Slippery When Wet

It had been a long afternoon for her. The bellt was nice though. A reminder.

"Did you have fun?" Jenn's grandmother asked when she arrived home. "Yes,

grandmomma," Jenn said in a low voice. Her grandmother noticed the belt. "Did

someone give you a present?" Jenn's grandmother asked. "Yes,

grandmomma...Allie," Jenn said. With lowered eyes Jenn swept past her

grandmother to ladle a fresh bowl of soup into a bowl. "My, that's some belt,"

Jenn's grandmother said. "Reminds me of the belt my father used to wallop my

bottom with when I was a naughty girl." "Yes, grandmomma," Jenn said. Deftly

she carried the fresh bowl of soup over to the kitchen table and sat down. She

began spooning it into her mouth. Jenn played backgammon with her grandmother

that night, and then turned in early. When she closed her eyes she found jutting

male penises imprinted on the insides of her eyelids. For a while she tossed and

turned, debating whether to return to Allie's on the morrow, but eventually she

was overcome by exhaustion and fell asleep. Sunlight streamed through her

grandmother's kitchen window the following morning as Jenn sat and ate her

cereal. "Where are you going to go today?" Jenn's grandmother asked her as she

busied herself frying eggs and ham. "Well, there's and Allie's..." Jenn's voice

trailed off. "My, my, back to that woman's

place again?" Jenn's grandmother asked. "You must like her." "I didn't say I

was going there," Jenn said, her voice a bit testy. "I just said I COULD go

there." "I see you're still wearing her belt," Jenn's grandmother said. She

served the girl a plate of steaming eggs and ham. "I don't want any, grandmomma,"

Jenn said. "A growing girl like you needs eggs and ham," Jenn's grandmother

protested. "You eat it right down so you'll have plenty of strength and energy

for your endeavors." Jenn poked at the food. "Is Allie sending her limo by

again today?" Jenn's grandmother asked. "No, but she gave me cab fare in case I

want to...come..." Jenn said. "Well, then you MUST go," Jenn's grandmother

admonished. "If she's asked you to come and you don't you'll be doing both of

you a disservice. Shall I call her and tell her you'll be over after breakfast?"

Jenn's grandmother asked. "If you want to, grandmomma," Jenn said. She put a

forkfull of eggs in her mouth and began chewing. "Don't you come back until you

and Allie are finished," Jenn's grandmother said to her as the cab waited with

humming engine at the bottom of the steps. Jenn's grandmother pulled at the

chiffon scarf about Jenn's neck, straightening it. "You're a big girl now and I

know you can handle whatever comes your way. You needn't worry about me...if

you're kept overnight again I'll know Allie's taking care of you." "Goodbye,

grandmomma," Jenn said, and pecked her grandmother on the lips. She turned and

walked down the steps on her high heels and was let into the cab by the driver.

The car sped off. "My, I'm so delighted you decided to come again," Allie said

with a smile when Jenn appeared at her door. In her hand she held a flagellum.

It was about two feet long, thin and springy, with a little knob at the end. It

was made of bamboo. Whenever Allie moved it quivered, as if impatient to be

used. "And I see you're wearing your belt." "Just for decoration," Jenn said.

"Of course, dear," Allie said. "I myself was decorated with a belt just like

that many a time when I was younger." "Hi, Jenn!" Joan called out. Jenn

felt a wave of relief as the 18-year-old bounded up to her. Her jutting tits

jiggled beneath a T-shirt. She wore no bra. Around her waist she also wore a

leather belt. Beneath her T-shirt she wore a white bikini bottom. Between the

shirt, which covered the top third of her bottom, and the bikini, which covered

the lower two thirds, her bottom managed to be concealed. Long black boots

stretched up to just above her knees. "I've been playing ping pong," Joan

said to Jenn. "Care to join me?" At the back of the mansion, on an enclosed

porch, a ping pong table had been set up. Several men and women were present, in

various types of attire, some casual, some more formal. It was morning, not a

time when formality was particularly in vogue at social get-togethers. A game had

just ended, and Joan took up a paddle and invited Jenn to join her. Jenn

recognized none of the men, but they were all quite athletic looking, with

chiseled features; younger and even better looking than the pilots had been. Jim

came walking through a doorway and waved to her. In her miniskirt and blouse,

Jenn felt ill-equipped to play tennis. She could just imagine what would happen

to her skirt when she went for the ball. Fortunately, unlike Joan, she was

wearing a bra. "I don't think I'm wearing the right shoes for ping pong," Jenn

said as Joan pressed a paddle into her hand. "Well, that's two of us," Joan

said. The 18-year-old was wearing spiked boots, and Jenn was wearing spiked

booties. Jenn figured that given the girl's inexperience with heels, and the

fact that Joan's boots stretched all the way up over her knees, she had the

advantage. Jenn decided to play. The ball was served and began bouncing back

and forth. Joan's outthrust breasts shook wildly as she returned Jenn's hits,

Jenn's skirt kept flipping up despite her best efforts, revealing her semi-sheer

panties. The men, not surprisingly, found they preferred watching the girls to

playing themselves, though whether while they watched they played with themselves

was not altogether certain. After about 20 minutes ping pong gave way to brunch.

The guests were seated about a formal table, and the butlers began bringing out

bottles of liquor. Jenn and Joan, unlike the other guests, were served

coffee, eggs, and bacon. "I just ate," Jenn protested. "I'm sure you can eat

more," Allie said. "You too, Joan. Stephanie tells me you hardly touched your

breakfast at home." As the other guests began imbibing liquids only, Jenn and

Joan picked at their food. "Terrie and Liz, would you please help our special

guests eat their breakfasts?" Allie asked finally of two women in their

mid-twenties. The two rose, picked up their wine glasses, and walked over to

where Jenn and Joan were sitting. There was an empty chair to Jenn's left,

and Terrie sat in it. To Joan's right there was an empty chair, and Liz took

that one. "Hi!" Terrie said brightly to Jenn. She took Jenn's fork from her

hand and put her arm about Jenn's shoulders. Her body felt warm as she snuggled

up against Jenn. She wore no bra beneath her semi-sheer blouse. Her breasts

joggled freely. "I can feed myself!" Jenn protested. "Why should you, when I'm

willing to do it for you?" Terrie asked. Jenn felt both secure in the woman's

embrace and threatened. Terrie brought a forkfull of bacon to Jenn's lips. Jenn

balked and the bacon fell onto her blouse. "Oh, my! Now look what you've done,"

Terrie admonished Jenn. The woman turned to Allie. "Allie, Jenn's blouse will

have to be taken off and washed!" "Such a pity," Allie said. "Well, you're just

as bad as your friend," Liz said as Joan's own protestations caused a

proffered glass of coffee to spill on her breast. "Yow! That's hot!" Joan

cried as the hot coffee soaked quickly through her thin T-shirt. Liz laughed.

"You've created your own wet T-shirt contest," Liz said. "Shall I wet the other

one for you too?" "No," Joan said, pouting. "And you can leave MY shirt on."

She glanced sideways, the persistent Terrie brushed away Jenn's hands and

insisted on unbuttoning her blouse. "Whatever you wish, dear," Liz smiled at

Joan. "But you should eat." She speared half a strip of bacon and lifted it.

"Open wide." Jenn munched on her food as Terrie fed her. Terrie's glass kept

being refilled with champagne, as was Liz's, but Jenn and Joan were not

urged to drink any more than they needed to wash down their meal. Jenn consoled

herself with the fact that, at this repast at least, she would not have to

publicly pee for her fellow guests. "Allie?" Jenn asked a bit later, when she

had truly eaten all she could. "May I please be shown to your restroom?" "What

is it, darling?" Allie asked. "I-I have to go to the bathroom," Jenn said.

Allie laughed. "We all do," Allie said. "You know how we relieve ourselves in

polite company. Would you like to go first?" "I have to do number two," Jenn

said. "Ah," Allie said. "And how about you, Joan, do you have to go potty

too?" "No," Joan said. "Well, we'll have to give you some castor oil then,"

Allie said. "But as for you, Jenn, you say you are ready to present us with a

display of your nether offering?" "That's not quite how I put it," Jenn said.

"No matter," Allie said, rising. She picked up her flagellum from the table and

thrust it through the sash about her waist. "You and Joan both have beautiful

bottoms and the men here will delight in seeing you exercise your hind cheeks by

pooping into a pan." "I really would prefer a toilet," Jenn said, her eyes on

Allie as the woman strolled over to her chair. "Lean forward," Allie said when

she was directly behind Jenn's chair. Jenn obeyed. Allie reached down

Jenn's back and unhooked her bra. Deftly she slipped its straps off Jenn's

slim shoulders and down her arms. Allie tossed the bra in the direction of

several males, who all reached forward at once to catch it. "Stand up," Allie

said to Jenn. The girl rose. Her breasts jiggled freely. "This dress will

never do," Allie said. "We all must be able to see your bottom to admire it."

Allie unzipped Jenn's dress. It fell in a pool to the floor. "Of course my

panties come off too?" Jenn asked in a resigned voice. "Not yet," Allie said.

"You asked to see my bathroom, and by God, you will!" Allie took Jenn by the

hand and beckoned the others to follow. She called to a butler and whispered in

his ear. He hurried away. Allie led her guests out the back of the house and

across the lawn. They passed the butler, returning to the house, as they went.

Jenn was the only member of the group who was topless, and she did her best to

cover her breasts with her long lemon locks. Despite the fact that she knew

nobody outside their group could see her, Jenn still felt awkward being the only

female who was without a top. "This looks like a stable," Jenn said when their

little group had crossed the back lawn and entered a wooden building. The smell

of hay greeted their nostrils. On the wall hung harnessing equipment, including

a variety of whips. In the middle of the floor stood a lone wooden side chair.

In front of the chair, on the floor, was a wide porcelain bowl. "Alright, now,

off with your panties!" Allie said to both Jenn and Joan. Reluctantly both

girls drew off their undies. Allie extended her hand and made the girls hand

their panties to her. Allie walked behind Joan. She tugged on the girl's

shirt. "Well, it doesn't cover too much of your bottom, I guess you can keep it

on," Allie said. "Jenn," Allie commanded. "You first. Walk over to that

chair and sit down on it backwards." "Backwards?" Jenn asked. "You heard me.

With your butt sticking out over the front of the chair, and your breasts facing

the back," Allie said. It was then that Jenn realized why the porcelain bowl

had been placed in front of the chair. As gracefully as she could, clenching her

buttocks slightly as the need to defecate increased, Jenn walked over to the

chair. She straddled the wooden seat and sat her bottom down upon it. "Good, now

stick your bottom out more, OFF the edge of the seat," Allie commanded. Jenn

felt terribly lewd as she stuck out her derriere. "More," Allie said. "Get

your entire bottom off the chair. Only your thighs should be on the seat, and

then not even all of them." Jenn bit her lower lip and stuck her posterior out

even farther. Her eyes gazed at the far wall of the stable, where an array of

restraints and flagellums hung ominously. Allie walked up behind her. "That's

my girl," Allie said. She stroked Jenn's long hair. "Dip your back now, that's

it, push the small of your back toward the rear of the chair. Jenn dipped her

back, forming her bottom into a neat round ball with a distinctive crack up the

middle. Allie reached down and Jenn felt the woman's fingertips graze her open

nether hole. "Can you go poop poop for me, into the little bowl?" Allie said,

almost as if she were talking to a toddler. Jenn felt the shit begin to slide

down her chute. She bore down. Allie sensed her impending release and withdrew

her hand. The first of several longish turds plopped into the porcelain basin

beneath Jenn's bottom. Joan stood by, watching the scene intently. She

passed her hands over her own bottom, knowing she would be next. Liz stood

beside her, caressing her. Terrie walked to the wall beyond Jenn. She opened a

cigar box sitting atop a bale of hay. Jenn had been watching Terrie with idle

eyes as she felt yet another turd slide down her chocolate chute to plop into the

bowl. Suddenly Jenn's eyes widened. Terrie drew forth a slim dildo from the

cigar box. "Hmm, I wonder which one would do best?" Terrie asked herself aloud.

Still holding her first selection, she reached in and drew forth another. She

turned to Jenn. "What's your favorite color?" Terrie asked. The question seemed

innocuous enough, but Jenn trembled as she realized the import of the inquiry.

The dildos were different colors. The color Jenn chose would be inserted into

her. "Hmm?" Terrie asked, trying to look as innocent as possible. But it was

obvious the girl was trying to conceal some wicked intent. "Tell Terrie which

color you like best," Allie admonished Jenn. A flashcube popped as she

photographed Jenn at her potty. "B-Black," Jenn said, scrunching up her face,

trying to think of a color that dildos didn't come in. "Oooh!" Terrie whistled.

"Well! These dildos are made specially thin just for the anus, but I guess you

want the biggest one of all!" She pulled out a big, black dildo, just like the

penis a black man would have. "Oh, God!" Jenn cried, realizing her mistake. She

made to rise, but Liz appeared behind her, straddling her potty bowl, with her

hands firmly pressed upon Jenn's shoulders. Jenn's heart sank. "My, my, I hope

you're not a racist," Allie smiled, walking around the back of Jenn's chair to

face the blonde. Terrie, just beyond, reached up on tiptoe and took a thin strip

of leather down from the wall. She handed it to Allie. Allie bent forward.

The globes of her breasts revealed themselves to Jenn beyond the low cut front

of her dress. The nipples were just visible beyond the edge of the drooping

fabric. Allie reached through the bars that formed the back of Jenn's chair

and grasped Jenn's wrists where they lay at the back of the wooden seat. Gently,

as if she were tying the girl's shoes for her, Allie looped the leather strip

about Jenn's wrists. Then she tied them off to a bar near the base of the

chair. Allie rose. She gazed approvingly at Jenn. She stroked the blonde's

hair where it fell over her forehead. Jenn looked up at the woman, fear in her

eyes. The last of the turds squeezed its way out of her rectum and plopped into

the porcelain. Terrie, armed with two more straps from the wall, walked over to

where Jenn sat captive. Terrie handed one of the straps she held to Liz. Both

girls bent down. Quietly Terrie and Liz bound each of Jenn's ankles to a front

leg of the chair. Jenn's left ankle was tied to the chair's right leg, and vice

versa. Jenn broke her eyes from Allie's and bent her head down. Her hair

tumbled over her eyes. She felt the nakedness of her back and bottom. A small

voice inside her head told her she looked exquisite. Allie walked behind Jenn.

The blonde still wore the belt she had been given. Allie, her breath on Jenn's

back, reached around to Jenn's tummy and unbuckled the belt. "A bit of riding

would be in order first, I think," Allie said. Allie stepped back, weighing the

leather belt in her palm. The woman gazed at Jenn's bottom. It gleamed with a

whiteness that rivaled cream. "Such a succulent target," Allie breathed. There

was passion in her voice. "No, please," Jenn heard Joan say. Joan,

begging for reprieve for her? Somehow Jenn wished the girl hadn't spoken...for

her own good. "Kiss her bottom," Allie said. Jenn couldn't believe her ears.

Her bottomhole was moist with recently departed dung. It needed wiping. "Her-?"

Joan began, shocked. Then she knew she should say no more. With mincing

steps Joan approached Jenn. She knelt down at her friend's behind. "You

shouldn't have spoken," Jenn whispered. "I was just trying to save you," Joan

replied, but in a voice not small enough to escape Allie's ears. "Did I bid you

talk?" Allie said to Joan. "N-No, ma'am," Joan said. Furtively her hands

stole back to protect her vulnerable bottom. "CRAAACK!" the belt came against

Joan's heinie. "HooOoooh!" Joan cried, leaping upward from her squat.

Fortunately she did not actually rise to her feet, but merely bounced upon her

heels. "I guess you just can't wait for your turn, can you, little girl?" Allie

said to Joan. "Y-Yes, ma'am," Joan said, voice quavering. "Well, you both

have the loveliest white bottoms I've seen in quite awhile, and which one feels

the strap first is hardly of consequence to me," Allie said. "Terrie, fetch a

towel." "Yes, ma'am," Terrie said. She knew what to do, and a moment later she

was kneeling just to the right of Joan, with a fluffy white towel in her

hands. She held it open, as if making an offering of it to the 18-year-old.

"Joan, Jenn's bottom needs wiping, as I'm sure you can see," Allie said.

"Wouldn't toilet paper be better, ma'am?" Joan asked in the voice of a

5-year-old. Allie chuckled. "The towel is not for Jenn's bottom, Joan,"

Allie said. "It is for your tongue." Joan started. Wiping another girl's

bottom for her was bad enough. But could Allie mean what she thought she did?

"You will lick Jenn's bottom clean," Allie commanded Joan. "Periodically,

if you don't want a mouth full of shit, you will wipe your tongue upon Terrie's

towel. I suggest you do it after every lick." "No! Ma'am! Please?EEEeeeOoooh!"

Joan's protestation was interrupted by a well timed crack of the belt upon

her bum. "Lick!" Allie yelled. At once Joan began burrowing into Jenn's

bottom. Jenn squirmed upon her chair. It was the most amazing thing, having a

wet tongue explore the interior of her anus. If it wasn't so wicked, she would

have said it was thrilling, Jenn thought to herself, shooing the idea from her

mind as soon as it appeared. Jenn wriggled her hips. She emitted a small

mewing sound. She felt a little nose bump against her bottom, where the cheeks

joined. Poor Joan! How could the girl bear to lick out another female's

arse? Jenn hoped she would never have to do such an awful thing. Still, those

handsome men that had been sitting at the table with lovely it would

be to have one of them sucking shit from her! Again Jenn did her best to

squelch the decadent thought. Still, getting one's bottom licked was far better

than a strapping... "Well, you've both been very good girls," Allie said a bit

later. She walked up to Joan and Jenn. Joan looked up from Jenn's

derriere with hopeful eyes. "Yes, you may stop now," Allie smiled at the teen.

Liz appeared with mouthwash. She knelt on Joan's left side and had the girl

rinse her mouth three times. Then Liz produced a toothbrush, squirted

toothpaste on it, and had Joan open her mouth yet again and stick out her

tongue. Three times Liz vigorously brushed down Joan's tongue. Joan,

for her part, made an involuntary "Aaaahhh" sound as if she were visiting the

dentist. Finally even Joan's teeth were scrubbed. Four pails of water had been

required for the cleansing of Joan's mouth, and the men who had brought them

up now retrieved them. Hardly noticing the men before, when her mouth was little

more than a john, Joan now noted with approval that their cocks were big and

hard and dripping pre-cum. It was a thought that Joan found strange, given

her predicament. A part of her longed to soil her tongue once more taking those

big penises into her mouth. "A few strokes, that is all," Allie said to Jenn,

bending low to whisper. It was almost as if she were asking permission from the

bound girl. Jenn looked up at Allie but otherwise made no response. Allie

stepped back. "OOOOoooH!" Jenn screeched as the first strike fell. She threshed

in her bonds. Her bottom burned. A few strokes might be all she would get, but

they would be lively ones. "OOOOoooHooHoo!" Jenn cried again as the second lash

fell. It was quickly followed by a third, then a fourth. If Jenn's mind had

not been so clouded by pain she would then have heard Allie drop the belt to the

hay strewn floor. A soft sound, to be sure, but one that would no doubt have

been heard and appear to bode relief. In fact, however, Allie was merely

switching implements. Joan had in fact seen Allie drop the belt, and was

shocked when the woman drew her bamboo cane from her sash. "Just a touch up now,"

Allie said. She moved closer to Jenn's bottom. "Whack!" the cane went,

procuring a cry from Jenn. The cry broke into a sob as it tailed off. The

recesses of the barn echoed. "Whack!" the cane came again, once more producing

emotion. Joan watched with terrified eyes. Thrice more the flagellum struck,

and then Allie returned it to its place in her sash. "Now to top off the fun,"

Allie said, and lifted her hand and snapped her fingers. Terrie strolled up with

the black dildo. Allie stepped back and Liz came up and knelt behind Jenn.

She took hold of the girl's hot bottom cheeks and pulled them even farther apart

than they already were. Terrie stroked the black dildo. She had spent the

interval of the belting greasing it down. "Be gentle, girls," Allie commanded

the two temptresses at Jenn's derriere. "Only give her as much as she can take,

plus a little more. And Jenn," the woman added, turning to her. "Do not clench

your bottom cheeks. You're to take as much as your inexperienced bottom will

allow. If you cheat by trying to squeeze your rectum shut my whip will return."

Jenn sat trembling as she felt the knob of the dildo's head slide between the

cheeks of her bottom. It touched her anus. It pushed forward, not waiting for

permission. Involuntarily Jenn squeezed her cheeks together. "She's resisting,

ma'am," Liz called. She could feel Jenn's bottom cheeks clenching beneath her

fingers. "Whack!" Allie stepped in and seared her cane across Jenn's derriere.

"I think the tail of my whip would serve to enlarge your pretty little anus,"

Allie said to Jenn. "Would you like me to do that?" After waiting a moment,

Jenn realized Allie expected a verbal response. "N-No, ma'am," Jenn said with

a little sniffle, tears streaming down her face. She felt the dildo press deeper

and tried with all her might not to clench her cheeks again. It was so hard!

How could a girl be expected to take a big rubber phallus up her ass without

resisting? Jenn bit her lower lip, eyelids squeezing together as yet more tears

stained her cheeks. Valiantly she tried to weather the entry. Up, up, up the

phallus went. Surely it would be obstructed by something? What if the girls had

used a tube instead? Would that have snaked all the way up through her

intestines? Jenn imagined herself sitting on the chair with a shit coated tube

sticking out of her mouth. "I think that's as far as it'll go," Terrie said.

Jenn was about to shudder a sigh of relief when the dildo was given a shove.

"Oohk!" Jenn grunted. The dildo had been shunted up another three eighths of an

inch. "Leave it in her for a bit. Let her feel the fullness of it," Allie said

proudly, as if it were her bottom that was at the center of the spectacle. Terrie

and Liz rose and stepped back. Jenn, sitting upon the chair, felt the dildo

sticking lewdly out the base of her bottom. Furtively she glanced over her

shoulder to attempt to see the evil implement. The rondure of her bottom blocked

her view. A flashcube, however, caught her full in the face. Her eyes looked up

at Allie's camera as the bulb popped, catching her as she looked back to try to

see the dildo. "My, now that's a shot I'd like to have on my wall," Allie said.

"And the earlier photo I took I could use as a dartboard! What a pleasure it

would be to play darts upon upon Jenn's bottom, then award this dildo up the ass

picture to the one who hits the bull's-eye!" Jenn returned her eyes to the rear

of the chair and began crying. "Boo! Hoo! Hoo!" Jenn wept. She felt

humiliated. All these people looking at her bottom, with a dildo stuck up it!

Not to mention the embarrassing red stripes that crisscrossed if she were

a naughty little girl to whom her daddy had taken his belt. "What's the matter,

honey?" Allie asked with a consoling voice. Jenn kept crying. Slowly the

blonde began to feel herself gain control of this debauched scene. She wished

she had thrown a tantrum earlier. After Joan's beating and accompanying

impalement both she and Jenn were ushered back to the house and upstairs to

Allie's master bedroom. The wooden hot tub was still there, bubbling with fresh

water. The two girls were immersed in it by Terrie and Liz and found solace in

its warmth. They huddled together. After awhile Terrie and Liz insisted on

Jenn and Joan breaking from the comfort of each other's arms so they could be

washed. Carefully their bottoms were soaped and rinsed, and the rest of the

lovely skin on their bodies was not neglected either. Allie supervised all.

Then Jenn and Joan were taken to another bedroom where they were tucked

together between the crisp white sheets of a bed. Allie dismissed Terrie and

Liz and, cane still through her sash in case of any disobedience, sat down on

the side of Jenn and Joan's bed. She picked up a story book from a bedside

table. "Now this is the story of two little girls," Allie began. Jenn could

hardly believe her ears. The woman was going to read a bedtime story to her and

Joan! Joan looked shocked too, but her eyes drooped from fear and

exhaustion even as she Allie spoke her first line. "These two girls were walking

through a wood when they spied a big, black dildo," Allie continued. Well, it

wouldn't quite be a traditional bedtime story after all. No doubt there was one

in Allie's book about Little Red Riding Hood being fucked by the wolf...the

Three Bears committing incest...the Three Little Gay Pigs...Jenn drifted off to

sleep even as her out of control mind conjured up more obscene possibilities for

the contents of Allie's book. Allie saw that both girls were asleep and patted

the girl's breasts. Their mammaries stuck straight up just above the fringe of

the coverlet. Their nipples were hard. How lovely it would be to take a cane to

those bosoms, Allie thought, but wanted not to disturb the girls. They had had

enough for one day. Let them sleep, rest for the possibilities which the night

would bring.

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