Being Mommy for Daddy


The experience yeasterday had given her confidence. More confidence to do what

she had been longing to for some time now.

This time, Nikki did not feel the need to take things slow. She led her father

into the bathroom, turned him around, and stripped his robe off. Simple as that.

She was in control now. She knew it and he knew it.

"Daddy, do you have to pee? If you do, why don't you do it now while I go and get

the plastic to wrap your hands in." With that, she lifted the toilet seat for

him. She took a quick look at his limp penis. She knew today would be the day,

She was going to take the next major step toward her goal of making love to her

father. Today, she was going to suck his dick.

Something occurred to Ralph. "Where's Marsha?"

"She's still asleep, Daddy. You know Marsha." Nikki looked at her father, and he

seemed to believe the little lie she just told him. In reality, Marsha was wide

awake, waiting for her cue.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, Daddy. Then I'll start the water for you." She

gave her naked father a quick hug and a kiss on her cheek and left him standing

there nude while she went to take care of the preparations. Walking briskly down

the hall, she poked her head into her bedroom where Marsha was waiting.

"Everything's set. Do me a favor. Reach into the middle drawer of my dresser and

pull out that black bikini on the right. Please?" Then she rushed downstairs to

get the plastic and tape and returned to her room.

"This time," she said to Marsha, "I'm getting in the shower with him." She put

the plastic and tape down on her bed and began to take her nightgown and panties

off to change into the bikini. Marsha couldn't help but notice that as Nikki

removed her nightie, her 18 year old friend's nipples were erect. Nikki must

really be turned on by the thought of what was awaiting her down the hall in her

father's bathroom.

Nikki began to put the sexy bikini on. She stepped into the bottoms. They were a

little tight since she had gotten it as a birthday present from her Aunt Geraldine

last May. Nikki had developed some since then, and when she had finally pulled the

bottoms all the way up she discovered that they were very tight in the crotch.

Dry, they emphasized her pussy mound, making it more predominant. Nikki could only

imagine what they will look like to her father when they are wet. Then she put

the bikini top on. That, too, was now smaller. Her boobs had grown more, as well,

and she was barely able to attach the clasp in front between her titties. The top

pushed her breasts up a little, creating quite an impressive cleavage for such a

young teenager. The top half of her breasts were fully exposed, right to the edge

of her nipples. Now she was ready.

Nikki picked up the tape and plastic. "Remember," she said to Marsha, "wait until

you hear the water running in the shower. I'll leave the bathroom door open a

little bit so you can watch, okay?" She started to leave, then turned around and

said, "Wish me luck."

"Good luck," said Marsha.

Nikki took a deep breath before entering the bathroom. As she walked in, her

father was still waiting, obviously self-conscious, with his hands - still in

casts - in front of him, covering his groin. When he saw Nikki, dressed only in

her bikini, he nearly gasped. Little by little, Ralph was beginning to come to the

realization that his little girl was nearly a woman. And in that bikini, she was

nearly naked. As Nikki began to wrap his arms in the plastic to protect the casts

from the water, Ralph looked his sweet little daughter over. Ralph flashed back on

the first time he had ever seen Nikki's mother naked. That seemed so long ago and

yet he could still picture how she looked. Nikki's mother was just a few years

older than Nikki is now when Ralph was first treated to the sight of her nude body.

It occurred to Ralph that Nikki's body was a slightly smaller dupilcate of her

mother's. True, Nikki's tits were not as big and her hips were smaller, but it was

practically the same body. She had the same gorgeous skin tone as her Mom and her

facial features just added to the effect. So many memories flooded Ralph's mind as

he stared at his virgin daughter's body. He remembered that special evening when

he took Nikki's mother's virginity. The way her body looked as she lay in bed next

to him as he sucked on her nipples, caressing her all over, letting his fingers

roam down to her pussy, filling her vagina with his fingers. He remembered how

tight her pussy was. It had to be the tightest pussy he had ever known. Then he

found himself wondering if Nikki's little virginal hole was as tight as her

mother's was. Ralph's memories were so vivid, he wasn't aware that Nikki was

standing in front of him, trying to finish waterproofing his arms and hands. He

also wasn't aware that while his daughter had been wrapping his arms in the

plastic, his cock had become erect from thinking back to earlier times and

remembering the only woman he had ever loved. He looked down at Nikki and saw that

she had her eyes on his cock. Unlike last time, Nikki made no move to disguise her

interest in his organ. She looked up at her father and gave him a sly smile.

"Nikki, I'm sorry, it's happening again." Ralph could not believe that his cock was

betraying him again. He had just begun to imagine his daughter's tight little

pussy and now he had a hard-on, and she was staring straight at it. How could she

possibly miss it? But he was really curious about that smile on her face. She

wasn't embarassed in the least, he thought. She seems to like looking at it.

"Daddy. You don't need to apologize or be embarassed. Not after yesterday." She

paused, letting him think back to what had happened just yesterday morning. She

didn't want to be too bold, but she wanted her words and intents to be as clear

to her father as possible. "Actually, Daddy," she said, looking him in the eye,

"I think it's kind of a compliment. You were looking at me, weren't you? And then

your cock got hard while you were checking me out, right?"

Ralph was taken aback. His daughter had just asked him if she was turning him on.

And she called his penis a "cock" and this was really a surprise; he didn't know

she even knew that word. How could he respond to that question? He couldn't admit

it was true, could he? Would she think he was sick and perverted if he admitted

to her that she was right? Her young body was turning him on. He knew it no

matter how hard he tried to deny it to himself. His daughter was turning him on.

But he could not bring himself to tell her.

"Actually, honey, I was thinking of your mother. She was so beautiful, and I

guess I just got excited thinking about her, and I..."

"Daddy, do I look like Mommy? Am I as beautiful as she was?" Nikki looked

seductively at her Daddy.

Ralph saw a gleam in her eye. He must be imagining this, he thought. Could his

little girl be flirting with him, he wondered.

" are just as beautiful as your Mom. You remind me of her in

so many ways."

"Maybe I'm even more like her than you think," she said, lowering her eyes to

take another look at his massive erection. "Let's get in the shower, Daddy."

Ralph was beside himself, confused, totally unsure of what was happening. If this

were any other woman, it would be clear to him that he was being seduced. But

this was his daughter. Was she trying to seduce him?

"C'mon, Daddy," she said, interrupting his thoughts, "into the shower." She

pulled back the curtain, and held him by his arm to help him get into the tub.

What she really wanted to do was to hold him by the dick, but she had time for

that. Soon, she'd be holding it in the warm confines of her mouth.

When Ralph was in the shower, Nikki reached over to the faucet to turn on the water,

adjusting the temperature for her father. It was a little hotter than yesterday.

Perfect. Nikki checked to see that the bathroom door was open enough for Marsha to

see. Nikki could not see her friend, but she knew that Marsha would be there,

watching. Then she stepped into the shower behind her father, but left the shower

curtain half-open so Marsha would be able to see.

Ralph stood under the spray of the shower, facing away from her, as Nikki reached

for a bar of soap and lathered up her hands. Then, she began to rub her father's

back, slowly and sensuously. Her hands began to knead and massage her Daddy's

muscles, trying to coax him into relaxing. She could tell he was tense but,

surprisingly, not as tense as yesterday.

Her fingers pressed against his back, rubbing firmly, as he stood there allowing

his daughter to please him and tease him. He now allowed himself to admit, at

least to himself, that he was enjoying being touched by his own daughter. There

was still something that felt forbidden about this, but there was also something

compelling him to just let things happen the way they were going to happen.

Nikki's hands felt so good, rubbing the length of his back. He remembered how good

those same hands felt yesterday when they were rubbing the length of his cock.

And now, his cock was fully erect again, and he wanted to feel her hands stroking

it again. Would she do it again with him having to ask, he wondered. She did

promise that she wouldn't allow him to cum on her again. After all, that was such

a disgusting thing for him to do yesterday. No, he thought, she'll keep her

promise. She always did. She wasn't going to stroke him this time, and he wasn't

about to ask. This is crazy, he told himself. I cannot have my daughter catering

to my sexual urges.

But Nikki had her mind made up. Yes, she had promised not to let him cum on her

again, she thought. But she had other plans for her Daddy's cum. Nikki looked over

her shoulder toward the door, and could just make out the figure of Marsha

standing near the door, peeking inside watching her very best friend wash her


Marsha got her first chance to see Nikki's father standing there naked. She had

not yet seen his butt and now there it was, just ten feet away. She watched

Nikki's soapy hand rub her father's butt, soaping it up, her fingers rubbing

between those muscular cheeks. It seemed to her that Nikki's father actually

thrust his butt back, relaxing his butt muscles to let Nikki's fingers have

greater access to his ass. And Nikki seemed to take the hint, soaping that

crevice, washing away any filth that might be there.

Nikki knew that the time had come to make her move. She finished washing the back

of his legs and stood up. Reaching in front of her she unhooked her bikini top,

took it off, and tossed it on the bathroom floor. She rubbed her father's neck

for a minute, then soaped her hands again. Reaching under his arms, she put her

arms around her Daddy and began to rub the lather all around his chest, hugging

him and rubbing her young teenaged breasts against his back. Nikki soaped up her

father's chest, and rubbed the soap on his nipples.

Ralph was growing more aware of his daughter's loving attention to his body. He

could feel her pressed against him, her young titties against his back, but not

realizing she had rid herself of the bikini top. Her fingers felt so good as they

stroked his nipples in a circular fashion. He looked down at his cock, pointing

upward, throbbing. He hoped that if she was not going to jerk him off like

yesterday, the least she would do would be to stroke it and let him feel those

dainty, delicate fingers wrapped around his cock one more time.

Nikki continued rubbing her Daddy's chest. Then, she asked him a question. "Daddy?

When Mom was alive, were you happy? I mean, you and Mom?"

"Yes, sweetie. We were very happy. I know I was, and I'm sure she was, too."

"And were things good for both of you?"

"I'm not sure what you mean, honey. I told you we were happy."

"I mean, about sex and stuff...was it good for the two of you?

This got Ralph's attention in a big way.

Nikki now let her hands drop to her father's tummy and below. The sensation of her

hands so close to his cock made it twitch.

Ralph tried to ignore the question. But Nikki persisted. "Was sex good for you and

Mom, Daddy?"

"I don't think that's a question you should be asking,'s too

personal," he answered her, but finding words more difficult to form as her hands

dipped even lower.

"Did you and Mom take showers together, Daddy, like this?" Her fingers move down

another inch or two, brushing against his pubic hair.

Ralph was trembling with excitement now, his knees knocking, his self-control


Nikki could feel her pussy getting wet, and not just from the shower. Out in the

bedroom. Marsha was watching the scene in the shower. Though she could not see

Nikki's hands or her father's dick, she could imagine what was going on. Her own

young pussy was getting wet, and without thinking she lifted her nighty and

dropped her fingers down into her panties, seeking out her throbbing clit.

Ralph struggled to stay in control, answering the question his beautiful young

daughter had posed. " took showers together."

Then, Nikki reached down and took her Daddy's engorged dick in her hands and began

to stroke it with her soapy hands. Her father not only stiffened at his

daughter's touch, but he moaned, audibly. A jolt of sexual electricity shot

through Nikki's body all the way down to her clit when she heard her Daddy's lusty

groan come from deep within his throat. Marsha, meanwhile, had dropped her

panties to her ankles, and rubbed her pussy frantically when she heard that

manly, sexy sound fill the air.

"Daddy? Did Mom wash you like this...the way I'm washing you now?"

Ralph was finding it harder and harder to stand up straight and braced himself

against the wall. "Uh huh."

Nikki applied more pressure to his swollen dick with her right hand, stroking it

back and forth, while her left hand reached under and cupped his balls.

"Did it feel good when she did this?"

"Uh huh," Ralph moaned.

"Does it feel good when I do this?" she asked, stroking a little faster now.

"Oh, God. Yes, baby."

Nikki stood up, placed her hands on her father's shoulders, and began to turn him

around slowly. His eyes were closed, but there was a look of pained ecstasy on

his face. Nikki looked down at his dick which was rigid and pointed almost

straight up, even more than it had done yesterday. At the door, Marsha gasped,

and had to cover her mouth with her free hand when she saw Ralph's enormous cock

right in front of Nikki's half naked body. It looked even bigger than it did last

night. If Nikki's gonna suck that, she thought, it won't be easy with the state it

was in.

Ralph's eyes were still closed.

"Daddy?", said Nikki, very softly and gently.

Ralph opened his eyes and saw Nikki standing there, her breasts exposed to him. She

took her breasts in her hands and held them up for his inspection.

"Did Mom have breasts like these?"

All he could do was nod his head. His body shook all over from the overwhelming

feeling he got from looking at his daughter's naked breasts right before his

eyes. His cock jumped, calling attention to itself.

Nikki looked down at her Daddy's dick, larger than she had seen it before, and she

sank to her knees in front of him.

"And Daddy? Did Mom ever suck your this?" And with those words, Nikki

opened her mouth wide, and let the head of her Daddy's erect cock slide in as she

leaned toward it.

"Uhhhnnnnnn...," was the sound that escaped from Ralph as he felt his cock being

engulfed by his own little girl. Her warm, moist mouth had surrounded the head of

his cock nearly causing him to lose his balance.

Marsha was going crazy watching that huge pole in her friend's mouth as she

remembered how the night before she had felt it pass her lips for those few brief

seconds she had felt that giant cock in her mouth.

And Nikki was in heaven. She had her lips wrapped around the head of her Daddy's

dick. She was sucking her Daddy's dick. And he liked it. She backed off for just

a second and looked up at him. He looked down at her.

"Sweetie...we shouldn't be doing..." but that's all he could say as Nikki plunged

down on his dick, opening her mouth wider, trying to accommodate more of his

erect dick. This time her father groaned loudly as he felt her mouth take in more

of his cock. She was only able to take in half of its length, but that was more

than enough to please Ralph. It had been so long that a woman had sucked his cock,

and the feeling of his daughter's hot mouth around his erection made him shudder

in delight.

"Mmmmmmm....," Nikki purred, tasting her Daddy's dick. Instinctively, Nikki began

to swirl her tongue around and around the head of her father's cock, while her

lips formed a tight, wet seal around its circumfrence. Slowly and deliberately,

her head moved up and down from the head of his dick to as far down the shaft she

could go before her mouth was full of his enormous organ. Nikki held her father's

cock in her mouth, continuing to move back and forth, licking and sucking causing

her Daddy to moan and groan, louder and louder. With her right hand, she stroked

the rest of his dick as her left hand traced little circles around his balls with

her fingertips.

"Oh, sweet Jesus," said Ralph, as Nikki began to bob her head up and down on his


This was wrong, he knew. He should not be letting his young daughter suck his

cock. But his rigid member was being gently and lovingly licked by Nikki's mouth.

Not even Nikki's mother, after several years of marriage, had the oral skills that

his virginal little girl seemed to have naturally. He looked down at her as she

continued to bathe his penis with her tongue, massaging the shaft with her lips,

plunging over and over again on his erection. He looked at her cheeks, drawn in

as she sucked him, her head bobbing at a steadily-quickening pace. She opened her

eyes and they looked at each other. Each could read the lust in each other's eyes

as Nikki's mouth worked its magic on her Daddy's dick. Ralph wanted to come, and

Nikki wanted him to come - right in her mouth.

Nikki took her mouth off her father's cock. "Daddy? I love you so much. I want you

to come in my mouth."

Nikki went right back to sucking his dick as Ralph stared down in amazement. His

innocent little woman-child of a daughter had just invited him to unload in her

mouth. He wasn't sure he could do it. Shoot his cum in his daughter's mouth?

Could he let go in her mouth, filling it with his hot semen, blasting off and

shooting his jism down her young throat?

Nikki gave him little time to think about it. With the water from the shower head

spraying on both of them, Nikki began her push towards her final reward. Taking a

deep breath, Nikki began to pull out all the stops in order to bring her father to


>From the bedroom peeking through the crack in the bathroom door, Marsha watched

as Nikki began to bob her head like crazy, up and down, up and down, rapidly on

her father's cock. Marsha was frigging her clit like a madwoman, trying to get

off as she watched her best friend giving her father a blowjob. Her eyes were

glued to the sight of Nikki's mouth, stretched to the limit around her father's

dick, sliding up and down, faster and faster. She could see Nikki's father,

straining to come.

Ralph no longer cared about conventional wisdom or what society thought about

incest. All he cared about what coming. Now.

And Nikki was lost in another world. Any discomfort she might have felt about her

mouth being stuffed by her father's huge dick didn't matter. She would not be

denied the fruit of her labor. This was the moment.

She picked up the pace of her movements. Her head bobbed frantically, her lips

squeezing his dick, her tongue swirling around the head of his cock, faster and

faster, faster and faster,while her fingers tickled his scrotal sac which she

could feel tightening. Her father moaned and groaned and then, he grunted, his

hips pushing forward another inch into Nikki's mouth. With his cock aimed right at

her tiny throat, he came.

The first blast went right down her gullet at lightning speed. This was followed

by a long stream of pearly white semen, filling her mouth, making her cheeks puff

out with the volume. Nikki struggled hard to keep his dick as well as all that cum

in her mouth. She swallowed hard, forcing the load down her throat. She backed

off a bit, continuing to stroke the head of his cock with her lips, causing yet

more of his sweet cum to spew into her mouth, then another shot.

In the hallway, Marsha witnessed Nikki's father last grunt, and knew he was coming

in Nikki's mouth. The moment she saw him unload his sperm in her mouth, Marsha

came, her right hand stroking her engorged clit, her left hand pinching her

nipple. She toppled over as she came, but kept the rubbing motion going, trying

hard not to cry out as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She quickly recovered, knowing

that the show was almost over, and stumbled out of the bedroom trying to pull up

her panties as she made her way back to Nikki's room.

Now, Ralph was shooting the last few spurts on cum in his daughter's mouth. Nikki

tried not to immediately swallow the last of his jism. When the last drops

dribbled out of his cock into her mouth, his legs buckled and he collapsed. He

was able to stop the full impact of his fall by grabbing the shower curtain, but

he eventually pulled it loose off the rod and tumbled down on top of Nikki.

Nikki wrapped her arms around her Daddy's waist and prevented him from further

hurting his wrists by cushioning most of the force of his fall. For minutes, both

father and daughter were too exhausted to move. Ralph lay there on top of Nikki,

panting. She lay beneath him, swirling his hot come in her mouth, enjoying its

sweet/salty taste and its creamy texture. Then, and only then, did she swallow

his cum.

For a minute they held each other, laying perfectly still. Nikki's father finally

lifted his head and looked at his beautiful daughter.

"I love you, honey," he told her.

And then he kissed her.

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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