Face to Face!

We had "met" on line months before. Inter net chat had become our passion as we

slowly got to know each other. It was different, getting to know some one in such

a distant way. And now, we were meeting. In the real. Face to face!

I paced the busy corridors of the airport, glancing at the arrival monitors as I

walked. Delayed another twenty minutes. Damn! I had gotten to the airport over

an hour before her flight was scheduled to arrive, and now she was going to be

over an hour late. Should I go have a quick beer to help pass the time? No--I

wanted to keep a clear head.

This was crazy, I told myself; sure, we had exchanged hundreds of letters since

we first "met" online, four months before. They had been quite innocent at

first, but then vague sexual innuendoes had started to appear.

"I love to tempt men," she had written in one letter. "I must be some kind of

slut, huh?" I had smiled when I read it.

"I've just gotten out of the shower," she wrote in another letter. "Gave myself a

nice, close shave--and I don't mean my legs or pits!"

She told me how much she loved going down on men--how much she'd love to go down

on me.

Finally, a letter from her telling me she planned to be on my side of the

country. Could we get together? I stared at the screen for a long while. Could

we get together? It was the stuff men dream of on the Net--it seems as though

everyone trolls for women, but what do you do when you finally *catch* one?

I wrote back and said I'd be delighted to meet her.

Now here I was, waiting at the airport for a flight that was over an hour late.

We had never exchanged photographs, so I had very little idea of what she looked

like. She had told me what she'd be wearing, and I knew I could stand in the

crowd and make an assessment of her looks before revealing myself. If she was a

real dog, I could simply sneak away unobserved. Too cowardly, I decided.

Besides, we had revealed so much of ourselves to each other in correspondence

that we had become friends. I couldn't leave a friend--even an ugly

friend--stranded in a strange airport, far from home.

Suddenly, the plane was at the gate and passengers were arriving--some running

joyfully into the arms of waiting loved ones, others trudging slowly, defeatedly

into the terminal.

Then I saw her.

She was a small woman with long dark hair and olive skin, and she struggled under

the weight of two large carry-ons. I stepped into her path. "This would be

Lena," I said, reaching for the larger bag. She grinned at me.

"You're here!" she shrieked. She dropped the second bag and threw her arms

around my neck, clinging to me. I bent down to kiss her cheek, but she turned

her head and our lips met, gently at first, then harder, lingering for a few

seconds. Her lips parted slightly and I felt the quick flick of her tongue. I

smiled at her as I picked up her other bag. "This is all I brought," she said.

"I usually travel pretty light." We walked through the early summer's heat to my

car. I opened her door for her. She flashed me a quick smile as she got in.

I unlocked my door and got in. She was still smiling. "Here we are," she said,

brightly. "Now what?"

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

"Well, they gave me plenty of peanuts on the plane," she said," but I'm still

starving--but not for regular food. Could I get another kiss? I liked the first

one." I obliged, leaning over to her. Suddenly she was locked to me, and her

hands stroked my face, my chest, then moved down to my hardening crotch. "I just

love a man with a nice hard-on," she breathed, squeezing me gently. "Where are

you going to take me?"

"It's a surprise," I said, grinning at her mysteriously, as we left the parking

lot and entered the freeway north.

We passed the twenty minute ride with small talk, shooting sidelong glances at

each other, sizing each other up. Once our eyes met and we laughed, breaking the

tension somewhat. We exited the freeway and turned onto a two-lane road leading

into the foothills. The countryside had quickly changed from urban to suburban

to rural, and now we were surrounded by tall, silent redwoods as we climbed away

from civilization. We drove in silence for another fifteen minutes, finally

turning onto a rutted dirt road leading into the forest. We arrived at a small

clearing and I stopped the car, smiling at her. "Here's the spot," I said,

brightly. "Nicest place in the state!" She hesitated a moment before opening

her door and stepping out.

We walked along the winding path, our footsteps muffled by decades of falling

leaves. Finally we emerged from the dark path into a small sunlit clearing. We

stood at the edge, listening to the soft sound of wind moving through ancient

trees. Finally I took her hand, and we stepped into the clearing.

I spread a blanket in the dappled shade under the trees and we sat cross-legged

together on the grass, softly resilient under the blanket. We reached for each

other, locked lip to lip, pressing our bodies together. As my tongue probed her

mouth she made small mewing noises in her throat. She pressed her pelvis against

me and I cupped her buttocks with my hands, pulling her more tightly against my

now hard crotch.

After a long while we broke apart, panting. I reached for the wine, uncorked it,

and poured two glasses. She accepted hers, smiling, looking at me through dark

lashes. "You're quite a surprise," she said. "You've never come on to me, all

these months--and now, here we are; this is something!" she said, raising her

glass to me. We drank, then came together again, more urgently. I felt her

hands between us, clawing at my belt. I released her slightly to give her more

room. In moments she had pushed my pants off my hips, releasing my hard cock into

the sunlight. She grasped my shaft and grinned, baring sharp teeth.

Suddenly, her mouth was on me; she had taken the entire length of my cock all at

once. I could feel her tongue busy against my shaft as she moved her lips up the

length, sucking, then stopping as her soft lips reached the sensitive head. I've

had plenty of blowjobs over a good number of years, and I'd be the first to say

that there's no such thing as a *bad* blowjob.

This was a *great* blowjob. Whether it was the way she used her full lips to

caress the head of my cock, or her rhythm, or the sound she made in the back of

her throat as she took all of me into her throat, I can't say. All I know is

that it was close to a religious experience that I didn't want to end. As her

mouth moved rhythmically up and down my shaft, bringing me ever closer to orgasm,

her fingers toyed with my balls, caressing them, squeezing them gently, stroking

them. Light stroking of the sensitive skin between testicles and anus--all while

her mouth kept up its pleasurable work on my cock.

Finally, my entire body convulsed with pleasure, and I was wracked with the most

powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. She kept sucking at me gently,

swallowing every drop I gave her, demanding more. As the pulsing slowed, then

stopped, so did her sucking, until finally we lay there quietly. She held my

half-erect cock in her soft mouth, caressing the tender underside lovingly with

her tongue. She seemed to have all the time in the world for this. So did I.

After a long while, she released me from her mouth and smiled up at me with great

satisfaction, looking at me through her lashes with soft brown eyes. She brought

her body against mine and kissed me deeply. I tasted my own semen on her lips and

tongue as she shared the fruits of our shared pleasure.

We lay naked on the blanket, feeling the warm summer's breeze as it dried the

light sweat glistening on our skin. I reached for the wine bottle, pulled the

cork and silently poured two glasses. I hoisted mine to her, smiling. "That was

unbelievable," I said, truthfully. "Where did you learn that?"

She smiled at me, proudly. "I guess it's just a gift," she said. "I've just

always liked sucking guys' cocks. But *yours* is really something!" She grasped

me, and I could feel blood rushing to the organ. I wondered how long it would

take me to recover from this last orgasm. She began to stroke me, first gently,

more firmly, squeezing the shaft. To my amazement, I felt myself grow erect

again. She grinned at me in satisfaction. "Mind if I suck you again?"

"Help yourself," I said. At once her lips were on me again, but this time I knew

she'd have more time to spend before I came. She knew it, too, and she moved her

hot, wet mouth rapidly up and down my tender cock, more forcefully than before,

taking me just to the threshold of pain, where the most intense pleasure lives.

I had reached orgasm quickly the first time. This time, my Lena knew she'd have

plenty of time to keep me in her mouth. She sucked and licked at me for hours,

it seemed. Her tongue was always busy at some part of me, raising me to a

plateau of intense pleasure, but not quite to the point of orgasm. It was as

though she were wired to my pleasure centers somehow, and could tell just when I

was reaching the inevitability of orgasm, backing off to keep me from that point.

I was whimpering with pleasure.

After some succession of eternities, I could feel the warmth in my bowels, and

knew that I would be coming in moments. The pleasure built inside me, beginning

at the soles of my feet, weakening my calves, my thighs, then infusing my cock

and balls. I heard loud animal cries reverberating among the trees and knew

somehow that it was me.

My swollen balls tightened, then released their load of semen into my Lena's

hungry mouth. I'm not sure, but I think I blacked out. I wondered if this was

what heaven was like.

I lay on the blanket, limp, panting and damp as my Lena stroked my belly with

her long red nails. Why hadn't I noticed the long red fingernails before? I

wondered. She reclined on one elbow to look at me. Her full breasts were close

to my chest and I pulled her closer to me so that our skin touched. She hooked

one leg over my hip, pulling me closer to her.

Idly, I stroked first one large nipple, then the other, feeling them grow hard

under my fingers. She sucked in her breath through clenched teeth as I touched

her. She pulled my body closer to her. I cupped one soft ass cheek with my hand

and her hips began to move rhythmically. I pushed her onto her back. She didn't

resist, looking up at me through half-closed eyes. Her legs were slightly

parted, and her prominent, swollen lips were deep pink from arousal. Gently I

pushed her legs farther apart, so that her clean-shaven pussy was completely

exposed to me. I brought my face down to her belly, kissing the soft skin,

moving slowly down to the joining of thigh and belly. I traced the warm, moist

skin with the tip of my tongue, hearing her breathing increase its tempo,

smelling her arousal.

Her small clit was beginning to emerge from its hood, and I traced the outline of

her full outer lips with the tip of my tongue. She had told me once in a letter

how her pussy was very small and tight, and now I could see what she meant. I

wondered in vanity for a moment if she would be able to accommodate me. As I

pressed one finger into her gently, then another, feeling how wet and slippery

she was, I knew I would fit just fine. As my tongue explored the entrance to her

vagina and my fingers probed inside, her hips began to undulate from side to

side. I brought my mouth to her wet pussy and was rewarded by hearing her sharp

intake of breath. I put my hands under her ass to raise her cunt to my mouth.

The juice of her arousal flowed freely, filling my mouth, coating my face. I

sucked at her cunt, taking first one swollen lip, then another between my lips,

sucking, nibbling.

I took her firm clit between my lips, sucking at it gently, then flicking at its

tip with my tongue. She was making inarticulate, growling sounds from somewhere

deep in her throat. I pushed my index finger into her slippery canal, then

turned my palm upward, probing for her elusive, sensitive g-spot. Her sudden

squeal told me I had reached it. I stroked the spot gently with the tip of my

forefinger, then began to roll her hard clit with my thumb. The growling sounds

she made grew louder and deeper, as if we had been transported millions of years

into the past and were carrying the weight of creating an entire race as we lay

coupled in that warm sunlight.

She cried out over and over again, calling out my name, singing a passionate

scale from guttural growl to impassioned shriek. I don't know how many times she

came--maybe she doesn't know, either. After a long while, her sounds became more

quiet, until finally she was limp, her breasts heaving.

I was anything but limp, though, and I laid my body full length against her, my

hard cock poised at the entrance to her pussy. Suddenly, I was inside her.

It was as though her vagina had reached out to draw me into her body. I could

feel her tightness as her strong muscles grasped my shaft. I began to move

slowly in and out of her, the full length of my cock. With each stroke I could

feel her pussy contracting rhythmically around me. With each long stroke I would

withdraw just to where her pussy was tightening around the sensitive spot where

shaft joins head, then plunged deeply into her, burying the organ to its base.

Each time I stroked into her pussy, she let out a short, guttural sound of feral

pleasure. I plunged in and out of her faster and faster, now eager to shoot yet

another load of semen deep into her, where it belonged.

I was breathing harder now, and I fucked her faster and faster. My balls smacked

against her ass with each new stroke, and our mingled cries were the sounds of

two mindless, prehistoric animals rutting in this deserted forest.

Suddenly, seemingly without warning, we climaxed simultaneously and loudly,

rolling off the blanket, feeling small twigs and grass on our naked, sweaty skin.

I clutched her slick body to mine. My soft penis fell out of her cunt, followed

by the milky flow of my semen. I brought my fingers to her tender pussy,

scooping up the pearlescent fluid, bringing it first to her lips, then to mine.

We kissed deeply as the light faded, casting long shadows through the trees. The

afternoon's warm breeze was turning chilly. We finished the wine for warmth, but

soon even that was no protection against the cool evening. Reluctantly, silently,

we dressed, then gathered the blanket and the remains of our picnic. We held

hands as we walked down the gentle slope to the car.

I opened the passenger door for her, but she stood there for a long moment,

looking up at me. Suddenly she was in my arms again, kissing me deeply,

desperately. I stroked her cheek gently, looking into her face in the darkness.

"Once you've caught an Lena," I said, "nothing's ever the same."

"You mean, we'll be together again?" she asked, suddenly brightening.

"Count on it, my Lena. Count on it."

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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