Late Night Play

It had started innocently enough. The kids had been wrestling around and one grope

led to another.

Seeing that both Christee and Frank were eager to continue their education of each

other's bodies, I glanced at the clock to see how much time we had. It was still

only 10:30 pm. We had about three hours left before Lisa and Tara would be

close to getting back.

I didn't want to rush them into taking their clothes off right away, as I felt

that might scare them off. So, I eased down onto the blanket with them, trying

to conceal my hard-on as I went.

"Why don't we just lay down here like you two were a few minutes ago, and just

relax?" I said, reassuringly.

I sat down crosslegged on the blanket facing both Christee and Frank. Frank began

wiping his hand off on his pajamas.

"How much of each other did you two see a while ago?" I asked, trying to sound as

if I didn't know.

"I didn't see anything!" Frank exclaimed.

Christee sat silently, her eyes looking at me then looking down.

"Christee?" I prodded.

"Well..., I-I saw a little bit," she said quietly, "but it wasn't much!"

"I see," I paused for a moment, "Do you two want to see more of each other, down


"Yeah!" Frank blurted out.

Christee just lay there looking rather uncertain about all of this.

"How about it Christee?"

"I...., I don't know," she said apprehensively, "I don't want mom finding out.

And besides......, I'm a little embarrassed."

"Well, I'm not going to tell anybody," I said, trying to reassure her. "We'll

just keep it our little secret. And if it makes you feel any better, we'll start

with Frank."

"Hey! That ain't fair! She already got to see me!"

"Now just calm down Frank," I commanded. "We aren't going to do anything if you

don't do as I say."

"Oh..., alright," he said reluctantly.

"Is that alright with you, Christee?" I asked.

"Well...., I..., I guess so. But I'm embarrassed for you to see me....., you


"I see. Well, maybe we can work something out about that, OK?"

"O-OK, I guess so."

"OK, then. Frank, why don't you lay down on your back, and let Christee start

rubbing your chest?"

I wanted to ease them into this, and get their curiosity and excitement going

again. Frank lay back, his pajama top and pants still unbuttoned. His little

dick was now soft, and was still covered just below the bottom of the flap. Christee

scooted over to him on her butt, and began rubbing his chest. Frank just lay

there with his hands behind his head, enjoying himself. I watched Christee as she

circled Frank's nipples with her fingertips, and it wasn't long before I noticed

that Frank's dick began to poke up in his pajamas again.

"Why don't you take your pajama bottoms off, Frank?" I asked, trying to get Christee

to get loosened up more.

Frank wasn't shy. He just lifted his hips up and shucked them right off, kicking

them onto the sofa with his foot. Christee was embarrassed to look at it at first,

but as she continued to caress Frank's chest, I noticed her gaze began to shift

down to it, lingering longer each time. Her strokes began to get lower and

lower, finally coming to within inches of his little dick, but still not touching

it. She was still too shy to touch it with me looking on, so I decided to coax

her on a little bit.

"Christee, it's OK to touch it. I'll tell you what to do to make it feel good for

him if you want me to."

She nodded her head as she tentatively grasped his dick and began fondling it

along the shaft. This caused Frank to stiffen his legs, forcing his hips up


"That part is what is called the penis," I informed her. "At least that's the

scientific name for it. Most people call it a dick, or cock. If you look down,

you'll see a little bag, or sack."

She began to run her fingertips down to his scrotum, causing it to shrink up a


"If you feel real gently, you can feel two little balls in there. Those are

called testicles."

She gently probed her index finger into his scrotum, then grasping one of his

balls between her thumb and index finger.

"When he gets older, that's what will make sperm."

"Oh, yeah. We learned about that in school," she interuppted. "What does sperm

look like?"

"Well...," I paused, "I don't know if Frank can make any sperm yet, but it's

usually thick and white."

I didn't want to satisfy her curiosity soley on Frank. I was pretty sure that

even though he probably couldn't produce any sperm yet , he probably could

ejaculate. I didn't want her to know that, though. I just had to take a chance

that Frank had not yet jacked off all the way before now.

Since Frank didn't say anything, I continued, "Maybe you'll get to see some sperm

later on, though."

Christee just looked over at me, still holding Frank's testicle between her finger.

"Owww!" Frank yelled.

Christee jumped, letting go of his ball.

"You have to be very careful when you feel his balls, Christee. It's OK, though, he's

alright. Now wrap your fingers around his dick, and slide them up and down."

She gently reached over taking his dick in her hand, and began to stroke it.

"That feels real good to a boy. It's kinda feels something like when he's having


"Sex feels good. I mean..., for a boy?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah! It feels much better than that. And it also feels real good to the

girl, too," I replied, not telling the whole truth.

I could see the gears working in Christee's head. She was probably thinking about

how good it felt when Frank felt her up a while ago, and also about my telling

her that Frank couldn't make any sperm yet.

I let her play with Frank a little while longer, before springing the next

bombshell on her.

"There's something else that feels real good to a boy, that feels even more like

having sex."

"What?" she asked.

"It's when a girl puts the boy's dick in her mouth, and sucks on it a little.

Why don't you try it on Frank?"

Her expression changed to a sneer, "What if he pees in my mouth?"

"Oh, he's not going to pee in your mouth. His dick is too hard for that. Why

don't you try it? It's not going to hurt you. Just be sure you don't bite him

or rub your teeth against his dick, because that would hurt him."

She looked down at Frank's dick with uncertainty, still stroking it gently, then

back at me.

"It's OK., go ahead," I encouraged.

Christee leaned over, stopping her mouth right at Frank's dick. She opened her lips,

and without touching his dick with any part of her mouth, slowly put the head

just inside her mouth. She them backed off, glancing over at me, then readjusted

herself onto her knees. Once again, she leaned over Frank, putting the head of

his dick just inside her mouth without touching it with her lips.

Then......, slowly...., her lips closed until...., finally! Her lips were now

wrapped around Frank's little dick! Frank's legs stiffened again, thrusting his

hips up. Christee pulled back, sucking slightly on Frank's dick as it popped out

with a loud "pttthhhppp!"

She eased back slightly, licking her lips, and tasting this new sensation.

Again, she went down on him, and since Frank's dick was still relatively small,

this time she easily took all of it into her mouth. She closed her lips around

it and holding her mouth in one place, began sucking on it much the way a baby

sucks on a bottle. Frank's hips pushed up into her face, forcing any remaining

fraction of his dick into her mouth and pushing Christee's nose into his balls. She

kept sucking on it, pulling back after a few seconds, and again, releasing his

dick from her mouth with another "pttthhhppp!"

"That's very good Christee!" I encouraged. "This time, just move your mouth up and

down on his dick while sucking on it. You don't have to suck real hard, just a

little bit. And every once in a while, lick it with your tounge, just like you

would with a lollipop."

She looked over at me with a little smile, pleased that she was doing so well.

Then, she leaned over and again took Frank's dick in her mouth, but this time she

started at the head. Slowly at first, she eased her mouth up and down on Frank's

hard, little dick, increasing the tempo to match Frank as he began to hump her


I leaned back on one arm, and began to rub my dick through my shorts. She was a

sight to behold, her panty- clad ass poking out from under her gown, and her long

blonde hair swishing back and forth as she sucked Frank's dick.

After a minute or two, Frank began to draw his legs up, bending at the hips.

Even though he didn't know what was happening, I knew he was close to coming in

Christee's mouth. But I wasn't through with them yet.

"Christee, why don't you take a break and let Frank rub you for a while?"

Christee sat up, and I heard the now familiar "pttthhhppp!" as Frank's dick escaped

her lips. She lay down on her back, pulling her gown down to cover her panties

as Frank began to stroke her chest.

"Don't be shy, Christee," I said, stroking her blonde hair. "It won't feel as good if

he has to rub you through your clothes. Why don't you just take your gown off.

You can leave your panties on if you want to."

Christee blushed, "Well..., alright. But only if you promise not to laugh. My

boobies are not big like mom's are yet."

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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