A Sleep


It's 6:30 as I glance at my watch when I finish parking on your

street, and I wonder if you'd been up as late as two o'clock calling

bulletin boards again. I climb the stairs and struggle somewhat with

your door key, trying to avoid too much noise that will startle your dog,

who should recognize the sounds I make by now.

Once inside, I remove my shoes and grab an empty glass before I hit

the refrigerator on the way to your bedroom. The sun's just begun to

rise in the eastern window, which provides a pleasant glow within the

room. I pause to watch you as you sleep. You're laying in somewhat of

a fetus position on your right side, your legs are pulled up, arms

folded in front of you. Not knowing whether or not I'd stop this

morning, you went to bed nude anyway. The light sheet was pulled up to

just-above your breasts, with your left arm outside their protective

covering. You are in a deep, peaceful slumber, hardly breathing, a

smile on your face.

I approach you from behind and lean over to kiss you on your left

ear-lobe, just lightly, then kiss my way down your neck, pulling away

your hair as I go. You're somewhat startled at first, but in your

sub conscience mind you're only having a dream. You roll onto your

back, pulling the sheet tightly across your bountiful bosoms. I move

my head down to your left nipple and gently bite it through the sheet.

I can feel it growing harder as I nibble at it, ever so gently, not

wanting to wake you, yet. I reach over to your right tit and cup it

from underneath in my left hand, gently squeezing it within my palm,

pinching the growing nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I can

feel your heartbeat increase as I alternate between squeezing your

breast and pinching and biting your nipples.

Glancing up, I see the smile on your face growing, I feel your

breath increasing against my face. You're still deeply asleep, having

a pleasant dream....

Kneeling on the floor beside your bed, I remove my left hand from

your tit and slide it under the sheet to your left thigh. You're hot

to the touch, which tells me my hand must feel very cold as I gently

caress the soft soft skin of your upper leg...up and down, avoiding

your pussy, still biting gently and pulling on your nipple through the

sheet. Your left hand moves to the back of my head and pushes it

against your breast, your right hand moves under the sheet toward your

warm mound. Your legs part as your right hand begins to rub around the

outside of your cunt-lips. Your left hand releases my head and joins

your other hand, one above and one below the sheet. I look again and

see the smile growing even more.

Releasing your nipple, I move down the side of the bed and pull

myself under the sheet. As I approach your pussy, I can smell your

musky aroma...and I watch as your right hand rubs your pussy lips

between your middle and ring fingers, up and down. I get the

impression that this is what you were doing shortly before you fell

asleep a few hours before!

Moving over your left leg, I fight against the sheet being pushed

by your left hand, and work my way up, kissing your soft skin from just

inside your left knee upward toward your pleasure box, occasionally

biting your softness between my teeth. At the same time, I lightly

brush the inside of your right leg with my fingertips, opposite to

where my lips are kissing.

Your legs open more for me, allowing me to pull my body, still

under the sheet, in between them. Your left hand moves to your

nipples, your right hand finds my head and pulls it, forcing my nose

against your clit. I manage to reach around with my hands on either

side and pull your lips apart, exposing your hole to my tongue. I

wiggle my moustache against your growing , causing an immediate

thrust from your hips toward me. I insert my tongue into your hole,

licking up and down the inside of your lips, then pucker my own lips to

allow me to suck from your hole. I suck a little, lick a little, suck

some more and lick some more, avoiding your clit except for when you

buck your hips upward against my nose. I wish I could breathe through

my ears!

Your breathing has become almost frantic, you moan, your words are

incoherent, you really enjoy this! You're so wet now, both from your

own secretions as well as those from my licking. You pull your legs

upward to help thrust against my mouth, so I reach my right hand around

and under your left leg and insert first one, then two fingers into

your hole, freeing up my tongue to flick back and forth across your

erect little clit. Moving my fingers into your hole and back out,

curling them inside you, pulling against the lower part of your cunt

before removing them. My fingers are soaked, like everything else, so

I slide them down to the bottom of your pussy and find your puckered

ass opening and rub the wetness against it.

Still nibbling at your clit with my teeth, I pull gently at it and

flick it, inside my mouth, with my tongue. I suck it, I bit it, I

flick it, I fight against your thrusting hips, I insert the tip of my

middle finger into your back door and move it around until it loosens

up enough to add my ring finger. In and out, my pinkie finger tracing

your crack, in and out, my index finger tracing along the insides of

your pussy lips, in and out, flicking and biting your clit. I shift,

replacing my left hand with my right (my fingers are getting TIRED!),

and reach the floor with my right hand to find the glass that I'd

brought into the room. I stop working on your clit for a fraction of a

second, and when I return, I have an ice cube between my teeth and

touch it against your engorged clit, causing you to have a series of

convulsions. I continue working my left-hand fingers in and out of

your ass as I try to keep that ice on your clit, but your raging hip

movements make it difficult. All at once you stop and your hips become

limp...I remove my fingers and mouth, and look up to see your heaving

breasts as you try to regain your breath. Pulling out from under the

sheet, I see that you're now wide awake, your eyes are glazed over, but

you're definitely awake, and the smile on your face tells me that you

enjoyed being awakened this morning.


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