Dreaming With the Girls


It had been fun hanging out awhile. The afternoon had passed quickly. The sun had

been very nice.

"Well, I've got to get going. My parents have some big thing planned," Cheryl

Rubens told her best friend Marga Antolie as they lounged on the balcony of

Marga' hotel room in bathing suits while smoking Parliament cigarettes and

drinking Diet Coke. Cheryl then got up and walked through the sliding glass door

into the living area where--after taking a long drag--she set her cigarette in an

ashtray and slid into a pair of cut-offs and a T-shirt. Marga walked in a moment

later. "I wish I could hang here longer, sis," Cheryl told her after retrieving the

cigarette, "but my mom said it's something big; they won't tell me what." "That's

cool, Cher," Marga replied. "Call me later and let me know." Marga, puffing on her

own cigarette, was wearing the bottom of a yellow bikini. She had taken the top

off when they had gotten back from the hotel's indoor pool because it was tight

and was hurting her tits. It was no big deal; 19-year-old Marga and 18-year-old

Cheryl had seen each other nude numerous times. Earlier, they had been trying on

several swimsuits and Marga literally pulled a one-piece off of Cheryl because she

wanted her to wear a two-piece. In the end, she refused and dressed in the orange

one-piece because she was insecure about her developing body. When they got to

the front door, Marga and Cheryl leaned in to kiss good-bye like they always did.

When their lips met this time, though, Marga parted hers and pushed her tongue

into her friend's mouth. Cheryl was stunned and excited at the same time. She

returned the tongue action and was becoming more aroused as she felt Marga'

tits--twice as big as her own--pushing against the fabric of her T-shirt. With

her free hand (her cigarette was in one), Marga rubbed Cheryl's back. It seemed

like the kiss would last forever, but eventually it had to end. "Um," Marga

managed, "so THAT'S what that's like. Not really much difference, I guess." She

put the cigarette back between her lips. "Uh, yeah," Cheryl, the taller of the two,

said. "I've got to, like, um, go now. Bye, sis." "Bye, sis," Marga said as Cheryl

walked out the door.

When Cheryl got home, she found out the "big thing" was just dinner at some

restaurant. It wasn't even a very nice restaurant; she wore her shorts and

T-shirt there. Upon arriving home from the restaurant, Cheryl found herself very

tired and decided to take a nap. She went up to her bedroom, stripped off her

clothes and peeled the orange bathing suit that was still underneath from her

skin, put on some cotton panties--no bra--and got into bed where she drifted into

the land of dreams, all the while thinking about the kiss that her and her best

girlfriend had shared earlier.

The next time Cheryl opened her eyes, it seemed as though they were playing tricks

on her. She thought she saw Marga sitting on her bedroom couch wearing a black

and red teddy, but that wasn't possible. Or was it? Cheryl closed her eyes and

rubbed them vigorously. When she opened them again, Marga was . . . still there.

"Good morning, precious," Marga said between puffs on a cigarette. "Did you sleep

well?" "What are you doing here, Marga?" Cheryl was thoroughly confused. Marga

laughed as she exhaled smoke into the air. "I'm here because you want me here and

we both know it." "I don't know what you're talking about!" Cheryl claimed. "Sure

you do," Marga said as she delicately uncrossed her legs and stood up. "Uh,

Marga, YOU kissed me, if that's what you're talking about!" "Yeah, but only

because you begged me to with your eyes." The sexy brunette slowly walked towards

the bed that Cheryl still lay on. As she reached it, she took hold of the sheets

that covered her now-speechless friend and pulled them off. "Look at me," she

said as the topless teen turned her head away. "Look at me." Slowly, Cheryl turned

her head back and looked into Marga' piercing eyes. "Now, stand up." Cheryl did as

she was told and found herself unexpectedly looking straight into her short

friend's eyes. She broke the eye contact to look down and see that Marga was, in

fact, wearing black high heels. Before Cheryl--who's left shoulder was brushing

against a wall--looked back up, Marga lifted her left leg up onto the bed that

was behind the younger woman, effectively boxing her in. With a wicked smile on

her face, Marga took Cheryl's right hand in her left and placed it on her exposed

left thigh, then, after giving the cigarette that she held in her right hand to

Cheryl to hold in HER left, she took her friend's face in BOTH hands, brought their

lips together, and kissed Cheryl for the second time. After the kiss ended, Cheryl

turned away again, closed her eyes, and took a long drag on Marga' cigarette.

While blowing smoke out of her nostrils, she opened her eyes, turned her head

back towards her friend and smiled. She also began massaging the meaty thigh that

her hand had been resting on. "You know, Marga," she said, "you're right. I think

I DO want this." "I knew you did, honey," Marga responded as she leaned in to

kiss Cheryl once more. Breaking that kiss a moment later, Marga set her high

heel-clad left foot back on the ground, put her hands on Cheryl's thin waist, and

attempted to engulf one of her NOW AND THEN co-star's tits in her mouth. Cheryl was

soon moaning from pleasure, so Marga, eager to provide even more, removed her

lips from the small breast and daintily got down on her knees. "What are you

going to do?" Cheryl asked, her voice sounding not quite nervous. Marga looked up

and smiled. "This!" she said as she yanked Cheryl's panties down her slender legs

to her ankles, then grabbed one ass cheek in each hand and pulled Cheryl towards

her, drilling her tongue into her best friend's moist pussy. As Marga was lapping

away, Cheryl continued to take drags on the cigarette. Eventually, though, the

pleasure became so great that she couldn't even concentrate enough to remember to

inhale and exhale. Just before she reached orgasm, she managed to lean over and

set the cigarette down on a nearby window sill. As the climax hit her, Cheryl began

to spasm, pulling away from Marga' face and driving her ass cheeks into Marga'

fingernails. She screamed in what was a mixture of both pain and pleasure, then

collapsed on the bed. Marga licked her gooey lips, then stood up and took the

cigarette from the window sill. She took a couple of puffs, then set it down in

an ashtray before returning her attention to Cheryl. "Well?" Marga asked. "Well,

what?" Cheryl replied, looking up at Marga. "Well, how was I?" Marga said with a

big grin. "Unbelievable! You were absolutely unbelievable, Marga!" "That's what I

figured." Marga climbed on top of Cheryl and started sucking on her neck. While

Cheryl again moaned in pleasure, she had time to think. "Wait, Marga. Stop," she

said after a few moments. Marga didn't respond for about a minute, but Cheryl

continued to tell her to stop, and so she did, leaving the slightest trace of a

hickey on Cheryl's neck. She looked into her lover's eyes, kissed her lower lip,

and said, "What is it, baby?" "It's your turn now. I want to give YOU some

pleasure." "I was hoping you'd say that." Marga again kissed Cheryl on the lips,

then on each breast, and finally on her flat stomach before standing up. She made

sure that Cheryl was watching, then slowly removed the teddy. Now she was, like

Cheryl, completely nude (except for the heels and a couple of rings). Her body,

however, was much different than her friend's. Marga was shorter and slightly

thicker. She had perky tits that were--while not EXTREMELY big--much larger than

Cheryl's small boobs. Her butt was wider and her pubic region was densely covered

with dark hairs; Cheryl's had recently been shaven. Cheryl stood up and embraced


They kissed passionately once more, then Cheryl began nibbling on one of

Marga' ears. As she continued this, Marga took one of Cheryl's hands and started

sucking on her fingers one at a time. After all five fingers were good and wet,

Marga started to stick one in her own neglected pussy, but one of her little feet

somehow slipped out of it's heel, making her lose her balance and fall backwards

on her butt. "Shit!" she shouted as she landed hard. Cheryl had almost gone down

with her, but had managed to remain standing. Now, she got onto her knees and

started rubbing Marga' legs. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm okay," she

said with a smile. "I'll have a sore ass tomorrow, but I'm okay." "Roll over and

I'll see if I can't do something about that sore butt." Smiling, Marga rolled

over on the ground and closed her eyes. She moaned softly as Cheryl sat on her back

and started to rub her butt. "Stick a finger in," Marga said after a couple of

minutes, so Cheryl did. After a few more minutes, Cheryl squeezed a second one in but

pulled them both out a moment later. "What are you doing, sweetness?" Marga asked

with her eyes closed. "This!" Cheryl responded (imitating Marga from earlier) as

she brought her open hand down hard against Marga' fleshy ass, causing her to

open her eyes and squeal in mild pain. "Cheryl, what the--" SLAP! Cheryl's hand hit

Marga' bottom again and--SLAP!--again. "Oh, Cheryl!" she cried as her lover slapped

her again. "I can't take it anymore! I can't--" SLAP! The pain from the

continuous slaps caused Marga to well up and start crying, but, at the same time,

the pain also somehow felt GOOD, and so she slid her hand underneath her body and

squeezed three fingers into her cunt. She began pumping them in and out as hard

as she could, all the while sobbing as her girlfriend continued to spank her,

causing an immeasurable mixture of pain and pleasure. Just as Marga was about to

come, Cheryl stopped punishing her butt cheeks and stood up. She looked down at

Marga, who continued to furiously work her digits in and out, harder and harder.

After thirty seconds, Marga began screaming in orgasmic joy, her girlcum flooding

onto the hardwood floor.

The pleasure subsided and Marga, still weeping, rolled

onto her (aching) ass, opened her eyes and looked up at Cheryl, who smiled at her.

Reaching down, Cheryl grabbed Marga' arm and helped her to stand. As Marga reached

her feet, the young women embraced each other and kissed the other's lips. "Oh

God, Cheryl," Marga panted, looking up into Cheryl's eyes and wiping her own, "that

was so, so, so like, oh God! I have to lay down." Marga retrieved a fresh

cigarette and lit it. As she walked back towards the bed, she grabbed Cheryl by her

waist, pulled her close, and kissed her bottom lip. Releasing Cheryl, Marga took a

long drag and got onto the bed. Cheryl climbed onto the bed next to Marga and,

setting her hand on Marga' thigh, said, "Come on, honey. I'm just getting

started." Marga puffed on her cigarette, kissed Cheryl again, and said, "Stop

pouting, baby. I'M too tired, but if you just turn around--" Cheryl turned towards

the door just in time to see it open. Standing in the doorway, wearing only pink

panties, a pink bra, and pink heels, was Marga and Shela's 18-year-old NOW AND

THEN co-star Cindee Oaks. She looked good: her body was hard, her boobs were big,

and her ass was firm. After Shela got a good look, Thora held up her right hand,

which was holding a large dildo, and said, "It's time for breakfast." "What!?"

Shela exclaimed.

"It's time for breakfast," Cheryl's mother said as she shook her awake. "It's time

for breakfast." Shela opened her eyes and immediately realized that it had all

been a dream. "Okay, Mom," she said, "I'll be right down." Mom left the room, but

instead of getting up and going to breakfast, Cheryl Rubens masturbated while

picturing her friends Marga Antolie and Cindee Oaks in her head.


Copyright ?1998 by SIC


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