We first met, of all places, in a taco place. Only a block from the

university, the place was packed to the rafters with college students

there for the cheap tacos and draft beer they served. I saw her walk

in, her short, trim body and long light brown hair catching my eye

immediately. I admired her legs, shown off by a brief miniskirt, and

the firm roundness of her ass as she walked to the counter and placed

her order, before returning my attention to my tacos and beer.

The next time I noticed her, she was standing in the aisle, tray in

hand, looking for a place to sit. It seemed that every table in the

place was occupied. I was nearly through anyway, so, expecting her to

say no, I invited her to join me at my table.

My reward was a radiant smile as she sat across from me in the tiny

booth. We introduced ourselves, and made small talk while we ate. Like

me, she was a college student, and, though our majors were worlds apart,

we found campus news to talk about. We were soon joking like two old

friends and drinking another beer.

The talk turned to dating, men, women, sex, parties, all the important

things to college students, and the beer flowed freely. Then I stopped

a joke in mid-sentence as she caught me totally off guard. A sudden

sensation of pleasure made me look down to see her shapely, stocking-clad

foot massaging the growing bulge in my pants. "Want to take a drive?"

she asked. We left, getting into her shiny new sports car. She

explained that it had been an early graduation present from her folks as

she shifted smoothly through the gears. With each action of her foot on

the clutch, her miniskirt rose higher and higher up her thigh, until I

could clearly see the tops of her stockings and a hint of blue lace

garters. Her blouse drooped open slightly between the buttons, just

enough that I could tell that her bra matched the garters.

I casually let a hand rest on her shapely thigh, just to see her

reaction. To my surprise, she placed her hand on mine, drawing it

slowly higher and higher up her leg, until it was high enough that it

was obvious she wore no panties. Her pubic hair was long, thick and

soft, and my probing fingers soon discovered that her lips were swollen

and wet. She moaned softly and licked her lips as my fingers found her

clit, and she downshifted, turning into a park that runs along the


She pulled the car up under a railroad bridge that offered a little

shade and blocked the view of her car from the road. After stopping the

engine and adjusting the radio, she turned to me and we kissed, a long,

wet, delicious kiss, my fingers still massaging her clit while she raked

her long fingernails gently against the hard bulge in my pants.

We finally broke the kiss, and she leaned back in her seat. Her eyes

never left mine as she slowly, oh, so slowly, unbuttoned her silk

blouse. Finally, she pulled it open, and I saw for the first time her

gorgeous breasts, encased in a filmy blue bra. A tiny tattoo of a rose

adorned the top of her left breast above the bra, and my lips found that

spot, kissing and licking, as her nipples grew stiff in my palm. I

pulled the bra out of the way, with her helping, and took her nipple

into my mouth, sucking and gently rasping my teeth against it. She

moaned, gasped, and arched her hips, pressing her perfect tit into my

mouth. Suddenly, she pushed me away, pushing me back in my seat, and

started to undo my jeans. I tried to help, but she just pushed my hands

away, telling me with her eyes to let her do it.

I raised my hips slightly to let her slide my jeans down past my knees,

and she seemed amused at my lack of underwear. Leaning forward, her

long, soft hair caressed my cock and balls for a moment, then I gasped

as she slowly sucked the entire length of my raging hard-on, so gently

she was barely touching it, until her nose was right up against my

balls. She applied a little more pressure as she slowly slid her lips

back up the length, then inhaled me again, moving onto her knees in her

seat to get more comfortable. Over and over with maddening slowness her

mouth traveled the length of my cock while my hand caressed her ass and

pussy lips.

She hit the lever for my seat, and I reclined fully. Soon her knees

were on the headrest on either side of my head, and I was enjoying the

taste and smell of her pussy as she continued to suck my swollen cock.

She was as turned on as I was, I guess, because in minutes she was

shuddering with orgasm, gasping and moaning around my cock while she

ground her pussy into my mouth.

She moved again, straddling me, and guided my stiff dick into her pussy.

She was so tight! It was like fucking a virgin as she slid up and down

on my rod. As we got closer and closer to cumming, she began to rock

her hips, grinding our pubic bones together while she massaged my

rock-hard cock with her incredible muscle control. Her orgasms were

like a string of little firecrackers going off, each one a little bigger

and a little stronger. Finally I could stand no more, and I grabbed her

by the hips, arching up into her, and with a loud groan, I exploded.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she came violently as my hot seed splashed

against her insides, and she collapsed on my chest, her pussy

milking the last drops of my cum from my wilting cock.

I never saw her again after that day, but I'll always get hard thinking

of her!

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