A Pleasant Morning After

I slept soundly. The sleep of the contented. But, slowly I stirred, finding myself waking a little at a time. Finally, I woke.

It was the next morning. I was tempted to believe it was just a vivid dream, but I knew different. The memory of last night was still fully alive and my cock was too. I closed my eyes and remembered. I saw my hands caressing Jean’s breasts, feeling her nipples harden to my touch. I recalled her wetness, her breathing, and the utter joy in the sounds of her orgasm. I couldn’t resist the urges stirring between my legs. I stroked my lengthening rod. I saw Jean in my mind’s eye. The result was mind-blowing. I shot a thick stream of cum into the air. I was in love. I only hoped Jean felt the same way. I learned that night that I had little to fear. I walked over to her house and found Jean waiting for me on the porch. She looked beautiful in white shorts and a pink halter top that accentuated her full, round breasts. I wanted her right there, but felt it necessary to wait.

I was greeted with the most passionate kiss I had ever received. Her soft tongue probed my mouth and I returned the passion enthusiastically. As our lips parted, Jean whispered gently in my ear, "I love you." It was the answer to my prayer. I held her tight and lightly kissed her ear and neck. She squeezed back and pressed her magnificent body into mine. She said, "Mom & Dad are out for the evening, let’s go inside." We sat on the couch and talked about last night. I learned that her reaction to the memory of our encounter had been similar to mine. Jean began to describe how she started her day. She detailed how she just couldn’t resist touching herself as she remembered what had passed between us. She lovingly portrayed her actions as I sat there in wide-eyed wonderment. I was enthralled as she told how she touched her breasts, pretending her hands were mine. Her nipples became engorged as she thought of my touch on her thigh. She went on to tell me of feeling wet and hot between her legs and felt compelled to relive our acts of the previous evening. It was obvious this retelling was having an effect on Jean. Her skin became reddened with the flush of sexual excitement. I could see her hardened nipples through the fabric of her halter top. These sights, coupled with her graphic descriptions, were having their effects on me as well. I moved closer to Jean and took her in my arms. Her kiss was without hesitation. She was fully alive in her passion and communicated this with soft, yet forceful moans of delight. I touched her breast, molding my hand to the firm flesh that rested just behind the fabric of her top. Her nipple was rock-hard. She pulled back, reaching behind her neck to undo the knot of the halter and exposed her breasts to my view and my touch. I did not hesitate. Our lips and tongues met again in passionate battle as my hands explored her flesh.

I kissed her neck, and her shoulders. I trailed my tongue down her chest and over those beautiful mounds of flesh. My lips found her nipple and I drew it into my mouth. I sucked, licked, and nibbled for what seemed an eternity. All the while, Jean gave me enthusiastic encouragement. As all this occurred, my cock was trying to rip through the fabric of my shorts. I realized this was becoming somewhat painful, and paused to make a adjustment. Jean stopped me, saying, "Maybe I should take care of that." She helped me out of my shorts and moaned with desire as my hardened member came into view. She took it in her hand and gently stroked the full length. My amazement was increased when she bent her head down and began to kiss the head of my cock while continuing to rub the shaft. Passion is an excellent teacher, I discovered, as she quickly learned how to give pleasure with her tongue and mouth. Taking me into her mouth, she gently sucked the head, alternating with licking the underside of the shaft.

I knew I couldn’t take much of this, and I told I was going to cum soon. She looked up and smiled, saying, "I love you, and I want all of you." This was more than I could stand and with a gasp, let my load go in her mouth. She sucked hard and swallowed most of the load, letting some drip down onto her breasts. We shared the experience of rubbing the pearly fluid into her skin. It did not seem strange at all to kiss her after this experience. The taste of me was in her mouth, and I loved her even more. I had to return her love. I kissed down from her breasts, across her smooth stomach, and on to the top of her shorts, which were quickly disposed of. My first live view of a woman’s pussy will live with me forever. I took in the strong, musky aroma, and marveled at how the wetness glistened on her hair. I kissed her thighs, and licked along the inside, moving ever upward. I parted her lips with my fingers and stroked the soft flesh with my tongue. Jean gasped in delight. "Yes, that’s it. Make me cum, now." I needed no further prompting. I licked, and sucked her pussy with abandon. I wanted her to feel as I had only moments before. She guided me to her special spot, and I focused my attentions there. Her hands were in my hair, pulling me closer. "Yes, yes, keep going. OH, that’s so good." Suddenly, her legs stiffened, she squeezed the sides of my head, and began to buck her crotch into my face. "OOOOOOHHHHHH, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS" was all I heard. It took several minutes for Jean to regain her composure. I held her close, gently stroking her hair and face.


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