I'm currently a freshman at a large southern university. I'd like to tell

you about an experience that happened to me the first week I was on campus. It

was my first Friday night on my own and I had been invited to a fraternity

party. Before I go on, let me describe myself a bit. I'm 18, about six-foot

tall, and weigh 180 pounds. I've been called good-looking by many women, but

I'd say my best feature is my average length but extremely thick cock.



I arrived at the party at about ten o'clock. I immediately filled my beer

mug and went in search of females. I'm used to parties where guys outnumber

girls by a ratio of two to one, and you have to fight for a piece of ass. This

party was totally different--there were plenty of females, and they were all

hot. After checking out the scene, I decided to concentrate on Sara, a

voluptuous blonde about five and a half feet tall, 110 pounds, with about 36-

inch tits. She was dressed in a denim mini skirt that left almost nothing to

the imagination. On top of that she wore a very clingy white blouse. After the

usual eye contact, flirting, and small talk, we knew that we both wanted each

other. I suggested that we go back to my dorm room to continue our




Once we arrived I offered her a drink. While I was bending over the

refrigerator, Sara came up behind me and started massaging my behind. I

straightened up, turned around, and drove my tongue into her waiting mouth.

After a very long and passionate frence kiss, we moved the action over to the

couch. While our tongues were locked together, my hands found their way into

her blouse and onto her soft braless breasts. Sara's hands were not idle

either, as she nervously unbuttoned my 501's. She gasped when my cock sprang to

attention. Sara sank to her knees and started to lick my dick like a lollipop.

Amazingly, she was able to engulf my seven inches right down to my balls. I

could feel the come starting to rise, and I pulled out of her mouth just as I

shot stream after stream of jism on Sara's face, hair, and tits. She hungrily

licked the come from her lips and face, tasting my sperm on her tongue and

licking the overflow from the end of my cock. She finished draining the last of

my come and cleaned my shaft with her tongue.



Wanting to return the favor, I picked her up and placed her on the couch. I

took Sara's skirt off and found a G-string underneath. Pushing it aside, I

revealed a neatly trimmed blond bush teeming with beads of love nectar. I

quickly lowered my head and started to partake of her exquisite love potion.

Sara was moaning and thrashing about so much that it was getting hard to keep

my mouth on her. I replaced my tongue with my fingers as I slowly rimmed her

opening and inserted two fingers into her cunt. Then I began rubbing circles

around her clit with my thumb. Sara could hardly contain herself; it was all I

could do to keep her from falling off the couch. After just a few minutes of

this treatment, Sara's moans turned into a scream, and her cunt tightened up

around my fingers as she went into a violent orgasm.



After she had recovered, Sara said that she had just had the best orgasm

she'd ever had. I replied that there would be more to come as I rose up and

mounted my little love goddess. Sara's cunt was smooth as silk as I buried

myself up to the hilt in her hair pie. As we rolled off the couch and onto the

floor, I rolled Sara over and started to slam her doggie style while I reached

up and fondled her erect nipples. I knew that I would not last long, so I

increased my tempo. Just as I let my second load fly into Sara's pussy, she

again went into convulsions and had another earth-shattering orgasm. The rest

of the night was spent fucking and sucking in every possible position.



Needless to say, I no longer need to go in search of pussy. I now have a

standing invitation from Sara to stop by any time.



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