June, but it was useless. Meanwhile, Jenny

felt her body heat up with the second kiss. June moved her left hand down to the

hem of Jenny's short dress and began to massage her thighs. Each stroke made Jenny

hotter than before. Jenny had never felt this much sexual excitement before in her

life and wanted more. She felt the orgasm building and by the Charles e June's hand

had worked it's way to her crotch, Jenny's whole world exploded in the best orgasm

she had ever experienced.

As Jenny began to come down from the orgasm, June used her right hand to massage

her breasts. Jenny never made it completely down from the orgasm before June had

her moving to the next one. June expertly removed Jenny's dress without slowing

the flow of sex and moved into a sixty-nine position with the ease of a

professional. Had Jenny's mind been able to form any thoughts other than "More

sex", she would have wondered how June knew what to do. But June did know, and

Jenny didn't care why, just that she knew.

June began to kiss Jenny's thigh while reaching up to her own dress hem and

raising it enough to show Jenny her pantyhose-encased cunt. June's nails

efficiently tore an access hole through the cotton crotch of the pantyhose to

give Jenny free reign of her pussy. Sticking her pussy into Jenny's face, June gave

Jenny's pantyhose the same treatment. Jenny seemed hesitant at first, but once her

brain registered the taste of June's juices, she began to feverishly lick at

June's pussy. Her tongue worked June's clit, sending shudders of pleasure up

June's body. June concentrated on keeping Jenny excited, but not enough to give

her another orgasm. Too many orgasms and the saliva would wear off. June

needed to keep Jenny aroused for thirty more minutes to have her addicted. But

more importantly, June need Jenny to bring her to an orgasm, an orgasm that had

begun just seconds earlier.

Jenny could sense that June was starting to build her orgasm and wanted her to

experience one as powerful as the orgasm she had finished moments ago. Reaching

around June's shapely ass, Jenny began to slide her fingers into June's asshole,

while still licking her cunt. This was enough to push June over the top.

June's body recovered quickly as she absorbed the power behind the orgasm and

the moved her body so that she was facing Jenny's breasts.

Reaching behind Jenny, June unfastened and then removed Jenny's bra. Jenny was still

in a highly excited state, but June knew that she needed to continue for a

little while longer. June started licking one of Jenny's tits while her hands

massaged the other one. She alternated the tit she was licking when a plan

formed in her mind.

"You can't be serious," Charles thought to June.

"Why not. I've got the energy after that wonderful orgasm and Jenny will thank me

for it."

"But you'll destroy her mind."

"No I won't. Her mind will survive. It will just be a little more subservient

to us."

"But I don't want to control my sister."

"But I do. Don't worry. I'll make sure she's OK. She'll never know what

happened. I can keep her in a dream state forever."

Charles knew it was hopeless. He hadn't been able to stop June from taking his body

and he knew he couldn't stop her from taking his sister's. Forcing himself to

believe that June had won, Charles worked on trying to shield some of his plans from


Jenny knew that it was June she was making love to and she could feel on hand on a

breast and the other hand caressing her thigh. What her mind couldn't figure out

was why she felt a pressure against her vagina.

June slowly formed a small lump on the surface of her body where her leg was

pressing up against Jenny's pussy. The lump extended up and grew thicker, shaping

itself perfectly against the insides of Jenny. Once June was sure that it was

deep enough to not fall out, she shifted half of her essence into the lump and

then disconnected it from her. In a few hours, Jenny's body would be covered

giving June another source of energy. However, they both would need food, so

June increased the pace she was working at and brought Jenny to a second orgasm.

Rolling off of Jenny, June relaxed and let Charles take control again. Keeping him

bottled up took energy, energy she didn't want to waste.

Charles felt his world return from the fog state in which he had spent the last five

hours. His body felt exhausted and he was very hungry, but he could feel

something else, even more strongly. A need for sex.

He didn't understand why. June had just forced his body to have some highly

satisfying lesbian sex with his sister. A moment ago he had felt completely

satisfied, but when June relinquished control, he was desperately horny again.

Hating it, but unable to stop himself, Charles leaned over towards his sister. She

was lying there in a daze from the best sex she had ever had, but she wasn't

asleep yet. Both their clothes were in disarray, half off, but Charles removed Jenny's

completely. Then he reached out gingerly with his tongue to touch her nipple,

and as he licked it, he was rewarded with a slow moan. He continued to lick,

trailing his tongue down across her belly to her pussy.

Even as he was doing it, Charles was amazed at himself. He was licking his sister's

pussy. He had never even considered her in a sexual way, but now he couldn't

resist it. While undressing himself he kept on licking her, swirling his tongue

around her clit, until she came. But he didn't stop there. He continued to lick

his sister's cunt, feeling her moan and shift her hips to give him better access,

as he shifted himself around on the bed to straddle her face. He could feel his

tits hanging down to touch her smooth belly.

"Lick my pussy, sis," he said, amazed at the words even as they came out of his

mouth. His sister was only too happy to comply. She was so absorbed in the sex

that all thought of family relations was gone from her head, even if the

objections still applied now that Charles had been transformed into a woman.

Charles continued to lick Jenny's pussy, feeling her do the same to his cunt. She

worked her tongue between his lips hungrily, like she was parched and his pussy

juice was the only moisture she could find. Her moans and squeals of pleasure

were loud, even muffled by his pussy, and Charles slowly came to the realization that

he was making similarly feminine squeals and whines.

Charles could feel Jenny approaching orgasm, so he spread her legs even wider.

Lubricating his finger with her pussy juice, he trailed it down past her slit and

popped it into her ass. Jenny let out a loud squeal and came again almost


Jenny returned the favor. She wrapped her arms around Charles 's now-shapely ass,

pulling his pussy even more firmly onto her face, and inserted her finger into

his asshole. The sensation drove Charles wild. He could feel her finger working his

ass, in and out, as she continued to eat his cunt. He couldn't take it for very

long. Soon, he came, grinding his mound down onto his sister's face while he

enjoyed the longest orgasm he had ever dreamed of. He collapsed onto her, and

rested there for a moment. Rolling off, he saw that she was already asleep.

He got off the bed put his clothes back on, heading to the kitchen to get some

food. He couldn't sense June anywhere in his mind, so he assumed she was

recuperating. After eating half of a sandwich, and feeling full doing that, Charles

realized that this would be the only Charles e he could plan. And plan he did. Charles

thought about what had happened when June took control of the body. He realized

that she would probably do it again and decided to try to resist harder this Charles e

and to figure out what June did to do this. It would be a hard battle, but Charles

felt he would win. After all, his life as a male depended on it.

But right now, he was in a female's body. Charles realized that he needed to make

some adjustments. He needed Charles e to get to know the "June" side of himself.

Know your enemy was a famous saying. Charles looked down at his new body. For the

first Charles e, he studied it carefully. From his viewpoint, the C-cup breasts

interfered with seeing the rest of his front, but he could turn his head and see

his ass sticking out and looking round and firm under the pantyhose that he still

wore. It looked huge. It stuck out much further than it had when he was a man,

and was amazingly rounded.

Charles left the kitchen and headed to the bathroom connected to the hall. Once

inside, Charles shut the door and began to admire himself in the full-length mirror

on the back of the door. His petite body had curves in all the right places and

the proportions appeared to be perfect. Charles ran his hand down his sides from

under his armpits to the top of his hips. The feeling of the pantyhose hose

under his hands was different than anything he had ever felt. Charles continued to

run his hands over his legs, enjoying the feeling of nylon on his legs. "I could

get used to this feeling," he thought. He brought his hands back up the insides

of his leg until he came to his crotch. The lips of his vagina were sticky from

the drying juices leftover from the sex he had with his sister. Charles peeled off

the pantyhose after removing his shoes and then started a shower.

"This is one hot body," he said aloud and then stepped into the shower. The warm

water caressed his body and he began a more intense exploration while he cleaned

himself. His hands roved over his soft new body, in Charles ately exploring every

curve and crevasse. As he went on, though, he began to concentrate on certain

areas. One hand worked away between his legs as the other caressed and tugged on

his breasts. He kept at it, fingering his pussy and feeling himself up, until he


By the Charles e he stepped out of the shower, Charles knew his new body almost as well as

his old one. His senses seemed more acute than when he was a male, but he

figured the alien had something to so with this. After drying off, Charles wrapped

the towel around himself, having to remind himself to wrap it around his chest,

not his waist, and headed for Jenny's bedroom since she was asleep in his. And, he

didn't want to face what was happening to his sister just yet. Or what he had

just done to her.

In Jenny's room, Charles went over to her dresser and opened it up. Figuring that he

could at least borrow something to sleep in, Charles searched for some type of

pajamas. The closest thing that he could find was a thong teddy. "It's better

than nothing," he thought and stepped into it. Pulling it up, Charles was amazed at

how well it fit. The cups were a little small for his breasts, but all in all it

was comfortable. The thong felt strange, though, as it slid between his ass

cheeks. He wasn't used to having something there. He got into the bed and tried

to sleep, but he could feel the thong, parting the cheeks of his ass and pressing

tightly up against his hole, and his breasts hanging from his chest, held tightly

in the cups of the teddy. As he lay on his side, they fell over to one side, and

he couldn't help but be constantly aware of them. As he lay there, he stroked

them gently through the lacy fabric.

Slowly, Charles 's right hand moved down to his crotch, absently stroking his mound

through the fabric. He still wasn't used to reaching down there and not feeling

his dick. As he stroked, he could feel his pussy moving inside the lace, wetting

itself as the lips rubbed against each other.

Charles grabbed the crotch of the teddy and pulled up sharply on it. It slipped into

his slit, parting the lips like the thong section parted his ass cheeks. He

could feel the sheer silk rubbing up against his clit and the thong pulling up

tighter against his asshole. Reaching behind himself, he grabbed the thong above

where it came out of the crack of his ass and pulled up on that side as well. He

started to buck his hips back and forth, rubbing his entire slit and asscrack

against the fabric of the teddy.

Looking back over his shoulder at his ass, Charles was amazed again at the size of

it. He was also amazed at how good it felt. He yanked on the crotch of the

teddy, pulling it up into him so hard that it hurt. His hips were bucking back

and forth at full speed now, rubbing his pussy and ass against the fabric, which

was pulled up nearly as thin as dental floss. His clit felt like it was on fire.

All at once, he couldn't take it anymore, and he came. It felt even better than

it had in the shower. He collapsed back onto the bed, exhausted. Trying to find

some way to lay so that he wasn't constantly aware of his new tits, Charles slid back

under the covers and tried to let his body's exhaustion take over.

Chapter 6

Once again, Charles found himself in the field overlooking a lake. Charles walked over to

the lake and waited, looking out over the beautiful waters. He knew that she

would appear eventually. And she did, standing between him and the lake. No

waiting for her to speak, Charles dropped his shoulder and rammed it into her

stomach. She folded over and then fell into the lake. Once she got her feet

under her, she stood and began to climb up onto the shore. Charles wasted no Charles e in

kicking her in the head as she attempted to lift herself out. The kick wasn't

hard enough to force her back into the water, so Charles kicked her in the side and

she slid back into the water. Each Charles e she fell in, Charles felt a little stronger.

June caught onto his tactics and stood up, two feet from the edge of the lake.

"Good ploy," she started. "Now we're even. Can I get out?"

"If you promise not try and dunk me into the lake."

June thought about this for a minute. "OK. I won't"

Charles smiled and reached a hand out to help June out of the lake. She took his

and let him pull her up as she jumped up. June landed on the edge and took one

step away from the lake.

"I see that you aren't ready to give up," she said. "That's good. I just

wanted to let you know what I was capable of doing. I can take full control of

the body when I feel the need to."

"That's not right. Since we're stuck together, we should work together. You

know I wasn't ready for what happened, yet you still decided to go through with


"I needed the energy. It's like a drug for me. In the past, I've bonded with so

many different species. None of them have ever been able to produce the energy

your species does while having an orgasm. I thought that I would be able to get

enough just be absorbing it from your bloodstream, but after your first orgasm, I

was addicted. Maybe one day I'll let you know what the feeling is like."

"No thank you. I don't like the idea of being addicted to sex. Let's come up

with some sort of compromise. I can't live my life as a woman. All my records

say I am a male and without proper records, you can't get a job, a place to stay,

or money. I need to spend some of my Charles e as Charles to make a living."

"But Charles doesn't exist anymore. Even in your dreams you are thinking of yourself

as a woman. Take a look at your reflection."

A mirror appeared next to Charles and he looked into it. Standing before him was

June in a black thong teddy. Not trusting the alien, Charles looked down at his

body and saw that the mirror wasn't lying.

"See?" she said. "As long as you think of yourself as a woman, you can't be

Charles ."

"You're doing this. You've messed with my mind so much that I'm losing my


"You can't prove that. After all, you're the one that needs a self-image. And

it currently appears to be female."

Charles was furious. But he knew that now wasn't the Charles e to make anything of it.

He could change everything once he was back in control.

"What are you thinking, Charles ?" she asked.

Charles caught her mistake immediately. She couldn't read his mind while he was

dreaming. Not sure why, Charles decided to take full advantage of this. "Nothing,"

he replied. "Things are just happening too fast for me."

"Well, I can always take control until you're ready."

"No! I can handle this." Charles started to walk away from the lake and June

followed him. "Tell me what you're planning to do to my sister."

"Nothing much. I've spawned a part of myself to her. Once it has encased her,

much like I've encased you, I'll be able to absorb energy from her also. She'll

be like a battery for me. Any Charles e she has an orgasm, the energies will be stored

my spawned self and we can get it from her just by touching her new skin. And

she gets all the benefits that I've given you, but under our control. If you

want her to look different, just say the word and I'll make the change."

"That's unbelievable. You won't change her without checking with me first, will


"I'll agree to that. But when I need her to store some energy, you can't


"OK. Also, I want her to not remember what happened last night. And I want her

to know the full truth about what's happening."

"All of it? Even the fight for control of your body?"

"Yes. Otherwise, I fight you every step of the way. And you can't afford that."

"You're right. Controlling your body while you were fighting me took everything

from me. I'll agree to that, but when you wake up, you'll need to have an orgasm

to give me some energy."

"I can live with that. When can you set things right with my sister?"

"After your orgasm. Deal?"

"I'll probably regret this, but ... deal."

Charles awoke to a refreshed mind, but his body felt somewhat tired. Since Charles had

always prided himself on keeping his word, he began to masturbate. Charles began by

massaging both of his breasts with his hands, slowly teasing his nipples and

occasionally pinching them. He could feel the arousal level increasing and his

right hand moved down to his pussy. Pulling the teddy to one side, Charles began to

rub his pussy and insert his finger between its lips. Charles could feel his muscles

constricting around his finger as his body began to take over. The arousal-state

he was in began to cloud his mind.

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