Sultry, exotic, brunette, soft white skin, full figure, a little baby

fat, brown eyes, long lashes, large tits, full ass, plump thighs, round

tummy...5'4', 132#, 19 years old, coed at a small college. Has the

sultry, sexy look of an Italian starlet, is a real flirt and jealous

of any competition, She has had an interest in wrestling the past

year and bought a book of illustrated submission wrestling holds which

she and a young blonde friend practice on each other in private, They

stay after their exercise sessions and once everyone leaves, they get

the book out and go to work on each other. They started dressed in their

leotards and what a beautiful sight they were, firm young bodies

straining against each other. Lately however they have striped, by

mutual consent, enjoying the feel of their skin to skin contact of their

nude bodies as they play wrestle. Occasionally a hand or finger would

probe an anus or vagina, but is quickly withdrawn when the sufferer

squeals. They are close to sex but don't know how to approach each

other so they wrestle, satisfied with the erotic feeling the holds

produce. Nothing was serious until one evening Shannon got mad at

Kimberly and placed her in a stomach scissors, crushed her until she

was screaming her submission. Feeling mean, she then placed her

friend in a sleeper and put her out. Shannon had her first taste of

domination wrestling and liked it! Strangely, Kimberly seemed to turn on

to the idea also, and soon their practice sessions got to be pretty

rough, Shannon learned new tricks like making sure her asshole and

vagina were good and nasty so that as she lowered her crotch over

Kimberly's' face the young blonde would wrinkle her nose in disgust and

loose her concentration, Shannon had yet to set her pussy directly on

her face, but was looking forward to the opportunity. As the Two

beauties gained wrestling experience, so their confidence level grew so

that soon Shannon became very cocky and a little anxious to challenge

other women. She define itely had one in mind.

MARJORY. a woman

The star of many previous stories. Tall, statuesque, mature, full

bosomed, large spreading ass, large thighs, round plump tummy, long

slender neck, ash blonde, 5'9", 148#, 41 years old. Once wrestled as

the mysterious "Wrestling Debutante", and although she still wrestles in

private matches, is a teacher at the same university where Shannon is a

sophomore. In fact, Shannon is in one of her classes. Noticing the sexy

brunette the first day, she had been trying to irritate her all semester

in the hopes the youngster would want to fight, No one knew Margie was a

wrestler, or that she liked women so well so she had to be careful. The

"Wrestling Debutante" was known for the cruel punishment of her

opponents as she prolonged her matches, she loved making them suffer.

Our story begins with Marjory and Shannon in class one fine spring

afternoon. Shannon has been taking a decorating class Margie teaches

and has been questioning and challenging her teacher all semester

building a mutual dislike. Their activities carried out beyond the

classroom, to campus parties, the cafeteria, and most-of all the gym

where they both work out. Margie has been teasing and baiting the young

beauty at every chance-keeping her identity as the "Wrestling

Debutante" a secret. She loved to make a game of bating and infuriating

her future opponents before crushing them in the wrestling ring.

Both women had watched each other exercise, evaluating the other's

strength and stamina. Margie was tall and stunning in her tights as she

slowly worked hey full body. Shannon, her ripe round body bouncing as

she energetically exercised stretched even further when she felt

Margie watching her. She wanted to intimidate this older bitch. Marjory

would go out of her way to bump or shove the young coed..each time

sneaking a feel of her firm body. Back in class she would stretch and

throw her breasts out in front of Shannon in a mocking taunt, further

aggravating her young student.

Finally Shannon couldn't take it any more. She had picked up the pace

of her wrestling practice and in a match for real the night before

bent, crushed, squeezed, and twisted Kimberly bringing her to several

submissions before putting her out in the grand finale with a sleeper

hold on her slender neck. She felt confident and ready, in fact so sure

of herself, she looked forward to the holds she would make this older

bitch suffer in. It was time to force a showdown...little did she know!

Wearing a provocative half sweater and mini skirt which accentuated

her full ripe young body to its best, she stayed after class that


"Ms. Marjory. I would like to talk with you," she said.

"Yes Shannon, I think we should, come to my office", responded her

prey. The statuesque ash blonde led the way! choosing chairs across

from each other. She wanted to look this little shit in the eye as she

toyed with her.

"Well", started Shannon, "it seems you wouldn't like me and go out of

your way to humiliate and criticize me. All semester you have been on

my case and I am really pissed off, I know you are my teacher, so why

or what are you trying to do?"

Margie eyed the coed in front of her, admiring her sultry brunette

looks. She momentarily dreamed of Shannon on her back, nude, between

her squeezing legs, screaming and moaning as she was unmercifully

pythoned in a crunching stomach scissors...oh th ose lips, that tongue,

aoohhhh how she could eat and lick me. Margie couldn't help the smile on

her face as she came back to reality.

"Damn it, did you hear me , answer me," demanded Shannon

"Oh yes, now honey, what makes you think I don't like you" teased the


"Quit fucking with me Ms. Marjory, now I know you don't like me and I

want to know why", hissed the irritated coed.

"My oh my, such language for a beautiful girl, well Sweet Pea, if you

must know I think little girls like you are spoiled bitches and should

learn some manners", responded Margie, "I really don't care if you are

mad or not, besides, what are you going to do about it", she taunted.

"My name is Shannon, not Sweet pea, and I am fed up with you...lets put

this on a woman to woman level, not student teacher, OK?", she asked.

"Fine Honey, but I think you mean girl to woman - Margie teased. As she

talked she leaned back, crossed her legs and began pumping her upper

leg in a nervous kicking motion. She was getting excited over what was

coming next, the stupid little thing had no idea she was dealing with a

skilled woman wrest ler.

"I still don't know what you are trying to do or what you are going to

do, after all, I am still the woman here honey", said Margie with a

pout. She was really laying it on.

"OK, you have really pissed me off. Here is a challenge for you, but

first, have you ever wrestled another woman before Ms., Marjory?" asked


Margie's heart jumped.

What, wrestle, let alone wrestle another woman, ME WRESTLE?", hhhee ha

ha ha heheheee, "Oh you are too funny sweet pea, wrestle", Margie

laughed. Inside she was wild with excitement.

"Yes wrestle, and stop laughing, I'm serious, wrestle. The women of

ancient Greece on the island of Lesbos wrestled for sport and other

things. I am not referring to what they have on TV., no not that. What

I mean is real hand and leg to body contact wrestling..I challenge YOU

to a private wrestling match, just you and me Ms. Marjory" Shannon

said, staring into Marjory's eyes.

"My little darling, I think you are serious. What makes you think I

know anything about something so un-lady like as wrestling another

woman, especially you", taunted Marjory.

"I didn't think you did, I am new to it also, but I like the feel of my

body as it stretches and strains in a match. We can go three falls at

the private ring at the gym. Three falls that is or until you cannot

stand my holds, what's the matter Ms. Marj ory, afraid of a little thing

like me?" teased Shannon as she stood up and stretched in front of her

intended victim. "do you want to try me or are you too old?"

"I still cannot believe you want me to wrestle with you, ugh, how

un-lady like", whined Marjory.

Shannon was rapidly talking her way into a night of agony at the hands

of the "Wrestling Debutante".

"Yes for the last time wrestle, you look like you could use some

exercise," replied Shannon, beginning to lose her patience.

"But those awful people on TV, they scream and yell and throw each other

around, I am surprised you would do that Shannon."

"It's not like that you stupid woman", Shannon laughed, "We act like

ladies in the ring and I will just apply wrestling holds to you until

you are too tired to continue...there is no screaming, hitting, hair

pulling or any of that, just you and me hand to hand."

"I really cannot believe you want me to, ugh, wrestle with you, what if

certain things get in the way", questioned Marjory as she looked at

Shannon's tits.

"Well usually they don't, but mine are so big I use them, not like

yours"' laughed the brunette coed.

"How disgusting Shannon, can't we settle this some other way?" asked

Marjory, feigning fright.

"Hurmph, quit stalling, let me give you a sample now, " replied Shannon

as he stood and went for Marjory.

"No no no please, no don't hurt me.. OK, sit down. I'll wrestle you

but don't tell anyone. What do we wear?" whimpered Marjory.

"Anything is fine. I am going to wear my new swim suit and socks. The

mat is soft and the room is hot so we will sweat as we wrestle. Afraid

to show your body?" taunted the youngster.

"I'll have to think this over, when do you want to meet?" asked


"Tonight OK with you, I'm's 4:30 now, I'll see you there at

6:00, OK?"

"That's pretty sudden, I have to go home and then maybe I will see you

there" responded Margie.

"We have all night Marjory, you are going to be sorry you teased me all

semester," snarled Shannon.

"Oh my, you are a mean one aren't you sweet pea, please be gentle on me

tonight, remember, I am just doing this for you," pouted Margie, beside

herself with excitement.

Shannon got up and left. As soon as she was gone Marjory several phone

calls. She invited Kimberly, Tracy, Diane, Marylin, Wendy, Jennifer, and

their friends to come watch She told them to give her an hour with

Shannon first so she would be softened up for the nights matches. she

had everything in the car and her locker she needed for her match.

7:00 At the private ring,

Shannon had been waiting for nearly an hour and was beyond mad, she was

convinced the old bitch had chickened out...she couldn't wait to tease

her. That's OK, she thought, I'll get her in her office. She didn't

know that in less than an hour she would be on the mat, screaming, in

agony as Ms. Marjory applied her repertoire of submission holds to her

young body. Again the teacher would teach, this time however, prolonged

painful wrestling holds would be her tools.

For the present Shannon was cocky, confident and beautiful in her short

robe. True to form, her ass hole and vagina reeked of her juice as she

got her self as nasty as possible with some clever finger play, she

dreamed of her teacher's nose buried in her, wrapping her arms around

the fine neck of the older woman and putting pressure on her until she

collapsed and passed out. She wished her teacher would get there,

Finally the door opened and Margie walked in, gorgeous in her white ass

length robe. From her hair, to her make up, her magnificent body to her

bare legs and feet, she was stunning. Shannon admired her beauty and

was grateful she couldn't wrestle, There was something about the way

Margie climbed in the ring, it seemed so natural!

"Its about time Margie, l don't like to be kept waiting, by anyone!

Are you ready to wrestle me, lets start!" challenged Shannon.

"Well I guess, but don't we need a referee? I asked a friend here at

the gym, Sandy, you know her from class, she said she would for us.

She's outside, can I in? After all, I don't want you to hurt me in our

wrestling match", pleaded Marjory.

"Yes. OK, lets start". said Shannon, anxious to start.

Margie opened the door and Sandy walked in. She recognized Shannon and

said hello.

The two climbed into the ring. Sandy was wearing a string bikini and

looking very good. She went over to Shannon and they visited as Marjory

stretched. Soon she went to the ring center and called the two

wrestlers for their instructions. Shannon had never been in an actual

bout before and loved the ceremony. Sandy knew what she was doing but

was giggling as she talked.

Shannon went to her corner and slid off her robe. Her full ripe young

body was magnificent in the purple string bikini she was wearing the

material barely covered the large that stuck out through the thin cloth.

The string disappeared up, the ass crack in the back, and her pubic hair

formed a fringe of brown curly fur as it stuck out around the front

patch over her young pubis. She hadn't showered since the night before

and between that and some finger stimulation, there was a dark spot on

the purple patch that covered her vagina as her pussy oozed a musky


Shannon locked her big brown eyes on Margie, hoping to intimidate her

as she slowly and sensuously stretched her full young body...she was


Margie dropped her robe to reveal a brief romantunic type suit with a

short fringe waist skirt. Fabric crossed to cover her mature breasts

and her broad hips and ass. To Shannon's puzzlement however, she saw

the older wrestler did not have on any pant ies...her lush brown pubic

hair dropped below the skirt and two, large, full pink vaginal lips

peeked out of the hairy V between her legs.

"Uh Margie did you forget the rest of your suit?" laughed Shannon.

"Why no Sweet Pea. I always wrestle like this!" exclaimed Margie, wide

eyed in mockery.

"Always wrestle, what, WHAT?, what do you mean, you told me you couldn't

wrestle!" exclaimed the started young coed.

"I lied to you honey, ever heard of the "Wrestling Debutante"?. asked


Yes I saw her on TV she really is a bitch, she destroyed her opponent,

she hurt her much more than she needed to. The poor girl was almost

unconscious and the bitch kept putting her in holds for the next thirty

minutes, how do you know her?" asked Shannon, beginning to feel the

first waves of fear.

"This mask and wig look familiar?" asked the older wrestler, waving her


"OH SHIT! YOU ARE THE WRESTLING DEBUTANTE?, that can't be, oh no!"

yelled the scared coed.

"Too late honey, yes it's me, your nice Ms. Marjory, college teacher by

day, female wrestler by night!" laughed Margie. "remember, you aren't

going to hurt me tonight."

"You are right because I am leaving. I am not going to wrestle you

tonight or any other time", replied Shannon.

"Wait honey, you aren't afraid of little old me are you? Well, come on,

wrestle the shit out of me, make me scream a submission!" taunted

Margie. "We have a referee, She'll make sure the match is fair."

"Well, OK, you are really a bitch, yeah, lets wrestle, I am going to

make you hurt," retorted Shannon.

They had agreed to wrestle 15 minute time limits and at Sandy's bell

slowly walked to the center of the ring. The match began!

The stunning exotic sultry young brunette coed vs. the experienced

statuesque older ash blonde, two magnificent wrestlers.

Warily Shannon put her hand out to make contact before she locked up

with her older opponent, Margie took her hand and intertwined her

fingers through the young hand. Shannon sensed the woman's strength and


"Oh shit, I'm in trouble!"

Margie watched her young opponent and loved the way her tits bounced in

the flimsy purple bra as they vied for position for the first hold. she

began to get the impression the teenager was more than just a little

sexually aroused as she postured her body in the tentative hand holding.

Ready to start, Margie took the initiative and tightening her grip on

Shannon, rolled and deftly flipped the startled girl.


"OOowwwoooossshh, aauuuggghh", exclaimed the Shannon as the air was

forced out of her lungs. Her full body shook as it hit the canvas, her

large tits barely staying in the bra.

Margie walked over to her and grabbing her by the hand, brought her up

and flipped her again, and again, and again. Four times she brought the

young body slamming to the mat, each time weakening the young brunette.

Thoroughly stunned, she then stood Shannon up and walked her to her

corner where she collapsed to her knees.

"Oh sweet pea, need a little rest? We really haven't begun, oh honey

that's OK, Margie will be good to you do my legs feel good as they

massage your lovely head?" taunted Margie as, while teasing the stunned

girl wrestler she bent her head and placed it between her strong, plump

thighs in a standing head scissors.

"This is a standing head scissors honey, your are right, my legs are

soft, how do they feel?" she teased.

"AAAArrruuggghhh aaarrruugghh ooohhh stop ooowww, your legs are like

steel Maarrgieee, aarruuuuggghhhh," wailed the captured coed.

Finally Sandy came over and tapped Margie on the shoulder for release.

Giving her trapped victim a final squeeze, the large ash blonde

uncrossed her legs and sauntered to her corner where she turned and

looked at her young opponent with a taunting smirk.

Sandy let the stunned youngster regain her senses, as she didn't want

the evening to end so soon.

Shannon, for some unknown reason, had almost enjoyed the dominating feel

of the strong legs of Margie as they encircled her head and squeezed


"So that's what Kimberly feels when I scissor her, hmmm, I wonder if her

pussy waters like mine is now, "she mused.

She was feeling very sexy and having recovered her senses, was again

ready to wrestle.

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