Not much had been happening of note, during that time of my life. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great - but I have good memories of it.

I could hear the rain hit the tin roof on my patio as though tiny soldiers were stomping off to battle. The rhythm of the rushing drops made me feel lazy and high. I pulled my pillow closer and turned to watch the TV. An old movie rolled black and white pictures of a woman crying. I wondered what she must of looked like in color. No real thoughts this morning, only that I wanted to lay here in my over sized bed. As I drifted in and out of sleep I heard a pounding on the door. I was startled at first. 'Oh god' I thought, 'who is here to ruin my morning?' " Hey girl " he said as he glided in my room. It was Denzel. Now Denzel and I have a history of friendship dating back to childhood and some scenes of exploration into adulthood. He was beautiful. Denzel was tall, and his body was carved like a greek statue in a museum. His skin was a soft caramel and his eyes were pools of brown paint mixed for him only. Denzel's lips were full and colored by the pink petals that grew in abundance outside my bedroom window. His nose was wide with tiny little freckles that danced a little over both sides pouring over onto his cheeks. Denzel's hair was a short messy brown that sprayed across his forehead. "What are you doing Denzel? Come in and sit down." "I just got in from school and thought I would come by and see ya for a bit." "Well, I am just laying here being a lazy ass." He smiled and plopped himself on the bed next to me. I twisted the blankets and allowed him to lay next to me. I could feel his warmth, his bulk, his body forum. We had laid next to each other a million times before but this time felt different. Since Denzel moved to go to college in the city, he had changed, grown up a little. He dressed in smart clothes, pierced his ears and carried himself with confidence. I liked the new Denzel. "So what have you been up to Eva" he said while getting comfortable next to me. "Being a slacker and writing silly stories to keep my mind straight." " I just went to Hollywood to check out some film schools, I might move down there." "Oh I will be sure to pocket a bikini when I go visit" I said with a chuckle. He snickered at me. There is no way in hell my chubby body would ever know what a bikini is like. "Just come naked " Denzel winked at me , knowing I am not a get naked quick chick. "Ughhh yeah naked, sure, will do" I laughed as I turned to pull the blankets over my breasts. T-shirts can't hide the erect nipples that were beginning to grow as he wiggled next to me. Denzel began talking about school and some new girls he met but I couldn't hear what he was saying very clearly. I was preoccupied with his mid section laying up against my hip. I wondered if he knew that the more he talked about a girl he met the more he was growing against my thigh. That's when it began. As I stretched, my arms above my head, he wrapped his hand around my waist. We began tickling and joking. Laughing and playing about past loves and new ones to come. He kicked his shoes off and jumped on the bed above me. We were like children on our parents bed. I could see as he stood over me that he was hard. The corduroy was taught over his sex. My heart began to race as I moved out from under him. He collapsed next me. I turned to face him and looked at his face, the lines around his eyes, and the inviting lips that begged for me to kiss them. I wondered about rejection. I thought about not crossing that line. After all we were just friends and I didn't want to jeopardize the perfect relationship. I went back and forth in my mind as my eyes traced his lips. He didn't say a word but his fingers ran up and down my arm making circles in my flesh. My breasts laid about a inch away from touching his chest but I managed to wiggle just enough for the tips of my nipples to graze his firmly cut torso. Still being dressed drove me nuts. The silence was killing me so in a slow motion, I closed my eyes and pressed my lips with his. I could feel his warmth as he wrapped his structured arms around my round body. I pulled him closer moving my hands towards his ass. The kiss was incredible. My sex filled with a sweet nectar and I desperately wanted to feel my clit as it became hard and erect. Denzel stood, and I blushed, as he slipped his t-shirt over his head. His chest was covered with a light electric fur that streamed down his tummy to the waste band of his pants. He smiled as he unbuttoned the top button, then the zipper. His sex sprang out erect as he slid his pants to the floor. His legs were massive muscles of strength, so strong and beautiful. I slipped off my boxers and covered myself like a school girl. He slipped in next to me and moved his hand along my tummy, rubbing and touching. Moving under my t-shirt, he twisted at my nipples,and cupping my full breasts made me flush with waves of heat. I opened my legs slowly as he reached my sex. His kisses were very delicately placed along my neck and shoulder. Denzels fingers were bulky and thick yet gentle as he slipped one finger in my sex. Swirling and rubbing in my heated juices I began to move my hips in rhythm with his hand. I could smell him, like an animal I wanted to be rough and bite his flesh. I wanted to be aggressive and take him under me, but I stayed calm. Denzel pulled back the covers and kneeled over me. I moved him up on my chest, as to have his buttocks on my collar bones and his knees tightly next to my ears. I guided his sex into my mouth, taking it all in. His heavy weight excited me. "Hey Denzel, let me tie you up" I asked as I slipped his sex out of my mouth. "Okay." I grabbed four ties out of my dresser and had Denzel lay flay on his back. Tying each limb to each post in my king size bed. I could feel him become nervous as I slipped the last knot tightly on the post. I grabbed one more tie and slipped it around his neck. "What's that one for Eva?" Denzels eyes grew big as I pulled it just tight enough in a slip knot. "Trust me Denzel, this will be the most divine orgasm you will ever have, ok?" "Okay" he said with a smile. I lowered myself over his sex slipping it in my cunt still holding on to the tie around his neck. I began slowly moving my hips up and down at first. He began to moan as I kissed along his arm pits and down his tummy. I reached behind and began to fondle his balls pulling the tie around his neck just a little tighter. "Tell me right before you come, like give me a second of warning, ok?" "Yeah " he whispered as he began to climb. I could feel my own climb as my clit rubbed against him. I began to move fast and more violently against his girth. His balls in one hand and the neck tie in the other. "I am gonna cum!" With that I pulled the neck tie hard and grabbed his balls in a fist. His face grew red, and his eyes big. His arms began to struggle to get free , and I waited. He bucked me violently but I held fast. Some of the veins in his forehead began to grow big. His mouth opened, I pulled tighter. The silk tie around his neck was beginning to embed itself in his flesh. Such a beautiful tie I thought. Silk with colors of maroons and greens. His legs began to bend at the knees rocking the bed back and forth. He was struggling to breath as he reached his climax, and I had the control. When his eyes rolled back I moved off of him and let the tie loose, bent down and kissed his forehead. Denzel's sex spurt pearly cum out like a fountain, and I bent down to lick it smearing about my lips and reddened cheeks. "Oh fuck, oh god, that was amazing! " he said as he gasped for air. "Fucking amazing!" He kept coughing and gasping through his words. I smiled and slipped off the bed, still leaving him tied. Smiling I moved towards the closet grabbed a robe and walked back towards him. I kissed the end of his pulsating head, sucked a little just enough to make him squirm. "That tickles , stop." That day was a strange day to say the least. We were wild and dirty. Now every time my innocent friend puts a tie on he will remember the rainy day in my room.............when I took his breath away...


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