Charles and Celestial Changes pt3



Charles let the sexual animal in him take over. He knew every move his body was

making, but all that made it to his mind was the pleasure he was feeling. He

worked his finger in and out of his pussy, bucking his hips to gain as much

penetration as he could. His left hand stroked faster and harder on his tits.

Before long, he was squealing and groaning loudly, and yanking on his nipples for

all he was worth. Before too long, he reached orgasm and then lay back on the

bed to recover until his breathing was back to normal.

Having completed his part of the bargain, Charles stood up and went to his room where

his sister was still sleeping. Charles couldn't see any sign that the alien had

coated Jenny. "What should I do?" he thought to the alien.

"Move next to her and touch her neck," was the response he heard.

Charles sat on the bed next to his sister and reached out to touch her. Once he made

contact, Charles felt a tingling sensation rush down his arm and out his fingers.

Pulling his hand away quickly, for fear of hurting his sister, Charles thought "What

was that?" There was no response. Charles tried to contact the alien again, but to

no avail. There was no response.

Jenny sat up, scaring Charles . She looked around the room for a moment and looked at

Charles .

"I believe you now, Charles ," she said while taking his hand. When they made

contact, Charles could hear Jenny's thoughts and the alien's. "When you and I touch,"

she thought, "our thoughts can't be hidden from each other. This is one of the

gifts the alien has given us."

"Gifts?" he thought back. "I don't think so."

"Why not? We've got total control over what our bodies can look like, feel, and

we'll never grow old. I wish June had found me first."


"I wouldn't have put up such a struggle. I understand the alien needs better

than you do. After all, I've always been a girl. But you'll realize what you're

missing after you've had pussy to dick sex."

"That's never going to happen. I won't let it."

"Fine." Jenny looked a little upset over that. "Just wait. The longer you're in

that body, the more you'll start thinking like a girl and then nature will take


This scared Charles . He knew that he wasn't gay and the thought of touching a man's

dick disgusted him. But in the back of his mind, he wondered what it would feel

like to be fucked by something more substantial than his finger. A dildo could

solve that problem, he decided.

Jenny broke his train of thought. "A dildo just isn't the same. Someday, you wait

and see. Now, I need to give you some information that will allow you to make it

as a woman in this world. These are just the basics."

Charles felt a rush of information pass between his sister and himself. When it was

done, Charles had memories of the in Charles ate process of being a woman. But the

memories were from his sister's point of view. Charles could put on makeup

flawlessly, do his hair in many varied styles, and he knew what to do when his

period started. That piece of information worried him.

"Don't worry. June has set both of our bodies up so that we won't have to worry

about a period ever again. I just gave you that so you could be a complete

woman. Other ladies would get suspicious if you didn't know everything about

your body."

"Where is June?"

"She's here with me. She's not talking to you right now since you've upset her.

She's going to stay with me for a while. When she feels that you've got a better

attitude, she'll come back. Until then, her old body will continue to work the

way it has. Just remember to feed it at least once a month. More if you decide

to change anything about your body."

"I can change my body without her help?"

"Yes. But not to a male's body. That's your punishment. Be lucky she's letting

you make any adjustments. She was going to make you 200 pounds and then not let

you change anything. But she wants you to enjoy your Charles e as a woman. If you

enjoy it enough, maybe you'll want to stay that way."


"We'll see. Now I'm going shopping. Do you want to come with me? After all,

your new body will need some clothes of it's own."

"I guess I can't stay inside all the Charles e. I'll go."

Jenny let go of Charles 's hand and got out of bed. "Good," she said to him. "I'll go

shower and you get dressed. Use the knowledge I gave you to do your hair and

face." With that, Jenny left and went to the bathroom to start a shower.

Charles stood and headed back to Jenny's bedroom. Opening the dresser, Charles took out a

new pair of tan pantyhose and set them on the bed. Next, Charles found a nice plaid

dress and a white blouse to match it. The dress was the current rage for most

college girls, the bottom had about twelve pleats and the top part looked like a

tank top.

Taking out a white bra, Charles realized that the tan pantyhose wouldn't be the best

choice for this outfit. Charles put the pantyhose back into Jenny's dresser and

rummaged around until he found the white opaque tights that were meant to be worn

with this outfit. Charles had seen many girls wearing this type of outfit at school,

but he now understood why white or black was worn with this dress. He knew that

this information was from Jenny since he had never even bothered to think about

such things in the past. "At least I won't be making any fashion mistakes," he


After removing the teddy he was wearing, and realizing suddenly that he missed

the feel on the thong against his asshole, Charles sat on the edge of the bed and

gathered one of the tights legs up. Sliding his foot into it, Charles pulled them up

till it covered his knee. Repeating the process on the other leg, Charles then stood

and pulled the tights up the rest of his legs until they were pulled tight

against his crotch and over his waist. He took a moment to rub his pussy through

the fabric.

Charles then took the bra from off of the bed. He knew that it was easier to put the

bra on backwards to hook it then turn it around and slip his arms though the

straps. After doing this, Charles mad a minor adjustment to the straps to make the

bra fit correctly. The blouse was the next item Charles put one and even though the

buttons were on the opposite side that he was used to, he had no problems and the

buttons seemed natural. Charles took the dress and unzipped the back. Stepping into

it, Charles pulled it up and put his arms thought the proper holes. Reaching behind

him, Charles was able to pull the zipper up without any assistance.

He then walked over to the mirror. Starting at the toes, Charles examined his body.

The image reflected back was dressed flawlessly. Now he needed to work on the

hair and face. Shoes would be the last things he would put on. After all,

didn't every woman he know complain that standing in heels hurts your feet after

a while? As he was leaving the room, he saw Jenny on the phone in his bedroom.

Charles went on to the bathroom where his sister had put her cosmetics and

hairbrushes. Since Jenny had already done her hair and face, Charles didn't have to

worry about any interruptions. After pulling his hair back into a ponytail, Charles

started by applying a foundation that matched closely to his skin color, but it

was a little darker. Once he had formed an even coat over his face, Charles applied a

powder layer to dry it some. Skillfully, Charles applied his eyeliner, eye shadow,

mascara, blush, and lipstick. Once all that was finished, Charles started on his

hair. He tried three or four different styles before finally settling on a basic

straight style with his bangs held back by barrettes. It looked great with the

outfit he was wearing. He took one final look at himself in the mirror and then

turned and headed back to see if Jenny was ready.

"Is that what you're going to wear?" she asked him as he came into the room.

"Yes," he replied. "Why?"

"Well, it doesn't go with the image I was hoping we would make."

She was right. It didn't match what she was wearing. Her feet were in four inch

high, spike heeled pumps. He legs were encased in black fishnet stockings. The

hem of her red form fitting leather dress showed off the tops of her stocking.

The zipper up the front of the dress was lowered so that Jenny's newly enlarged

breasts could be better displayed. They were nothing short of huge, at least

DD-cup, Charles es Charles ated, with his new knowledge of feminine clothing. Her nails

matched her lips and dress perfectly. Jenny's hair was a blazing red, not the

normal brown that she had only hours ago. Jenny walked behind Charles , checking out

his outfit. She grabbed the hem of the dress and pulled it up.

Charles stood there for a moment until he got over his shock, then jumped away from

her and yelled, "What do you think you are doing?"

"Just making sure you're not wearing my underwear. I'll let you have that dress,

blouse, and tights. It's not my style anymore." She grinned mischievously when

she said it, however. She hadn't needed to grab his ass and caress his pussy to

make sure of that.

Jenny's nonchalance worried Charles . He had picked out this outfit because he knew it

was one of his sister's favorites. He wanted to piss her off for making him go

out in public and figures this was one excellent way to do it. The fact that she

was only worried about whether or not he was wearing her underwear and that she

was dressed like a slut made him wonder if the alien had taken over. "Are you OK

Jenny? Or should I say June?"

"Oh little sister, it is me Jenny. June and I have had a long talk. She

convinced me that I could get anything I wanted from this world. I could have

the perfect body and any man I wanted. All I had to do was to work with her.

Unlike you, I thought it would be a great idea. So we made some changes and here

I am. I'm the one in the power position here, and all you are going to be is the

spare one, not me. And, you won't have to worry about your reporter job. I

called them and told them you were sick with the flu and you would be out for at

least four days."

Charles was shocked. This couldn't be his sister. She wasn't this aggressive. She

liked the way she used to look. He knew she did. Heck, they had had a

conversation on this subject last year. And Charles didn't think that she could have

changed that much in just one year. Charles figured that June had influenced her

somehow and he just had to convince her. But not now. He would have to find a

way to break through June's influence.

"I don't think I want to go out now," Charles said.

"Fine. After all, you don't need to buy any clothes. You can have mine. I'm

tired of that lame wardrobe. It's flash and skin for me from now on. I'll see

you when I get home." And Jenny turned and left the room. Charles heard the front

door shut and then the car start before he even felt the desire to move. Charles

lied down onto the bed and started to cry. He felt helpless and knew that he was

the only one who could stop June from ruining his sister's life. But he didn't

know what to do. Nothing seemed to be going right. After crying for about ten

minutes, Charles sat up on the bed and wiped the tears off his face. He went back to

the bathroom to fix his makeup and then decided to figure out what he could do

with his new body.

June had said that he could make changes, but not change back to a male. So, he

decided to try. Concentrating on his breasts, Charles closed his eyes and envisioned

them one size larger. At first, nothing seemed to be happening, but then Charles

felt his bra becoming tighter. When he opened his eyes, he could see that there

had been a definite change. His breasts had become fuller and pushed out even

through the confines of his bra.

Charles realized that he could do anything he wanted to his body. "If a little is

good," he thought, "a lot is better." He went back into his room, getting a

huge, baggy shirt from the closet, and took it back to the bathroom, stripping

his clothes off as he went. He wanted to view the results of his transformation

on his naked body.

As he stood before the mirror, Charles closed his eyes and envisioned himself with

huge breasts, the size of cantaloupes. When he opened his eyes, the view in the

mirror was amazing. "More!" he thought, and closed his eyes again to envision

even larger breasts. When he reopened his eyes, his tits were enormous, almost

the size of bowling balls, but still amazingly round and firm. He lifted up a

hand to touch one, hefting it and feeling it's weight. Touching his own gigantic

melon made him moan in arousal as his pussy started to flow.

"Third Charles e's the charm," he thought, and, keeping his eyes open, inflated his

tits until they were beyond any believable proportion. They hung from his chest,

amazingly buoyant and easily the size of twin basketballs. He reached up to

caress them. They were amazingly round and firm. "That'll draw some attention,"

he thought.

Charles turned to see a side view of himself and was amazed by the size of his

monstrous breasts. They stuck out way in front of him, threatening to pull him

over forwards. Slowly, he wrenched his gaze down to his ass. His sister had

never had a well-formed butt and since she was who his body was modeled after, he

lacked a decent one also. " Charles e to change that," he thought.

Closing his eyes again, Charles thought about what he wanted for his ass and the

change began. When Charles opened his eyes, the butt that he saw was sticking out a

full three inches more than it had and it was firm and rounded. Twisting around

to look behind him, Charles saw that his ass looked even huger than it had before,

but he knew that it was just because he wasn't used to having a feminine butt.

The image it made in the mirror looked sexy as hell.

Next step was his hair. Since he always noticed that blondes seemed to attract

more attention than other hair shades, Charles concentrated on this. When he looked

at himself again, his hair was a light blonde. Charles 's gaze in the mirror dropped

from his head down to his crotch, and he saw that his pubic hair, covering the

mound of his pussy, was still brown.

He considered changing it to blonde, now that he had the hang of changing his

body, but as he thought of it, he realized that, as a man, he had always really

liked it when girls shaved their pubes. "I don't have to go to the trouble," he

thought. He closed his eyes again, and when he reopened them, he found himself

staring in the mirror at his cunt, which was smooth and hairless. The only

feature visible was the fold of his slit, curving down between his legs.

Charles couldn't resist. He dropped to the floor, lying on his back with his

now-gigantic tits jutting up from his chest like two mountainous mounds of flesh.

He spread his legs, feeling his cuntlips spreading as well, and the cold air

rushing in up against the warm, wet inside of his pussy. He massaged his tits

with both hands, barely believing how gigantic they really were. As he cupped

them and squeezed them, mashing them against his chest, he realized that having

such huge breasts made him uncontrollably horny. He rolled the nipples around

between his fingers and tugged on them gently, then harder, until they were so

hard they ached.

His right hand found it's way slowly down to his pussy, taking its Charles e and

caressing every curve on the way. He parted his lips and inserted his finger in

between them, shuddering at the amazing sensation. He rubbed his pussy back and

forth, feeling his pussy juice flowing freely out of his cunt and running down

his thighs and along the crack of his ass.

His left hand slowly moved away from his tits, sliding down along his side, over

his hip and to his ass. He had to roll over onto his side then, and he could

feel his gargantuan tits shifting over on his chest as he moved. Lubricating his

finger with the pussy juice that had already ran down onto his asshole, he slowly

penetrated his ass with his finger.

Charles was amazed at the sensation. He could feel both his hands, pumping fingers

into both his holes at once. He couldn't imagine anything more erotic. His

hands pumped faster at both his pussy and ass, making loud slapping sounds that

were drowned out by his squealing and moaning. When he came, it was a thunderous

orgasm, but he didn't stop double-fucking himself. He kept at it, with his

fingers penetrating both his pussy and his asshole, until he came again, and then

again, finally relaxing after the third climax.

Charles stopped for a moment when he realized that he was beginning to enjoy being

able to change his form. Could he be accepting the change as permanent?

"Never," he thought. "If I'm stuck as a woman, why shouldn't I make this body

the best it can be?"

With that thought, Charles put his clothes back on from where he dropped them on the

floor. He had a hard Charles e squeezing his tits into even the oversized shirt that

he had picked out, and he knew he'd never find a bra to fit them, but he liked

them to much to even consider changing them. Finally, he wedged them into his

clothing, and then exited the bathroom and returned to his sister's room. Going

over to the closet, he pulled out a pair of black Mary Janes with three-inch

heels and stepped into them. He moved over to the full-length mirror that was

mounted on the back of the door and checked himself out. His newly-enlarged tits

and ass filled out the outfit to the point of bursting. "Hello foxy," he said

out loud. "Now I need something to do for the afternoon. I'm not going to let

June win. Hmm. I know, I'll go to the library on campus. I can't wait to see

the looks on the guy's faces. This should be a riot." With that, Charles grabbed his

keys and headed out the front door.

Chapter 7

The trip to the library was fairly uneventful, except for the obviously

astounded, open-mouthed stares that all the guys and some of the girls directed

towards his mammoth breasts. Their gazes would have reminded Charles of his breasts,

but he didn't need it. As huge as they were, they shifted every Charles e he made

even the slightest move. When he entered the library, much the same thing

happened. As he moved through the study area and headed for the stacks, every

single guy turned their head or looked up from what he was doing to check him out

and goggle at his gigantic tits. Even the ones with girlfriends, which resulted

in some light slaps to their arms.

When Charles got to the elevator, a crowd of people was waiting to go up. The

elevator finally arrived and everyone piled in. Charles was in the middle of the

crowd. Everyone was looking sideways at him, unable to take their eyes off of

his chest. It would have been impossible not to brush against his tits,

considering their size, but it happened more than was probably necessary. Charles

didn't mind.

The elevator had just slowly begun its climb up the stacks when Charles felt a hand

brush his outer thigh. Charles closed his eyes as the sensations sent a pleasurable

feeling through his body. After a minute, the hand returned, this Charles e it stayed

on his thigh and began to lightly move up and down. The elevator stopped and

some of the people got out and a few climbed on. The sensations of the hand on

Charles 's leg were starting to get him worked up.

The hand moved around to the back of Charles 's leg and began to move upwards. Slowly

making circles on Charles 's nylon-encased ass, the hand moved down and between his

ass checks. Charles 's legs shifted to allow access for the hand to reach his bald

pussy. The hand knew it had struck pay dirt and moved to the invitation. The

elevator had stopped a few Charles es and let most of the people off, but Charles never

noticed. All of his thoughts were on what the hand was doing. The hand had

worked the nylon of Charles 's tights up his ass and pussy and was massaging them

both. He could feel the seam of the nylons pulled tight against his asshole, and

the crotch near his pussy was soaked through with pussy juice.

The elevator doors opened and another hand touched Charles 's back and guided him out.

Again, Charles didn't notice. All Charles wanted was to feel the stranger's hand work

him over. As they walked, the stranger's hand had moved up and around Charles 's

waist and led him to a private study room. Charles 's body was on fire. All he

could think of was that he needed to have an orgasm. The stranger closed the

blinds to the study room, locked the door and then returned, facing Charles for the

first Charles e.

"If you want to back out, now's the time," the stranger said.

Charles opened his eyes and looked right in the stranger's face. "No. Please don't


The stranger smiled and leaned in to kiss Charles while returning both hands to Charles 's

ass, kneading and caressing both cheeks. Charles 's pussy was pressed forwards, and

he could feel the stranger's rock hard cock, straining at his pants. It was

pressing up against Charles 's pussy, and the feeling of its hardness there made Charles

even wetter. His hands encircled the stranger's back and moved up and down to

the rhythm of the stranger's hands on his ass and thighs. Charles moved his hands to

the stranger's strong chest and began to unbutton the plaid shirt. Once it was

unbuttoned, the stranger took it off, one arm at a Charles e, keeping the other hand

on Charles . Charles leaned to the stranger's chest and began to kiss and lightly lick

it. Charles could feel the stranger's erection pressing against his stomach and he

knew that he had to have it in him soon.

Reaching under his skirt, Charles used his fingernails to tear a hole in his tights

under his hairless pussy. The stranger's fingers followed and slid into it.

Gasping with pleasure, Charles felt his entire groin tighten around the fingers.

Reaching forward, Charles unbuttoned the stranger's jeans and pulled them and the

stranger's boxers down. The eight-inch cock sprang to attention when it was

released. Reluctantly moving his pussy away from the stranger's fingers, Charles

knelt in front of him and slowly took the dick into his mouth. He licked up and

down the shaft, sucking gently on it. He was amazed at himself for doing this,

but he only knew that he needed it. He sucked it for a while, actually enjoying

the taste of the pre-cum, and them reluctantly released it from his mouth and

stood up. Keeping hold of the stranger's cock, Charles grasped it and gently

directed it to his waiting pussy.

The stranger knew what to do from there. Lifting Charles with both hands and placing

Charles 's rounded ass on the edge of the study table, the stranger maneuvered his

cock head to the entrance to Charles 's smooth cunt. Slowly pushing against Charles , the

stranger entered and deflowered him. Charles 's moan of pleasure and pain made the

stranger slow some, but he knew that a tight pussy needs gentle handling until it

stretched. But it won't stretch if you stop. The stranger began building speed

in his rhythmic pumping and Charles 's body responded eagerly and began rocking of the

edge of the table in sync with the stranger. The stranger's kisses were

powerful and his tongue probed every inch of Charles 's mouth. The eventful end

arrived with simultaneous orgasms and moans of pleasure. Charles could feel all the

stranger's hot cum shooting up into his pussy, making it even wetter and warmer

inside. He leaned against the stranger with his arms around the stranger's neck.

"More," he groaned. "I need another fuck."

The stranger was only too happy to comply. As his companion stepped back to

remove his pants completely, Charles stripped himself of the rest of his clothes,

throwing the ruined, cum-soaked nylons in the garbage. He was amazed that the

fact that they were naked in a public building only made him hornier.

The stranger maneuvered Charles around, bending him forward over the table. Charles

could feel his gigantic tits hanging down from his chest and his nipples rubbing

against the table. The stranger's cock pressed up against his naked pussy from

behind, entering it completely on the first stroke. Charles could feel the stranger

caressing and rubbing his ass as his dick fucked Charles 's pussy. Charles grabbed the

far edge of the table and threw his head back, moaning in ecstasy.

The stranger pumped away at Charles 's cunt harder and harder, now reaching around his

front to knead and massage Charles 's breasts. Charles 's tits took the expressing "more

than a handful" to a new extreme, and the stranger could barely keep a grip on

them, they were so huge. He began to yank on them harder, as if to force his

rock-hard dick further into Charles 's smooth pussy, and Charles couldn't take it any

more. He came in a shattering orgasm.

The stranger wasn't done, however. He removed his cock from Charles 's pussy, but Charles

could soon feel it again, as it pressed up against the bud of his asshole. Charles

bucked his hips backward, feeling the warm cock penetrate his ass. Feeling no

resistance, the stranger began to fuck Charles in the ass at full force, and Charles

loved it. He could feel it stroking in and out of his rear opening, just like he

could feel the stranger's hands pulling roughly at his tits again. Charles moved his

own hand down to his crotch to finger his pussy. He came again in a shattering

orgasm, even better than the last, and the stranger's cock erupted with cum at

the same Charles e. Charles could feel it filling his asshole like it had filled his


Placing his forehead against his arm, Charles slowly began to recover. When Charles

looked up, the stranger was smiling back at him.

"I hoped I was able to satisfy you," the stranger said. "By the way, my name is


"No names please. No attachments."

"OK. Maybe I'll rub into you in the elevator again."

"Maybe," Charles replied with a smile.

The stranger backed out of Charles 's asshole with ease due to the shrunken state of

his dick. Pulling his boxers and jeans up and then slipping his shirt back on,

the stranger headed out the door. Charles turned over, finding it awkward with the

weight of his enormous breasts, and then just sat on the edge of the table and

watched him go. Closing his eyes, Charles wondered why he had just had sex. The

opening of the door brought Charles 's eyes wide open. Standing before him was his

male self. "I see you've finally accepted your new life," the copy of his male

body said.

"Jenny?" he stammered, trying to cover his nakedness.

"And June. In the flesh. By the way, do you like it?"

Charles wasn't up to this, he was still a little dazed by the sex and couldn't quite

think straight. "I don't get it. Why are you in my body?"

"Simple. People would ask to many embarrassing questions if you never showed up

again. Therefore, June and I will be posing as you during the week. And on the

weekend and at home, we'll be ourselves."

In Charles 's clouded mind, all he could see were flames of hate. He heard every word

Jenny was saying, and it infuriated him. It was one thing to force him into being

a woman, even if he now realized that sex as a woman was great, it was another

thing to take over his life. Charles leapt off the table at Jenny. Upon contact, a

flash of light appeared before Charles 's eyes.

When his eyes cleared, Charles found himself standing in the all-too-familiar field.

Jenny and June were lying near the edge of the lake. Charles quickly rushed forward

and picked up June and flung her into the waters of the lake. His body was

still female, and his tits were as immense as they were when he was awake, but

they didn't seem to hamper his movement in the dream. June's body hit with a

splash and sank under the waters. Charles went to Jenny's side. It was then that he

noticed she was bound. Quickly untying her, Charles gently shook her until she was


"Where am I?" she asked.

Charles was about to answer her when he felt water dripping on him.

"You'll pay for that!!" June was screaming as she stood over Charles . Reaching for

Charles , June missed seeing Jenny stand and begin to swing at her. The impact of

Jenny's fist in June's head knocked June to the ground. Charles managed to move

enough to not be under June when she hit the ground. Before June could react,

Charles and Jenny grabbed her and tossed her into the lake again. Charles and Jenny smiled

as June attempted to climb out and they kicked her back in again.

"Please stop," she begged as she attempted to climb out a second Charles e.

"Never," Charles responded, "Not until I know you won't cause any problems for us.

Ever." Charles squatted down and pushed her back into the waters.

Standing, June staring at the two of them and then collapsed into the waters.

Thinking it was a joke, Charles and Jenny just watched her. As they watched, June's

form began to shimmer and then it began to fade. When it was gone, Charles and Jenny

just stared out over the lake.

"Oh shit," was all Charles could say. As they looked, the lake around the last

location of June's body began to shimmer and then disappear. Like a ripple

across the water, the shimmering spread and approached them. Charles and Jenny turned

and began to run. The ripple continued over the meadow and began to catch up to

them. Just before it did, everything went black.

Charles woke to find himself on a bed in a white room. Turning his head to the left,

Charles could see his sister in the bed next to him. Her hair was the flaming red it

had been when she had left the apartment. Somehow, she had changed her body

back from his. She was sleeping, so he couldn't ask her what had happened. A

voice caught Charles 's attention.

"I see you're awake," it said. Standing next to his bed was a nurse. "Maybe you

can answer some questions."

"I'll try," and then it hit him. He was still a woman. The revelation hit him

and he began to cry.

"It's O.K., dear. I just need to know who you are. When the ambulance arrived,

you didn't have any ID on you. As a matter of fact," she continued with a

bemused look, "YOU didn't have any clothes on you. We just want to contact your

family and let them know you are all right." She tried, but like everyone else

she couldn't keep her gaze away from Charles 's gigantic chest.

"She's my cousin from out of town," Jenny said to the nurse after waking up and

seeing what was happening. "I'll call my brother and have him pick us up."

"OK. He'll have to sign some papers and then you'll be free to go. You sure

gave everyone a scare when you passed out in the library."

"Must have been the heat. It was sweltering in there."

The nurse raised an eyebrow and nodded towards Charles . "Is that why she decided to

strip?" With a confused look on her face, she turned and left.

Sliding out of the bed, Jenny came over to Charles . "You'll have to get a grip on

yourself. We've got to change our bodies and leave before the nurse comes back."

Charles just shook his head. "Concentrate," Jenny said and then watched as Charles 's form

changed. His hair became dark black and he shrunk every part of his body, even

reluctantly shrinking his tits. He even added extra fat around his stomach and

neck. When he finished, he looked nothing like the girl that had been admitted.

"Good. Now get dressed and let's leave." Jenny had already changed and was getting


The two girls walked out of the room without anyone noticing them. A short walk

down the hall led them to the elevators. When they reached the lobby, they

hailed a cab and proceeded to go home. During the trip home, Charles put his head on

Jenny's shoulder and began to cry again. All Jenny could do was stroke his hair and

try to make him more comfortable. When they got home, Jenny put Charles to bed and

then went to bed herself. Charles e to figure out what happened tomorrow.

Chapter 8

Jenny woke to the smell of pancakes. She climbed out of bed, wrapped a robe around

her body, and then headed to the kitchen. When she got there, she was greeted by

the sight of her new sister, cooking. Charles was standing by the stove, naked, and

looked like he had the day before, with blonde hair, an hourglass figure,

hairless pussy, and gigantic tits.

Hearing Jenny come into the kitchen, Charles turned. "I tried to change into myself

this morning, but I couldn't. June's lock on my changes must be permanent. I

changed back to this because, if I'm stuck as a woman, it's how I feel most


Jenny didn't respond. She knew what his next question would be.

"Do you remember how to change yourself into me?"


"Do you think you could teach me."

Jenny paused for a moment. "No." Charles lowered his head and stared at the ground.

The silence lasted a minute before the smell of burning pancakes caused Charles to


"It's not that I don't want to, Charles . June showed me how and you have to be able

to read DNA patterns to do that. She didn't teach you because she felt betrayed.

And I can't because I don't know how to show you."

"Why don't we try touching and sharing information that way?" Charles asked.

"It's not like that. June was the catalyst. She's gone now. I tried to read

your thoughts when we were touching in the cab last night. I couldn't. I

figured that if I could, I could let you know what she showed me. I'm sorry."

Jenny's eyes clouded up and she began to cry.

Charles had turned off the stove and removed the pancakes. Turning back around he

moved to his sister and hugged her. "It's OK. I'll manage as a woman. I've got

your knowledge and it's becoming second nature. And..and you could take my place

when society needs to see the male me."

"That would be OK?"

"Sure. Isn't that what sisters are for?"

Jenny hugged Charles as hard as she could. She realized that Charles had accepted his

plight when he understood that he could never be male again. And the Charles e she

had spent as him was exciting enough that she had hoped to be able to do it

again. June had given her all of his memories and she knew that she could be

just as good of a Charles as Charles . "By the way," Charles said, "how did you find me?"

"Another trick June taught me. When you have sex, I know. She explained it as

needing to know that level of her energy storage area. I just concentrate and I

know how much you have stored and how far away you are."


"Yea." What Jenny didn't tell him was that she could also force him to become

sexually excited as they had in the elevator. This was, he would always be

willing to "fill up" when she wanted him to. But no need to let him know that.

Let him think that it's that way for all women. Feeling a little horny and

mischievous, Jenny fired him up.

Hugging his sister, Charles felt a familiar feeling begin in his groin. He turned

from his sister hoping she didn't notice. Jenny's hands cupped his enormous

breasts and began to massage them. As Charles slipped into the ecstasy of the

moment, he barely noticed the bulge growing in Jenny's crotch.

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