Seeing Dad Again

When I was growing up my mom and dad din't get along well. Dad wasn't around alot

due to buisness. It seemed he was more on the road than off it at that time in his life.

I hadn't seen my father in 10 years. I was 16 when mom kicked him out and he had

moved to the Gulf where he had a brother. He had sent a card and gift when

I graduated from high school and college, and had called on my 18th, 21st and

25th birthdays, but we had not seen each other in all those years. It was just

too far from my home in the east coast for a struggling student and young adult to


I had been working for the small engineering firm I had joined after college for

a couple of years when I found out that I would be making a business trip to a

city about 3 hours away from where my father lives, and decided to take a week of

vacation time while I was out there and visit with the old man after my business

was concluded. When I called and told him, he seemed genuinely pleased about the


My flight out and the meetings I attended were fairly routine, and I could hardly

wait until everything was done and I could hit the road to Dad's place.

He greeted me at the door with a big hug, and I felt a warm thrill at being with

him again. Mom had said some mean things about him over the years, but I had

always liked my father and had missed him. It was great being together after a

full decade, and within a few minutes it seemed as though we had never been


We sat up and visited until well after midnight, and when we finally headed for

bed, Dad told me that he had some business to attend to the next day, but that I

should make myself at home until he could get back in the late afternoon, and

then he had arranged to be off a couple of days so that we could be together.

When I got up the next morning, he was already gone. There was coffee brewed,

though, and as I poured a cup I read the note he had left reminding me that he

would be home about 4:30 and that I should enjoy myself until then. I felt a

little tingle of excitement at that suggestion and my cock stirred slightly. A

free day on an out of town trip for me usually meant browsing the adult

bookstores, checking out the local action. Generally I didn't get too involved in

active sex, but I had been known to give a good hand job to someone in the booths

if the opportunity presented itself (as it usually did).

I finished the coffee, then dressed and checked the phone book for some book

shops to browse, and then got out my map and headed off for some fun.

The first few shops I visited had a fair amount of erotic reading material and a

good selection of video booths, but they weren't quite what I was looking for. I

figured I had time for one more shop before I headed back to Dad's place to wait

for him, though, so I parked and walked in to a store on a side street just out

of the downtown area. There I hit the jackpot.

I know when I've found what I was searching for when the gay section is as big or

bigger than the straight section. This place obviously catered to the 'different'

crowd, as it had a lot of material representing the kinkier sides of sex. In

addition to a huge collection of gay oriented reading material and videos, the

store also had a lot of bondage material and leather supplies plus shelves full

of other 'novelty' items. The straight sex section was small in comparison.

I browsed around for awhile, then headed back to the video booths where I sat

down and plunked in a couple dollars worth of quarters. I found a hot looking gay

video to watch and was rubbing the growing bulge in the front of my pants when I

noticed a flicker of light coming from a hole in the side wall of the booth.

Someone had entered and started the videos in the next stall. I wondered if the

hole was commonly used for inter-booth contact.

I didn't have to wait long for an answer. A shadow passed over the opening and

then very soon a stiff cock came wavering through the hole in the wall. I reached

out for the organ and stroked it gently, tracing the heavy veining that sculpted

the shaft. I ran my finger around the crown of the bulbous head and then spread

some of the pre-cum juice that was already oozing from the pee-hole over the

shiny purple skin.

I paused long enough to apply some saliva to my hand and then began to jack the

anonymous cock, sliding my fist back and forth, spreading the flowing juices up

and down the 6 inches of rigid flesh that protruded from the wall. The glow from

the video screen flickered on the glistening skin of the man-meat I was pumping,

and my eyes darted back and forth from the ass- fucking on the screen to the cock

I was working over with my hand.

I could hear a low moan coming through the wall, and the organ I was stroking

began to hump back and forth as though my unknown partner was fucking my fist. I

felt the throbbing as his orgasm began, and a thick stream of cum came shooting

out of the tip of his cock. The man on the other side of the wall grunted several

times as more of his cum was pumped out onto the floor of my stall. Finally the

softening cock withdrew through the wall and, after a whispered "Thanks" through

the opening, I heard the door to the next stall opening.

I wiped the traces of cum from my hand and then dropped some more coins into the

machine to keep the videos playing. As I glanced at my watch to check the time I

thought to myself that this was shaping up to be a fun afternoon.

I had just settled back to watch a video of some leather guys working over a

young guy's ass when I saw a flicker of light in the walls on both sides of my

booth. Almost simultaneously both my new neighbors shoved their swelling cocks

through the wall into my space.

"My first double-header," I chuckled to myself as I reached out to fondle both of

the dicks at the same time. One was long and thin with a rounded knobby head, the

other shorter and thick- er with an almost bean-shaped tip. I enjoyed comparing

the feel of the two different men as I stroked their stiff rods. I continued to

pump them as my gaze flicked from one to the other and then to the hot video that

was providing the flickering light for my ministrations.

I wanted to try to make both men cum at the same time, so I stroked vigorously

with both hands until their juices were flowing well and their organs were

quivering in my hands. Then I began to vary the pace on each of them, trying to

gage how far along they were. As they began to grind themselves against the wall

I could tell that they were nearly finished and so speeded up again. I varied the

pressure of my grip until I was using a milking action on both sides of me.

They fired their loads within seconds. The long thin cock fired his first jet

clear across the booth where some of it landed on the other cock. The smaller,

thicker cock spurted a thick glob a few inches and then each further stroke

caused a surge of cream to ooze out of his slit and onto the floor. I milked them

both dry and then they disappeared.

I must have run several dollars worth of quarters into the booth over the next

half hour or so as I watched the hot videos and masturbated the cocks that

presented themselves to me through the openings in the wall. I never had two at

the same time again, but there was almost never a time that there wasn't a cock

there for me to work over. I suspected several times that some- one was in one

booth watching through the hole as I pumped the cum out of a dick protruding from

the other hole, and each time when a cock came in from that side it unloaded real

fast as though it had been stroked almost to completion before I got it.

At last the string of dicks waiting to be serviced seemed to come to an end. I

leaned back to watch the last of my quarters play out on the video and stroked

the hard-on which protruded from my open fly. I figured to add my own cum to the

huge puddle of sticky cream coating the floor before leaving and was just getting

started when another cock slid through the opening in the wall.

In the flickering glow of the video I saw that it was the cock of my dreams.

Nearly nine inches of thick meat hung out into my space. Figuring that there was

at least an inch or more on the other side of the wall I was staring at ten

inches or more. It was thick, at least 2 inches in diameter, and uncut. The

foreskin puckered nicely at the tip.

I reached for the organ and wrapped both of my hands around it. It began swelling

toward erection and developed an upward curvature as I fondled it. Finally it was

stiff and bobbing slightly as I caressed it.

My own cock was harder than it had ever been. I stood up and began to rub my

organ against the monster which jutted from the wall. I placed the tip of my

foreskin against the opening in the other skin and then stretched my unseen

partner's skin out- ward to engulf the whole head of my own uncut cock. I could

feel our hot, slick juices filling the space that surrounded the bloated heads of

both our rods, and I stroked both our skins back and forth together at the same


I pulled away and squatted down in front of the enormous tool which was presented

to me, and I watched the dark purple head as I covered and uncovered it as I

stroked my anonymous companion's skin back and forth. His juices were drooling in

a long string from the slit in his bullet shaped cock head; I couldn't resist

leaning forward to catch some of that juice on my tongue.

It was sweet, and intoxicating. I wanted more of it, so I ran my tongue around

the head of his massive organ and then took it into my mouth. I hadn't planned to

suck anyone off, but I had to do this one.

I sucked hard on the head of this beautiful cock, and let it slide deeper into my

mouth. I kept up the suction as I pulled back, then let the organ pop free from

my lips. I pulled his foreskin as far forward as I could and then pushed my

tongue under it to swirl it around the head and clean up all the juice I could.

Keeping my tongue under his skin I began to slide my lips as far down his shaft

as I could reach and then slid back. I kept up this action for several minutes,

trying each time to take a little more of the massive tool into my hot mouth.

Soon his foreskin was fully retracted and I was pumping him as deep into my mouth

as I could. I could feel the heavy tip of his cock nudging my tonsils as I worked

to get him off. I used one hand to maintain a stroking action on the part of his

tool that I couldn't get into my hungry mouth, and with my other hand I fondled

and pumped my own stiff organ.

Finally I could feel him tense up, and the huge head of his cock began to pulsate

in my mouth. I sucked him in hard as I slid my lips down his shaft as far as I

could, working the head with my tongue as I did.

His whole cock throbbed and I felt a hot spray of his cum in my mouth. I squeezed

with my lips and sucked outward as he began to pump great wads of his salty sweet

cum cream into my waiting mouth. I swallowed as fast and as hard as I could, but

even though I could feel my stomach filling with his hot sperm it was coming

faster than I could handle and the excess was squeezing through my stretched lips

and trickling down my chin.

The sensation of being filled with his hot jism pushed me over the edge, and I

sprayed my own load of cum against the wall of the booth. I milked my nuts dry

with one hand as I pumped the last of his heavy load into my throat with the


After his spurting finally stopped I managed to lick the traces of his cum from

his softening organ before he withdrew it from the hole in the wall. I heard

coins drop in the video machine in his booth and then heard him drop heavily onto

the seat to catch his breath.

The video in my booth went black as I stood up and wiped the cum from my dick. I

grabbed a paper towel and wiped my hands and face quickly before stuffing my now

soft cock back into my pants and zipping up.

My intention had been to leave quickly; I didn't really want to be there when

someone went into the booth and found all of the cum sprayed all over the walls

and floor. I'm sure it was a real mess. I paused in the hall, though, and stared

at the door to the booth next to mine. For the first time in my adult life, I

wasn't satisfied with anonymity. Even though I would only be in town for a few

days before heading back east, I wanted to at least see the man who had such a

beautiful cock that I had found myself unable to resist sucking it dry.

I leaned casually against the wall, waiting for the busy light over the door to

go out. I planned to just wait for the man to come out, then watch him leave

before heading out the door myself. I didn't figure on even speaking to him; I

just wanted to see him.

At last the light went out and I heard the door latch re- lease. The door opened

and the figure of a man stepped out into the gloomy hallway. As he stepped under

one of the dim lights, though, I found myself staring with amazement at the face

of my father.

"You!" we both exclaimed. I continued to stare at him as he turned and looked at

the door of the booth I had occupied and then back at me as it dawned on him that

I had been the one who had just taken his load.

We left the building together and climbed into my car. He said that his car would

be fine in the garage of his office building and that we should just head for his

house. We kind of avoided talking about what had just happened on the drive home,

but when we got to his place and went in, we had to talk.

I explained how I had been fooling around with guys since early adolescence and

that I was usually more cautious about my activities than it appeared after my

performance that afternoon. He explained that the reason mom had kicked him out

was that she caught him stroking his cock one day as he was surreptitiously

watching me take a shower; his protestations of never having touched me or even

planning to touch me had been unacceptable to her. As far as she had been

concerned he was a queer child molester and had to go. I began to understand her

anger toward him even though I knew it was misplaced.

He also explained that the reason he had gone to the shop where we met was that

our reunion the night before had aroused some of his old feelings for me, and he

had wanted to get relief from the desires he felt so that we could better enjoy

our visit. He smiled when I told him the best part of the visit so far had been

when he filled my mouth with his cum. Then I sat down beside him on the sofa and

laid my hand on the bulge in his lap.

"As far as I'm concerned," I said, "you can fill any part of me with your cum any

time you want. I waited for the man I had just blown so that I could put a face

with the memories I intend- ed to carry forever of this great cock, and when I

saw that it was you I knew I was in love with you completely."

His cock was swelling in his pants as he asked, "Are you sure about this?"

I leaned forward and kissed him, then knelt between his legs and fumbled his fly

open so that I could scoop his massive cock and heavy hanging scrotum out of his

pants. I sucked first one testicle and then the other into my mouth, then ran my

tongue up the veined length of his shaft. I paused and looked into his face as I

said simply, "Yes," then swallowed his cock as deeply into my mouth as I could.

He pulled me up from his organ and led me to the bedroom where he quickly

undressed me. Once I was nude he stripped him- self. We wrapped our arms around

each other and kissed, thrust- ing our tongues together. His body was covered

with coarse hair, mine with soft fuzz. His nipples pressed against mine, and his

enormous cock rubbed against my own prick. Soon we were leaving traces of pre-cum

on each others bodies as our dicks began to ooze their lubricating juices.

At last he laid me down on the bed, then he stretched out beside me and began to

fondle my cock. Soon he was running his tongue up and down the length of it, and

then he began to suck on my organ. We squirmed into a sixty-nine position and I

worked his cock into my mouth so that I could fuck my face with it. We continued

to eat each other as I felt his hands massaging my ass. Before long he had spread

my cheeks and was probing my anus with a finger. He paused briefly to coat his

finger with spit and then returned to sucking on my hard member as he slid his

digit into my rectum.

I groaned around the massive cock filling my mouth, and allowed the head to slip

past my tonsils into my throat slightly. Never had I felt so loved and wanted as

I did at that moment with my cock buried in my father's mouth, his cock in my

throat and his finger in my ass. I was disappointed, then, when he withdrew his

finger and began to disentangle himself from me.

I need not have been, though. He reached for some lubricating jelly and, after

raising my legs up, he squirted some of it into my ass and around my anus. He

squeezed a blob onto his huge cock and smeared it around, then proceeded to work

the lubricant into my ass. I was about to get filled in the rear by my father,

and I couldn't wait.

He worked first one, then two fingers into my ass as he spread the lube around.

After pumping me for a minute with two fingers, he added a third and stroked them

in and out a few times. Juice was draining from my cock into my navel, and I knew

I was ready.

"Do it, Daddy. Fuck me now."

He spread my legs wide and moved between them. My butt was turned up towards his

advancing horse-cock. When the head of it pressed against my greased anus, I


"Fill me up with your meat. I want it so bad..."

Without a word he began to press his tool into me. I felt my ass-hole stretching

open, wider than it had ever been opened. I chewed my lip and sweat broke out on

my forehead as I worked hard at relaxing my butt muscles and opening up to take

him in.

I groaned once, and he paused instantly, but I urged him on. "Don't stop, Dad.

Please, I need to have you in me."

He resumed his pressure against my tight behind, and I felt the head slide past

my anal muscle. I sighed as his cock began to slide ever deeper into my body. He

stopped a couple of times to let me adjust to his presence, then pressed on.

When he was half way buried in my ass, he began to fuck me. With each stroke he

slid a little deeper into my fuck hole. Soon his body was slapping against mine

as he fucked all the way in; I could feel his coarse pubic bush pressed into the

stretched crack of my butt.

I pulled him down on me as he continued to pound himself into my rectum, and I

thrust my tongue into his mouth where I began to match him stroke for stroke,

tongue fucking his mouth as he ass fucked me.

At last he braced himself and reared back until just the head of his enormous

tool was still in my rectum, then he slammed himself back into me. He repeated

this process several times, picking up the pace until he was pistoning my

intestines. I began to quiver from his ferocious fucking, and then as I groaned

loudly I orgasmed hard. My cock spewed thick cream furiously, coating my belly

and chest. As I started to ejaculate, my ass muscles clamped down hard and pulled

my father over the edge with me.

I felt the first wave of his hot cum blasting deep into my bowels as he pounded

his massive organ into my milking ass. It seemed as though he poured gallons of

the scalding liquid into my inner recesses as I continued to spurt my own sperm.

I managed to get a hand on my cock at last and was able to pump out the remainder

of my load, but I was amazed at how much had poured out of my cock without so

much as a touch as I was being fucked.

Dad finally stopped pumping into my ass and started gasping for air. Once he had

recovered a bit, he withdrew his softening organ from my sore bottom, then began

to lick my cum from where it had sprayed across my body. As he moved into

position, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked and licked it clean of any cum

which clung to it. He raised my legs and plunged his tongue into my ass and

licked me clean before eventually turning around to kiss me.

"I think this is going to be a great visit," he smiled.

I laid my head on his chest and took his beautiful cock into my hand.

"Yeah, I think so, too."

Copyright ?1998 by SIC


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