Showing Off


Gee time flies. I feel like it's been forever since posting here. Then again, it's

probably because of all of the good friends I've made here.

Did anybody miss me? I was gone from Wednesday until today. Thom and I went to

Los Angeles. Him, because he had a job to do, and me, because it gets pretty

gloomy this time of year around Seattle, Washington.

I'm writing about our trip because it fits right into our erotic story group.

I've been reading Miko's exhibitionist stories, and Melissa's stories too. I never

thought about exhibitionism pertaining to me, but for the past several weeks,

thoughts had been circulating through the ol' gray matter. I went so far as

talking about it to Thom. Actually we had a great time talking about different

scenarios. I guess guys are naturally exhibitionists because he came up with some

really wild stuff.

The only reason I wrote this story is because I've been really bored lately and

haven't been excited about any of my partially finished stories languishing away

in my laptop, and because no one (in authority) can really match my screen name

to my face (well... except my boss, who pays for this account, but he lives 1500

miles away, and at 52 he's a real nice old foggie who would probably understand)

So here's the story of Thom's and my trip to Los Angeles last week. (And if the

police read this I'm saying that it's nothing but fiction, just a figment of my



Thom called me last Sunday to tell me he was going to Los Angeles on a job. He

works as a structural engineer, and his company does stress analysis' on

buildings. The trip this time was to do an analysis on the old Woolworth's

building in Los Angeles. Thom and two others from his firm were going to the

site and would be there for four days.

I jumped on the idea of going with him. Like I've said, Seattle, Washington this time of

year can get pretty dark and dank. The thought of clear blue sky, and some sun

was very appealing to me, but then travel is my passion, or one of them anyway.

At any rate I talked him into it. We would stay at the Renaissance in Anaheim,

and Thom would work in his empty building all day, and I'd shop till I dropped,

and work on my tan by the pool. (It's funny how few people lay out in the sun in

Central California in November. To me the weather was fine, even with the few

rain squalls that interrupted my lay-abouts.)

Anyway Thom did his job and I did mine, we had a great time in the evenings

together, and even spent a little time with his colleagues. I even had a chance

to wear my little black dress and got him to take me out to a club on Saturday

night and danced him off his feet. . . But back to the story. . .

On Thursday afternoon I signed onto the Internet using Thom's laptop and checked

my e-mail. Just happened to see a message from Keiko telling me that she hadn't

had a chance to write much lately because of school and all . Reading her message

made me think about her favorite topic and I started to fantasize about

exhibitionism and the fact that we were in a strange city, and basi- cally

anonymous. Later when I went to sun by the hotel pool, I found that I kept

thinking about being watched by strangers, I was really feeling horny laying in

my chaise lounge in nothing but my little bikini - the pool is outside the

restaurant which has floor to ceiling windows in it. They are tented so you can

see out, but those outside by the pool see nothing but mirrored glass. I

fantasized that I was on display, and had a hard time controlling urges. . .

That night I brought up the subject to Thom again and he told me that he'd been

thinking about it ever since we'd talked about it the week before. He would have

mentioned it to me but was afraid that I would think he was perverted or worse.

(Anyone who knows me already knows I'm my own brand of perverse, at least when it

comes to erotic stories. I'm working on Thom, but good things take time.)

I told Thom that as long as he respected my feelings in the things we did

together, I would never think him a pervert. Our discussion ranged over many

other topics, but Thom kept coming back to exhibitionism. I finally asked him if

he had something in mind. I told him that I wasn't stupid, and that I knew he

kept steering the conversation back to that topic. Finally, a little sheepishly

he admitted that he had an idea he'd like to discuss with me.

I have to admit that when he said that I was instantly frightened, and excited

too. Here was another human- being acting on an impulse, talking about doing

some- thing sexual, maybe in public, just like some the stories I've read. I

waited for him to continue - with my heart in my throat.

He told me that the rest of his team were going home Friday evening and that he

was supposed to finish up on Saturday. (They could have completed the task

sooner, but I think his partners wanted to let Thom say a little longer so we

could enjoy ourselves for another day.)

He went on to tell me that the Haversad building was a 10 story building

surrounded by sky-scrapers on just about all sides. He told me that the building

was com- pletely empty, that they didn't use security personnel because they had

a working security system.

When I asked him what all that meant, he asked me if I would like to try one of

our scenarios on the roof. At first I didn't understand what he meant. Then it

dawned on me that if we were on the roof of a 10 story build- ing surrounded by

sky-scrapers, that we'd be visible to - maybe - thousands of people. He asked me

to think about it, he assured me that we could get away if the law came into the


I said yes I'd do it. (didn't take me long to decide) He was all ready to give me

more reasons why it would work, but stopped in mid-sentence, mouth open. He was

very surprised that I'd go along with his scheme so easily. So was I.

Those of you who've seen my picture know I'm not a hag. With my new job, my tan

is much darker, and I guess most people in their 20's, look pretty acceptable

with- out clothes on anyway. But no one has seen Thom, (and no I'm not sending

his picture out so don't ask). He's a hunk in anyone's book. I'm blonde, but he's

golden. You know that roman tan dusty blonde-brown hair. That's how I always

picture him. He has a really nice muscley body, and although he doesn't do

weights, he runs 10 miles every morning (weather permitting) and plays tons of

sports. Thom's 25, and much more experienced than I am, and I like that a lot.

Oop's . . .I'm gushing. . . back to the story.

We both went into the Haversad building Saturday morn- ing. Unfortunately is was

raining and cold during the morning hours, so I puttered around exploring the big

empty building. About noon the sun started to shine and I went up to the roof, to

get some rays, while Thom completed his work. As I lay there on our hotel blanket

(wondering what the maid would think when she discover- ed our blanket missing) I

looked up at the tall glass fronted buildings. I was initially very aroused as I

lay there wondering if people were looking down at me. I was fantasizing about

Thom and I, and to tell the truth, I wasn't so sure any more. It had sounded so

sexy the night before, but I didn't want to go to jail, I'd die if that happened.

With that thought worming it's way into my mind, I drifted into one of those sun-

bathing sleeps, dreaming about being raped by one of those tuff Dyke types in

jail. (Funny what the mind will think about sometimes.)

Sometime later, Thom came up and we had a little lunch (Deli, and sodas, that

we'd bought before coming up) Then I went down into the empty building to help

Thom collect his stuff. I kept putting things off, not actually wanting to call

the thing off, but kind of hoping that he would.

Around 4PM Thom was completely done. He turned to me and said "OK, you ready?"

What could I say, so I went with him up the two flights of stairs, my heart

pound- ing, I could almost hear the blood rushing in my veins. This was it, I'd

either do it, or chicken out. I just threw caution to the wind and trusted Thom

without question, I let him lead me.

As we emerged into the open, I saw that the sun was tipping the hills, and from

that direction the sun made everything seem gold, and the clarity of vision was

amazing. As Thom took his shirt off and was laying the blanket on the roof top, I

could see the downy soft golden hairs on his arms, and on the nap of his neck.

The sun seemed to make him shine.

He turned to me and gave me a long look, then walked over to me and reached

around from the front and un- snapped my bikini top. I held my breath, I'm not

sure what I thought would happen, but as he stepped back, with my top in his hand

I let my breath out and laughed. Soon I was spinning around in front of him so he

could get a good look. I almost fell down because I was already dizzy from

fright. I have to admit that I was stone scared, I couldn't even swallow, but I

was also on top of the world. I was doing something that most people would never

experience. Here I was standing bare-breasted twirling around, surely attracting

attention from maybe hundreds of office workers. As I twirled I was wondering

what I would be thinking if I were one of those office workers.

I stopped dancing around and became serious as Thom unsnapped his pants and let

them drop. He'd already taken off his shoes and socks, so there he was with his

nicely shaped erection bobbing to the rhythm of his heightened heart beat.

I looked up at the skyscrapers and then back at Thom, and knew that we were going

to go through with this. I quickly slid my bottoms off and joined him on the

blanket. We did it missionary style. I just lay there as he knelt between my legs

his engorged penis showing to the world. He lowered himself on to me, making a

big show of the whole thing. Believe me when I say I hadn't forgotten our

audience. He had no trouble entering me because the mixture of fear and arousal

had done it's job on my sex organs. Being almost 20, and having everything

working makes sex pretty easy under any circumstances.

So at any rate Thom plugged me and started to do what Thom does best. . . But he

couldn't hold back for more than a minute. He was gushing and grunting after only

10 or 20 thrusts. I could tell that he was in pain, his orgasm must have been

quite intense. I hadn't had one myself, and even though I'd entered into this

whole thing as a follower I was so horny now that I thought my head would explode

if I didn't get release.

When Thom was done he slumped onto me breathing hard. After a moment or so he

rolled off and lay beside me. I had had the advantage of facing toward the sky,

and was looking at all those office building windows. As Thom was having his way

with me, I was wondering if anyone was watching us. I knew that someone must be,

but couldn't see through any of the windows. Thom started to get up, but I

grabbed his arm and told him to lie still. We lay side by side completely exposed

to the world. I glanced over at Thom and noticed his glistening sex. I wondered

if there might be any women office workers watching. A momentary flash of

jealousy passed through my thoughts, but was replaced with the shear joy of

knowing that he was mine, and that they could only look at him. At that moment I

decided to give our audience a good show, why not, we'd gone this far and I

Hadn't heard any cops breaking down the doors.

I noticed that Thom was still hard, and reached over to jack on him for our

audience. One of the things I like about Thom is his penis. I love to watch it

pop out around my fingers when I give him a hand-job. I know I shouldn't be

telling you this, but he has a very nice one. It's not monumental or anything,

just the right size and shape. I remember thinking the first time I saw it that

it looked so clean and sleek. He was circumcised as a child, and has the nicest

shaped penis head I've ever seen. (Being on the Inter- net and trading in

erotica, I've seen a lot them over the past year.)

When I give Thom a knob Job, (that's what he calls it) I always make sure he's

just out of the shower, I guess it's my fastidious side coming out. But today I

didn't care. I'd have done him if he hadn't had a bath in a week. One moment I

was jacking him off, the next I was licking him off. And you know - I didn't mind

one bit. I guess if you love someone their sweat and juices don't bother you

really. And besides I was giving my boyfriend a blow-job in front of maybe a

thousand strangers. The feeling I was having were so intense, I almost felt

frail, It seemed like my body was see through, that my skin was paper thin. The

fear and excitement were almost too much for me, I felt like I was going to


My lips wrapped around his manly shaft made him thrash around very sexily. The

sun was just peaking around one of the big buildings now, and the light on our

roof wasn't going to hold out much longer. I wanted to get Thom off again in

front of our multitude of voyeurs, and really went to town on him. I can just

imagine what it looked like with my blonde curls bobbing over Thom's crotch, and

him jerking and thrashing under my atten- tions.

Then Thom surprised me. He reached up and grabbed my breasts, and slowly pushed

me over on to my back. I fought him a little because I wanted him to cum again.

But he's stronger than me, and won the tug-of-war. Pushing me back on the

blanket, Thom buried his face between my legs. I couldn't believe that he was

doing it. I mean he always reciprocates, but he's never stopped me before when

I'm doing something to him that he likes. (Actually when I think about it, I'm

the oral one in our relationship.)

He had me going in an instant. Here I was naked laying in the sun, showing off my

body to maybe thousands of people, and I had my Adonis sucking and licking me,

making me absolutely crazy. I might have wiggled around a little more than usual

for the benefit of our audience but the feelings raging through my body were

real, and wonderful.

Thom kept gently working on my clitoris, knowing exact- ly how much to do, and

the rhythm, or should I say lack of rhythm to do it with. After only a couple of

minutes he had me screaming in fantastic agony, as *I* squirmed under *his*

attentions now. (I love Thom.)

That may have been the best orgasm of my life. (so far) I know that it went on

for much longer than usual. I remember laying there thrashing around under Thom's

face, looking at the blue sky, and glancing at the buildings and thinking that

this was probably the best sex I've ever had.

Thom finally stopped his lovely torture. He'd been so into getting me off, and

was so turned on by my screams of passion that he'd cum all on his own, all over

my leg. I remember knowing, even when I was in the throws of my own orgasm, that

Thom was cumming, I felt his hot sperm splashing onto my skin in soft silent


I reached for him, taking his sweet face between my hands and we kissed for the

longest time. But after a bit our moist parts began to cool in the falling

shadows and a since of urgency attacked us. It was time to go. I noticed that the

sun had gone completely behind the neighboring building throwing our roof top

into comparative darkness.

Thom wanted to get out of there right away, but I told him that we should take

our time - and we slowly dressed. I did, however wait until we went inside to put

my sundress on over my bikini. Just in case - I didn't want anyone on the

sidewalk outside to recognize my dress.

I don't know how many people watched us that afternoon, but it had to be hundreds

at least. We were in full view of at least 5 sky-scrapers, and even though most

of the people in those office buildings wouldn't have been able to see great

detail, they surely must have known what we were doing.

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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