My freshmen year of college school was a year of sexual highlights, the

best of which happened with Wendy. She was a big girl, not fat but

big, she stood about 5 foot 11 inches with blond short hair, and nice

sized tits. I had known her for quite a while, and we were friends.

About the second month of school while in English class I looked up

and noticed that Wendy was looking right at me and licking her lips,

she was wearing that jism white lipstick and her tongue ran across her

lips and teeth.

When she saw me she looked away, but I kept staring. She started

to write but as she did she opened her legs, her mini-skirt rising

over thighs and I could make out red, the bottom of her panties. As I

kept watching she spread her legs wider, dropped her hand into her lap

and slowly ran it up the inside of her knee, up to where the skirt

ended. My cock was getting hard, watching her caress her thigh, now

in a rhythmic motion, a smile overcame her face as she looked over at

me and licked her lips again.

She knew she was teasing me, and continued to run her hands and now

a finger along her thigh, her skirt rode higher, and now I could see

her red panties fully, a small wet spot was forming in the center of

them. The teacher came over and noticing I was not writing, told me

to start, as glanced over at Wendy, she smiled and pulled her skirt


After class I caught up to Wendy and asked if she wanted to get

together after the football game, she said yes, and told me to meet

her outside the girls locker room. At the game I watched her as she

did her cheers, doing splits, and kicks. I was getting hard just

thinking about the English class episode.

After the game, I went to the locker room and after watching all

the girls leave and no Wendy I thought she had stood me up. Just as I

was about to leave, I heard someone moving around, and some low

moans.. I walked inside knowing everyone was gone, and Wendy was

turned with her back to me, one leg up one the bench, and her hand

buried between her legs, and one hand massaging her tits. I could see

from behind through the crack of her ass two fingers pumping in and

out of her pussy, wisps of cunt hair framed her fingers, and her ass

and back was arched as she moaned. My dick was so hard from this show

I had to take my pants off. I walked up behind her, "thinking of me?"

"What are you doing here," was her reply, I said that I got

worried, but was now enjoying the show, since he had stopped fingering

herself, I ran my hand down the crack of her ass and rubbed her cunt

lips from behind. She was so wet already, my fingers slid right in

her cunt, she started to move away but I pulled her back to me,

running my hand up her stomach over her tits, pinching her nipples.

Moving my hand from her pussy, I pressed my dick into her rump and

started grinding against her, she star ted moaning, grinding her ass

back against me.

"Was this what you were thinking about in class today?"

"Yes," she moaned.

With my free hand I ribbed her clit and rolled it with my fingers,

"oh..oh..it feels so good", she felt so good and so wet. She took my

dick, pulled it through her legs and placed it between her cunt lips,

then lifting her ass a little higher sunk back on my dick, arching her

back and rocked on my cock.

I didn't have to do anything, she was so hot she did all the work.

I started pumping her now, thrusting up her cunt, squeezing her


She was moaning out "I'm cuming. I'm cuming.. fuck me harder."

I kept on thrusting, jamming my dick up her cunt from behind, she

started bucking wildly and her juices ran down my leg, two strokes

later I was cuming.."you like it hard..hard up your twat"..."yes..fuck

me ".

I came all over her ass and back, my cum splattering all over her.

I turned her around, kissed her for the first time, and told her to

shower and I would meet her.

Copyright � 1998, by SIC


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