Check In at The Back Door Motel

I gotta admit that you suprised me with your suggestion. I had dreamed of this,

but never had the courage to even suggest it. Slowly, I was learning that you

were full of suprises.

God! I like being here with you this motel room! No reservations or

games. Nothing I, you, would even think of holding back from you if, for

whatever piqued little reason my mind manufactured some delicious new thought.

... I sigh again as I write this, thinking that even something so rarely ever

spoke in normal discourse as 'asshole' was so so easily referred to in

conversation. Hah! Your little mark between the cleavage of your buns IS, you

know, quite unusual. It's so damn pretty which, in turn, is a term I've never

thought of about that always present blemish in a human behinds. It's that its

color doesn't change from skin light to a darker one I think. I remember my first

approach. The way your hips and legs responded as my middle finger slid in the

silky creams of your pussy's lowermost reach ... edging mere fractions of

tentative, yet always increasing inches towards that 'other' place. ... The

ridge between: what an interesting change in feel and firmness .. such a short

distance to travel. Smiling now, I can only say that my perception was - at the

time - that my touch was sweetly sensitive and, in whatever way it did , my

orbits added to your pleasure.

However, it's not my intent to dwell on that; it's a different dream of mind

that's brought me here to my place of phrase and lazy dreams. It's a vision of

looking down as you lay on your back on a stolen bed. Straddling a leg, its

front lower portion drifts back and forth over my hanging balls and sleepy cock.

What I SEE and what I feel is a completely welcoming and, somehow more than naked

'YOU.' .... Tussled hair, looking eyes, a breast topped chest rising and

falling and a smile of contentment on your face as you lay there, relaxed with

your head on the pillows. One of your arms - your left - is crooked .... your

hand behind your head. My eyes receive the underform of your arm, your shaven

armpit .... all the grace and form of human shape. Tendons and muscle and flesh

blend into breasts like the delta of a tropical river.

Your other hand lays half across its breast and I see your mounded orb yielding

by pressure of slowly moving fingers. ..... Inside, I reflect how you seem to

enjoy me watching you, as you look at my eyes darting from place to place,

holding gaze, moving to some new place of naked vision. But ... the thing that

pleases me most I think, that turns me on if you will ( Although you clearly

should see that I'm not 'turned up!') is the way you've spread your legs .....

or maybe it's the way your legs are spread. ... There is a difference. ... If

you'd 'thought' to spread your legs - the way they are - it's like you've said

"... look at me John, look HERE, look at me! See me, make love to me, fuck me."

On the other hand, the way you are seems so relaxed and natural, so innocent, ...

it's hard to think that you actually thought of spreading the way you are now,

..... that it's just the way things have turned out.

The effect IS, you know, quite, quite erotic. But, anyway, here I am, towering at

the bottom of our bed where YOU can see MY nakedness. ... Where, if you want, you

can tease your shin against my crotch ... which, if you think about it, does

require my assistance because I really must make the slightest of moves ... to

let you do so. ...... And there you are: buck-fucking naked playing with your

breast and as complacent as if this happened every day of our lives.

Ohhhhh honey: my eyes drift down where your thighs merge to the valley 'tween

your legs. What do I call it? Pussy? Cunt? ... They seem inadequate. All that

really shows is a clefted slit .... like a straight-down slash through a

cascading veil of changing skin which flow down, then under and vanishes in the

Valentines of your ass. But it IS there. There in my gaze. That part of you

which, if you think about it, brought us together in the first place. And, while

somehow innocently closed to view at present, has been and soon will be again

visited ... by me, by your lover. Ohhhhh! With my solitary middle finger alone

... or, or with fingers and thumb .... my mouth and tongue and nose! Everything

that is my head ... God! .......... And with my beginning to stir penis which,

looking at myself I note, wish would start taking a firmer interest in all that

I'm seeing. .... It will ... don't you worry.

As I write this Susan... and as I close my eyes to sharpen this sooooo desirable

view I've made, a little voice inside says that, were we twenty-five years

younger ... Hell, more, I'd have a cock of granite ... ready to ply and worm

between your legs. But, alas, nothing's happening between my legs - or is it? -

and I'm just breathing slowly, leisurely looking at the woman who you are. What

was it? Three? Five? Ten minutes ago that you came bucking and writhing as I

ground my head in your warm, baby-soft thighs. What you said in your final

moments of cuming! ... The urgency you'd said it with. ... My blinded eyes of

blurred tummy skin ... color alone with my tongue and jaw trying to please you

however it could. .... I just can't get deep enough inside you that way. 'Yes,'

I say - inside my mind - as I look down at the slit in your pussy. .... 'It's

just skin ... body .... words in an anatomy dictionary,' I quietly think. ... Why

DOES the spread of your legs please me so much? Does your cunt please more than

your caressing your breast ... and now, quite on purpose I think, your perfect,

perfect 'if everyone could see' nipple? Is it your wide spread cleavage with it's

slight glint of post-fun perspiration or is it those looking eyes over smiling

cheeks -sort of puffed up like rounded balls? I don't know. ........ I think I

know. It's EVERYTHING here in this private room. It's being with you as easy as

if I were visiting your desk and was discussing the morning's news.

"Did you see that article where pay scales in our region rose by three percent

in nineteen ninety-seven" "You have beautiful boobs." "How are your party plans

coming along?" "God! It feels so good in there!" "You know if you would spring

for some swans and a swan house, you could get rid of all your goose pJohnlems."

"Let's go back in the Jacuzzi. There's something I'd like to show you with the

jets." "..... and then we turned down the wrong road, even though I said to go

straight." "I love sucking your cock ........"

"Susan?" "Yes?......" "Show me your pussy ........."

You see? It's sooooooo easy to think of you these ways. Oh God, that picture I

sent you! To be fucking you so long and deep. Feeling your entire cunt nibbling

on every pore of my cock while knowing your feel each six and one half inch slide

when I go from your vagina's beginning all the way up inside in a clamping

sheath of lubricious pleasures.

Watching you begin so easily what I've asked .... truly showing me your pussy, my

right hand falls to my crotch and I begin to emulate on me that which you do on

you. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! What luscious pinkness is inside there. How could what you

see with your eyes as you lay so casually spreading your shaved cunt apart with

those red tipped nails, .. how could what I show for you ... kneading and

stroking in my fingers ... how could that be half as appealing to you? ... But

... 'It must,' I think, 'It must!' My cock stirs as, between now further spread

legs, you orbit two dangerous looking fingers in the pliant, ever -moving lips of

pussy. ... Like little flowing waves God! You are something! ....... Let me

please you Susan, let me pleasure you ....... let me make you cum again however I

can. Oh yeah!!! Finger yourself dear. Oh! There! Oh yeah! There! Oh jeeze;

you're inside now, you're curling both fingers, lifting! ... I can see down

into pinkness which grows darker and darker until it's black in distance. God!

You do like that! Inhaling long and slow as I begin to feel more weighty mass

within my hand, I lean towards you, extending my finger to mate on yours. Your

finger eases up and I follow in my heart. ........ We've started again, haven't

we. ....... Where will this end? "Ummmmmmmmmm," I groan through my nose. "What?"

you question back. Pausing for a second ... ordering my thoughts while aware of

my hardness in my hand, I reply. "Why don't you get on top?" I say, beginning to

smile. "I think we can get this inside you justttttt the way youwantit.

My eyes glance to the bedstead's top and catch the still open jar of lotion you

brought along. I remember how it felt against my fingers as I'd slithered down

the crack of your ass. 'Oh yeahhhh,' I think, 'this is gonna be the time.'

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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