At 26 years old, Lisa stands about 5’4" and weighs around 115 pounds, with a curvaceous 33C-22-36 figure. She has short red hair and huge, crystal-blue eyes, with a very "innocent" expression to her face . Her skin is literally snow-white from years of intentionally avoiding the sun, a fact that many men, myself included, find very sexy. In sharp contrast with her pale, hairless skin is an amazingly thick bush of dark brown, curly hair that covers her pussy and snakes up and around her tight, puckered asshole. She has a tight, muscular, yet very soft ass that goes well with her tiny waist. Exquisitely feminine from head to toe, she is also gifted with beautiful hands and feet that are dainty and well-formed - enough so that even total strangers are likely to comment on their attractiveness. Although her breasts may not sound large in terms of their measurement, actually they are quite generous given her petite frame. In fact, when she is fully clothed they are one of her most instantly notable characteristics , aside from her porcelain complexion.

As I have mentioned in my earlier stories, Lisa is quite imaginative when it comes to sex, and her "innocent" appearance belies a very kinky mind. She is, quite frankly, a very excitable, intensely sexual woman beneath her "girl-next-door" facade. Two things, in particular, set her apart from many women - she openly admits to being aroused by larger-than-average penises, and she is turned on, or, I should I say, driven WILD by men’s sperm. None of that "Oh, gross...." stuff for her...the bigger and thicker the load the better! It just so happens that I am hung far, far above average in both length and thickness (and ball size) but I also shoot almost bizarrely-huge loads - up to 7 or 8 tremendously heavy spurts at a time. Also, I can easily have several orgasms in a row before resting. Anyone who knows who porn star Peter North is has an idea of what I mean, and knows that it is NOT impossible. The fact is that many women, despite what you may think, actually dislike large cocks (if and when they finally experience one) because of the discomfort they can cause. Many times in my life I have heard more about pain than pleasure from women I’ve slept with. In Lisa’s case, that stretched-wide-open feeling, combined with the sensations of me banging against her cervix, is a source of pleasure. Far from asking me to "take it easy", she likes nothing better than to have me "fuck her brains out", to use her words.

Given her petite body, this was and is even more of a pleasurable surprise for me... But back to Lisa’s love of sperm. One of her favorite ways to get "dosed" with hot semen is to be tit-fucked. With the exquisitely-formed set of breasts she’s blessed with, this is a great source of pleasure for both of us. We both get to "watch" the whole process, and Lisa is able to masturbate while I pump her ivory mounds so that we can both come at nearly the same time. What could be better than that? In this area I almost always take the lead. To be "forced" into getting tit-fucked is a major turn-on for Lisa, because it makes her feel so submissive, especially when she gets coated with my overly abundant semen. Pushing her on her back, I straddle her chest and place my long, fat cock between her pendulous breasts. Grabbing my dick at it’s base, I slowly rub my cockhead against her large, pink nipples until they stiffen, the sight of which causes me to grow even harder. Then I grab her meaty tits in my hands, press them close together so that her velvety skin is wrapped tight around my shaft, and start pumping. Lisa responds by beginning to masturbate if she has not done so already. I can hear how wet she is, and the sound of her fingers squishing around in that hairy jungle between her legs excites both of us. It doesn’t take long for me to peak this way. The feeling of my heavy, come-filled balls dragging across her belly and chest with each thrust, the sound of Lisa’s sopping-wet pussy being rapidly fingered, and the thought of how great her pale skin looks with a huge load of jism all over it all combine with the pressure of her full tits on my aching dick to drive me insane.

Soon I announce my impending orgasm, and Lisa starts to go wild. "Ooh, yeah, baby, shoot it!" she says. "Coat me with your hot sperm. I want to feel it all over my tits and face. I need it. Blow a load all over me." These words are enough to push me over the edge. Screaming, I thrust my hips forward violently as the first thick, hot stream of come blasts out of my swollen dickhead and splashes directly on Lisa’s face, covering her cheeks, chin and throat with pearly paste. The next spurt flies into her open, waiting mouth and coats her tongue before arching up onto her forehead and into her hair. By this point, Lisa is invariably coming - often for the second time - reveling in the sperm bath I am giving her face and upper torso. Pulse after pulse of copious cream shoot all over her tits and onto her pillow, and I feel as if I will black out...the sight of Lisa enjoying this shower of sperm makes me fantasize about her in a gang-bang situation, and that thought is too much for me.... Once we have caught our breath, we both take a few minutes to massage my ample load into Lisa’s body. Usually there is enough cream to spread it all over her, and sometimes she will again masturbate to climax as she feels all that sperm covering her skin and I tell her about my gang-bang fantasy. Realizing how excited she is by the idea, I get hard again myself and stroke off another huge load of cream onto her soft, white belly and all over her hairy bush and hand as she frigs herself.

She is truly an incredible woman!

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