Dinner with Weddy

Wendy looked at me from across the table. "You're such a sweetheart!

Taking me to dinner for my birthday!", she bubbled. "Well, I thought I

should do something. After all, you are my best friend.", I replied. She

smiled. The smile was my entertainment for the evening.

Wendy's taller than I am, about 6 feet tall, with long red hair, and very

expressive blue eyes. She's not model-thin by any standard, but she has long

legs, and she's not fat. She was my best female friend in the world, but she

wasn't my girlfriend. When I first met her, I indicated that I was

interested in her, but she had replied that I really didn't turn her on in

that way. She said she really liked me, and she wanted me to be a part of

her social circle. Since one can never have too many friends, I put my

fantasies away, and accepted. The fact that Wendy also knew a LOT of single

women didn't influence my decision at all.

She lit a cigarette and exhaled leisurely, smiling at me .

Regarding the champagne, she cooed, "You're not going to try and get me

drunk with this champagne and take advantage of me?" She knew the answer

to the question, so I answered.

"Nope. You've already told me that it will never happen between us. So,

I've given up all hope, and at the end of the evening, I'll go home to my

bed, and you'll go home to yours'."

"That's good. I didn't want to spoil the evening.", she said, abruptly

bringing the conversation back to reality. "Don took me to Chicago for my

birthday weekend.", she sighed. "It was wonderful. And a surprise." The

words almost collapsed under the weight of their meaning, and she got a

faraway look in her gorgeous eyes. Suddenly I was uncomfortable, and we

only made small talk through the meal, and then after we were done, we left

the restaurant in silence.

"What are you thinking'?", I asked figuring that the memory of her lust-

filled birthday weekend had taken her far away from the crowded street we

were on. "It's a really nice night. Want to sit at a sidewalk cafe for a

while and have some wine? I don't have to go home right now." We sat down

and made some more small talk while watching people go by. Life was OK for

the moment, I decided, at least until she broke the mood by announcing that

it was time for her to go home. I paused and watched her. The way that

she sat, relaxed, with her long legs crossed, her eyes a little sleepy from

the meal. She took a puff from her cigarette, tilted her head back

slightly to exhale... Somehow I got lost in the curve of her neck and

throat, and the way her red hair cascaded around her face and shoulders...

"Hello? Anybody home? It's me, Wendy. Yoo hoo!" The voice cut

through my reverie like a knife. "What were you just doing?"

"Uhhh-errr-uhhh... nothing. Really. I was just thinking."

"Bullshit. You don't watch me that closely when you're just thinking. Out

with it, c'mon. You were thinking about getting me in bed, and I caught

you at it again!", she playfully scolded. Embarrassed, I tried to find a

way out of my predicament. She looked at me with a mixture of expectation

and triumph, and I had no options. I did the only thing I could. I told

the truth. "I was watching you smoke." She raised her eyebrows,

indicating skepticism.

"Actually, to be more correct, I was watching you as you smoked. The

way that your hair frames your face on one side, the curve of your neck,

and the incredibly feminine air you were projecting just then." Her raised

eyebrows had become wide eyes of surprise. She was quiet a moment, and I

worried that I might have sounded like a fruitcake. She put out her

cigarette, lowered her head and narrowed her eyes. I waited for her to

bury the dagger in my chest.

Instead, she began softly, "You know, I've got this... umm... like... a...

fantasy?" She hesitated, trying to gauge my reaction.

"Go ahead, I'm listening."

"Well, you know, I've always wanted to be like-umm...ummm...one of those

slinky women you see in the old movies..."

"You want to be a femme fatal."

"Yeah, that's it. That's what I was trying to think of. Unfortunately,

women my size can't be femme fatales." "Bullshit!" ran through my mind,

but any further thoughts were stifled by the reality of my situation. She

continued, "You know, I even have a holder - don't look so funny, I bought it

as part of a Halloween costume, OK? - but these skinny cigarettes I smoke

kept falling out." She spoke rapidly, still keeping her voice low,

indicating that she was sharing a confidence with me.

I didn't speak right away, because I was thinking about what she had

said. Then I realized she was waiting for me to say something. "If you

want, I can fix your holder so that it'll work with your cigarettes. I had

to do it for a holder used as a prop in a stage play once." Her eyes put

on an impromptu fireworks display for me.

"You can? Really?", she asked enthusiastically. I nodded, and she gave me

a sisterly kiss on the cheek. Sigh. Let's just be friends can be hell

sometimes, you know? This discussion seemed to rev her up, and we talked

animatedly for an hour or two before saying our good-byes. She came by to

drop off her holder the next day, but she had tons of things to do for a

party on Friday, and she couldn't stay. She asked me if would I bring it

when I came to the party, and I said sure.

She greeted me at the door to her house on Friday. I made a mock bow,

and presented her with the refitted holder. She gave a little squeak of

joy, and kissed me on the cheek. She led me into the party, immediately

put a cigarette in the holder, and lit it. She walked around the party

showing off her new toy, and playing the elegant hostess. The party had

thinned and it was getting a little late when the doorbell rang. I heard

her exclaim, "Oh my god! What are YOU doing here? Oh I'm so glad you


About ten seconds later, she walked into the living room with a

good-looking guy her height, who had strong arms and dark hair. His bushy

moustache lent him the air of a pirate. She turned to me and gushed,

"Craig, this is Don." Her eyes were shooting off more fireworks than the

Fourth of July as she looked at him. They hadn't done that all night.

"Wendy has told me so much about you!", Don said warmly.

"Great." Jokingly, I added, "Do you want to kill me now, or later?" We

both laughed, but she just kept up the fireworks display. I talked with him

a while; she was uncommonly quiet. Finally, I said it was time for me to

leave, and Don shook my hand warmly. Wendy patted me on the back. It was

an almost absent-minded gesture. I walked back to my car with a boulder in

the pit of my stomach.

I didn't see or hear from Wendy at all for two weeks following the

party; she didn't return my phone call. Just when I was getting ready to

kick myself for being such a fool over this woman I could never have, she

called me. "Hi!"

"Hi stranger, long time no hear.", I replied, trying to keep ice in my

voice; it wasn't working.

"I'm sorry, really. I've just been insanely busy over the last couple of

weeks." Right. Insanely fucking Don's brains out, I thought bitterly.

She continued, "Can I come over for dinner this week? Remember, you said

all I had to do was give you a day's warning, and you'd cook for us."

Glumly, I remembered my promise, tendered early on in our friendship when

she was a starving grad student. She wasn't starving anymore, nor was she

a grad student; but a promise is a promise. Besides, I figured, I could

complain to her about my ex-girlfriend, who had been trying to make a pest

of herself recently.

"Wednesday OK?"

"Super! You're a real sweetheart. See you then!", and she hung up. I

wasn't sure at that point whether half a loaf was better than none.

Wednesday, she arrived dressed casually in knock-around shorts and a

blouse. The shorts exposed the long legs that I fantasized about, and I

drooled. She wasn't dressed up, she wore no makeup; I wanted her anyway,

even if she wasn't all glamorous. I also knew better. While dinner was

cooking, I brought up the subject of my ex. "Liz has been hanging around

lately, going to the places where I hang out, so I'll run into her and have

to speak with her."

"Have you tried telling her to fuck off? If she doesn't get the message

from that, then she's incredibly dense."

"I suppose I should tell her to leave me alone..."

"The trouble with you is that you're too polite, even in situations which

call for nastiness." Once again, she pinned me down, making me feel

uncomfortable. I changed the subject abruptly. "Dinner should be ready.

So let's eat." Wendy sensed that I was avoiding the subject at hand, and she

signaled her displeasure by not talking to me during dinner. I got the


After I cleared the dishes, I knew she'd wait for me to talk about Liz.

"Liz is really getting on my nerves...", I began, and Wendy jumped in.

"Only because you let her. You know, there are extremely neurotic women out

there, just waiting to fuck with your head, because they like being able to

do it. She's one of those women, I can tell."

"I guess you're right. But it's so hard for me to tell somebody to eat

shit and die." She pulled her cigarettes and holder from her purse. She

broke the conversation to ask, "Light, darling?" I lit it and continued to

vent my frustrations. "She never wanted to deal with me unless she had a

problem. It was always her, her, her. So when Liz decided to see somebody

else, I stopped talking to her, and thought that was the end of it. Now

she's trying to...force...", my voice died as she took a drag in that

incredibly feminine way of hers'.

"Go on, I'm listening. She was trying to force you to what?", Wendy asked,

sitting forward.

"I was saying that she was..." I gave up, and addressed the subject on my

mind. "I'm sorry, but do you have any idea of how distracting you are when

you do that?"

"Do what?"

"All the little gestures that attend your smoking. There's something that

I find fascinatingly feminine about it. Also, I'm going to argue with you.

They do make femme fatales in your size." Wendy blinked and looked at me.

"Is it the holder? I'm sorry. I've been using it a lot around the house

'cause I like it, and I thought you wouldn't mind. I'll put it away."

"It's not the femme fatal thing. Sometimes you can be incredibly feminine

when you fucking breathe, for chrissakes!"

Silence. She then leaned back in the chair, and took a long, slow drag.

She held the smoke for a second, then exhaled a fine stream of smoke. The

effect devastated me. I felt a small chill run up my spine. She removed

the cigarette from the holder, and put it out. "Feminine, huh?", she asked.

I could only nod, trapped between my fantasies and her presence. "Don

never says that about me. I'm female, all right, as far as he's concerned,

because we have lots of sex. But feminine is one thing he never mentions

to me." I was still speechless. Her mention of sex with Don had broken

the spell, but I was wondering where she was going with this conversation.

"Don thought the holder was a gag, and he couldn't understand why I

bothered with it. I told him about the femme fatal fantasy, and he just

shrugged it off. He still wanted to fuck, so we did, but I never realized

until then how important being feminine was to me. I guess since I'm so

tall, and not really thin, I have a chip on my shoulder about it or


"Well, I've definitely noticed, and I'm sure he does, too.", I bravely

said, trying to sound like the neutral friend I was supposed to be. Wendy

shook her head.

"No, he doesn't. I'm sure of that." She leaned forward. "You think I'm


"Definitely. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to ignore that fact right

now, and having precious little success." She smiled at that, and leaned

forward to give me a kiss. Wendy pecked me briefly on the lips, much to my

surprise. Then she leaned forward again, and very slowly kissed me. I

felt her tongue push between my lips. I moaned slightly, and closed my

eyes, savoring the sensation of her tongue exploring my mouth. She broke

the kiss and sat up after an all-too-short time.

Fireworks were going off in my head, and my stomach was doing flip-flops.

I opened my eyes, and saw that her face was red, and she was breathing a

little heavily. When Wendy spoke, it was in a low, throaty voice that I had

never heard from her before. "I enjoyed that."

"So did I. You don't know - yes, you do - how long I've wanted that."

"Is that all you've ever wanted from me?", her voice quiet, blue eyes

daring me to say what was on my mind. I accepted their challenge.

"Bedroom's around the corner.", I said, trying to sound relaxed, when I was

anything but.

She stood up, tossed her head and held out her hand. I took it, and she

led me to my bedroom. Wendy turned to face me, and opened her mouth

expectantly. We kissed passionately, stopping briefly only to come up for

air a couple of times. When we broke the kiss, Wendy slipped off her

blouse and bra in a surprisingly easy motion. She sat down on the bed and

wiggled out of her shorts. She wore no panties. "Oh my god, Wendy...", I

started as I looked at her naked for the first time. I could barely get

the words out. This was the moment I had dreamed about for two years, and

I was having a hard time believing that it was really happening.

"What's the matter?" she asked, "Is there..." I swallowed hard and

interrupted her anxious question. "No. It's just that you're

so... gorgeous." She had freckles all over her body, and the flush of

arousal was very evident. Her nipples stood on top of her small breasts,

begging for attention. She watched apprehensively as I looked at her in

detail, especially when I gaped at her long legs. "They're not model's

legs. They're sort of big and my thighs are definitely too big." I

couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Hush! I don't want to hear what's wrong with your body. Especially

when I'm looking at the sexiest woman on the face of the planet." She sat

up and undid my shorts, pulling down my underwear at the same time. I took

my tee shirt off.

I sat down next to her on the bed. She lay down, and I touched her body

tentatively. Her body was so hot to the touch! I kissed her gently, and

Wendy ran her hands lightly down my back. I nuzzled her neck; her back

arched slightly, and a soft moan escaped her lips. I kissed her throat,

and murmured something about how sexy it was. Wendy whispered, "You

vampire.", and pushed my head toward her breasts. I ran my tongue down the

middle of her body, right between her breasts, and stopped at her belly

button. I stopped there, and she pushed my head into her belly. I

retraced my lick, and then slid my tongue across her body from one nipple

to the other. "Ahhh!", was her vocal reaction, and her hips twitched.

I started to pay attention to the closest breast. I ran my tongue

around the nipple, and deliberately ignored the now-hard nipple. I moved

my mouth to the underside of her breast. I felt her shiver, so I spent a

little more time exploring the "dark side of her twin moons." I moved to

her lonely nipple, flicked my tongue lightly across it. Wendy was panting

now, and she had started playing with my cock. I drew the nipple into my

mouth, and began to play with the other nipple with my fingers. Wendy made

a loud sucking noise, her body jumped, and she wrapped both arms around me.

I stopped sucking, then drew air across her wet nipple by inhaling through

my mouth. The cooling sensation proved too much for Wendy. "Ohh-ohhhh!",

she moaned as her body convulsed and she rolled her head from side to side.

Her legs flailed weakly. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her face.

We kissed eagerly. "Ooooh...I want you", she whimpered. Wendy's eyes were

smoldering, and I was suddenly aware that I was hornier than I had ever

been in my life. But she couldn't have me yet. I wanted this to last,

since it was going to be my only chance.

"Not yet. I want to taste you, Wendy. I've waited and waited for so


"Two years. Patience like that shouldn't go unrewarded.", she finished.

"I can wait for you.", she purred. The initial torrid passion had been

replaced by a less frenzied, warm, romantic approach toward the inevitable.

I ran my hands down her body, to her feet, then back up the insides of

her legs. I barely touched her when I came to her inner thighs, wanting to

see what reaction it would provoke. Wendy sighed, and spread her legs

wider. I leaned forward, and she grabbed my head. "But I won't wait

forever.", she giggled and pushed my face into her pussy. "Mmmf!", was all

I had time to say before my face was smeared with her juices. So much for

leisurely, warm, gentle romance. I attacked her sweet pussy with an oral

vengeance. I ran my tongue all over the outside of her cunt lips, then

stuck it in her cunt, and ticked her clit with my nose, of all things.

"Yesss!", she squealed, and her hips rolled. I wet two fingers, stuck

them in her already soaking wet cunt, and started my tongue on her clit.

Whatever had been holding back her orgasm collapsed completely. "Hu-uuhh--

uuhh-ooohhhh!", she wailed. Wendy's hips bucked wildly, her cunt pumped at

my fingers, and a small flood washed out of her. She was moving so much

that I couldn't keep my mouth at her clit; somehow, in the middle of all

this, she wrapped her legs around my neck, locking me in the right place.

"Ohh, oohhh... uuhhh... hnnnf... nnfff! You're - making - me - COME!!!",

she gasped, yelping with each breath. My mouth and fingers kept her in a

state of near-continuous climax. I got tired of driving her wild before

she got tired of orgasms, but she didn't release me from the grip of those

long legs until she had come all the way down.

"You look funny. Your ears are all squashed up and your nose is pretty

flat!", she giggled.

"I'm not used to wearing 'eau de Wendy', and it's a little sticky, OK?", I

said defensively as I flexed my neck. She sat up, and I saw the fireworks

display she had put on at the party in her eyes. This time, it was for me.

Wendy kissed me, sucking on my tongue. She pulled away, and gently began

to lick my face, cleaning her juices off my face. The thought of what she

was doing as well as the sensation of her flicking tongue made my forgotten

cock stand at attention. We kissed sweetly. Wendy eased me onto my back,

swung a leg across my body and mounted me in such a graceful motion, I was

almost taken by surprise when I felt myself enter her.

Her pussy felt like wet, warm silk, clinging to my cock. I was in

ecstasy. Wendy arched her head back and gave a little sigh. She rotated

her hips, and tossed her red hair around her head. It was very hypnotic.

She looked dreamily at me, and leaned forward. I pulled her head to mine,

and aggressively kissed her. Wendy eagerly responded, and started sliding

back and forth on my cock. I held her and bucked at her as best I could.

Wendy had started moaning, and she changed her hip motion every few

seconds. "You like that?", she panted as she pumped at me. "Feel good?",

she moaned. I was in heaven. She leaned forward again, and we kissed some

more. "She started to urge me on. "Come in me! I want you to come in me!

Oooh baby please come in my pussy!", she moaned in my ear. That was it for


"Ohhh, Wendy - great!" was all I could say as the orgasm ripped through

my body. My cock came and my balls granted Wendy's request with more

come than I thought I'd produce in my entire life. Wendy slowed her

pumping, and began to gently roll her hips around. I could feel her pussy

squeezing every drop of come out of my cock.

Her mission apparently finished, Wendy gave a contented sigh, and we

kissed for a long time. She nuzzled my neck, I called her a vampire.

Wendy laughed, and gave me a hickey. She stood up, and walked out of the

room. I knew that I'd never forget the time I'd just had with her. I

didn't know that we weren't finished.

I heard her rummaging around in the living room. Then I heard a lighter

click. Aha! She wanted a post-sex smoke. A few seconds later, Wendy

appeared in the bedroom doorway, still naked, and posed seductively with

her cigarette holder. Lying on the bed, I gaped at her, nearly awe struck

by the - literally - smoky sensuality she exuded. "Wow.", I said, in a

much weaker voice than I had intended. Wendy smiled and inclined her head.

"Thank you.", was all she said. She walked in, her legs again capturing my

imagination, and sat down next to me on the bed. I just watched her as she

smoked, and reached to touch her. My hand found a breast, and I absent-

played with her nipple.

Wendy suddenly put her cigarette out, turned to me with fire in her

eyes, and said, "I can smoke any time." She promptly turned the other way

and put my cock in her mouth. I moaned. "More?"

"Mmmm-hmmm.", she nodded with my cock still in her mouth. She opened her

mouth, then flicked her tongue across the head of my dick, and it sent

little electric shocks through me. My cock stirred. Wendy smiled, tossed

her head -oh god was it sexy the way she did that! - and resumed sucking

me. She massaged my cock with her mouth and it wasn't long before I was

completely hard again. "Ready?", I asked.

"No, baby, I'm not... but you are.", she smiled at me devilishly, and

licked my cock from base to crown. Wendy flicked her tongue around the

sensitive rim, and used her tongue to clean the pre-cum from the tip. She

also tried to put her tongue in the opening, and I shuddered with delight.

She licked my cock all over again, then started to bob and swirl her

head around the top. She slowly took more of me in her mouth with the

bobbing and swirling motion. Her red hair flew around, threatening to

hypnotize me yet again. Suddenly she stopped, and took my cock out of her

mouth. The cool air slowed the approach of my orgasm, and brought me back

from ecstasy. She gave me a mischievous look. Then she bobbed her head

quickly and swallowed my cock.

I felt her teeth in my pubic hair. Wendy held my hips firmly down, and

slowly withdrew from my cock. I gurgled incoherently, and all she did was

smile. She swallowed me again quickly, and released me slowly. Then she

went down on me slowly, looking at me with that smile. She paused, looked

at my cock lovingly, and slowly eat me again. I started to whimper

and gurgled louder, signaling that I was about to come. She released my

cock to the air one last time...then she sucked the head hard, running her

tongue around the underside. My hips bucked once, I saw stars, and came.

She kept sucking my come while I moaned incoherently.

She stopped as my spasms got weaker, and moved quickly to kiss me.

Wendy grabbed my head with one hand, and rammed her tongue into my mouth.

My eyes shot wide open. "MMMMFFF!", I tried to protest, but she had a good

hold of my head and I couldn't resist tasting my sperm. I felt her body

quiver, and I became aware of the fact that Wendy's other hand was busy

between her legs. I pulled her hand away, and forced it between our

mouths. We sucked on her fingers, and her juices as well as mine. I put

my hand between her legs to finish what she had started. She rubbed her

body against mine, and we kissed a lot. Her orgasm was a little one, only

evidenced by a very quiet, purring, "Oooohhh." We fell asleep, holding

each other. My last conscious thought was "It was worth the wait. Will it

be another two years or never again?"

I woke up the next morning alone in my bed, after a deep, restful sleep.

I remembered the vivid dream I had had, and shivered as the details ran

through my mind. I thought that my infatuation with Wendy was getting out

of hand. I could even smell... I was EXTREMELY distracted at work for the

rest of the day. I called Wendy, but she wasn't in her office, and her

voice mail said she would be back around two. I waited for her return

call, and the clock slowed to a snail's pace. At about three, Wendy called

and asked if I wanted to meet her for an after-work beer at my favorite

sidewalk cafe. I agreed, and she said, "Can't talk... gotta run. See ya


We met as planned, and she gave me a short, wet kiss before sitting

down. She sat, ordered a beer, and merrily babbled about her day, pausing

only to sip her beer and smoke. I never got a word in. After we finished

our beer, Wendy rose and said, "I'm ready to go eat now. I'll pay since

you don't look like you're eager to cook. Remember, I'm not a student

anymore, love." I shrugged, because I didn't feel like cooking, but after

what had happened the last time I made her dinner, I wanted to try that

recipe again.

"Where do you want to go?", I waved my arms to indicate the plethora of

restaurants within walking distance.

"How about we go to your place and call out? There's that delivery service

from different restaurants. I'm in the mood for something different." I

couldn't believe what I was hearing. The untouchable woman of my fantasies

had spent last night with me, and now wanted to go right back to my place.

"OK!!! I have the list of restaurants and menus from the delivery

company." I couldn't contain my enthusiasm.

When we got to my place, Wendy looked at the menu book, and quickly

chose an upscale restaurant specializing in gourmet food. I blinked, but

since she was paying, I wasn't going to argue. As soon as she put the

phone down, she resumed the conversation (monologue?) where she stopped it

at the cafe, and I thought she was on something.


blushed. "Where did this conversational energy come from? Do you realize

that I have hardly said a word until now?" Wendy smiled sheepishly, and

lowered her eyes.

"Sorry. It's just that when I get excited and happy, I talk non-stop.

You already know that. After two years...You remember when I turned in my

thesis, better still, remember when I passed my orals?"

"How could I forget? I remember you getting extremely drunk, and I had

to drive you home. The next morning. After you had damn near gotten me

killed when you flirted with that guy and then came to talk to me." I

paused, remembering how the guy in question had cocked his fist to hit me.

Fortunately, he was only a little less drunk than Wendy, and he broke his

hand on the wall. I also remembered how she moaned about how sick she was,

and how she decorated my carpet. She slept in my bed that night, but I

stayed in the living room.

Wendy had gotten me into her conversation, and away from the questions

on my mind. By the time I found another opening, dinner had arrived. "Craig,

do you have any candles, and something to put them in?"

"Of course! Every romantic has candles and a candle-holder. Look in

the second drawer, below where I keep the silverware." She found them and

set the table. When she had finished, she turned the lights off, and

closed the curtains in the apartment. Wendy had created a romantic dinner

for two, and she did it right in front of my face, without my noticing.

Dinner was fantastic. The gourmet restaurant earned its reputation, I

decided. My mind drifted through various fantasies of me and Wendy. We

relaxed after dinner, faces illuminated by candlelight, the wonderful meal

occupying the conversation. Wendy put a cigarette in her holder. (Was she

using that thing an awful lot, or what?) She lit it with one of the

candles, and exhaled leisurely. Damn, she looked awful sexy in the

candlelight and... My cock stirred. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

Wendy looked at me and shook her head. "Craig, you are the most dense

individual I've ever met. Here I am, trying to seduce you, and you don't

even blink."

So that's what she was excited and happy about? "I hate to say this,

but when I woke up this morning, I thought that last night was only a dream

at first."

"A dream???", she cried. Wendy put her cigarette holder down, walked

over to me, and took my hand. She lifted her dress and put my hand between

her legs. Her panties were soaking wet. "Does this feel like a fucking

dream, Craig??? Sweetheart, you've been sleeping alone far too long. But

we can fix that." Wendy kissed me briefly, turned, and then headed for the

bedroom. I was still sitting in the dining room in shock. "Are you going

to fuck me or do I have to do myself?", she yelled after a minute. I got

up and went around the corner.

I saw Wendy's naked body stretched out on my bed. She rubbed her pussy

with one hand. My erection throbbed painfully, still trapped in my

clothes. I undressed very quickly. My cock stood out from my body. "See?

HE remembers me.", Wendy pouted, and pointed at my dick. I climbed onto

the bed and went to suck her pussy. She stopped me, and said, "If you want

to taste me, here." She stuck four of the fingers that had been playing

with her pussy in my mouth. "I want you to fuck me - NOW.", she hissed. I

didn't have to be told again.

I put my cock at the entrance to her dripping-wet cunt, and pushed it in

without resistance. I immediately started to hump Wendy, lifting my cock

out of her completely before putting it back in on each stroke. Wendy's

cunt felt like it was tailored to fit me specially. The walls of her cunt

grabbed harder at my dick. She started panting, and then wrapped her legs

around my back. "Oh. Ohh. Ohh.", she squeaked with each thrust, and she

matched my rhythm. When the initial lust of entry had diminished, I became

aware of her pubic bone grinding against mine.

I started to slow down, and ground my hips at her when I was all the way

in her cunt. She moaned softly, and nibbled on my ear. I stopped at the

end of one stroke, mashed my pelvis into hers, then rotated my hips slowly.

Wendy's mouth made a little 'O', but no sound came out, and her eyes

fluttered. Then it happened. "Ooohhhhhhhh, goddddd, Iiiiiiieeee, uh!".

She wailed like a banshee, her hips bucked and rolled, her legs squeezed me

tighter, and I felt her cunt gripping and releasing my cock rapidly. I had

to stop pumping, but kept rolling my hips with hers.

Wendy's face was completely red, matching her hair. She was having

trouble breathing, and she kept making little hiccuping noises. Then her

hips started to slow down, and her breathing became slower, and deeper.

She let out a long moan, and gave me a deep, wet kiss. "Ohhhh, baby. I

love you.", she purred in a throaty voice. Then, her voice went up an

octave and a half and she squeaked, "Fuck me!" The little girl quality of

her voice caught me a little by surprise, and turned me on even more. I

started to pump at her with renewed vigor. Wendy egged me on.

"Fuck me!... Yeah!... Fuck me!... Fuck me... ohhh... yess ... baby, I want

it... fuck - fuck - fuck meee!", she gasped in my ear, pausing to flick her

tongue around my face and neck. "Wen - Wendy - I'm gonna - come!", I

panted in warning as I felt my balls tighten.

The little-girl voice answered. "In me? - I - want - you - in - me. -

Come..." I groaned loudly, and my cock felt like it was exploding. I

frantically rotated my hips against her while my cock spurted inside her.

Wendy cried, "Ohhh, I feel iiiiiit!", and climaxed again.

I rolled off of her when my dick got soft enough for her to release me.

I was worn out. Wendy sighed contentedly, and rolled over. We kissed for

a long time. "You're not dreaming this. Just in case, I'll be staying

here tonight, so you won't wake up by yourself in the morning. I'm sorry

about last night, but you looked so peaceful this morning, I couldn't bring

myself to wake you up. Besides it was dark outside when I left." She

looked at me tenderly.

My mind told me that now was the time to bring up the subject I had been

avoiding all evening. My dick was too tired to object. "Wendy, last night

you gave me a blow job, right?"

"Ye-es.", she smiled. "Enjoy it?"

"God, yes. I saw stars. But... I...", my voice trailed off as I tried to

say it.

"Ohhh, I see. The kiss afterwards.", she correctly deduced. "Why did you

do it?", I asked, rolling onto my side. She stood up, and lazily

stretched. Then she started out of the bedroom. "Because I always wanted

to do that with a guy. What's good for the goose and all that." I was not

amused that she had decided to make a case for equality of the sexes with

my come. Wendy reappeared and tossed me her lighter. She sat on the bed

and crossed her long legs. I lit her cigarette, and she slowly exhaled.

"That kiss is really bothering you isn't it?", she asked.

I sat up next to her. "Yes. I'm - uncomfortable with it. You said you

always wanted to do that with a guy. What about Don?"

"Not a chance. He'd never let me."

"What made you think I'd be any more willing than him???" Wendy dragged on

her cigarette, and started, "Because,", pausing to exhale smoke, "I'm

bigger than you, sweetheart. You had no choice." She continued to smoke,

and I tried to come up with a ome back, so the room was silent. She took

one last drag, and extinguished her cigarette.

"You know, Craig, I came like crazy when you responded to that kiss, and

started to kiss me back.", Wendy said, in her low, throaty, seductive

voice. "And for that reason, I'm going to want to do it again."

"What makes you think I'll let you get me in that situation again?"

Wendy fixed me with those wonderful blue eyes. "Because you think I'm the

sexiest woman in the world. Because I can seduce you with a flick of my

lighter. Because you want me." She flopped back onto the bed. "I'm going

out with Don tomorrow night. I'm afraid I won't be able to see you.", she

sighed. I felt betrayed, but Wendy continued speaking. "I'm afraid he

won't take the news very well."

"What news?", I wondered aloud, feeling a little stab of jealous -

"That it's our last date." JOY! "Craig, you want to come over to my place

Saturday, and play with me?", she lisped.

"Only if my mommy says I can." We giggled, and I buried my tongue in

Wendy's mouth. We fell asleep after necking gently for a while. Wendy

made me feel like a high-school kid. It was after midnight on Thursday.

Saturday seemed as if it would never arrive.

Wendy called Saturday morning. "Hi Craig!!! What would you say if I

asked you out tonight? I want to dress up and go OUT. MY treat. We can

have dinner, go for drinks and dancing, and then fuck like rabbits when we

get home." Her bluntness shocked me a little.

"Wendy...", I paused. "This is a big adjustment for me. After two

years of wanting you, and bluntly having been told that I didn't turn you

on... Well, it's a major change to hear you talk about fucking my brains

out. I mean, I'm tempted to ask if you have the right number."

"Sorry. Is that a no to my offer?", she asked innocently.

"Where should I be and what time? Did you really think I could turn you


"My place. Six or six-thirty. Dress REAL nice."

"Your wish is my command, my lady red." There was a brief pause, then

Wendy's "sexy" voice spoke.

"See you then, baby." The clock immediately stopped moving. After an

eternity of waiting, it was time to get ready. I arrived at Wendy's house a

little before six.

She answered the door still wearing a bathrobe, and her hair was wet.

"You're early. I want to primp a little more than usual for tonight. I'll

be ready in a bit. Make yourself comfortable, you know where the bar is."

Wendy turned to go upstairs, then stopped. "Oh and Craig -" She grabbed

my head and rammed her tongue down my throat. I saw stars. She headed


I fixed myself a drink, and the CD player came on. Apparently Wendy had

a very long distance remote control. I sat and replayed the unlikely

events of the week. I kept trying to add two and two together, and the

total was always seventeen. She had obviously had a serious fight with

Don. But why was she seeking comfort in my bed? She occasionally came to

me for emotional support, but never for sex. And now that we were fucking

our brains out, how long would it last?

"Craig? Could you come here for a moment?" My racing mind stopped as

it heard the siren's call from upstairs. The CD player suddenly changed.

Duke Ellington? "Satin Doll?" When did Wendy get interested in jazz??? I

walked out of the den and had a heart attack. Wendy posed at the top of

the stairs. She was wearing a black dress that fit her perfectly,

revealing all of her gentle curves. One arm strap was off-the-shoulder,

sensually revealing extra neckline, and a bit more bare skin. She took a

long, slow drag from the cigarette in her holder. Nancy Wilson sang,

"Cigarette holder which swings me over his shoulder..." on the stereo.

"You like?", she softly asked. I couldn't say anything that was even

close to expressing what I felt at that moment. She walked down the steps

slowly, with an air of feminine grace. She wore high heels, and they added

another few inches to her impressive stature. She arrived at the bottom of

the steps, stood a few feet away, and curiously regarded me.

"Well? You haven't said a word since I came out of the bedroom." I

shook my head and looked at her new hairdo, a short curly style that framed

her face perfectly. She had just enough skin exposed to inspire fantasy,

without being completely obvious. Wendy had made herself absolutely


"I... I... Words fail to describe how good, no, WONDERFUL, you look." My

voice squeaked, and I started to sweat. Wendy walked over to me, leaned,

and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then she wiggled her way into the den.

"Baby, would you fix me a cocktail before we go out? You know what I

like." She sat on the sofa.

The bottle shook in my hands as I watched her cross her legs. It was

breath-taking. She gave me a come-hither look, and her blue eyes were

laughing and dancing. I was having problems opening the bottle. My throat

was dry, I felt dizzy, and my knees wobbled. I figured out what was wrong

with me, and forced myself to stop looking at Wendy. I managed to finish

making the drink, and brought it over to her. She smiled and took a sip.

"Perfect, darling. Thank you."

I leaned to kiss her. She put her drink down while our tongues

explored. Wendy pulled another cigarette from a gold case, and fit it in

the holder. She held it aloft, waiting for me to light it. I gently

pushed her arm down and kissed her again. It was short, and very wet. We

kissed again, longer, wetter. Her empty hand reached around the back of my

head. I reluctantly broke away. Wendy's kissing had given me a ferocious


"Mmmmm. That's better than the drink.", Wendy spoke and closed her eyes

to indicate that she wasn't finished kissing yet. We kissed again. I

heard her drop the cigarette holder on the table, and felt both of her

hands in my hair. I came up for air.

"I like your perfume.", I said as I stared at her exposed shoulder. Then I

looked at her face. "That's a nice blush you picked to put on. It accents

your face very well."

"Craig?" Very softly.

"Yes, Wendy?"

"I forgot to put on any rouge."

I looked into her half-closed eyes. "Call out for pizza?", I whispered.

"Later --- maybe", she panted and we undressed each other in a fraction of

the time to took us to dress. The drink got spilled when we turned the

coffee table over while shoving it out of the way. She pulled me on top of

her as she slid to the carpet. I buried my head at her breast, and my cock

in her cunt. The steaming, clinging warmth only drove me more crazy with

lust. I pounded at her with short, hard, frenzied strokes, sucking her tit.

"Uhhh - ufff - mmmf - hhnfff", she panted, the ferocity of my lust

taking her by surprise. She finally lifted her legs to wrap them around my

waist, then pushed my head away from her tit. She looked at me intensely,

blue eyes boring into my soul. "Mmmm! - - Ohhh! You - like - your -

femme - ohh! - fat - mmmm! - fatale - Uhhh! - don't you?" I could only

grunt with each thrust.

Wendy kissed me, and I tried to push my tongue through the back of her

head. She broke the kiss, gasping. "Oooooh... yesss... ohhh... ohhh ...

cum in my mouth! Ohhhh! - take it - out... cum in my mouth!" I pulled out of

her as she had driven me well over the edge. The first stream landed on

her chin, but she sat up quickly and wrapped her lips around my cock.

Guttural moans came from my throat as she sucked me. Wendy pushed me over

on my back and straddled me, rubbing her pussy on my deflating, but still

coming, cock. She leaned forward, and I knew what she was about to do. I

didn't care. I sat up, grabbed her head and passionately kissed her. I

felt her stomach tighten, and she started grinding her pussy against my

thigh forcefully. Little whimpers that started in her throat vibrated

against my tongue, muffled by the kiss.

I pulled away from her slowly, and her eyes stayed closed, opening only

when it was apparent that we weren't going to kiss again. I collapsed

backward on the floor. She collapsed on top of me. We were both out-of-

breath, and had to wait to speak.

"You like me as a femme fatale.", Wendy stated teasingly. She tickled my

chest hair.

"Sorry if I was a little - violent. But you were driving me crazy."

"Lover, I wanted to drive you crazy. I wanted to seduce you. I didn't

know that I could seduce myself. I got so hot upstairs after you got here,

I had to change my panties."

"You won't have to change them again tonight."

My cock had started to get hard again as I thought about making her come

some more, and fucking her, and the feel of her wonderful soft body against

mine. I had to slow down. I gently pushed her off me, and rolled over on

my side. Wendy sat up and reached for the holder and its unlit tenant.

She lit it, smiling as she exhaled. "I'll be ready in a few."

"We have all night."

"And all day Sunday, and Monday night, and Tuesday night..." I scratched

my chin, and blinked.

"Wendy, what are you trying to tell me? I heard what I wanted to hear,

but I'm not sure you said it."

"Craig, I'm in love with you. Have been for about a year now. But I

didn't think you could turn me on. I never lusted after you. See, I had

this picture of my dream guy, and you're about as far away from it as I can


"So what changed your mind?"

"My dissatisfaction with Don, and our discussion about my femininity. I

had no idea I could turn you on so much. Being that big a turn-on was such

a rush."

"And your fantasy of being a femme fatale..."

"Met reality. I'll be YOUR femme fatale, because it satisfies both of us."

Wendy stood up and finished smoking. I admired her long legs, and felt a

chill run up my spine. I looked at her face, the eyes half-open with the

look that I would come to recognize as her "freshly fucked" expression.

This was going to be one of many long nights.

Wendy started to walk out of the room. "By the way, Craig, I bought a

couple of new cigarette holders today. Can you fix them like you did

this one?"

"I believe I can manage that."

"Good. They're upstairs in the bedroom. Wanna see 'em?" She turned and

headed for the stairway. I stood up, stretched, and followed my femme

fatale as "Satin Doll" repeated itself on the stereo.


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