Dress Code




Life can be truly unbearable for the average male if he is

suddenly caught in a pair of frilly girl's lace panties by one

of the girls who works for him. It is obscenely humiliating when

the "boss" is an Ensign in the US Navy and is caught in the act

by one of his female enlisted subordinates. I know that some of

you fantasize about getting caught, and we might subconsciously

desire female domination and humiliation; but believe me,

experiencing it is quite a different matter!



I've always been a casual cross dresser, very content to play

dress-up games in the privacy of nearby hotel and motel rooms.

The Navy doesn't take kindly to having its men mixing satin and

lace with its regulation uniforms. I never took any of my stash

(which mainly consisted of several pairs of panties, slips,

bras, garter belt, stockings, and panty hose) to work, and even

rented a locker off base to keep my secret passion. Since I

wasn't assigned to a ship, but had a four-year tour at a naval

base on the east coast, I had ample opportunity to indulge my

fantasy life after putting in a full day's work.



This calm and private existence was shattered when I took over

the management of an office within the local supply department

at the base. The office had five enlisted women assigned to it.

This was fairly typical since there are few opportunities for

women to serve aboard ships, and shore bases usually get more

than their share of Waves.



All of the girls were under twenty-five years of age, and they

were all rather attractive. I was especially attracted to a

young Wave named Linda. She was a stunning twenty year old with

long shapely legs and a very tight ass. She really filled out

her uniform, and kept most of the men she passed in a state of

semi-erection. Even when wearing the normal work uniform of

dungarees (Navy for jeans) and a blue work shirt, it was hard to

keep your eyes off that girl.



I was determined that my first command would be successful, and

wasted no time letting the girls know who was boss. We had some

minor discipline problems, such as coming into work late and

untidy uniforms, and I handled these in short order. I inspected

the girls daily, and minor infractions of the dress code meant

extra work before leaving in the evening. We also had some

strong hints of Lesbian activity, especially between Linda a

very pretty girl named Beth. I could not interfere with their

private lives unless somebody made a complaint about sexual

misconduct, so I was content to enforce what rules I could,

especially the uniform regulations.



Every Tuesday the entire supply department had a dress

inspection, and all sailors were required to wear the proper

dress uniform to the inspection, although they could change into

the normal work uniform after morning quarters. Waves can wear

either skirts or slacks as part of their dress uniform. I

quickly made it known that my girls would show up for inspection

in the dark blue jacket and regulation skirt, with proper black

high-heeled leather pumps and nylons. Needless to say, I really

enjoyed inspecting my girls. It was a real sense of power,

making them line up at attention with eyes looking straight

ahead while I made a very detailed inspection of their uniforms.

I especially enjoyed inspecting Linda since her skirt was always

tight and revealing, and she usually showed a little more 'leg'

than she ought to. It was always a real trip watching the girls

get ready. They would endlessly adjust their stockings and help

each other get lint off their blue serge uniforms.



But all too soon, the inspection was over, and the girls would

be off to the powder room to change back into the dowdy working

uniforms. Some of the girls would hang their dress uniforms in

lockers, but Linda would always bring hers back to the office

and hang it on a coat rack for the next week. She would also

leave her pantyhose and slips in her desk drawer to use

again the following week.



I watched Linda go through this procedure every week. She would

get two inspections out of her lingerie before she would take

them home for the laundry. I found myself thinking about Linda

quite a bit. I secretly longed to take her and feel her soft,

warm body under my control; I also fantasized about her sexy

lingerie. Sometimes I could picture Linda standing there in her

slips, pantyhose, and black high-heeled pumps ; other times

she would be naked and gently teasing my body by rubbing her

sexy lingerie in my erection. I restrained myself every week,

until the time Linda brought in a delicate pale pink nylon half

slip. I noticed a hint of French lace peeking out from under her

blue serge skirt at inspection, and eagerly waited to get a

better look at it when she returned from changing into her work

clothes. I almost came in my pants as I looked out of my office

door and saw Linda gently folding this delightfully feminine

slip which had the delicate French lace and satin ribbons on its

hem. All too soon, it was in the drawer of the gray Navy desk,

and we were back in the work routine.



I knew I couldn't resist touching that delicate garment. I

waited until the office was closed, pretending to work late on

reports. Once everyone was gone, I locked the office door and

pulled the shades. Giddy with excitement, I unlocked Linda's

desk and touched the lingerie. I slowly held up her most private

lingerie and caught the light scent of feminine perfume on the

sexy slip. I knew I had to try it on! I quickly snatched the

slip and pantyhose and made for my office. Locking the door and

stripping off my uniform, I slowly began pulling on the

pantyhose. Once in place, I daintily stepped into the thrilling

feminine pink half-slip, letting my nylon legs make that

exquisite swishing sound when nylon rubs against nylon. Besides

being totally excited to the point of coming all over these sexy

items, I realized that I was fulfilling both my fetish fantasy

and my fantasy to take Linda. It was almost like having Linda

in a most intimate way because I was invading her most private

lingerie, and she would never know about it! I felt giddy, and

at the same time, like the naughtiest person in the world.



I didn't keep the lingerie on very long; I guess I was afraid of

getting caught. After all, I was violating my own rules about

keeping my fantasies off base. I carefully took off the slip and

the pantyhose, folded them neatly, and returned them to Linda's

desk drawer. Everything was normal the next morning. Linda

didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I was sure that I

had found a new and exciting game to play, and I made quite a

favorable impression on the command by staying late to work

several times each week.



My game got more exciting one week when Linda added a pair of

pink lace-trimmed bikini panties to her usual slip and

pantyhose. In fact, she almost made a show of putting her

lingerie away after inspection. She slowly folded the pantyhose

and pink lace skip, and gently placed the new panties on top of

them before closing the desk drawer. Linda looked my way once or

twice while she was doing this, but I thought she was just

trying to be a prick tease.



I followed the same pattern that evening, staying and rushing to

try on the latest of her lingerie. The new panties fit

perfectly. I admired myself in my full-length mirror, slowly

raising the slip to reveal the latest addition to my dress-up

game. It was about that time when my phone rang. I rushed over

to my desk, sat down, and answered it. It was the duty watch,

just making sure that somebody hadn't left the lights on in the

office. While talking to him, I didn't hear the outer office

door open. But I did hear someone insert a key in my locked

office door! I couldn't hang up and get to the door before it

opened. I've got to play this real cool, I told myself. After

all, from the waist up I was in regulation uniform and I was

sitting behind a large oak desk. I hung up on the duty watch,

and looked up to see Petty Officer Linda and her friend Beth

standing in the doorway.



I knew I couldn't stand up without revealing my embarrassing

condition, so I motioned for Linda and Beth to sit down on my

couch. Linda began immediately. "Since this is going to be a

rather personal discussion, I think it is best that Beth should

wait in the outer office." Before I could say a word, Linda

began her little discussion. "Since you are my division

officer," she began, "I thought I'd let you know that some

sneaky girl has been going through my desk and stealing my

undies." She smiled knowingly, and casually brushed back her

long blonde hair. She told me to relax and stay seated as she

began to unbutton her work shirt to reveal her firm tits encased

in a black leather bra. I was speechless. She was obviously in

control of the situation, which was evident by my silence and

reluctance to stand up. She continued to carry on a matter-of-

fact conversation as she stripped off her dungarees and and

stood in front of me in leather panties, black net nylons and

high-heeled patent leather pumps.



"It seems," she said, "that this certain young lady has made the

mistake of spotting my dainty lingerie. You know about spotting,

don't you, sir? When little girls get too excited, they drip a

little, getting their pretty little panties all icky and

stained. You wouldn't happen to know who this little girl is,

would you, sir? Do you know any little girls who like to wear

pretty little panties and slips, little girls who get soooo

excited that they have little 'accidents', would you?"



Trying to retain some measure of control I told her that if she

stopped this ridiculous behavior and got out of here, that I'd

forget this ever happened. But Linda was having none of that.



Her coy attitude suddenly changed, and she smirked that an

officer should stand up when a lady entered his room. With that,

she suddenly began to lecture me on proper courtesy, saying that

when she called inspection, I'd better hop to!



Burning with shame and embarrassment, I reluctantly rose and

stood at attention. I was shaking with fear as I stood before

this girl that I had ordered around for the last three months.

You could clearly tell that I was wearing the pink half-slip,

and that I was in a very excited state.



She had me walk around in front of the desk, laughing at having

caught her boss half-dressed in her dainty lingerie. "Come

quick," she called to Beth, "I think I've found out who the

'little girl' is that has been stealing my undies."



Beth came back into the room. She was carrying a Wave dress

uniform and a Polaroid camera. "I guess you're right, Linda,"

she laughed. "It looks like our 'little girl' turned out to be

our division officer."



Standing there, exposed and humiliated, I was totally in their

power. I hung my head as Linda began her little speech. "From

now on, we're going to take liberties with you, 'sir'. Unless

you want to end up in the brig, you'll do everything, and I mean

everything, that we tell you. We've even thought up a new name

for you, something more fitting for our new girlfriend - Barbie

- because you're going to be our new Barbie Doll. So, Barbie,

you can start by getting rid of that ugly male shirt, and

getting your panted ass into something more befitting for a

little girl panties-stealer like yourself - this ladies uniform.

Since you like dressing up so much, we're going to let you go

all the way!



Beth put her pile of feminine clothing on the couch and had me

remove Linda's slip, panties, and pantyhose. She made me sit

down naked on a cold wooden chair and pulled a table over to it.

She opened her purse and took out all the bottles and tubes of

things they were going to put on me, and then began to apply the

makeup to my face.



Linda took the bottle of foundation and dabbed a little of it on

her finger and on several places on my face. When she had enough

of it on my face to do the job, she put the bottle down and

began smoothing and blending it over my entire face and even

into my hairline, until she was satisfied that it was applied

evenly and wasn't showing any of my beard or blotching. Next she

took a black eyebrow pencil and arched and shaped my eyebrows

in a very feminine style.



They were commenting on how much better my eyebrows would look

if they would tweeze out all the extra hair on them. I was

almost in a panic, hoping they wouldn't carry out that threat. I

was thankful that they didn't. Linda picked up the frosted blue

eye shadow and with a brush she applied it to both of my

eyelids, blending it from heavy to a thin layer as she got

closer to my arched eyebrows. With black mascara, Linda rolled

the brush across my eyelashes several times on each lash,

including the bottom ones. I could feel how much heavier they

seemed as I blinked my eyes. Next she took a bright red glossy

lipstick and put it on my lips rather heavily but carefully,

shaping my lips into perfect sexy little girl pout. Then with a

rose-colored blusher, she took her glossy red finger tip and

brushed the cheeks of my face gently with it. Then Linda and

Beth both stood back away from me to survey the handiwork they

had just done on my face.



Then they had me stand up, and the two of them started putting

the feminine Navy uniform on me. Linda picked up a very pretty

pink French lace bra. It was panties and fully padded. She

held it out while Beth took some glue and fastened a pair of

large filled foam-rubber pads to my chest.



Beth then held out the pretty lace-trimmed bra for me to put my

arms through the shoulder straps, and as I did, Linda fastened

the hooks in the back of the bra behind me. It fit me rather

tight and I knew that I would not be able slide it around to the

front of my chest to unhook it if I had to, at least not very

easily anyway. The pads glued to my chest effectively prevented

my turning it around.



Once the bra was in place, Beth took hold of each of the cups

and twisted them back and forth several times each, and I could

feel the adhesive pulling on my nipples as she did so. It hurt a

little, but it wasn't unbearable, and Linda told me that it

would make me more aware that I now had tits just like the other

girls that worked for me.



Next came a garter belt that matched my pretty frilly bra, and

they wrapped it around my waist and fastened it in the back. It

too was a little tight, but they said they wanted it that way. A

pair of sleek beige nylons was next, and they deftly

straightened any folds or wrinkles that may have formed from

being in the box.



Linda brought out another pair of extremely feminine pink lace

panties. These had scalloped French lace all around the

waistband and the leg holes. Once they were in place, Linda

handed me the frilly pink lace half-slip that was my undoing,

and I stepped obediently into it.



Beth opened a shoe box she had taken from the supply room and

removed the size 11D black high-heeled regulation pumps and

helped me slip my feet into each of them. I teetered a little

while trying to get my balance, but since the heels were only

three and half inches, it only took a minute or two to get the

feel of them.



A regulation blouse was then put on me, and I buttoned it up the

front and snapped the collar tie. The skirt was next, and as

Linda buttoned and zipped it up the side I noticed that it was

much too short to conform to the Navy dress code. Linda remarked

that she had taken the liberty of hemming it. It didn't matter

anyway, since no one was going to see me wearing it. The

regulation jacket was next, and after I had buttoned it up over

my full breasts, I was made to sit back down in the hardwood

chair as Beth placed and styled a long blonde wig on my head. It

only took her a few minutes, after which they placed the

regulation naval cap on my head. I was now dressed in a

regulation Waves uniform, complete with makeup and high heels,

and a new variation of naval miniskirt that came to about mid

thigh on me. I was now made to stand and Linda called attention!



Linda began to inspect me, commenting on the fact that my

titties jutted out nicely and that I should be proud to possess

such a nice pair. Beth suggested that Linda check to see if I

was wearing clean and regulation lingerie. "Are you wearing a

regulation white slip and clean white cotton panties, Barbie?",

she screamed. "Answer me, girl!" Burning with humiliation I

stammered, "Aye, aye,....yes, Ma'am......I mean aye....no

Ma'am." "Which is it, girl?" she yelled. "Lift your skirt up so

I can see your slip." I lifted my skirt a few inches to expose

the non-regulation pink lace hem, but that wasn't good enough

for her. She had me lift it up to my waist.



"You should know better than that, Barbie! Pink is very

feminine, but not regulation. How about your panties? Are they

white cotton panties? Answer me! Tell me what color panties you

are wearing, young lady!"



On the verge of tears, I had to tell them exactly what color

panties I was wearing. They wouldn't settle for a simple

explanation. They kept me repeating my reply until it was

embarrassingly detailed. "Miss Linda, I'm wearing pretty little

pink lace bikini panties with French lace and pretty little

ruffles and bows on them."



"Let's have a look, Miss Barbie. Lift up your slip so we can

get a good look at your pretty pink lace panties."



I was now holding both my short skirt and my frilly pink lace

slip above my waist. Beth was laughing and busily snapping away

with her camera. Linda showed mock horror as she stared at my

erection which clearly showed through my ultra-feminine pink

lace panties.



"What a nasty little girl - not only are your panties against

regulation, they are soiled. Look, Beth, I do believe that our

naughty little girl has even soiled her darling pink panties.

With that, Linda reached down and gently stroked my throbbing

erection through my panties.





Now for one of the ultimate humiliations. Standing at attention,

holding my new skirt and slip above my waist, my subordinate

played with my erect penis through the ultra-feminine panties.

With tears in my eyes I lost all control, and spurted hot cum

all over my pretty panties!



"That's a good girl, Miss Barbie, just let it happen," she

laughed as she stroked my dick. Linda caught any sperm that shot

through my panties in her hand, and then spread it on the crotch

of my panties when I had spent myself. They left me standing

there in my wet, sperm-soaked panties, and with hot cum dripping

down my pretty nylon legs, they continued with their

snapshots. After what seemed like hours, they turned their

attention back to me.



"Well, well, well - it looks like Miss Barbie had a little

accident," smirked Beth. "Your poor little division officer has

gone and wet all over herself and ruined her darling little

panties." Getting into the next round of their game, Linda said,

"You know, Miss Barbie certainly has wet her panties, haven't

you, Miss Barbie? Answer me, girl! Haven't you!?"



"Yes, my panties are wet, Miss Linda." But that wasn't good

enough for them. I had to keep describing my 'accident' in

detail before they'd let me go. "I've been a naughty little

girl, Miss Linda, because I wet my pretty pink lace panties. I

just wet all over myself like a big baby, and now my pretty

panties are all wet and icky."



"Not bad, Miss Barbie. I think you are getting the hang of the

game," smirked Linda. "Hey, Beth, you know, we can have a lot of

fun with this little girl. She looks so adorable in her little

lace panties and sexy nylons. And she was such a macho prick as

our division officer. I'm going to have a lot of fun making her

squirm." With that, Linda reached over and grabbed me by my limp

dick and pulled me to my knees. She slowly lowered her leather

panties and sat down on the couch, spreading her legs wide. I

had always dreamed of getting between her legs, but not like




Beth walked over behind me, raised my skirt and slip, and gave

me a sound slap on my panted bottom. She then sat down on my

back, and used a ruler to paddle my lace-clad bottom until I was

whimpering like a little ten-year-old girl. I was totally

humiliated; a brave naval Ensign, dressed in a Wave's uniform

and wearing cum-soaked ultra-feminine pink lace panties and

nylons and a garter belt. "If the boys in the 'O' club could

only see their Ensign now!" smirked Beth. "Oh, they will if she

doesn't obey us," warned Linda. Beth pulled my skirt and slip

over my waist and commanded me to crawl on my hands and knees

over to Linda, ordering me to lick her until she came in my




They then had me stand up to stand another inspection, only this

time they brushed off any lint that they found. They freshened

my makeup and replaced one of my nylons that had gotten a run in

it. Once they were sure that I was pretty close to naval

regulation, they each took one of my arms and we walked out of

my office and through the outer office to the door of the supply

department. They told me that if I were to be found out that I

would be in more trouble than I cared to think about as we left

the building and headed for their car.



We drove across the base and out the main gate and headed for

town. When we came to an out-of-the-way bar clear across to the

other side of town, we stopped the car and they took me inside.

We sat down at a table in a secluded corner and Linda ordered

drinks for all of us. As soon as we got them, Linda and Beth got

up from the booth and and decided to dance to a couple of

records, leaving me all alone in the booth in the dark corner.



It was while they were dancing that a mannish-looking woman came

over to me and sat down in the booth. She asked me if I would

like to dance with her. At first I told her no, but Beth and

Linda came back to the booth and insisted that I should, giving

me that 'or else' look.



I slid around to the edge of the booth and stood up. The woman

took my hand and led the way to the dance floor. It was a slow

song and she held me very close to her. I was glad that she was

a little drunk, or she might have found out that I was really a

guy. When the song was over, she walked back to the booth with

me, and asked if she could join us for a drink or two. Before I

could say anything, Linda jumped at the chance to have her sit

with us, right next to me.



It didn't take this Lesbian long to start messing around,

trying to feel my legs and ass. The only way to stop her was to

take hold of her hand and hold it while we sat there. She bought

us several more drinks, and as we drank them, things got a

little more relaxed. The next thing I knew was that this woman

had put her arm around my waist and held my hand with her other

free hand.



Beth and Linda kept commenting on what a nice couple we made,

trying to encourage the girl to go even further than she already

had, to the point that every time I let my guard down for even a

second she tried to kiss me on the cheek or run her hand up my

nylons and under my short skirt.



This went on for over an hour, until Linda finally told us that

we had better be going. As we got up from the booth, Linda and

Beth thanked the woman for buying the drinks for us, and told me

to at least give the nice woman a good night kiss. I was turning

a bright red, and if not for my makeup, they would have seen it.

I turned my head to just tell the girl thanks and as my mouth

opened, she planted her lips over mine and sent her tongue deep

into my throat. I didn't have to return her kiss; she was

holding me so tight around my waist that my head wouldn't go

back any further. She kissed me long and hard, and as she did I

could see the flash coming from Beth's camera.



When she broke off the kiss, she made me promise that I would

return there tomorrow and meet her. She wouldn't let us go until

she had Beth's and Linda's promise. Then she kissed me lightly

on the cheek and let go of my waist. As I walked past her, she

slapped me on the cheek of my ass rather hard, right on the sore

spot that Beth had left for me.



Once outside, I was going to start screaming at Beth and Linda,

but as I opened my mouth to start, Linda told me they would

lower my pink lace panties and paddle my flesh right then and

there if I said one word to either of them.



We got back into the car and headed back toward the base. Once

we got inside the gate I felt a little better knowing that I

didn't have to show my ID card to the Marine guard at the gate.



The car pulled back up to the supply room, and we all got out

and went back into my office, where my ordeal was ended.



My ordeal finally ended as they ordered me out of the Wave's

uniform, but commanded that I remain in my damp lingerie. They

told me to come to work the next day as if nothing had happened.

"Oh, yes, Miss Barbie, make sure you are wearing your regulation

lingerie of white cotton panties, sheer pantyhose, and a white

cotton slip. If you can't do this, you're going to get a severe

dressing down, young lady!" Linda laughed. Oh, yes, replied

Beth, "it's very unladylike to wear damp panties, little girl,

so don't let me catch you wearing damp panties again, or maybe

momma Beth will put you in diapers. Yes, you'd look just darling

wearing diapers, Miss Barbie."



I sat at my desk, sobbing my heart out. These mere girls had me,

they had all of me. The pictures were damning. They not only had

me holding my dress and slip to expose my panties and nylons,

but shots of Linda jacking me off, as well as performing oral

sex on her. The worst shots were of me holding my skirts high,

with my gartered and stocking legs held tightly together, and

my pretty pink panties visibly damp and soiled, not to mention

the one of that Lesbian French kissing me in the bar. I

truly was their Barbie Doll.



These women could not only disgrace me, ruin my career, but

quite possibly send me to jail as well. I had no choice but to

be their Barbie Doll. It was past eleven PM when they finally

left, and their was no way that I would be able to purchase the

feminine regulation lingerie for the next day. I'm sure they

arranged this problem, so I left for my apartment to wash my

newly acquired pink lace slip, pink lace panties, pink garter

belt, and nylons.



The next day I arrived for work wearing Linda's frilly feminine

things that I had washed the night before under my uniform.

Linda wasted no time in getting into my office. She closed and

locked the door, and then commanded me to lower my trousers.

"Shame on you, Miss Barbie, you're still not wearing regulation

undies. Where's your white cotton panties, where's your plain

white regulation slip? We can't have this disregard for

regulations, can we Miss Barbie?" I shamefully replied, "No,

Miss Linda, I'm very sorry, Miss Linda."



"You've been acting so young and foolish, not very mature, I'm

afraid," she said. "Beth and I have decided to dress you in some

darling clothes that are a bit more appropriate for a young

lady. Mmmm, let's see... you wet your panties, right? And you

really love lace and ribbons. Your favorite color is pink...

Maybe you'd like to start out learning how to be a proper young

lady at an earlier time in life? I guess we could make you a

teenage girl. I could dress you in a training bra, since you

really have such small tits. Yes, miniskirts, crinolines,

petticoats, and simple nylon panties and low-heeled patent

leather pumps might do."



I was getting visibly excited as I stood before her and she

described my teenage girl outfit. Unfortunately I got so excited

that a few drops began to make a damp circle on the front of my

French lace bikini panties. "Oh, no, I forgot about the little

accidents you have. Proper teenage girls don't wet their pretty

little panties, Miss Barbie. I'm afraid we'll have to back a

a little farther in time." With that, Linda reached down into the

bag she brought into the room and brought out a pair of frilly

ruffled pink nylon panties with rows of pink ruffles across the

back. "I got these panties just for you, Miss Barbie, just the

thing for a six-year-old little girl. You know, the kind that

occasionally have accidents."



Linda had thought this scene out very well. She had me remove my

uniform trousers and my pink lace panties and then had me step

into the frilly, ruffled pink panties. Then she ordered me to

sit down until until she returned with more appropriate 'little

girl' clothes. She left, taking my trousers with her in the bag!



Talk about stark terror, here I was, without trousers, and

wearing my nylons and garter belt and these ultra-feminine pink

ruffled lace panties! I was literally trapped in my own office!

Linda told the rest of the office to hold all my visitors, that

the Ensign wasn't feeling too well. In about an hour she

returned with several large packages.



"You're in luck, Miss Barbie. I was able to find your size in

some really cute little girl's fashions!" she teased as she

pulled a fluffy pink party dress out of the bag. She also

brought out a starchy white petticoat, black patent leather high

heel shoes, a pair of pink colored Danskin tights and a large

pink ribbon for my hair. She ordered me to strip out of the rest

of my uniform, and quickly began to dress me in my new outfit.

In a few minutes I looked totally ridiculous dressed in a little

girl's party dress. I was candy-apple red from shame, unable to

move without exposing my pretty ruffled panties. "Don't you like

your new party dress, Miss Barbie?" Linda teased. "I really like

to see you dressed as a sissy little girl. And I'm sure my macho

division officer is about to wet her darling little panties,

she's so excited!"



Linda decided that I should stay like this in my office all day

and thought I could amuse myself by writing a thousand times:

"I'm a sissy little girl who gets so excited in her new ruffled

panties and party dress that she wets her panties."



Later that day, Linda returned to inspect my progress. I had

written the punishment, but since I couldn't leave the office, I

was in desperate need to use the men's room. Linda anticipated

my dilemma and produced a little potty chair, the kind you'd use

to potty train a child with.



After looking at my punishment writing, she lifted my short

skirt to see if I'd had an accident. "Very good, Miss Barbie!

You're still dry! I guess it's a good thing I brought you this

potty chair." She ordered me to sit on the potty chair and told

me to "make wee-wee like a good little girl." I accepted the

relief, even though it was terribly humiliating to be forced to

act like a child. I began pulling down the colored Danskin

tights, but Linda cut me short. "No, no, Miss Barbie. You have

to make wee-wee so bad, you don't have time to lower your new


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