It was a cold and damp night. I had just got home from work and

walked in the back door when, after calling for my wife, heard the small

voice of Dianne.


Dianne was the 19 year old baby sitter who watched the kids when my

wife had to do any shopping or run errands. As I walked into the kitchen

she was standing over the stove stirring a pot of soup.


"Hi Mr. Morrell, how was your day?" she said as she continued to stir

the soup. She was standing there in a cut off tee shirt, which as she

leant over the stove gave me a perfect view of her small but very pert

breasts. She was also barefoot and wearing a short leather mini skirt.

Seeing as how she is a very well proportioned 5’2" blonde, she did

not have the body of a 19 year old. At least nothing like the girls that

I remembered from when I was 19.


"My day was very hard and tiring" as I took a seat in the kitchen to

remove my work boots. As I sat down and glanced a Dianne again, this time

noticing that at this angle her legs were gorgeous.


She stood on her tip toes to stir the the soup and this made the view

even better. I couldn’t be sure but it seemed like she was doing this on

purpose. From where I sat, it looked like she may not have anything on

under that tight skirt.


"So where did Mrs. Morrell go?" I asked, trying to get my mind off the

beautiful ass of the teenaged girl."She went over to her sister’s to help

them move into the new house. She told me to make sure you got a good

meal and to straighten up the house for her. She took the kids with her

so that you’d be able to get some rest." said the seductive little blonde,

still on her toes. "I’ll have this ready for you in about 15 minutes. Is

there anything else I can do to help?"


Boy were there things she could do to help! My dick was beginning to

get very hard looking at that body and listening to that voice of



I bent over to take my boots off and I had to take another look up. by

that time Dianne had turned around and was looking right at me. "Oh shit"

I thought, but then a smile came across her cute little mouth.


"See anything interesting?" she asked, as her hands slid down to the

edge of her skirt. She slowly began to lift it, an inch at a time. The bare

elegant thighs slowly began to slide out into the light. The hem was right

at the base of her crotch, another inch and I’d have a perfect view of every

thing that she owned.


That is when I noticed that I wasn’t breathing and let out a lung full of

air. I sat up straight and said,"What the hell is going on? You’re making me

feel like a kid peeking at his first girl magazine!"


"Good, that’s what I wanted to know!", said this sexy devilish girl. "I’ve

been trying to get you to notice me for months. You turn me on and I want to

turn you on!" With that she pulled the skirt up and revealed her blonde mound.

One of her hands when to it and began to slide back and forth. When she

removed it, it was covered with her juices. "I’m so horny for you now that

I’d do anything to get you to lay me.", she said in a quick breath.

"You will huh? Well it’s going to cost you your ass" I returned. "Get

those rags off and come here"


I removed my clothes and turned to watch her but it too late she was out

of her clothes in a matter of seconds. "What do you want me to do Mr. Morrell"

the naked young girl asked. My cock was at full attention standing straight

up and throbbing. I told Dianne to come over to me and to let me feel her

hands on my cock.


She was very eager to please and hurried over as I sat back down in the

chair. Slowly she reached for my cock, her touch was very gentle. She began

by stroking it and then she tried to wrap her hand around it. Her hands were

small but my cock fit very nicely.


I told her to turn her ass slightly around because I wanted to see what I

was going to be getting into. "I thought you were kidding when you said it

would cost me my ass", she squeaked.


"I was kidding just as much as you were when you pulled up your skirt", I

told her. I made her step over my cock and face away from me. She had a

beautiful ass, very firm and well defined muscles. I took my finger and touched

her tight anus. She jumped and moaned and almost lost my cock from her hand.

"Is it going to hurt?", Dianne asked. "You tell me, I’m just going to sit here

and you’re going to have to use my cock like a vibrator to screw your self

in the ass."


"Oh, God", she said as she slowly lowered herself towards my shaft. Her

pussy was dripping and as my cock touched her thigh the thought of what she

was doing made her come. A gush of warm liquid and a shudder gave her away.


She was still moaning and coming as she tried to the dry tip into her ass.

I took her hand and helped guide it back and forth across her wet cunt lips

to lubricate the tip. Her legs were shaking now and she was building to an-

other climax as my member began it’s journey up her virginal hershey highway.


She seemed to be in her own world as she very slowly began to guide my cock

up into her ass. The tip just began to start parting her anus as she said "Oh

my God it’s getting bigger". I took hold of her hips, just to make sure that

she kept going in the right direction. The head slide inside and she started to

come again. This was just about all that I could stand. Feeling my own climax

was going to be here soon I pulled down on her hips and my shaft rammed into

her ass. She let out a cry of pleasure and pain that you could hear across a

county line. Just as my balls hit against her ass my time was at hand and I

began to erupt into that tight little ass, load after load of come pumped into

her and as it was happening she began to come for a fourth time. This is what

made me come so quick, watching her come time and time again.


We sat there for about 5 minutes with my cock buried in her ass, as we

caught our breath. I slowly lifted her off my cock and had her sit on my leg.

She was wiped out but managed to say,"Well, you got my ass now how about do-

ing something with my pussy, a deal is a deal".


As we sat there in the kitchen naked and totally breathless, I

couldn’t take my eyes of Dianne’s pert little breasts. Her chest was

heaving in and out at a rapid pace. Her nipples were still hard and pointed

straight out from her body. She glistened with sweat in the neon light of the

kitchen. My dick was beginning to respond to this sexy girl’s body again. It

slowly began to lengthen an move.


Her eyes were on my cock and when she saw my reaction to just looking

at her body, she smiled. "It looks like some life is still left in that thing

yet!", Dianne said as she reached for my maleness. Taking the sticky and re-

juvenated throbbing member in her right hand, she began to stroke me off

again. "Let me clean this up for you", was all that I heard as she stood up,

turned and headed for the sink.


She was a very beautiful young woman. As she walked towards the sink, her

thin, finely toned muscular body sparkled. I could see every muscle as it

moved. She had to spend a lot of time in a gym taking care of herself. Her

ass undulated as she moved. She grabbed a washcloth off the sink returned to

me. She knelt down between my legs and, smiling, began to use the washcloth to

wipe my cock clean. When she finished, she leaned over with those small, thin

lips and kissed the head of my now throbbing cock.


She stood up in front of me and used the cloth to clean the juices of our

last encounter from her ass and legs. She did this very suggestively and as

she wiped her blonde bush she said, "You haven’t forgotten what you promised

have you?" I could tell she was beginning to get a little turned on herself.

She took the washrag and threw it into the sink and looked back down at that

part of my body which she wanted.


"Let’s move this party into the living room at least", I said as I stood

up and as I did my now fully erect penis brushed against the fine blonde hair

of her pussy. She reached between us and took hold of my cock and pushed it

down until it slipped between her legs. As it did she closed her legs very

tightly and grabbed a hold of my ass and pulled me very close to her body. My

cock slid along between her thighs and against her pussy. She was dripping

wet again, I could feel the wetness of her sex as she moved back and forth

along the length of my member. I knew that I was in for one hell of a day!


We entered the front room and walked arm in arm over to the sofa. She was

still using her hand on my dick to keep my interest up. We no sooner sat down

and the phone began to ring. "I’ll get it", she whispered, and reached across

my body and picked up the receiver. "Hello", was what I heard as the nipples

as she moved back and forth along the length of my member. I knew that I was

in for one hell of a day!


We entered the front room and walked arm in arm over to the sofa. She was

still using her hand on my dick to keep my interest up. We no sooner sat down

and the phone began to ring. "I’ll get it", she whispered, and reached across

my body and picked up the receiver. "Hello", was what I heard as the nipples

of her breasts hung down and brushed across my stomach and chest. I began to

run my hands over her body. "Hi, Mrs. Morrell, yes he got home about an hour

ago. Right, I’ve been taking care of him just like you said. No, I don’t

think that he’ll have any complaints". As the teenager talked to my wife, I

slid my right hand along her back to her ass and the back of her thigh. With

my left hand I slowly and gently began to stroke her stomach and breasts. Her

nipples began to harden again. Her voice started to show signs of strain as

she struggled to keep her mind on what my wife was saying over the phone. My

right hand slowly moved into the valley between her legs. As my finger found

her damp lips, she let out an audible sound, a kind of quiver in her speech

that I knew my wife was sure to hear. "No, nothing is wrong, I just had a

chill", the demure young sexpot tried to tell my wife. Slowly I moved my

other hand to her breasts. I cupped her left breast in my hand and began to

lightly slide my fingers from her rib cage to her very hard nipple as my

fingers got closer her voice began to quiver a little more. "No, everything

is fine here", the sweaty teen said with as much conviction as she could

muster. That is when my fingers found the lips of her sex. She let out an

uncontrolled little gasp. "Umm can I call you back in a little while, Kate?"

I slowly inserted one of my fingers between the moist lips of her very damp

sex. I didn’t have to enter very far and I began to move my finger around the

inner lips of her sex. "Yes, Kathy, I’ll take care of it", she said hastily on

this end of the phone, "but I really must go now, I have soup boiling on the



Just then I grabbed her nipple between the fingers of my left hand and began

to squeeze, gently at first. As I saw her reaction and felt the moistness of

her sex increase I began to use more force. Her mouth was dry and she

struggled to keep her voice unemotional, "Right Kathy, I’ll finish up, but I

really have to go now. Right, I’ll take care of it! Yea, I’ll be sure and tell

him, good bye". She breathed a sigh of relief as she hung the phone back on

the receiver. She started to try to move back to her original position, but

as she did, I kept my hand firmly against her sex. She pushed back and felt

the fingers of my right hand begin to enter her very wet sex. She stopped

moving back. She was extremely exited. I think that the idea of talking with

my wife and being naked on her hands and knees, bent over my throbbing member

as she spoke was what really drove her to this excited a state. "You are a

real bastard", she said in a heavy frustrated voice. The high pitched little

girl sound had left her completely, she sounded like a woman in the heat of

passion now. "Don’t you think that your wife knew something was wrong?" With

that I tightened my grip on her sensitive nipple and moved another finger into

her wet honey pot. "Oh God", she said, "That feels great!", as my hands

continued to explore the different parts of her body. She began to reach for

my cock, but I told her to just stay as she was and enjoy what was happening.

It didn’t take much convincing, and she remained on all fours straddling my

body. Her breasts were hard and unyielding with the nipples pointing down to

my cock. They strained to make themselves harder and longer as my left hand

played with each breast. She moved her body so that her nipples could rub

against me. As she did I pulled my fingers out of her blonde bush and gave her

a slight slap on her tight little ass. She shuddered. "Just stay as you are",

I told her again. She straightened back up. "Would you please put your hand

back in me?", Dianne said, "I really am damn near ready to come!". I slowly

started to feel the back of her thighs, moving my hand up and down on the

inside of those well structured legs. I’d gently move my hand from her knee

to her crotch. I made sure that I always just stopped short of her sex, but

I kept getting closer and closer to that wet golden part of her body. Each

time that I started my movement upwards toward her sex she would hold her

breath. This time I was going to enter her, I started my hand up and she said,

"Hurry, please". By the time my hand got to her bush she was moaning and

shivering as she came. Her pussy was dripping wet and getting wetter. I could

see and feel her quivering as she came. "You son of a bitch.....oh..oh", was

all that she could say.


The shaking and quivering began to subside and she collapsed onto my lap. I

took my hand and slid it over her buttocks and down to her cunt lips. They

were soaked in female juices. As my fingers touched her she moaned again. I

parted her lips and inserted my finger.


"You are a real son of a bitch", she said, and meant every word of it. "So

far you haven’t done a thing that I’ve wanted, except for making me come. I’d

really like to get your cock into my cunny. That’s what I’d really enjoy, and

you promised!" She just laid there across my lap as I fingered her damp pussy.

"It’s exciting to be under the control of someone else. You made me feel like

a real whore, when I was on the phone to your wife. That really turned me on.

Having you here naked and finger fucking me while I talked to your wife. God

that was a real turn on! In fact just thinking about it is starting to make me

horny again." A smile came across her face as she looked at me and rolled

over. "What do you want me to do now?" She asked with a nasty little smile on

her face.


She reached down and took my hand and laid it on her mound, which was still

wet and full of her dew. "Do you like my body?", she asked in a coy manner.

"Do you really think that I’d be sitting here nude with my hand on your cunt

if I didn’t?", was my answer. "What would you like to do?" "Will you do what-

ever I ask?", was Dianne’s question. "I’ll do anything you feel like having

me do. How’s that?", I answered. "Great, you can start by putting a couple of

your fingers into me!" Being true to my word, I slowly parted her legs and

slid my hand over the deliciously wet lips of her cunt. I slowly slipped one

finger between the lips so I could lubricate my fingers. She was a sexual

machine. Her pussy was constantly wet and my fingers entered with ease. First

two then a third. She raised her knees and moved her hip forward to make it

easier for me to get my fingers into a comfortable position. I began to slowly

move my fingers in and out of her and she loved it. She turned on her side

with her knees still wide apart and my hand deep inside her golden box. The

reason she turned soon became evident. She was laying across my lap and her

breasts were on my right leg. This made a perfect position for her. Her face

was directly in front of my cock and balls. I was still hard from the phone

conversation that she had had with my wife, so as I was moving my fingers

around inside her, she reached out and took a hold of my cock with her left

hand and propped herself up on her elbow between my legs. She began stroking

my dick, this time with a firm grip around the shaft, Her smile widened as she

felt the extra pressure this added to my grasp of her pussy. She began to

squeeze my member very hard as she jacked me off. Dianne then pulled the shaft

of my cock toward her, until it was just a few inches from her mouth. Slowly

she stroked and pulled it, each time coming closer to contact with her lips.

As it got closer she got more excited. She parted her lips and this time she

took the tip of my cock into her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling, warm and

moist with her hand running up and down the shaft. I loved the way she looked

with my dick head going between her lips and her hand pumping the shaft.


All of a sudden her legs went together and tightened on my hand. I had

forgotten about what I was supposed to be doing. I again began to pump my

fingers in and out of that great pussy. As I got my hand down to her cunt, I

made sure that each time my thumb could come into contact with her clit it

did. Slowly she began her march down my shaft, more and more of my cock was

disappearing into her mouth. I couldn’t believe that she could get that much

of my cock into such a small looking mouth, but it was happening. Inch by inch

my dick was being enveloped by this amazing little doll.

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