Margie had thoroughly out wrestled and dominated Shannon in their first

meeting. The older wrestler had returned to her corner, where she

waited, arms draped over the ropes, relaxing her full body for the next

fall. Shannon was lying flat on the mat in her corner, her new partner

Marlin toweling and massaging strength back into her abused young body.

Whispering encouraging words into her ear, as well as some wrestling

advice, she gradually brought back the sobbing sultry young wrestler

back to normal. ..she had really taken a beating at Margie's hands and

was somewhat demoralized.

The next bout would bring Marlin and Shannon, against Margie and

Kimberly, or Kim. Marlin and Shannon could almost be twins were it not

for their age difference. Marlin was pushing her late thirties. Both

had beautiful sultry faces, semi premed brunette hair, full, ripe,

voluptuous bodies, and an overall sensual aura that turned men and women

on when they were present. Marlin was an experienced wrestler who

specialized in technical submission holds of all types. She had reduced

many opponents to a screaming, crying submission as she applied her

holds. She realized Shannon had very strong legs and encouraged her to

take the initiative in the next fall and put her scissors to work.

We know Margie well by now but her new partner Kimberly needs an

introduction. Young, 19, tall, 5'7", fairly heavy 138#, stunning blonde.

Muscular legs with some fat, broad spreading ass, round tummy, full

large tits, hair done up and full makeup, she could be in the movies.

She wore a pink string bikini which barely covered her lush curves.

Her large tits standing up and out and her broad ass stretching the

thin fabric of the bikini bottom. Her pubic hair and vaginal lips were

clearly outlined by t he tight fabric. Standing next to Margie the two

were an awesome pair; both were larger than their brunette rivals, and

Margie by far the meaner, but Kimberly was new and was not that familiar

with the holds. Her scissors was good but she had a hard time applying

it as she didn't know how to position her opponents yet.

Shannon had recovered and was standing, glaring at Margie. Sandy

explained the rules to the newcomers and then rang the bell to start the

match. The first two to wrestle would be Marlin vs. Kimberly.

Both women approached the ring center and began to circle. Kimberly's

broad ass jiggling as she bounced. Suddenly they came together and

locked up, Marlin applied an arm lock then used it to flip Kim.

Wham! Thud! The big young blonde hit the mat, sitting up as she was met

by Marlin who immediately applied an arm lock then used it to flip Kim.

Thud! The entire body of the blonde shook with the impact, momentarily

stunned she sat up only to be placed in the arm lock again, stood up and

flipped again. This went on for several times until she was stunned and

weakened so she couldn't stand up. Marlin ran to her corner and

tagged Shannon who immediately ran in and applying an arm lock to the

same hurting arm of the blonde, stood her up and with a yell flipped her


Wham! Thud! Again Kimberly saw stars as she hit the canvas, by now her

entire body hurt from the impact of the flips. Shannon was on her in

an instant. She applied an arm lock to the same arm only this time she

didn't flip her opponent, she applied pressure to the bent and hurting

arm. Kimberly screamed out with the pain which encouraged Shannon to

increase the pressure. The stunning young blonde was sitting on her

big spread ass with Shannon kneeling next to her applying pressure to

the bent arm t hat was twisted and bent back and up over her shoulder.

Shannon smiled then broke into a giggle as Kim pleaded for mercy.

Shannon continued to throttle the arm, intending to damage it so that

Kimberly would only be able to use her other arm, and that the sultry

young brunette did. Kimberly began crying real tears of pain as Shannon

looked at Marlin and smiled, her full lips parted in exertion.

Shannon next stood Kimberly up, throttled the twisted arm. then pulling

her backwards, slammed her to the mat, keeping the torturous hold


"Want to try my legs sweetie or do you want me to keep hurting your

arm", giggled Shannon to her suffering opponent.

"Ohhh OOoohhh mmyyy arrmmm pleassse Shannon, sstoppp. yourrr hurting

meee sooo, ooowwww oowwwww pleeeeease Shannon," wailed the suffering

young blonde.

"Oh honey it only hurts when I do this", Shannon laughed as she brought

the captured arm up and back even further. The sultry young brunette sat

next to her captive and wrapped her strong legs around the plump, tender

young stomach of the beautiful blond e teenager. She locked her ankles

and positioned her thighs and calves so that they would cause maximum

pressure on the tender young stomach they encircled. With a sudden jerk

and squeeze, she snapped her scissors in place.

"OOOOOfffffff aaaaarrruuuugghhhh eeeeooowwwwww aaaarryruugghhhh", gasped

and moaned Kimberly as Shannon tightened her legs. oohhhhh Shannon,

arrruughhhh, yourrr legggss are like steeeel, arruughhh, ooohh

pleeeeasee stooohhhhhpppp, arrruughhh," wailed Kimberly as her sultry

tormentor pythoned her legs.

Shannon was loving it, she was getting even for the humiliation she

suffered at the hands of Margie and Kimberly was paying for her last


It didn't take long for Kimberly to begin to get light headed as the

pain in her twisted arm and the breath being squeezed out of her by

Shannon's legs all took their toll, Shannon sensed this and when

Kimberly stopped wailing and her head slumped forward she released

the captured arm, unlocked her legs and quickly rolled Kimberly over

onto her belly. She bent the same tortured arm back and up into a

severe hammer lock which brought a shriek from her opponent. She then

released the arm, went quickly to her head, rolled the limp blonde's

full body onto her belly, she also rolled onto her plump stomach, opened

her legs, scooted down until the blonde's head was up against her

crotch, then reached back and lifted her groggy head so that it was just

above her legs. With the blonde beauties head now between her thighs,

she locked her ankles and snapped her legs shut, perfectly setting her

reverse head scissors. Kimberly was hers and she intended to show these

women what she could do.

Kimberly felt as if a velvet vice had constricted around her head. Her

face was against Shannon's hard buttocks and the youngster's meaty

thighs were crushing her head. She slapped the mat with her hands and

beat her feet in agony as Shannon pythoned her legs, increasing

pressure, then easing, squeezing, then ease, and so it went. With her

face firmly held up against the tight buttocks, Her nose became slightly

wedged in Shannon's pungent ass crack. Kimberly thought she could smell

something and right she was as Shannon didn't clean herself after

Margie's fingering of her young ass hole. Soon Kim would be introduced

to Shannon's nasty crotch smother! Shannon felt she had to show the

other women she could wrestle, especially the cruel Margie, so she

continued her torture of Kimberly with her constricting legs. The

purple string thong disappeared up her ass crack and Kimberly was

getting a whiff of her musky female odor as her nose was forced into the

tight ass crack of the sultry brunette. Shannon raised up on her elbows

adding maximum pressure to the trapped blonde head. Smiling at Marlin

she laughed as she jerked her legs up and down brining moans and gasps

from Kimberly. The blonde beauty had never felt such pressure on her

head and Shannon was going to show no mercy as she applied

continual pressure with her locked legs. Up and down Shannon went,

almost doing push-ups as she pythoned her locked legs around the

groaning blonde. Giving everyone her million dollar smile, she let out

a whoop of triumph as she dominated her suffering opponent.

Marlin taunted, "Honey, don't put her out, use her to show us how well

you can wrestle, ease up on her"...

"Yea, good idea Marlin, I am really loving this, Kimberly sweetheart.

want to wrestle me?" Shannon teased.

"Aaaaahhhhh aaaarruuggghhhh ooohhhh oooohhhhhh", gasped Kimberly as

Shannon gave her thirty seconds of maximum leg pressure. She was very

dizzy and her head rang from the constant pressure. She was definitely

weakened by Shannon's legs to the point the sultry young brunette could

do with her what she pleased.

Shannon uncrossed her ankles and slowly released the pressure of her

legs allowing blood once more to flow into Kimberly's head. The young

blonde wrestler was so weak and dizzy her head fell to the mat when

Shannon let her go. Unaware she had not submited and Sandy had not

called the fall, she lay there trying to recover. Her broad buttocks

spread and her large tits smashed to the canvas.

Shannon stood up and for some reason, pulled the thong out of her ass

crack, and turning to look into Margie's eyes, stripped off the lower

part of her wrestling suit...she was now nude from the waist down. her

lush brown bush protruded from her crotch and her full vaginal lips

were barley visible as they peeked out of her pubic hair between her

legs. All the women noticed how they glistened with slick secretion,

Shannon was excited!

She walked around Kimberly who was beginning to get to her knees and

dropped on top of her. Still on her belly, Kimberly collapsed flat to

the mat as Shannon forced her legs apart and applied a grapevine from

behind the girl.

"EEEEoooooooowwwwww my legs, eeeoowwww, stop, your splitting me in half

Shannon, eeoooww," she wailed as Shannon forced her legs apart.


"Uhhnnn hheee hheee hheee uunhhh", snorted and giggled the sultry

brunette wrestler as she applied pressure. Once again she was using her

strong young plump legs to dominate her opponent.

"Like what I'm doing to your partner Margie". she taunted.

"Have fun sweat pea, I love your choice of holds, I don't know her and

don't care what you do to her, just remember, you and I get to wrestle

again," replied Margie, fascinated by the wrestling she was seeing.

As Shannon spread her legs, all could look up into her pink gash and see

the mush oozing from it...they all knew the sexual excitement that was

burning in the young brunette's loins....she was unbelievably sexy as

she smiled and giggled as she wrestled th e suffering blonde. Kimberly's

legs were spread and bent up backwards in the reverse grapevine, a very

uncomfortable combination. Shannon loved to hear her squeal in pain so

she rhythmically applied pressure to the spread then eased, almost

setting up a rocking motion as she worked the painful leg hold on the

young blonde. Looking from the feet of both women, Shannon was bare and

spread for all to enjoy and Kimberly was spread with her pink thong

wedged tightly against her vagina and ass crack. Shannon was so sexy

and the fact she was willing to bare her most private parts for the

women to see let them know she was definitely getting turned on as she

worked over her voluptuous blonde opponent, Kimberly was now moaning and

pleading for release as Shannon went up on her hands further enabling

her to add more sideways pressure to her spread legs. Several throttles

had her blonde victim slapping the mat and screaming she was being split

in half by the strong legs of Shannon. So far she had been devastated by

those legs...first a series of scissors holds and now this, a crippling

grapevine, finally Kimberly couldn't take any more and broke down

crying. Shannon wasn't through with her, so after another few minutes of

steady leg spreading pressure, she untangled her legs and rolled off the

sobbing blonde.

Kneeling next to the prostrate body she quickly slapped on a hammer

lock, bending the twisted arm up between the shoulder blades of the hurt

blonde. She wanted Kimberly to recover enough to wrestle. Looking at

Marlin she laughed, thoroughly enjoying do minating her sexy blonde


"Get her champ", cheered Marlin, "take your time with her and give her

a wrestling lesson she'll never forget, let's see what holds you know


Kimberly Was beginning to recover a little and sensing this Shannon

allowed her to clumsily get to her knees. She quickly scooted behind

her to keep the hammer lock in place, but it was merely a restraining

hold to keep Kimberly from tagging out while s he recovered. Shannon's

white spread ass was beautiful as she kneeled behind Kimberly.

Kimberly's full body was spectacular as she knelt in front of her

brunette tormentor. Her full large tits stuck out and her broad ass

spread even more as her legs compressed the full flesh. No doubt she

was beautiful, but not a wrestler yet.



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