Erica lounged out by the pool, considering her options. It was a hot Sunday

afternoon and she was wondering what the day had in store for her.

She reached down to stroke her smooth, shaven pussy, she was in the mood

for a good fuck by some young, yet unknown, stud. Erica set down her tea

and strolled into the bedroom to get dressed. She removed her robe and

admired herself in the full length mirror, at 32 she had already been

divorced, had no kids, but still had a fantastic body. She touched her

nipples and was surprised at the sensitivity, she needed a fuck bad.

She pulled on a pair of white lace panties that barely covered the

sensuous crack of her ass, and were very see through. She then put on a

similar bra that hardly covered her brown, now erect, nipples. A short

leather miniskirt and pink top finished the ensemble, and Erica was ready

for a day of lust. She pulled her cherry red Fiat into the parking

lot of the local super market. She found out, after years of "research,"

that the best place to meet really sexy guys was at a supermarket.

They seemed to understand the deep needs of a woman. It was on isle

10 that she saw him. He had the cutest ass she had ever seen. He was

wearing tight jeans and a tank top. Then he turned around, he had a

gorgeous boyish looking face. God I hope he's not a fag, Erica thought.

She suddenly remembered she needed some wheat bread. She bent over to

reach the bread. Her tight buttocks were directly in his view, this was

the all important test. When she stood up and turned around she saw the

flustered look on his face and the slight bulge in his pants. Great, now

the next step she thought. "Hello, my name is Erica." "Hi, I'm Frank,

nice to meet you" "Look," she began, "I'm not usually this forward,

but I'm extremely attracted to you." "The feeling is definitely mutual.

Would you like to come to my house and have a little lunch?" She decided

to take a risk. "Sure." They hopped into his black Jag and pulled

onto the road. Instantly Frank had his hand on Erica's knee. Seeing no

resistance he slowly slid it up her leg. Her leather skirt rode up around

her shapely waist as Frank slid his hand under her panties. "God your wet."

"I need a fuck bad, fuck me now I can't wait." She moaned as she

spread her legs and placed her hands over her erect nipples. Frank felt

the same way, Erica judged by looking down at Frank's cock straining

against his Levis. He found a convenient dirt road and pulled into a

lake front parking lot surrounded by trees. It was winter so no one

was around, but it didn't matter they needed each other way too bad.

Frank stopped the car and immediately bent over Erica's luscious cunt.

He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began to rub her clit.

Her musky woman scent invaded his nostrils as he moved his face closer.

He buried his face in her cunt and lapped up her cunt juice. He moved

his tongue over her clit and nearly drove her over the brink. "Oh God,

that feels sooo good. Oh fuck, I need it bad. Fuck me with your tongue."

Erica almost ripped her blouse and bra off, she needed to feel her tits.

She vigorously rubbed her nipples, it was almost time. "Oh Frank, I'm

going to cum, don't stop, fuck me, finger me Frank!" Frank sank two digits

into Erica's tight now very wet cunt. He began to pull them in and out

while keeping up the constant suction on her clit. She reached her

climax and began to cum. Rivulets of cunt cream ran down Frank's fingers

and onto the upholstery. She moaned and pinched her own nipples to the

point of pain. After her orgasm she leaned back in the seat to catch her

breath. Frank removed his fingers and gave Erica a long kiss. She stuck

her tongue in his mouth and tasted her own cunt juice. She began to grow

excited all over again. "That was fantastic Frank, but now I'd like to

repay the favor." She leaned over and unzipped his jeans to reveal his

seven inch penis straining against his BVD's. She pulled it out and

placed the spongy bulb in her mouth. She tasted a drop of his salty

precum and grew even more aroused. "You taste delicious Frank, cum in

my mouth I want to taste your cum, remember you did promise me lunch."

Frank wasn't about to disagree as his cock grew even bigger and harder.

Erica teased the tip of Frank's rod with her tongue then all at once

took the length of it into her mouth. She prided herself on giving good

head and it was all paying off as she felt the tip of Frank's beautiful

cock against the back of her throat. Frank groaned his approval as Erica

increased the suction. "Gawd damn, you can really suck cock! I'm gonna

cum in a second." Erica didn't answer, she was too busy bringing Frank

to an orgasm, she loved the taste of cum. She took Frank's dick out of

her mouth and circled the tip with her tongue, then she blew on the spit

covered rod sending shivers up Frank's spine. Then once again she took

the length of it down her throat, Frank began to shake. His thighs moved

back and forth in an uncontrollable fucking motion. "I'm gonna cum, here

it comes! Oh gawd that's good!" Frank's cock jerked as the hot liquid shot

out into Erica's now waiting mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could,

but some escaped onto her lips and down her chin. After the last of Frank's

cum was spent Erica took the sticky tool out of her mouth, gave it a soft

kiss, and tucked it back into Frank's underwear. She wiped the cum off

of her chin with her finger and passionately licked it clean. "That was

great Frank, but now lets head back to your place, I need a fuck, bad.

Do you think you could get it up anytime soon?" "For you baby, anything."




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