Co-Worker Conspiricy

It was great, this relationship. But, at times something seemed to be lacking.

Jane had been seeing Jack for some time. She wasn't quite sure how long for

when complacent, the simple things like time are ignored. It was an ordinary

relationship, begun in passion and settled in comfort. But this is what they

wanted. At least, neither complained about the routine, but that maybe due to

not knowing better...

Jane made a friend at work, Michael. At first, they said hello politely. Then

small conversations told who? what? and where? of each other's lives. The

friendship grew and so did the conversations. They talked about relationships,

past and present. Philosophy, sports and the ugly hairdo of the secretary

spanned the topics. Neither remembered the transition from polite coworkers to

detailed confidonts.

Inevitably, sex became the topic of choice. Each one expressed their desires and

fantasies. They talked frankly about past lovers. Michael told stories of drunken

hook ups and flaggerent sexual encounters. He was experienced, about 30 lovers

with folds-more hookups. He could not remember most of their names but could

describe each of the acts in vivid detail. One, he said, liked it rough, so he

gnawed on her tits, bit on her clit, and fucked her harder than a train wreck.

Yet, she was not satisfied. The stories poured out of Michael to the thirsty Jane.

Jane, though only with four partners, had experienced the gamut between two

people. She loved to give head, had taken it in the ass, and tried most of the

possible positions. Jane, however, had a difficult time cumming. The

excitement was there. The motion was right. But what she learned of herself is

that her climatic moment hinged on her lover cumming inside her pussy. It was

the slick feeling and the vulnerableness of her man that pushed her over the

edge. The problem lay in that the thrusting was still needed post climax to

truly release her, and since most men shrink quickly after their release, little

motion was left. Jane was not bitter, in fact she understood that happiness was

more than an orgasm. But, at times, she felt frustrated, neglected and


Michael, half jokingly, suggested that the cure to the condition was to have sex with

more than one guy at once. That way the other men can finish what the first had

started. They laughed lightly, but the wheels of desire began to turn.

After sometime, Jane could not stop thinking of having sex with more than one

guy. The desire consumed her and the curiosity drove her to even dream of the

event. She woke wet and wanting sex. Jack was more than willing but still it

did not satisfy her. Jane never let this on to Jack, instead she faked it or

something like that. Finally, she could not take it any longer and asked Michael if

he would have sex with her. Of course, Michael had to invite a friend or two. Michael

was more than willing to try this, for he had never shared a woman before this

opportunity. They discussed the details and bided for the right time. *

* *

It was a Friday evening. Jane and Michael were at happy hour with a few other

coworkers. They drank and talked but both of them seemed preoccupied. This was

the night of the extended rendezvous. Michael had rustled up two of his friends,

Jerry and Ed. They had been friends since the college Fraterity days. They

had no shame between them and were willing to help this damsel in distress.

Around 7 o'clock, Michael and Jane left the bar and rode to Ed's place. They stood

in front of the townhouse staring at the door. Neither spoke.

Michael then turned and asked, "if you're not up to this..."

Jane shook her head. "I want, hell, need this!"

Jane began for the door. Michael quickly passed her and opened the door. There was

music blaring and a muffled sound of the T.V. Michael took Jane's coat and purse as

any gentleman would. What a paradox! Jane stood in the kitchen with her hands

crossed in front of her. She looked as a kindergartner on the first day. Michael

left, then ran, almost in a sprint.

The music lowered to distinguishable levels and the T.V. snapped off. Whispers

and laughs came from outside the kitchen. Then, Michael reentered the room with Ed

and Michael in trail. Pleasantries were exchanged and a booming silence followed.

Ed broke the silence by offering a beer to the new guests. Everyone drank


The ice was broken when Jane spurted out, "So, have you guys done it before."

Ed and Michael enthusiastically said yes but further qualified not all at the same

time. The foursome lightly laughed.

Jane stepped forward to Michael and kissed him. She reached down and grabbed his

crotched. Both shook with anticipation. Ed half drank and half looked at the

kiss. Jerry stared and swayed against the counter. Jane, then, moved to Ed,

kissed and grabbed. Next, Jerry received the same warm welcome. Jane walked

out of the kitchen and into the first bedroom.

"I want the three of you to fuck me." She trembled out of fear when saying this

but covered it up by taking the lead. Yet, she was in no way in control.

The three boys followed into Ed's bedroom. Jane sat on the edge of the bed.

Michael took the initiative and began to kiss Jane and undressed her. Ed helped

and groped at her exposed body. Jerry leaned against the doorjam and ogled.

Soon, Jane was lying nude in the middle of the bed with Ed kissing her and Michael

touching every part of her. It was a rush as if having sex for the first time,

new, amazing and scary.

In little time, the three guys were naked. Ed continued on the upper half

while Michael took care of below. Jerry stayed to the side stroking his meat. Michael

worked his tongue on Janes wet cunt. He knew she loved the hard strokes of a

tongue against her clit. He also jabbed his fingers in and out of her pussy. He

moved them at angles. He twisted them. He stuffed four fingers in at once.

Jane moved only to allow better access.

Meanwhile, Jane had Ed's dick in her mouth, while hegrabbed and pulled at her

nipples. Jane sucked on his cock in slow deep motions. She ran her tongue along

his length and licked his balls. Ed tried everything in his powers to hold on

to his cum. Jane, sensing the excitement, pulled him out of her mouth and

gently stroked him. Her mouth however, did not stay idle. Jerry had moved

closer and she had a good grasp of his meat. With one motion, Jane deep

throated Jerry's cock to the hilt. Jerry almost fell over.

In between stroking Michael and blowing Jerry, Jane let out another command--FUCK

ME. Michael rose on top of Jane, giving room for the other two to continue the oral

pleasure. Michael poked his cock along the slit and jammed it in her wet pussy. He

pumped a few times and then stopped. Michael sat up and moved his knees under her

legs. He spread her legs wide and began to push and pull her. Slowly, he fucked

her while his friends got blow jobs.

The motions became urgent and oral sex began . She kept hold of the two

dicks and stroked them without moving. The motion came from Michael pounding her


Jane moaned "oh, yes fuck me. Cum in me. Start this fuck fest."

Michael could not hold out any longer. He grunted and slowed his motion. Jane

cooed and encouraged the event.

"That's it, cum in me. Give me what you know I need." Michael pulled out of her and

slid onto her chest. Jane let go of the two cocks and grabbed for Michael's. She

licked and sucked the residue from his dick, while Ed moved to the back to dive

into this horny bitch. Jane's eyes popped open and then slowly closed. She felt

Ed enter her and she wanted more.

Michael left Jane. Ed pulled her to the edge of the bed. Jane just laid there

as a ragdoll not minding, not resisting. She felt the cold, slick spot under her

back, but she did not care. She wanted all the cum she could get. Ed began to

pump Jane harder and harder. The bed creaked and Jane moaned.

"Yes...fuck me...yes...harder..."

She grasped for Jerry and he gladly came forward. Jane again sucked his hog

knowing that soon it too would be inside her cunt. She looked for Michael but he had

left the room. No matter. She still had two to go.

Ed slid in and out of Jane with ease. The thought of fucking the same person

after his friend did not revolt him. Instead, he marveled at the feeling. Her

pussy was soaking wet, slippery and she was fucking him as he fucked her. It was

the most intense sex he had ever experienced. This drove him to new speeds and

new strength. Jane was only too willing to match the increases.

"Oh my God, yes. That's it. I can feel it cumming. Don't stop..."

Ed lost his composure and blasted his cum deep in Jane. She shook and her

pussy clenched as if to force the leftovers out of his dick.

* * * Michael had gotten dressed and left Ed's. He drove

to a bar to where a few of his friends were going to be. They had known about

the plans and they agreed to meet and discuss the activities, if Michael would show

up. Jessie and Jake sat at the bar talking when Michael slapped their backs.

"What? You're already done? I knew you were quick but this is ridiculous."

Jake laughed and Michael hucked at the bad joke.

"It's still going on. In fact,I wanted to invite...Hello Jill."

"It's okay. She knows. Jill never respected you anyway."

Jessie laughed this time, while Michael just stood there.

"Hi Michael. Now, what were you saying?"

"I was going to invite Jessie and your boyfriend to join the festivities."

"She would allow that..." Jessie gasped.

"Hell if I'm letting Jake alone tonight. Or any night with you guys."

"Then come along Jill?."

Jill stared at Michael and then at Jake. Jake looked like a puppy wanting to go

outside but afraid to stand by the door.

"Okay." * * * "I need more. I'm almost there.

Fuck me Jerry."

Jerry needed no other words. He left her side and took Ed's place. A huge

dark spot stained the sheets between Jane's legs. Jerry lacking finese and wit

at this time just shoved it in her hole. It was sloppy and slick. He stopped and


"Come on Jerry. Fuck me."

The beer and her commands took control of Jerry's revoltion. He began to jam

his cock into Jane. Now he did not care. His head swam. The room swayed. His

cock felt incredible in this fucked chick. Jerry closed his eyes and let the

momentum take him.

Jane never felt so complete, sexually. She had yet to cum but the sensations

had been stronger than ever before this session. Ed moved next to Jane and

fondled her tits. He leaned forward and kissed her. Ed then reached down to

her clit and began to rub it. He could feel Jerry fuck her but never touch

him. It was an exciting sensation. Ed never had a homosexual encounter and

never wanted to, but this was different. Jane wanted them to fuck her. This

careless freedom turned him on.

Jerry did not last long. He let go and came. Ed continued to rub her, while

Jerry left the room. Jane's pussy was drenched with cum oozing out of her


"Fuck me Ed..."


"Then suck on it, Ed..."

Ed hesitated then moved to the floor. Her pussy lips were red and swollen.

White globs leaked from her opening, balling up on her pubic hairs or running

down her ass and across her anus. Ed slowly moved in closer. He had done this

before but it was only his cum. The fact was, he liked the taste of him and her.

But this was different. This was extreme.

His tongue started directly on her clit, hardly any cum was there. He pushed and

shoved at her button while she grabbed his head. He relaxed and started to

increase the motion. Before he could think, his tongue lapped across her

opening. He took in the residue and choked a little. Yet, he did not stop.

Ed began to do it faster and took as much as he could. His tongue tried to

scoop it out of her cunt. Ed lapped and sucked on her drenched pussy and Jane

could not get enough of it. Ed pushed her legs higher in the air and dragged

his tongue to her underside. He followed the line of skin between her cheeks to

her anus. She twitched as Ed tickled the wrinkled hole with his tongue. Moans

of approval came from above the action.

Ed continued the assault on her anus and began to finger her cunt. Again, the

slickness encouraged him. He increased the tempo and strength of the fingering.

Jane ground into his face and hands. Ed's fingers found the soft patch of skin

on her front wall. He concentrated on it. She bucked. He took his free hand

and entered her cunt. The ready-lubed fingers pulled out and poked at her anus.

Jane gasped as she was being fingerfucked in both holes. Ed could feel his

other hand in the other orifice and he tried to touch his fingers, rectum to

vagina. It felt as if a wet canvas blocked the touch but he tried anyway. He

leaned back and watched both of his hands pointing into her while she held her

knees to her tits.

"Oh my God..."

Jane and Ed quickly looked at the door. Jill and Jake stood there staring with

mouths open. Without hesitation, Ed and Jane went back to the activity. Michael

came up to Jane and explained what transpired. She shook her head and continued

to moan. Michael went to Jessie while Jake and Jill sat watching the spectacle.

Michael and Jessie stripped and went to Jane. Again she took their cocks in her hands

and drew them to her mouth. She could still taste the cum on Michael's dick. Then,

she went for Jessie's. She almost choked trying to deep throat him. Her eye

snapped open and looked and Jessie. Pulling him out she inspected this new meat.

This slab of sausage was nine or so inches and the girth to match. She knew she

had found her savior.

With determination, she took him in all the way, while Ed continued to lick her

clit. He had removed his fingers when she choked out of fear. At this time all

of the men, save Jerry who was passed out nude on the couch, were erect. Ed

moved up and began to fuck her again. Jane took care of the two boys at her

side. Jill began to caress Jake while he stared.

The action began to get hot again. Jane rotated her hips to meet Ed's thrusts

and continued to stroke Michael and Jessie. Jake's pants were off by now and Jill was

on her knees in front of him. The room was a sauna and smelled of sex.

Ed let another torentual load go in Jane and continued to pump her pussy.

Jane again told of her pending orgasm. Jake's was at hand(or mouth) and spewed

a load into Jill. Jill sucked harder to get all of the cum.

"Jessie, I want your fat cock in me."

Jessie moved to Ed's spot and jammed it in without hesitation. Jane almost

screamed a blood curdling cry. He smiled and fucked her harder. Michael remained

above with Jane death gripping his cock.

Jill had undressed and moved to the bed. Henry, too, was naked. Jill laid on the

other side of the bed with her head next to Jane's but in reverse. Henry began

to suck on her cunt.

"I want to see these two girls fuck, how 'bout it," Jessie blurted.

Jane did not respond but Jill yelled no.

"You'll do it. You'll do it for us then we will all fuck you."

Henry continued to tongue her clit when a half-hearted no came from Jill.

"But I might be up for the fucking."

Henry jerked up and looked into Jill's face. He realized she was not thinking

clearly though she did make the distinction. Jill grabbed Henry's hair and forced

him to her cunt. Michael now straddled the two girls' faces. Jane licked his balls

while Jill sucked on his cockhead.

Jane moaned and increased her thrusts against Jessie's crotch. Then Jessie backed

away. Jane almost cried as if her mother took away her bottle at infancy.

"I want you on top of me."

Jessie exchanged places and Jane sat onto his pole with urgency. Michael moved behind

Jane and grabbed her tits. Jill and Henry moved to the floor, where Ed joined

in the fun. Henry demanded that he only enter Jill but allowed her to blow Ed,

since she had already sucked Michael's cock.

Jessie and Michael looked and each other and nodded. Jessie slipped out of Jane and Michael

dove in one motion. Jane did not care. They swapped this way a couple of

times, ending with Jessie stretching Jane to the max. She then gasped and held

still as Michael stabbed her anus with his cock. The pain was sharp and fleeting,

for Jane was use to anal sex. Jessie and Michael started the motion and fucked Jane

in her two holes.

"What happened," Jill cried.

"I'm being fucked in both cunt and ass."

"What does it feel like?"

"I have never felt so complete."

"Just wait, we will fuck your holes next," Jessie spouted.

Again, Henry shot Jessie an angry look and Jessie just laughed.

Jane was screaming at this point. Jill deepthroated Ed. Henry pounded at Jill's

cunt as he started to fuck her. (Hopefully, this will be all she gets, Henry

thought). Jessie thrusted as Jane bounced and Michael just rode the wave. Ed

watched all of the events while being sucked by Jill. He was the first to cum,

setting of the chain reaction. Jill had missed the cues and took the brunt of the

load on her face. (Good!).

"Yes, cum on me. Cum on my face. Oh, Yes"

Michael saw the explosion and released his own in Jane's ass.

"Oh, you're cumming in my ass. Oh God..."

Jill could not take the sounds and the image in her mind. She tensed and


"Fuck me Henry...I'm cummin...harder..."

Henry pressed up the speed and Jill moaned. She squirted her love juices over his

cock and balls. (Good!!!) Henry slammed her as he grunted and came in Jill. He

shook, then fell on top of her to kiss her. Henry slapped into Ed's cum. (Oh

Shit! Damn it!!).

Jessie and Jane were left. The guys, already jealous of Jessie's size, could not

believe his stamina.

"Now let's fuck!"

Jessie in one sweeping motion lifted Jane, spun and landed with her below him and

his cock still inside. Jessie took her legs and put them across his chest. He

moved fully in and out of her, lubricating the entire length of his cock.

"Ready for it..."

"Give me what you got. Fuck me as hard as you can."

Jessie quickened his pace then slowed. He raised away from her ass and then

slammed into her. Jane gasped. Again, faster, harder, more. "ohyesJessiefuckme,"

Jane slurred.

"I'm cumming, oohh GGoooddd, Immm cuummmiinnnngg!!"

Jane tightened up and spasmed as she came. The tremors became quakes. She

screamed and learched, flailing her arms.


"Cum you slut. You love cock. You will do anything for IT!"



Jane's pussy spasmed and her juices followed. She came with the power and

intensity that she never knew existed. And the liquid, did she piss? She could

not figure it. That had never happened.

"You came. You got what you wanted and your pussy came on me."

Jessie kept up the pace. Jane was still taking all the pleasure that she never

had before.

"Cum in me..."

Jessie did just that. His cock twitched and it poured into her numb pussy. The

juices slid around his cock and out her slit. Jessie continued the pumping. Jane

accepted it with delight.

"I'm cumming again..." Jane found the pleasure she had been denied. She found

it twice. Jessie dismounted her as she fell limp on the bed. A puddle of cum

surrounded her ass. Her entire body was sore. She just laid there collecting

herself. * * * That Monday Michael and Jane at lunch

away from the rest of the employees.


"I still can't believe I doubled my total number of lovers in one evening."

Jane went silent, staring into space. She then snapped back and looked at Michael.

"Thank you. I never have felt so alive, so...sore. Now that I have cum I hope

it becomes easier for me."

"Well, if it stays a problem, I know some other friends that would be willing to

help. In fact one guy is bigger than Jessie!"

Jane choked on her sandwich. She cleared her throat but did not say anything.

However, she could feel a fimiliar warmth and wetness begin to form between her


Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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