Internet Sex Affair



John had a computer and had been on-line for about three years. About a year ago he met Janice and could not

help but think about a possible meeting. In the ensuing months, they corresponded at length, progressively

becoming more intimate. They had spoken on the phone for hours on end, exchanged photographs (neither was

disappointed), and finally, tentatively, made their plans to meet, each a bit apprehensive about the outcome of

this first encounter, he even more than she. Ultimately, John had been persuaded by the advice of a friend who

had had a similar experience: "It’s a grand, heady gamble," she told him, "...actually meeting one’s on-line

love for the first time, and the excitement, the sense of adventure, far outweigh the risk. Meeting someone

face to face, someone whose inside you’ve come to know very well, is a dizzying experience." It was a sultry

late July, when finally they came together....

John, 38 and unmarried, a New Yorker born and bred, contrived a "business trip" to Hollywood, a city he

ordinarily despised as sterile, shallow, transparently trendy: it was a place he generally avoided whenever

possible. Hence his colleagues at the firm (all of whom were well aware of his fervid east coast chauvinism)

were surprised when he announced his intention to fly to California, there personally to draw up preliminary

papers for the Rivererton-Price merger. Ordinarily, that sort of drudge work would have been handled by one of

the junior associates, not a senior partner.

Janice, 29, a transplanted Iowan, had escaped the confines of Cedar Rapids two years before, after the collapse

of her four year marriage to Jeffrey. She knew all too well John’s sentiments about California, but she knew

too that he liked the theater, and so had gotten tickets for a new and locally well re-viewed play, her

intention evidently to demonstrate the cultural maturity of her adopted city to this skeptical easterner she

had come to know on ICQ. Before going to the play they had an early dinner at Alversano’s, a lovely Italian

restaurant (even he had to concede that), but the play itself was dreadful. They left after the first act, and

drove up the serpentine road to her house in the hills overlooking the haze covered city, which seemed to

sprawl, endlessly, below. Arriving, she poured them each a glass of wine, tuned the stereo, and then provided

the ritual tour of her home, including (but of course) the bedroom, dominated by a huge bed, itself adorned

with red satin sheets.

After, they went out to the deck, and, simultaneously it seemed, decided that it would be a nice evening to go

into the Jacuzzi, for John a novelty. Janice took his glass, refilled it with the perfectly iced Champagne,

and placed it beside her own on the ledge around the Jacuzzi. She handed him a towel and said she’d be back

shortly, warning him playfully "not to start" without her, but to go on and get in the water. Stripping, he

did, at the same time wondering "...start what??" She left, then returned moments later with what she

referred to as "a joint," dropped her towel and joined him, naked, in the swirling water. The cBettyabis

seemed to make the lyrical, soulful music playing on the stereo touch their senses even more acutely than it

had before. Relaxing, leaning back with the jets and bubbles going full force, drinking the bubbly, with

nothing but the stars above them, finally she leaned into him. Inevitably their lips met as their bodies

touched, sending an anticipatory stirring through both of them. Then, Janice shifted her position in the

water, to a place directly in front of him. He spread his legs so that she could come closer still....

Sitting naked with her in the Jacuzzi, a little light headed from the combined effects of the wine and the

grass, it occurred to John that they seemed to have hit it off pretty famously. Here he was "unexpectedly" in

California with this sensual woman he had "met" electronically scant months before....

"This is the first time I’ve ever been in one of these things," John said, gesturing vaguely, a bit nervously,

at the oaken tub which enclosed them, his oddly pale skin (surely *eastern, she thought) almost luminous,

translucent, in the reduced light, "...I find the experience decidedly sexy," he continued, "and full of

interesting possibilities." What *sort of "possibilities," she asked, thinking his choice of words curiously

clinical. Still, her reply was punctuated by a slow, suggestive, and (yes) worldly smile. "Well, Janice, this

reminds me of a story I read not long ago, on the internet, evidently written by some wanton, which suggested

an explanation about why women seem to like these tubs so much...." What story was that, she wanted to know.

By a stroke of good fortune, unbelievably [all things being possible in this world of the imagination], John

"just happened" to have a copy of the text of the aforementioned tale secreted somewhere on his person.

He retrieved it, miraculously, from somewhere [literary ingenuity here fails, momentarily: being naked, soaked,

soaking, we know he had no pockets, or none to which he would readily admit in mixed company]; nevertheless, he

began to read aloud, confidently, almost as though he had some proprietary interest in the tale’s composition:

"Why don’t you go to my lake house this weekend and enjoy some free time," Sue told Betty at work on Wednesday.

Too much responsibility at work had recently drained Betty of energy, but she had the weekend stretching out

in front of her that was hers alone....

So the story began, and Janice listened attentively, chastely even (given the circumstances), and learned that

ultimately it concerned a hot tub, not unlike her own.

Holding onto the side of the tub [it went on], Betty [our heroine] spread her legs so that the water would hit

her pussy at just the right spot. She began to push against the water and couldn’t believe the feeling she

moved up and down pushing herself harder and harder against the jet. It felt like a hard cock pushing deep

into her. She began to twist and thrust again and again. The jet bored into her, and the sensation grew

stronger and stronger until she felt that feeling, the release she needed, and she heard herself crying out

with pleasure....

And then Betty was caught, flagrante delicto, in media res (as it were), post res, actually, by a randy mail

man, of all things, yes I know, it should have been a gardener, I read too, but I didn’t write the story, and

maybe (a *very long maybe) mail men too are capable of randiness.

"That’s it," John said after he had concluded, "it never was continued, alas. Have you ever tried using the

jets that way?" Janice blushed but smiled again, and that was answer enough. "How about now, then," he

teased. And then, wordlessly, he put his hands on her shoulders, and turned her around so that her back was

pressed into his chest. In this position, she sat between his parted legs, his now erect cock pressed into her

buttocks. He could reach ‘round her, under her arms, with both of his hands. Doing so, he cupped each of her

full breasts, gently rolling the nipples between his fingers. Their natural buoyancy and the surging water

made her breasts seem to float, just breaking the water’s surface. She sighed heavily and pressed back into

him, as all the while he continued to toy with her, the pressure of her back against him, the salute of her

swelling nipples signaling her arousal....

"Come on," John said finally, "let’s try it." Giggling like children at their own clumsiness, they eventually

made their way to the side of the tub, still in the water, she sitting on his lap, her legs parted, thighs

enclosing his. Again John reached around her with his left hand and began to stroke gently between the lips of

her vulva with his middle finger. "Yes, just there, John," she murmured, and she spread her legs yet further

apart. Even as he played with her, occasionally varying the routine by slipping his finger *in-side, John

maneuvered them closer to one of the jets until he could feel it pulsing directly on the back of his caressing

hand. In this way, if he moved his hand away, the water jetted right between the lips of her pussy, and he

held her there in that position, kissing the back and side of her neck, fondling her breasts with his right

hand, stroking her clitoris with the fingers of his left....

These several delights had Janice *very aroused, very quickly, more so than ever she could have imagined.

"God, you’re going to make me cum," she moaned, "I want you inside me." "Not yet, Janice," he answered,

laughing, handling her, "...this first one is just for you." So, abandoning herself now to the inevitable,

Janice reached down between her own legs and took his rampant organ into her hands, rubbing it up and down

between the by now swollen lips of her pussy, as the water pulsed and pulsed against her. At last, she came

with a shudder.... "Hmmmm, just like the story," John said, smiling. "But what about you, *what can I do for

you," she asked, holding onto his still very erect cock. "Use your imagination," he replied.

Pressing back onto John’s chest and massaging him gently with her hand, teasing, pivoting her hips against him,

feeling his breath quicken, Janice then turned and, facing him, leaned into him, kissing, running her tongue

along his lips, felt them part. Their tongues touched, darted each into the other’s mouth, entwined. She

lowered her hand down to his erect cock once again, and put her other arm around his back, pulling him closer

so that he could feel her breasts on his chest. She rubbed her body against him, up, down, and felt his cock

grow even bigger, hotter than before. Then moving so that she could straddle his lap, pushing herself hard

against his loins, she asked again "What would you like, John?" He smiled up at her, saying that he was

certain she’d be able to figure it out without his having to say a word....

Already atop him, she raised herself slightly, so that she could sink slowly onto his cock. Feeling the water

jets and bubbles all around them, the heat from the Jacuzzi augmented by their body heat, they were dizzied and

slipped down further into the water, their hands expCathyng, probing.... All the while, she continued to move

up and down on his cock. Perceiving his risen desire, and not wanting him to cum yet, (since she had more in

mind for him), she then moved from on top of him and knelt again before him, between his splayed legs. John

moved up a little on the seat, so that his cock was beside her breasts, and Janice leaned forward to kiss his

neck. Trailing down his chest, she lowered her head down across his taut abdomen and kissed his cock, which

was just barely jutting out of the water. Moving her mouth over the very tip she circled it with her


Then taking his hand she said "Come on, come with me." They stepped from the Jacuzzi, toweled each other dry,

and she led him to the upper portion of the deck, then into the house, to the bedroom. Still holding his hand

she pulled him to the bed and turned, again to kiss him, ultimately sitting down on the edge of the bed, with

him standing in front of her, his cock still full and thick from their foreplay in the Jacuzzi....

As she led John into the softly lit bedroom, he couldn’t help but notice again the opulent, feminine

furnishings: the raised teakwood platform bed with its alluring red sheets, the plush oriental patterned

carpet, and the damask curtains cleverly suspended in some hidden fashion on all of the walls sur-rounding the

bed, which stood in the exact center of the room, the very focus of the place. "Curious to cover the walls

with curtains," he thought at the time, but said nothing. And this time he also noticed a detail which had

eluded him during the brief tour of the house earlier that evening: the entire ceiling, at least four hundred

square feet corner to corner, was made up of brilliantly polished mirror panels whose purpose he immediately

guessed. "So you like to *watch yourself, Janice," he said, smiling. She made no reply other than to reach to

the head of the bed in which was located what appeared to be a small control panel, buttons and switches.

Pressing one of these, she caused the curtains silently to glide into recesses in each corner of the room,

revealing beneath them walls covered entirely by yet more mirror panels identical in every respect to those

which constituted the ceiling....


The effect was electric. No sooner had the curtains moved aside than she took his half turgid cock into her

hand, ringing it with thumb and forefinger, stroking up and down, cradling and gently squeezing his balls with

her other hand. She began slowly, teasingly, licking the tip of the glans, and worked her tongue in and around

the super sensitive eye. Within a few short moments, however, she picked up the pace, hungrily engulfing

almost the whole of him. He looked down, enthralled, watching his cock disappear then reappear, glistening.

As her head bobbed, John became aware of a kind of low guttural purring sound emanating from her throat....

Since she was sitting just at the edge of the bed, he standing before her, he was able to get one of his legs

between hers. Sensing what he was about, not slowing her rhythm, she accommodated him, spreading her thighs

wide apart so that he could push his knee hard up against her center. She had already become very wet. And as

John looked about him, into the mirrors on either side, he saw their lovemaking reflected, replicated over and

over in the shiny glass, dozens of ever shrinking images receding into a seeming infinity. Reaching down, he

ran both of his hands through her hair, then pulled her closer onto him, enraptured with the exquisite

sensation of her mouth and tongue....

In time, feeling that all too familiar tightening in his scrotum and lower belly, even as he grew weak-kneed,

John knew that he’d not be able to hold out much longer, and he didn’t want to finish alone. So he pushed her

away, withdrew himself from her unrelenting caresses. She looked up at him implor-ingly, questioning, a child

whose treat had unaccountably been taken away for no apparent reason. But as he pushed her back onto the bed,

she understood. "Come on, Janice, get on top of me, I want to taste you," he said, and she smiled. He lay on

his back, she over him, her knees on either side of his shoulders. Gradually lowering herself, her beautiful

behind neared his face, and he could see *all, from anus to pussy, wide open, shiny.... At the apex of the

delicate floral inner lips proudly stood her little clitoris, whilst beyond he could glimpse just a bit of her

trimmed pubic hair. All this but for a second or two, and then it was lost to his delighted gaze as she

dropped onto his mouth. Next she sank down on her own belly, towards his, seized his throb-bing cock, and

placed it once again between her lovely lips.

He felt her tongue playing with him, licking and sucking, and voluptuous feelings, almost unbearable, shot

through him, emanating from that one place, now fully enveloped in her mouth, the center of her attention, the

core of his very being. Up and down gently she moved her head, the pressure of her tongue and palate affording

him excruciating pleasure....

Out shot his tongue in reciprocation, seeking the expanded smoothness of her vulva, finding the full clitoris,

then thrusting into the very avenue to her womb. So for some time, they carried on this delicious play, with

mutual enthusiasm. Then he felt her backside wriggle, and she pressed herself closer, harder against his

mouth. His cock, harder and harder, jerked upward, involun-tarily, deeper into her throat, his own hips

propelling him *into her. With a tractable fucking motion, more quickly still she moved her mouth up and down

him, and he, alternately clasping and rubbing her buttocks, tongued rapidly the whole surface of her cunt....

His moan of pleasure, muffled in her groin, signaled the beginning of his crisis, and with a thrill he felt

himself pulsing jet after jet into her mouth. From her again he heard that same low guttural purring,

"ummmmmm," felt the vibrato on his cock. With another wiggling motion, she responded at once to the sensation

of his emission, and settled closer onto his mouth. His nose fairly buried in her, her clit between his lips,

he shot his tongue rapidly over it as tighter he held her to him. He felt her tremble, then go rigid, and then

her motions ceased. She lay still, atop him, tranquil in the aftermath of pleasure, his cock still in her

mouth, his face soaked with her essence....

Then they relinquished each other, and moved to reverse their position. So lost in rapture had they been

that only then did they realize that they were no longer alone in the bedroom. That Janice showed no sign of

shock or even mild surprise told John at once that the person staring at them was someone she knew.

Coolly, levelly, she returned the stranger’s gaze and said "Well, I should have long have you

been watching us?" And John wondered *what he had gotten himself into....

With a smile the tall, dark, stranger answered, "Long enough to know I want to join you and your new friend.

Aren’t you going to introduce us?" "Sure," Janice replied, "John, this is Jeffery." As they greeted each

other, Janice could sense an uneasiness about John. She smiled up at him and asked what was wrong. He said

that he was "just a little uncomfortable" with someone around whom he didn’t know had been there, that it might

have been "nice" if Jeffery had made some sort of noise when he entered the room.... Janice attempted to

soothe him with a gentle kiss, to which he responded a little nervously, but then seemingly John calmed down

very quickly when he learned that there was really nothing to worry about, that Jeffery and Janice were quite

good friends, and that often Jeffery and his friend Cathy, with Janice and her partner would swap. Asking him

how he felt about that, swapping, John quickly told Janice that he had had *that sort of encounter but once

before, many years earlier, and that at the time he had known all of the parties fairly well....

Just then another person entered the room, wearing only a towel, having apparently just left the Jacuzzi. She

approached Jeffery, kissed him, then asked to be introduced to the "new kid on the block." John immediately

realized that this must be Cathy, who without batting an eye took Jeffery by the hand and led him to the large

bed where he and Janice were still lying. They climbed onto the bed and started kissing each other

passionately; by this time, her towel was of course gone and she had already removed the robe that Jeffery was

wearing, dropping it to the floor.

Following her lead, John and Janice embraced and started kissing again.

Very soon all four were touching each other, caressing and kissing. Then they changed partners, John with

Cathy, Janice with Jeffery. Soon Cathy took John’s hand and led him across the room, through a door that had

been obscured by the mirrors....

This room had a totally different atmosphere from the one which they had just left. The furnishings were

French Provincial, with a four poster bed in the middle, chiffon draping all four sides, held back by satin

rope ties to the corners of the bed. A thick plush rug carpeted the floor, soft music emanated from hidden

speakers, and burning incense candles were placed throughout the room, itself done in shades of blue, with a

hint of pink highlights. The only similarity to the other room was the wall through which they had just

entered: it too was covered with mirrors.... Still holding his hand, Cathy led John to the bed, turning to him

to say that she certainly "approved" of Janice’s taste in men, that she was really glad that she and Jeffery

had "happened by" that evening.

Seeming to know her way around very well, she pulled him down on the bed with her. Grinning, she asked, "Would

you like to see something interesting?" Before he could answer, she reached for the light and turned it off.

At the same time, John discerned another sound, a click, some sort of switch. She then turned him around so

that he faced the mirror, *through which he could see Jeffery with Janice in the mirrored room. Since they had

not had any interruption, had not moved from one room to another, they were already enjoying each other.

Watching Janice’s mouth go down on Jeffery’s thick, erect cock, seeing his tongue dart in and out of her cunt

excited John immediately, powerfully. He pulled Cathy above him on the bed, maneuvering himself so that he

could bury his face between her legs. At the same time she took his cock into her mouth, driving it to the

back of her throat. With a motion that somehow allowed her throat to open even more, his cock completely

disappeared inside her mouth, and he thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Just as he felt himself

starting to come Cathy moved so that she was straddling over him and lowered herself onto him moving her body

to his, grinding her hips against him.... At that very moment, John managed to steal a glimpse into the mirror

again, to see what was going on in the next room. Only then did he realize that Jeffery and Janice were *also

able to see through the reflective glass, as he had earlier. Surprised at himself, John was mightily aroused

by this new sensation of being on display, and he found himself wanting to make love to both Janice and Cathy

at the same time, wanting to feel both of them all over him. He motioned to Janice, asking that she come into

the room where he lay with Cathy. In a moment she was there, leading Jeffery by the hand.

After Janice climbed into the bed with John and Cathy, she asked whether he had ever made love to two women at

the same time before. John shook his head, whereupon Janice told him to go across the room, to the chair.

"Watch us," she said, "and any time you want to join in, why just feel free to do so." But before he left the

bedside, Janice pulled him down on the bed and kissed him hard on the lips, while Cathy began rubbing between

his legs.

John then went across to the chair, to watch. Noticing another "joint" on the table beside him, he decided

that a bit more couldn’t do any harm, then walked back to the bed and offered the other three some of the

grass. They all accepted, and planted kisses on him in gratitude. Walking back to the chair he continued to

smoke, sitting on the edge of the chair, not exactly certain how long he’d be able simply to sit and watch

this activity, already in full progress before him. But at the same time, he was not sure how he felt about

making love with two women at the same time, and both of them making love to him. After all, this whole

experience was unlike anything in his experience. Yet on the other hand they *did seem to be having a great

time. John began to feel left out, sinking back onto the chair, his mind and eyes on the bed, on the three of


It’s certainly true that John’s mind was filled with a whole set of conflicting emotions when he first noticed

Jeffery standing there, a broad grin on his face. At first, he wondered if he was expected to participate in

some sort of bisexual or homosexual action, and he knew that he was decidedly unready for that sort of thing.

He also thought the name rather amusing, recalling from his college days that the most famous historical

"Jeffery" was Jeffery the Censor, a Roman magistrate of the second century before Christ, a sternly

conservative official who opposed as immoral hedonism virtually all Greek influence on the Roman Republic in

short, old Jeffery was a celebrated prude. What an inappropriate name for the seemingly unapologetic libertine

there in the room with them. "Poor old Jeffery must be spinning in his grave," John thought, amused....

In any event, Janice’s relaxed attitude, her assurances, and finally the arrival of Cathy, went a long way

toward allaying his misgivings. He couldn’t help but admire Cathy’s beautiful and healthy California body,

lithe, long limbed, slim-hipped, her small firm breasts crowned with pert nipples. Like the others, he noted

that hers was an all-over tan.... So on impulse, he decided " for a penny, in for a pound," and

reflected that if this was the sort of thing that went on in California, well, after all, he *was a guest in

this place, and wouldn’t want to offend anyone, would he? And so he determined just to let it happen....

"California, here I *come!"

Shortly thereafter, he found myself in what Janice had laughingly described as "the French room," his face

buried in Cathy’s pussy, licking and nibbling at her labia and clitoris, while at the same time she expertly

sucked, nursed, at him, even as Janice and Jeffery mimicked their actions next door. "French room;" indeed, he

thought it aptly named.... Cathy’s truly expert ministrations had him at the edge of orgasm over and over, and

he was amazed how much of him she managed to get into her throat. Yet each time he felt that he was about to

go over the edge, she also somehow sensed it, and slowed the pace, fondling his cock, squeezing gently, till

the crisis had passed. She herself had already cum at least twice, he felt sure, when she climbed on him, and

impaled herself to the hilt. Not moving up and down at all, she instead used her internal muscles, milking

him.... All the while, he could see Janice and Jeffery through the glass, and by then he knew that they could

see as well. It was more exciting than anything he had ever experienced before, and he came and came, at the

same time as the others in the adjacent room....

Of course he was curious about making love to two women at the same time, as he freely acknowledged when joined

by Janice and Jeffery in the "French room," but he was also quite conscious of (even perhaps a little

embarrassed by) his own limitations: the spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. "They gave an orgy, and

John couldn’t *cum," he thought wryly, at least not as frequently as *this incredibly sybaritic trio.... So

there he sat in the chair, a little lightheaded from the effects of the grass, watching intently, a bit jealous

if truth be told, as *both Cathy and Jeffery made love to Janice, she nuzzling and teasing Janice’s breasts

(her own hand busy between her parted legs), as he fucked her, *hard. All three of their bodies were bathed in

sweat, the bed-clothes tangled, the room suffused with the aroma of sex.... And after he brought Janice to

another quaking zenith, incredibly, Jeffery was instantly on top of Cathy, pounding his cock into her, her

calves around his shoulders, ("Is this priapism?" John wondered), as both of them ultimately finished at the

same time, their climax heralded by a mutual groan of release and seeming bliss....

"OK, folks, half-time," John said, joking somewhat anxiously, and suggested that perhaps the others would like

to join him in the Jacuzzi, to which he then retreated. By now it was velvety dark outside, the moonless

starry sky providing the only light, a faint blue. He had scarcely eased himself into the tub when the padding

of bare feet behind him indicated that he was not to be there alone for long. "Where’s Jeffery?" he asked,

when just John and Cathy slipped into the tub. "Recuperating," Cathy said, "...getting ready for the second

half." "Christ," John thought to himself, "*who is this? Ironman?" "Actually, he took a shower, and went into

the kitchen for a sandwich," Janice added, "he’s not eaten anything for hours. Or, more correctly, not eaten

any *food for hours, and man does not live on pussy alone...."

Moments later, the two of them were in the tub with him, one on either side. He kissed them alternately,

faces, mouths, and breasts, and tingled at the touch of hands, four hands, sliding slowly up the inside of his

thighs toward his groin, reaching his somewhat revivified member, stroking, kneading, cupping his balls. His

own hands were not long still, either, and he return-ed the luscious feeling, touching both of them at the same

time. He felt, they *all felt, his vigor slowly rekindled, and then Cathy suggested that they return to the

mirrored bedroom....

John found himself wholly absorbed, intoxicated, by these two voluptuous, appetizing women, one full bodied and

fresh as the morning, the other slim and dark, inviting as the night. The strong sexuality emanating from both

of them radiated, and gradually he began to feel rather more *equal to the situation. All of them were still

standing, as they collaborated on his arousal, till at last his cock stood almost straight up. Then Cathy fell

to her knees and began to suck him ardently, repeating again that motion which enabled her to wholly engulf him

deep into her throat. At the same time, Janice leaned into him, planting kisses on his mouth, eyes, and neck,

as his fingers, in return, coursed down to her pussy, which he found moist and open, her clitoris once again

protruding. Though the game became more and more impassioned, he was determined this time to keep his "spirit"

in check, in order to see it all the way through. At last Cathy stood up, and taking his hand led him to a

table which was placed against the wall. Janice held his other hand and followed....

Cathy stood at the table for a moment, then leaned over face down, her torso pressed into its shiny surface.

"Here," she said, "take me from behind." His cock seemed to grow merely at the sight of her well-formed

backside, her slightly parted thighs, and her pussy, which she stuck out behind her, tan-talizing, slightly

swaying her long legs. Taking a position behind her, bending his knees a little until the level was right, he

slipped slowly into her in one steady stroke. While John made love to Cathy, Janice stood behind him, fondling

his balls, and then said, "Let’s do it by turns; first one, then the other," and placed herself beside Cathy,

assuming an identical posture half atop the table. So he withdrew from Cathy, and plunged deeply into Janice,

then pulled out again and shoved into Cathy with an equally long and deep thrust, then again into Janice, and

again into Cathy. His excitement over the two of them was maddening, and at last he reached the point where he

could have cum at any time. The two of them, side by side, glistening wet and wide open, made him almost faint

with sheer lust. "Come," he said, "...let’s get on the bed...."

Seconds later they were on the broad bed, surrounded by the mirrors. He lay on his back, and Janice spread

herself over his face, pressing her pussy down to his lips. His tongue played over her, occasionally

titillating her risen clitoris, his fingers clutching her hips. At the same time, behind Janice, Cathy

straddled him, rubbing his cock against herself, finally sinking down upon it. She rode him, wild with

sensuality, until he had to throw her aside to avoid cumming too quickly. "It’s your turn now, Janice," he

said, his voice ragged and barely audible. Janice changed places with Cathy, and he let his tongue tease into

Cathy. She pressed her cunt down so hard that he had trouble breathing. Despite the momentary discomfort, it

was a splendid experience to note the difference between the two women: Janice was bigger, wetter, glowing, and

moved only slightly, but was deeper and somehow more intimate than Cathy, who was smaller, more hirsute, and

less wet, but on the other hand was livelier, wilder, and more earnest. He squeezed and fondled both of their

soft yet agile bodies, and they were a long time fucking, taking turns riding his cock, which unbelievably

retained its rigidity....

Janice had to give up first. He felt her press onto his cock, which now seemed to plumb the very depths of her

womb; from the spasms, he could tell that her orgasm seemed to last several minutes. After that, Janice lay

down by his side, snuggling into him while Cathy mounted him, and *screwed (there is no other word for it) with

a reckless abandon, seething, smoldering, yet at the same time explosive. Her movements quickened, and she

rode him in a frenzy, while her fingernails raked into his body. Finally it happened, not as it had with

Janice in slow, profound, and deeply consuming waves, but rather like a cataclysm, a volcano suddenly spewing

fire. She bit and scratched at him as her little, narrow pussy reached climax and she sucked him in and up,

opening and contracting by endless turns. Then she sank forward, his cock still buried in her....

When Jeffery returned to the bedroom about twenty minutes later, obviously refreshed, he found them still lying

there tangled in the bed sheets. "So you started without me, eh, and now I suppose no one’s interested in the

final innings?" In the same teasing tone, Janice answered: "Oh, I think you might still be accommodated...."

Whereupon he slid over to the bed and sat leaning against the headboard, legs apart, his thick cock already

showing signs of renewed life. Jeffery watched, fascinated, as Janice reached for him, and played gently up

and down his shaft with her hand, causing him to grow with the touch. At the same time, Cathy snaked her hand

between John’s legs, and found him still hard.... Then Janice got on her knees, on the bed between Jeffery’s

out-stretched legs, and encircled his rigid sex with both of her hands. Her face was very near the engorged

head, and Janice admired it, firm, polished, smooth, tempting. Jeffery watched her. Cathy and John watched

her, too. And Janice enjoyed their combined gaze, enjoyed being in control, and felt again a familiar stirring

in her loins....

Her lips parted slightly, and then delicately, *very delicately, she touched the tip of him with her tongue.

They watched her face, and the way her tongue flicked out repeatedly. She licked at him gently, feline, then

inserted a small part of his cock into her mouth: it was quivering. Jeffery trembled with the pleasure Janice

afforded him. Again she kissed it, then enclosed him between her lips like some wonderful fruit, sending

shivers of delight from his sex up and into his body. A drop, milky white, sea salty, the precursor of desire,

dissolved on her tongue, and she increased the pressure, the movements, of her tongue and lips....

Watching Janice ministering to Jeffery at the same time that Cathy’s cool fingers surrounded him was for John

almost unbearably exciting. He reached for Cathy, and began to stroke her pussy with his hand, his eyes still

locked on Janice. Then, when he moved to push Cathy down upon her back, she said "No, wait, let’s give Janice

a *special treat." Still holding onto his cock, she maneuvered John behind Janice, behind her raised haunches.

With her hand Cathy rubbed John’s cock between the lips of Janice’s very wet pussy, finally guiding him into

her, filling her, at the same time that Jeffery raised his hips, that he might be consumed by her hands and

mouth. Having relinquished John, Cathy moved up on the bed, and slipped her practiced hands beneath Janice’s

large breasts, cupping them, tugging lightly at the nipples with her fingers. The triple pleasure, the intense

carnality, made Janice pant, took her breath away....

Still, John sensed that even though the threefold delight, the intense tactility, was exciting for Janice,

something was amiss, some limit had been reached. He guessed that Janice was uneasy about having sex with

Cathy, and, recalling his own reticence when Jeffery first appeared on the scene, John could understand her

misgivings. His intuition was confirmed when Cathy smiled at him, lasciviously running her tongue over her

lips, saying in his ear that she had been wanting to make love to Janice for a long time, but that she,

Jeffery, had never let her. Now she fully intended to try and take advantage of the situation....

Janice overheard Cathy’s whispered remark to John. Wanting to make certain that their exquisite night together

not be spoiled by anyone’s doing *anything which they preferred not to do, yet at the same time wanting not to

disappoint, Janice responded only slightly to Cathy’s overtures. Soon, how-ever, it was apparent that she had

only done so in order once more to move towards John, *noticing of course that he was again aroused by watching

her with Jeffery. As Janice moved away from Jeffery, towards John, Jeffery pulled Cathy to him, roughly, his

member rampant from the preliminaries lavished on him by Janice’s talented mouth and tongue.

Janice murmured to John that it was almost dawn, that she did not want any of the time remaining to them to go

*unfulfilled, and led him back into the other bedroom. Closing the door behind them, drawing the drapes over

the mirrored walls, pressing another button on the headboard, she caused the mirrors in the ceiling to recess,

to be replaced by rather normal looking ceiling panels. Suddenly the room was transformed from a den of sex,

a seraglio, into a very soft, luxurious room, very sexy indeed but in a perceptibly sensuous way, somehow

softer. Janice then took John into her arms and kissed him very deeply, longingly. They made tender, sweet,

gentle love for the remainder of the night.

"This is the real me," Janice whispered, "...that other person that I pretended to be was just for fun and

fantasy." They lay in each others arms for hours into the morning, until the sound of a dog barking at the

mailman brought them back to reality. They got up, dressed, and went down to the kitchen for coffee before

each had to pursue separate ways, separate lives.... Janice kissed him goodbye at the door, then watched him

drive away, down the long road in the rented car. Both wondered whether they would ever meet again. Both knew

that if ever they did, they would reminisce about the excitement of that night with Cathy and Jeffery. But

both also knew that if ever they should meet again they would spend the entire time *alone in the luxurious,

sexy, sumptuous bedroom making love in that truly special way they had - tenderly, sweetly, gently, and


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