Overwhelming desires flood her mind. She can barely think of anything

other than her urgent need. The hunger is so great she feels she will go

mad if it isn't satisfied soon.

She watches as the burgundy candle is pulled from the antique candlestick

and laid upon the bed at her side. Her mind whirls. A book of matches is

thrown on the bed next to the candle...then a teacup and a soft, white

towel. She must wait as two ice cubes are retrieved from the freezer and

put into the teacup. She also waits while a battery is inserted into a

small muscle massager, which joins the rest of the items on the bed next

to her.

Such simple things.

Her need only grows.

The cd player is turned on, and 'Sky Cries Mary' softly floods the room

with their lulling melodies.

An ice cube is taken from the teacup and held directly above the bare

flesh of her stomach. It doesn't take very long before the heat from the

hand causes the ice to melt slightly, slowly dripping icy droplets of

water onto her. The hand moves, and the droplets move with it...falling

onto her stomach, then her breasts. One by one, the drops search out the

warm, dry patches of flesh that are left, and succeed in drenching them.

The hand moves excruciatingly slow...taunting her...teasing her. Her

flesh burns from the cold. She squirms. A small gasp escapes her lips as

a chilly droplet falls onto one of her erect nipples.

The ice cube continues to drip onto her warm flesh as the hand moves down

her front to her thighs. Fingers spread her open, and three icy drops

fall onto her exposed clitoris. She moans audibly. She can feel her inner

muscles clenching...craving.

The ice cube is set between her breasts, where the melting water glides

down her chest to her neck, tickling and arousing her senses. Ever so

slowly, the ice is moved towards her belly, leaving a cold trail of

melted water to drench her flesh.

A match is struck, a tiny flame dancing on the end of it. It touches the

candle's wick and lights it.

The ice cube still sets upon her stomach, just above her belly

button...and now the candle is held directly above her. Her senses are

reeling. Wax falls from the candle and seers a tiny dot of her flesh. She

feels the dampness creeping from between her legs. Her breathing becomes


The candle follows the same path the ice took earlier, burning into the

previously chilled flesh. She can't take anymore. Her body writhes with

pent up passion. The desire is greater than any she's known for quite

some time.

The candle is quickly blown out and the bottom end is pushed deep inside

her. The muscle massager is turned on and pressed against her clitoris.

She squirms uncontrollably, and soon the ice slides off of her..freezing

water trickling down her sides.

She closes her eyes as she orgasms. It's wonderful. More intense than any

she can recall recently. Her muscles clench around the candle, her warm

fluids spilling out around it.



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