Doing The Dishes



They had just finished dinner when she had an idea. He had already sat down to watch ESPN when she

decided to put her plan into action. She hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and just for good

measure rubbed her clit. Now was the time.

Then she opened the freezer door and removed a stick of butter. She picked up a straight backed chair

from beside the kitchen table and walked, carrying the chair and the butter, into the living room. She

set the chair in front of him with a thump and a scrape. The newspaper lowered and he regarded her

quizzically as she sat down opposite him. Slowly she hiked her skirt up around her thighs and spread

her legs. She moved her bare feet up onto the rungs of the chair. Her eyes never leaving his, she

picked up the butter. She unwrapped it halfway, leaving paper around the portion she held and began to

rub the cold ,smooth stick slowly over her clit. As she felt the hardness of the butter melting onto

her she spread her legs further apart, her breathing grew faster and she squirmed against the wooden

chair seat. Around and around she moved the frozen,greasy rectangle,pushing it firmly and rythymically

against her. Her hips began to move, she bucked against her hand, the hand holding the butter. Her

mouth opened slightly and slowly she slid the butter inside her. She peeled back a little more of the

wrapping and pushed it further inside her, holding the end and pumping the firm cool stick in and out.

She licked her lips as she watched his face watching her and she drew her knees up higher.As she

pumped the stick slowly in and out of her melted butter ran down her wrist and down between the cheeks

of her ass, she ground her ass against the chair seat, greasy and slick now.

Slowly he unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his thighs. She put the butter down and stood up.

Turning around so that her back was towards him she moved back until the backs of her knees touched

his. She moved her legs apart, so that she straddled him and sat down on his lap. His cock jerked

slightly as she put her two hands on it and pressed it to her greased and swollen clit. Slowly she

began to grind against him, rubbing the head of his cock on her clit, moving the length of him across

her wet pussy, moving the slick head across her, pumping the shaft with her two hands, getting him

harder. His hands came up to her breasts and squeezed, he pinched the nipples through the thin

material of her blouse. He began to nibble and suck her neck, his mouth moved up to her earlobe and

sucked the flesh. His tongue reached out and delicately entered her ear as she gasped and he flicked

his tongue in and out fucking the small cavity with his tongue. His hands pulled at the neckline of

her blouse, pulling it down around her breasts, exposing the hard little nipples. His fingers began to

pull and twist, pinching them hard, and she moaned and ground her ass into his lap, moving her hot,wet

flesh against his length. His mouth moved over her neck,nipping and biting the tender skin.Her hips

moved faster and then she stiffened and shuddered, she hung there, hardly breathing as her orgasm

overtook her and crashed over. When her gasping had quietened she brought her legs together and stood,

her legs between his. Bending slightly at the waist and lowering her knees she poised above him, the

tip of his stiff and throbbing cock at the entrance to her cunt. Holding her hips he began to move her

back onto the shaft and then off, entering her only slightly, teasing her. She groaned as one hand

slipped behind her and his forefinger slid inside her. He pumped her with his finger, then slid in

another, testing the wetness of her. His slick fingers moved to her ass and slowly he moved one greasy

finger into her ass, pushing it in as far as it would go. She arched her back and ground aginst the

searching finger, he withdrew it only to slam it in again and she bit her lip and moaned again as he

probed her deeper. Removing his forefinger he held her thighs and moved her back against the head of

his cock and then with one deep thrust pulled her down onto him, filling her ass with the hard meat.

Over and over he jerked her hips back down and onto him, fucking her deeper, harder with each thrust.

Her head jerked back and forth as he rammed his stiff and throbbing cock into her. His arms circled

her waist and he pulled her down onto his lap impaling her on his swollen rock hard pole, fucking her

deeper, faster until with a strangled groan he shot into her, his cock straining and bucking inside

her as he filled her . For a few minutes they sat exhausted .Strangled breathing filled the room. His

arms fell limply from her waist and she collapsed slowly to her knees on the floor, her head on the

braided rug. Then she got up and without a word or a glance, she picked the butter and walked back

into the kitchen. He heard the freezer door open and close and then the rattle of pans in the sink. He

saw the chair in front of him, the seat still glistening with melted butter and her juices. After a

while he got up and walked to the kitchen doorway and leaned his head against the jamb. She stood with

her back to him at the sink,scrubbing the roasting pan, and as he watched her a tiny golden rivulet of

melted butter appeared at the hem of her skirt and ran very slowly down her calf.



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