South Sea Paradise

After landing I regained enough composure to rumage around.

I found this log book and pencils sealed in a plastic pouch in the life boat

that carried us here. I have decided to keep this diary in the event that a

landing party arrives and we have met our demises before they arrive. I pray that

we can survive long enough to see our rescue. I want to leave a record of our

lives since landing on this island. There is no reason we can't survive, unless

we become sick and cannot treat ourselves.

My name is John K. I am life long Bay Area native, currently thirty-three years old.

At nineteen I married Elizabeth the most beautiful, loving woman I have ever known.

She was sixteen. Two years later she became pregnant our first and only child,

a daughter, Margaret Ann. After I graduated from college, I got into engineering,

and, for over ten years, made a comfortable living working for several high tech

firms in the Sillicon Valley area. I will try to recount the horrible accident and its

tragic aftermath. I will continue write as long as I am able to.



I am sorry about cutting off so abruptly yesterday. But thinking about the

events of the last week has been painful. I think that I can continue now.

I had been working pretty intensely for the last couple of years and had built up

quite a bit of vacation time. In March I received a significant bonus on top of

even more stock for a new patent on which I was a co-inventor.

Elizabeth and I decided celebrate and spend a bit of the hard earned money and time

by taking ourselves and Margaret on a long dreamed about south seas sailing ship

cruise. About five years ago, Elizabeth and I left Margaret with her grand mother and

took one of those big Caribbean island cruise liners out of Houston. It was fun,

like a floating hotel, we did the tourist bit, ate like horses and made love

every where. One night we slipped up the beach from where the ship had a big

luau type party going on and made love under the stars.

Finally at the beginning of summer, we were away. On a Friday we flew to Los Angeles.

The following Sunday, flew first class to Papeete, Tahiti in French Polynesia aboard

one of those huge 747's. By the time we landed, Margaret had explored every bit of the

cabin and was even allowed to peek into the cockpit under the watchful eye of a


We had a two day layover in Papeete, before we had to board another small jet to

fly on to flew to Upoto in American Samoa to join our sailing ship. We were

really excited about it. We had planned for months, reading much about the area.

This was territory where a lot of things had happened (exciting to a World War

II buff like me). For Elizabeth, the romance of the islands was enough. For

Margaret, it was simply a big adventure.

Our itinerary was scheduled to take almost a month weeks with stops in Samoa,

Fiji, then to the Solomon Islands and finally ending in New Caledonia where we

would fly to Sydney, Australia to catch our flight home.

In Upoto, American Samoa, we took a taxi to the working docks where we got our

first look at the ship we were going to sail on. It wasn't really a pure sailing

ship but a large island motor sailer. She could sail or use her engines as

needed. She looked wide, long and low tied up at the dock with her tall masts

poking holes in the sky. Her hull was mostly white with black waterline, marred

by reddish discoloring here and there. Her broad decks were punctuated by a

forward and aft deck house. She was beautiful.

The taxi stopped in front of the ships short companion way. The ships sides were

really too high for a traditional gang plank. I noticed that cargo being swung

aboard and going down into the hold. The crew was using a sort of temporary

crane boom. Margaret pointed out a pair of the largest orange cats I've ever seen

sprawled under the awning spread over the aft pilot house. Elizabeth, whispered

that from the colorful shirts draped with strapped cameras, we had a fair number

of other tourist passengers already on board.

I thought out loud. "No casinos or swimming pools on this cruise".

Elizabeth saw my grin and chipped in, "No Telephones or Fax machines either!"

The crew had obviously had tourists aboard frequently and made us right at home.

They gave us a little guide about the ship and ships services (limited) along

with some do's and don'ts peculiar to a working island freighter. We cast off

around four in the afternoon and the ships chugging diesels took us out to sea.

Once clear of the harbor and reefs, the crew raised the sails, the diesel died

away, and soon the only noises came from the sound of sailors calling to each

other, waves interacting with the ships hull, a creaking as the wind loaded and

unloaded various parts of the rigging and the cries of the seabirds which

followed us.

The next several days were filled with wonderful south seas sunrises, sunsets,

white beaches near little ports of call. I don't know where they found the

ships cook but he could have owned any fine restaurant in Boston.

Elizabeth and I made love frequently. One evening we lay on deck chair cushions we

had dragged into the rope nests up near the bow. We kissed, held hands and

watched the stars up through the rigging until past two in the morning.

Finally, arm in arm, we went to our cabin swaying back and forth as the ship

rolled slowly in the Pacific swells. We made love until almost five o'clock

the morning.

That night Elizabeth was so amorous that I thought she'd never stop making me hard

and then pouncing on my cock. She was behaving just like she had at fifteen

after I had taken her virginity. She would ride me until I filled her pussy with

my thick semen. Sliding off of my cock, she put on her torturers grin and would

take my wilted manhood into her mouth and suck me until I was raging hard again.

She'd then remount me again and ride orgasm after orgasm until finally my

explosion softened me. I cannot count the number of times I came that night. I

only know that my cock was sore the next morning.

The next day we were exhausted. It was good that both the weather calm and the

ships activity was slow. We were both trying to catnap during the mid-day.

Margaret was being bothersome in the fact that she wanted to go up on deck and play,

but she wanted us with her. If she only knew what her parents had been doing

until dawn!

Margaret has just turned eightteen. She is petite, standing just 4-9 to her mothers

5-2. Elizabeth and Margaret matched with long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and her

body was beginning to indicated that the similarity would be even more striking

as she grew up. Already she has begun to fill out. Her waist is narrowing and

Elizabeth says that her breasts are shaping up nicely for a child of her age.

Elizabeth got Margaret some real bras last year when her breasts changed from pointed

buds to a full B cup.

Other passengers told us she looked 19 or 20. They were shocked when I told them

her true age. My wife had often told me that Margaret was going to be a living,

breathing heartbreaker as she grew up. From looking at her mother, I knew that

to be true.

Later in the afternoon, partially rested from the previous nights exertions, we

played shuffle-board on the rolling deck, watching the pucks curl left and right

on the sanded deck as the ship slowly rolled back and forth. About an hour

after sunrise, the following day, the captain put into a small bay to refresh

the ships water and fresh fruit stores. There was no real harbor or town, just

a beach, a stone jetty and a single old house tended by a middle aged native

couple. We took advantage and went ashore with the crew in the one motor launch.

We swam a good deal that day. Margaret and Elizabeth went snorkeling, chasing fish on

a portion of reef that was only a few feet down and not too far from the beach.

Returning to the ship, we dined and danced to old phonograph records using the

main holds scrubbed smooth wooden hatch cover as a dance floor. Several of the

other couples joined us along with the captain and his wife (the boat was their


Margaret had the fifteen year old son of one of the other passengers chasing her,

trying to get her to dance with him. I encouraged her to give the guy a chance.

She reluctantly obliged. After three or four dances we saw them walk off toward

the bow, talking animatedly between themselves.

I have to stop now.



OK I think I can continue.

The ship must have put to sea late that night. In any case, it was around three

or four in the morning when, the ship shook violently. I heard Margaret cry out as

she was pitched out of her bunk. Yanking on some clothes, I told Elizabeth to get

herself and Margaret dressed as quickly as she could. I had no idea what was

happening but I didn't like the sounds coming from above us on deck. As I made

my way from the cabin, I stumbled over several crew and passengers who had

fallen. The ship was suddenly rocked three more times. When passengers began to

scream and run for the deck. I quickly turned back to the cabin, grabbed my

daughter and wife, and lead them up to the companion ways to the deck. The ship

continued rocking.

Suddenly, we heard an amplified voice. It was the captain using a bullhorn.

"Attention: This is the captain. Please be calm. We've had an explosion in the

engine room, but everything is under control. Please remain calm. The crew has

been ordered to assist all passengers to the life boats. You are to board a life

boat and wait instructions. We hope to have the situation under control soon.


The amplified voice was cut off suddenly as another loud explosion shook the

ship. People screamed all around us, and tried to trample us in desperation to

get to the life boats. I heard a panicked crew member talking.

"Look the Pilot House is on fire!"

Another crew member shook him and yelled.


The crewman was still panicky, not listening.

"Jim" <slap>

The crewman seemed to come to his senses. I heard him say. "Jim. We have a job

to do first. Get these people into boat 2 while I take care of boat 1."

That seemed to calm the other crew member. They pulled some safety pins and

winched out our life boat and then herded us aboard. We were still fifteen or

twenty feet above the dark sea. Ten of us huddled in this one life boat. I

think that the ship had two life boats, a number of self inflating life raft

canisters, plus the motor launch on the rear davits. The motor launch and entire

stern of the ship was now engulfed in flames. Our two crew members moved to the

other life boat and began stuffing more passengers into it. Apparently the crew

would use the life rafts. Several more tried to climb aboard our boat even

though we already had 10 people. The crew were successful in moving them to

another boat..

Another explosion rocked the ship again. This time, we saw fire coming up from

other parts of the ship. The blaze seemed to be spreading rapidly throughout

the ship.

I heard our crewmen say. "We've got to launch these damn things before the ship

blows, Jim! Help me!"

As one of the crew dashed for the other life boat, ours was suddenly released

from the ship and dropped like a stone. Some passengers weren't ready for the

sudden plunge or the sudden stop when the lifeboat splashed into the sea. They

hadn't settled themselves in and weren't holding on to some part of the boat.

They screamed as they the boat fell. When we hit the water some of them seem to

bounce right out of the boat into the sea. We were able to pull one person back

in. But four of our ten were gone. Gone in the blink of an eye. There was no

sight or sound of them after their screams were cut off by the sea. There were

six of us left in our life boat, now floating gently in the ocean swells. Six

people including me, Elizabeth and Margaret.

"This is ridiculous! " The old man we had fished out of the water grumbled, "We

should have a crew member aboard to guide this thing."

I kept silent. The two women held hands and cried. I had learned that they were

sisters. When we were several thousand feet from the ship and drifting, I saw a

huge fiery explosion as the ship seemed to leap up, split in two and disappear as

it went down.

There were other screams in the night. There must have been people in the water

all around us. It was dark and we couldn't see any body in the water, the other

life boat or even the life rafts.

Someone screamed: "Sharks! Sharks!" The women in our boat tensed. We heard

people screaming in agony all around us. We heard more splashes as people fell

in the water and fought for their lives. We heard the sound of life rafts

deflating, and the screams of men and women as they sank to their deaths.

"We're gonna die!" said our wet old man as he panicked. "We've got to do


He stood up, almost capsizing the our boat. I yelled at him to sit back down,

but his eyes were glazed over. As I reached for him, the boat lurched and he

fell overboard a second time. The women screamed.

"I can't swim!" He screamed. "Help me! I can't swim!"

I scrambled to unship the oars of the life boat to row to his location and pull

him in. I had underestimated the difficulty. By the time that I could get to

where we thought he had fallen in, he was gone. I rowed as the women searched

the water for him or any other survivor. There were none.


We were down to five. Me, and four women. All of the women were crying now.

Elizabeth was also crying, but she tried her best to calm our daughter. Margaret clung

to me desperately.

"Please, daddy, don't let us die!"

We drifted for several hours that night. The screams and cries of others on other

rafts and in the water were gone. The sea was now quiet. No screams. No noise at

all except the sea slapping against the side of the life boat.

The women had cried themselves to sleep. I decided to stay awake to watch for

trouble. Elizabeth whispered to me to wake her when I could not stay awake any

longer, and she'd take over the watch.

I agreed.

While they were sleeping, I counted our supplies. We were fortunate enough to

have accumulated some things prior to leaving the ship. We had ten blankets which

were standard issue for a life boat. Poking around the life boat I found a small

survival kit and several gallons of water in jugs. I didn't find any survival

rations though.

Earlier Elizabeth had surrendered three candy bars, two packages of crackers, and

some bandages which she had in her purse. The other women contributed some

crackers which they had stashed in their own purses. It's amazing what women will

store in their purses. We had some water and very little food.

We had blankets to keep us warm at night, and to help with exposure to sun. Margaret

and I were going to need the blankets due to our light skin. While Elizabeth was

blonde also, she didn't have light skin problems that Margaret and I had. The other

women were dark skinned, so I knew we would not have much problem with them.

I managed to stay awake all night, and was able to view sunrise without falling

asleep. Elizabeth was the first to wake and she told me to get some rest. Slumping

down beside her, using her thigh as a pillow, I dropped into a heavy sleep.

When I awoke a few hours later I heard one of the women crying pitifully. One of

the sisters was holding the other to her chest, crying.

Elizabeth whispered in my ear. "Sheryl is dead. I don't know how, but when Susan

woke up, she tried to wake Sheryl up, and couldn't. I tried to find a heartbeat,

and couldn't. There's nothing we can do, Tom."

We were down to four. Margaret was clearly shaken by all of this. The other deaths

had been in the dark of night and without form. This one was staring us right in

the face.

I was concerned when Elizabeth leaned next to me an whispered. "I'm worried about

Margaret, Tom. She might crack. This is too much for her."

I nodded my head. There was not much I could do.

Several hours later, I realized that we needed to do something about Sheryl's

body. Susan still held her dead sister, but was now just blabbing incoherently.

But, Sheryl's corpse was already starting to deteriorate in the hot tropical sun.

"Elizabeth," I said, "We need to get Susan to let us put Sheryl's body over the

side before it decomposes even more." Elizabeth agreed, and began to approach


Susan had heard us, and stopped her soft song to her sister. She looked my wife

straight in the eye.

"You are NOT going to touch my sister"

"Susan, Sheryl is gone now. That is not Sheryl. The body is endangering our

lives. We must put it overboard."


Abruptly, Susan got to her feet rocking the life boat violently. Elizabeth lost

her balance and fell over the side. As the boat rocked violently in the opposite

direction Susan fell over the other side, following Elizabeth into the sea.

Margaret panicked and screamed. "Mommy! Mommy!"

She tried to go over the side of to help her, but I grabbed her and hauled her

back into the boat, pushing her down into the boats bottom.

"Stay there while I help Mommy!" I remembered saying. She looked at me with fear

in her eyes.

"Help her. Quick Daddy! Don't let her die!"

Turning quickly, I hooked my feed under the seat of the boat and I reached for my

wife, who was paddling back to the side. Susan was gone by now. As she grabbed

my hand and began to pull herself to me I saw a shape moving in the water.

"No! Get away you bastard" I remember yelling at the swimming shape of death.

Suddenly, Elizabeth, her hands on the side of the life boat, looked at me in horror,

and grunted, jerked and shuddered. The water turned red. Her eyes widened with

shock and pain.

"I love you, Tom!" were the last words she ever said.

Her grip released, she slid down beneath the surface. I lunged over the side

trying to save her but the she was gone. The water churned with a crimson stain

as a shark shredded my wife's lifeless body.

I pulled Margaret to me, both of us laying down on the floor of the life boat. I

held her close and cried. She was whimpering. I held her for hours as we both

cried over our loss. Except for Sheryl's body, we were the only two left aboard.

We knew that we would both die.


We drifted. We slept most of the day and all of the following night. During the

day I had dumped Sheryl's body over the side and rigged a sun shield from the

blankets and oars.

Margaret was unresponsive. Her mind had shut down to shield itself from the shock

and horror. I held her close and sang to her all night.



The next morning to blinding sunlight. There was a soft crunching sound close to

my ear. I looked over the side of the raft and froze. The lifeboat had been

pushed ashore and was rocking against the coarse sand of a white beach. We had

landed on an island.

I quickly awoke up Margaret, who still would not speak. She was a bit more

responsive but acted a lot like she was on auto-pilot. I got her to climb out

of the boat and onto the wet sand. We were on a beach. I thought to myself:

"Great! This is probably a populated resort area. We can probably call the coast

guard from some condo on this beach."

I surveyed the beach, but saw no structures in sight. Only tropical trees, hills

in the inland distance, and sand. There was a lot of vegetation. Birds overhead,

sea gulls but no people. That's strange, I had thought that all of the islands

were reasonably inhabited. On a beautiful day like no one is out swimming or

fishing. That doesn't make sense.

I had Margaret help me drag the boat onto the beach. It was hard work. We both fell

in the water several times in our effort. By the time we got it up to the dry

sand, we were both soaked and covered with grit. I noticed that Margaret's breasts

visible through wet shirt. Her nipples seemed to be hard and were clearly visible

through the wet material. I felt my cock twitch. I was ashamed of myself for

having such a perverted physical reaction to my daughter.

My first priority was to find civilization. I had no idea which way to go. Every

direction on the beach looked the same. I saw an opening into the tropical forest

and decided that civilization might be in that direction. Margaret and I explored

for several hours, until we were stopped by a wall of thick vegetation which was


This wasn't going to work. Margaret was still very quiet but alert. She clung to

me still. Returning to the beach took only a half an hour. Unloading the

lifeboat we set up camp on the soft undergrowth in the clearing above where we

dragged the lifeboat ashore. We stripped the lifeboat of all useful material.

Using two blankets to make a tent and the rest for a sleeping bag we crawled in

and fell into a deep sleep.

I miss Elizabeth terribly. I am haunted by the vision of her violent death. I am

thankful that I was able to shield Margaret from the violence. My only consolation

is that I still have Margaret.

That first night, and every night sense, Margaret has wrapped herself tightly to my

body for warmth and comfort. I know that she misses her mother. I listened to

her breathing as she slept. From time to time I heard one animal cry or

another, but nothing came near our tent.

I have caught up on our history of how we got to here. I am now writing this

journal in real time. I have no idea what will happen from now on out.

This is our forth day in what I now call camp one. The banana trees and coconuts

provide food and drink. Still, we need fresh water to drink. I have an

overwhelming desire to wash away the salt and grime. This morning, we wrapped our

salvage from the boat into two blanket packs and set out in search of fresh

water. After about two hours of walking inland from the beach, I marked a

potential sleeping area with a torn piece of cloth from one of the blankets.

Margaret still has not spoken. I worry about her mental state. About an hour later,

we found another clearing which bordered a wide shallow stream. I dipped my hands

in the water along the stream, and drank. It was fresh water. Exploring, we

followed it upstream until we finally came to a small waterfall with a pool

beneath it. Margaret waded into the stream where it exited the lip of the pool.

Sitting down she began to wash in her clothes.

"Margaret, you'll get your clothes cleaner if you take them off first. I'm going

to set up a camp or shelter over there," pointing to a partially hidden clearing

that edged into a hill, "while you wash up. I want you to sing me a song while

you wash so that I'll know you're all right."

She looked at me, fear clouding her eyes.

"It's all right, Margaret, I'm only going to be a few feet away" I said.

She gathered up her courage and began to softly sing "Jesus loves me".

I asked her to sing it louder. She hesitated but began to sing again, louder.

She turned, singing more strongly, she waded back into stream, slipped out of

her clothes and began to wash.

It took me only a few minutes to select a spot for our new camp. I found a cave

like indention into the hill, covered by a ledge out cropping above and about

ten feet above the forest floor. The floor of the shelter has a large, open area

where I could tell that no rain had fallen. In the back are a couple of step

ledges which would be perfect for a sleeping area.

Maybe later I could find something to make walls to enclose the area, but this

would do for now. I spread the blankets out on the ledges in the back and stowed

our other survival gear. The blankets will wear out in time, but hopefully, we

will be rescued before then.

I could hear Margaret singing "Jesus loves me" over and over again. She is a good

girl and I love dearly. I need to help her get over this and to go on with her

life. I have been so busy trying to survive, that I have not had time to deal

with my own fear and grief. But, now is not the time, either. I have to keep

going for my daughter's sake.

In writing this I must confess that something unexpected happened. After taking

care of the camp, I returned to the stream, intending to wash myself. I had

expected Margaret to be through with here bathing so I was shocked when I turned the

corner in the path and nearly walked right into her naked body.

We both froze. My eyes widened as I gawked at her. Even though I was her father

and had seen here nude many times, I had not seen her without clothes since

Elizabeth had taken over her body care. As my loins went into action, I cursed

myself for being susceptible to this kind of reaction. We must have stared at

each other for several minutes before I cleared my throat and turned away. As I

stood there with my back to Becky, I heard her put her rinsed, damp clothes back


"Okay, daddy. You can turn around now." Those were the first words she had

spoken in days.

It has been 42 days since we arrived on the island. I am keeping track of the

days by notching a mark in a tree with my pocket knife. We still live under the

ledge. I have built walls out of straw and bamboo. It keeps the cold winds out a

night, and keeps us dry and warm.

We have plenty of food to eat with little effort. I have not seen any dangerous

animals on this island. We have been lucky.

Did I mention that the life boat had a small survival kit? No. Well the kit was

a treasure chest containing a knife, hooks, fishing line, water purification

tables, both water proof matches and a lighter, a solar water still, this log

book, a signal mirror, and other useful items.

I made a fishing rod out of bamboo. We catch stream fish and what appear to be

crawdads. We have two metal bowls and a paint from the life boat which we use

for cooking. I had to work pretty hard with the knife, sand and water to clean

the dried paint out of the bucket. Becky has claimed the job of keeping the

fire pit going. I the hunter. I made a David type slingshot and wire snares, so

I have been able to trap monkeys and some strange rodent type mammals for meat.

Not bad but you got to cook them slow. Lucky for us that my Dad taught me to hunt

and prepare game. Those skills are coming in real handy now. The jungle is

alive with fruit. We watch what the monkeys eat and that's what we collect for

our camp. Every so often we go back down to the beach and catch fish from the

tide pools. We have been able to find some spice plants and have built a small

solar pond to evaporate sea water to get the salt.

We are still scared. but we are surviving and we have each other.



Margaret is handling the situation well now. She seems to be back to her old self.

We do not talk of her mother, rather, we talk each day of being rescued and

eating a large hamburger and French fries when we get back home.

She has been through her grief for her mother. Mine began today. I have tears in

my eyes as I write this entry. I miss Elizabeth. It is not just the sexual loss but

the loss of a woman that I was deeply in love with. A woman that I could not

save. A woman that I lost in a horrible death.

The truth of our situation has finally dawned on me. We are out of danger. Up

until now, I kept telling myself that Elizabeth would be waiting for us when we were

rescued knowing that I had dreamed her violent death, a nightmare. I cannot lie

to myself any longer. She is gone. I must now grieve my loss.


It has been 130 days since we were stranded here. I am almost over my grief now.

Margaret realized what had happened to me, and has consoled me ever since my last

entry. She has been a great comfort to me. I am finding it hard to see Margaret as

my daughter. She looks so very much like Elizabeth that I keep visualizing her as

the young Elizabeth I fell in love with.

I keep wanting to reach out, touch her, kiss her and hold her close. But, I have

to keep reminding myself that she is the product of my love for Elizabeth, and she

is my child, not my lover. But, it is very difficult.


Our clothes are wearing out. It must be the climate. They have holes in them, and

washing them by hand has been hard on the material. We will have to find

something to make clothing from soon, or we will be running around in the buff

like true natives.

Two days ago, Margaret's shirt ripped exposing her left breast. She had no bra on

when the accident occurred. We were both very embarrassed, but I was turned on!

Her breasts are too big to hide with her hand, though she covered her nipples

hiding them from my view. Luckily, I had saved one of towels away for safe

keeping. She draped the towel around her breasts, which took care of the problem.

As least for now.


I no longer wear a shirt. It finally wore out to rags a few days ago joining my

underwear which wen a few weeks ago so I now wear only a pair of tight shorts.

Fortunately, I still have my shoes, a good thing since they protect my feet while

walking in the forest.

Margaret and I still sleep nestled together like spoons, holding one another. She

needs my warmth and strength. I need hers too.


Over Six months have gone by. We know have little hope of a quick rescue so we

have been taking steps to make a long stay on this island more comfortable. I

have begun a second calendar tree because I feel that my first one will die if I

continue cutting so many marks into it. I wonder how many trees will pass before

we leave this place.

Neither of us has any useful clothing left now. We go about totally nude. Driven

by false modesty, we attempted using leaves to cover ourselves. Margaret only wore

them two days before discarding them. I asked her why. She looked at me with a

very grown-up look and said that we were family and she didn't need the leaves

because it was okay for us to see each other. I couldn't argue with her logic.

I discarded my leaves with hers.

I now have a problem that I cannot hide. I become erect from time to time.

Margaret has seen me with an erection, and has given me puzzled looks. I know that

she can feel it poking into her back sometimes when we sleep together. I try to

control myself but it is difficult.

I am sure that my daughter is a virgin, and knows very little of sex. Neither I

nor Elizabeth had gotten around to telling her much about the birds and bees. I

suspect that she hasn't learned very much back of the barn information .

I think that I may have to talk with her very soon.


I continue to be plagued with unhealthy thoughts of my daughter. I am a man. I

have not seen another woman in over six months. I have a very beautiful female

running around naked in front of me. I can't help my fantasies.

No matter how much I criticize myself for my thoughts, I can't help but admit

that they must be normal for a man in my position. But, I must keep myself from

acting out any of these fantasies.


I have developed a skin problem on my leg. It's actually a rash. Margaret found a

plant that she recognized from her herb studies and said that the fluid from the

plant would probably help heal the rash. That was two days ago. It feels much

better today. Margaret continues to apply the plant fluid. I am amazed by my girl's


We have had many talks at night. She told me that she secretly has been studying

medicine. I was shocked. She had pirated her mother's medical books, and aided by

her own personal computer, she had learned many things about medicine. She had

begun studying herbal medicine for a class research project and had continued

reading even after the project was completed. I never knew that Margaret had any

interests other than the telephone and boys. She said she was afraid she'd would

get into trouble if we found out that she wasn't doing her regular homework.

I laughed, kissed her on the nose and told her that she can read any medical book

she wants, any time she wants, when we get back. That made her very happy. She

told me that she wants to become a doctor.

That makes me very proud.


Margaret had been light skinned 7 months ago. Eightteen half way to Twenty, she

looks like a dark skinned, extremely healthy native. Her waist has continued to

narrow and her breasts are becoming fuller and more perfectly shaped. I think

that she's grown another inch in height since we landed here.

She is not defeated by our situation though I sometimes worry. She helps me

gather food and keeps our shelter in good shape. She also works out with

resistance and aerobic exercises she learned back home. For music she sings in a

rhythmic chant. She tries to get me to do her exercises. While they look silly

to me they keep her body is in great shape.

It's obvious that I cannot avoid the need to discuss sex with Margaret. Her sidelong

looks are getting more and more inquiring. She can simply whisper "Hi, Daddy!" to

me in the morning, and my cock gets rock hard. It's driving me crazy. It both

drives me to distraction and scares me to death at the same time.

Last night, I couldn't take it any longer, I had to have some relief. While

Margaret was asleep, I went down to the stream, and began to masturbate. I thought

it'd be safe. It was the first time since Elizabeth and I got married. With

Elizabeth's passionate love I never needed it.

Leaning comfortably against a tree on the mossy bank, I fantasized about my sweet

daughter while slowly pumping on my massive erection. My eyes closed as I

visualized sex, my hand moving more quickly. I felt a sweet tension below my

balls and suddenly my cock pulsed and swelled. The relief was overwhelming.

Pulse after pulse of dammed up energy ejaculated from my body. The first spurt

of sperm was so strong that it came landed on my neck. With each successive

convulsion in groin fired another liquid arrow of pleasure onto my body until all

that was left was sated relief and sticky man fluid covering my fist.

I heard a gasp from behind me. My brain was too numb from my relief to register

it at first. Sensing something, I turned and saw a wide eyed Margaret, her hand

over her mouth in shock. When she saw me turn to look at her, my face now

flushed with embarrassment and shame, she quickly turned and ran back to the


A bit embarassed and concerned about how Margaret would react, I waded into the

stream to wash off.



Margaret has been unusually quiet today. Neither of us has spoken of the incident

of last night. I think that I will need to talk with her tonight about sex and

explain to her why I did what I did. It's the only way.



We finally talked last night. I was surprised by my daughter's view of our

discussion. She confirmed my suspicion that she was a virgin and other than some

technical medical knowledge she knew little of real life sex. What surprised me

was that she was so open- minded. The following is a recollection of what we


"Sweetheart, I think we need to talk about what happened yesterday at the


I looked at my little girl cautiously. I was expecting her to get up and run

away, but she didn't. She looked right back at me and smiled innocently. I

cleared my throat before continuing.

"Do you know what I mean when I say that people make love sometimes?"

She hesitated.

"Well. Sort of. I mean, I know they kiss, and touch each other, and stuff."

"Yes, that's right, honey. Why do you think they do all that?"

"Because they like each other."

"Well, yes, but it's mostly when they LOVE each other like husband and wife, like

your mom and I loved each other. You see, when a man loves a woman, and she loves

him, many wonderful feelings go through their minds and bodies. Especially their

bodies. When they look at one another, they feel funny in their stomachs. They

want to kiss and touch a lot." I paused and looked at my daughter severely.

"And, sometimes, do more than that."

She looked at me questioningly.

"Margaret, men and women have urges and desires. When they act on these urges and

desires, it is called making love, or sex. It is only right to act out these

urges when two people are married to one another. Do you understand?"

She nodded her head.

I tried to compose myself briefly before continuing.

"Do you know what a penis is, Margaret?"

She shook her head - No.

"This is my penis" I said, wrapping my hand around it, holding it up for her to


"It's the human organ on a man that allows him to urinate. It is also a sexual

organ. When a boy matures, he develops feelings in his penis. When he looks at a

girl, he gets excited, he sweats, and blood begins to flow into his penis, which

makes the penis hard. The penis will stick out from his body, like my penis did


My cock began to swell. Her eyes got large at mentioning yesterday's incident.

"When a boy's penis is stimulated, it makes him feel good. After a while of being

stimulated, the boy will release a liquid from his penis. It is not urine. It is

called semen, or sperm. The boy feels very good right before the liquid comes

out, and after the liquid is released. After a while the blood leaves the boy's

penis, and it becomes soft again. When the boy puts semen into a girl's womb, she

can become pregnant and have a baby. Yesterday, you saw me when my semen was

released from my penis."

Margaret found her voice.

"Why did you do that, daddy?" I hesitated.

"Well, sweety, that's difficult to explain. It has been a long time since I have

had sex. A man gets excited often, and needs some kind of sexual attention once

in a while. Your mother took care of my need for sexual attention. When either

she or I needed release, we would make love. I needed that attention yesterday,

but your mom is gone, so I had to do something to make that release myself."

"So, you pumped on your penis until it shot that white stuff, I mean, semen?"

"Yes, honey. That's right."

"Did it feel good, daddy?" I sighed.

"Oh, yes, sweety, it felt VERY good."

She looked at me with those innocent sweet eyes, then looked down to my crotch.

"Why is it hard now, daddy? I thought you let it release yesterday?"

I lost my voice momentarily.

"Well, like I said, men get excited a lot."

"Does it feel better when a girl touches it and makes you release?"

I blushed sharply.

"Yes, sweetheart. It feels much better when a girl helps me like that."


She looked satisfied at my answer.

"Do you have any other questions? Are you still upset about yesterday?"

"I think I understand now, daddy. No, I'm not upset anymore. I need to think

about all of this. Can I ask you questions later?"

"Oh, yes, babe. I'll do my best to answer any questions you have."

She smiled, got up and walked back to our simple home. As she walked back, I

stroked my raging cock as I watched my daughter's tight, firm nude ass wiggle as

she walked.


It is early morning. The sun has not yet come up. I am writing by bright

moonlight. I was disturbed by a dream that I had seduced my daughter. Just as I

awoke, in a sweat, I had dreamt that I was laying between her legs eating her

sweet blonde cunt. I had to jack off into my blanket for relief.

It's becoming more difficult for me not to fantasize about Margaret. I see her naked

body all of the time. When she sits in front of me, her legs are naturally

spread, and I can see her sweet pussy with no effort.

I just want to reach out and kiss it.

The frequency at which I am masturbate has increased to several times a day.

While I am not blatant about it, I no longer hide to prevent Margaret from seeing me

do it. I know that she watches me from time to time. Am I a pervert, lusting

after his own virgin daughter?

I don't know how much more I can take before I break down and try to seduce her.



I am finding it almost impossible to control myself. I'm going crazy. I thing

continuously about simply walking into the forest and leaving in order to protect

my daughter from my sexual urges.

This morning, as I awoke, we were nestled together, spoon fashion, my arms around

her. I finally broke down and began kissing her not as a little girl but as a

woman. Kissing her deeply. To my surprise, she responded and kissed me back.

From that point on, I lost all self control. I began kissing her naked tits, and

sucking on her nipples.

She moaned softly, but did nothing to stop me. I can only think that she did

not stop me for fear that she would get into trouble and that I would punish her.

My oral assault on her eyes, ears, lips and upper body lasted over an hour.

While I carefully avoided touching her lower body, I think I saw moisture in her

pussy lips when she parted her legs. But, that's impossible. How can she be

turned on by her own father?

I finally forced myself to stop assaulting her when she pressed her naked ass

back up against my hard cock. The silky feeling of her buttocks caused me to

ejaculate, covering her back and behind with sperm and fluid. As we slowly

rolled apart, she got up, smiled at me and went to the stream to wash off.

I couldn't face her for the rest of the morning. I am deeply ashamed of my

actions. I puttered around the camp anguishing over my behavior. Finally, in

mid afternoon, hot and sweaty, I went to wash at the stream. As I rounded the

curve in the path, I came upon my daughter leaning against the same tree she had

caught me at that first night. Her legs were spread and here hands were

furiously rubbing at her pussy. She looked straight at me, staring me straight in

the eyes when she suddenly pinched them shut and cried out as her orgasm hit her.

With her eyes closed, I quickly turned and left.

Seeking my own relief, I immediately jacked off into some bushes. I did not know

that Margaret was beginning to have sexual feelings too. I am afraid that I have

been a bad influence on her.


My daughter has come to me with more questions about sex. After the discussion, I

am convinced that I must be careful. It might be best to go away for a few days

so that we can both cool down.

"Daddy, did you like seeing me the yesterday?"

I was shocked. I stuttered, and finally lost my voice before I could answer her.

She smiled warmly.

"That's okay. I liked it when you watched me play with myself. It made me feel

better than when I do it by myself. I like to watch you too, especially when you


I couldn't believe my ears. I was still too shocked to speak.

"It wouldn't be wrong for us to touch each other and help each other release,

would it daddy? After all, you don't have mom anymore. I can help you and you can

help me. I can do the things she used to do for you if you teach me."

My jaw broke off and fell to the ground. She smiled at me sweetly, leaned over

and kissed me softly. I had no choice but to respond. Slithering down into my

lap we kissed and cuddled for a while. Adjusting herself, she reach down

between her legs and began to rub my cock. I jerked upright, grabbed her hand

and pushed it away.

"Margaret! You're my daughter! I'm your Father!"

She looked disappointed and hurt. She looked at me with her deep blue eyes, and

I melted.

"So? I'm a girl. You're a man. We need each other."

Such adult concepts for such a young girl. I sputtered further, dumped her off

of my lap and fled into the woods. I stayed away several hours. When I finally

returned, she had dinner ready for us. We ate in silence.

This was the first night since arriving on the island that we had slept

separately. I could not trust myself not to abuse her sexually. She was deeply

hurt when I would not sleep next to her. I couldn't help it. I did it because I

love her so much.



I have left our camp and Margaret setting up another one near by. Margaret cried,

pleading to come with me. I tried to explain the situation to her. She refuses

to understand, adamantly insisting that there is nothing wrong with having sex

with her own father. The accident and our current situation must have done more

harm than I originally suspected.

It couldn't last. The end of resistance came unexpectedly creeping silently upon

me like a thief in the night. At the new camp, I missed the warmth of my

daughters body next to mine. At night, I dreamt of Margaret. That night I was

dreaming that Margaret began to lick and suck my cock. The dream slipped

shamelessly into reality. As I came slowly awake I could not tell what was dream

and what was real By the time I was fully awake, the full feeling of her mouth

sucking on my penis was too much to bear. Moving my hands down my body, I

placed them on the back of her head. I could not stop myself when I heard her

moan. I could not stop myself when she began to suck with more intensity. I

could not stop myself when I erupted sending pulse after pulse of semen and sperm

between her pouting lips as she gulped it down, nursing on my swollen penis like

a calf.


I am dirt.

I have tainted my own child. She has tasted my semen and swallowed it. I feel

completely responsible for this desperate act of hers. My beautiful thirteen

year-old daughter is lusting after me because of what I have done. I think that

masturbating constantly has affected her. There must be some kind of effect on

her to see her father lose control like that.

I am on my way to the beach where we landed in hopes of spotting a ship to rescue

us. Maybe the all day trip will help me come to my senses so that I can deal with

Margaret calmly. I hope that I can help her to see how it's wrong to have sex with


God, I love that girl! If she weren't my daughter, she'd be pregnant by now!

STOP IT! I must not be thinking like this!


I have now reached the beach. There is nothing but sand, water and rocks in

sight. The life boat is still there, but it is no longer sea-worthy. The worms,

water and weather have eaten holes in it. No Ships. All may be lost.



After spending two days combing the beach with no food except the usual bananas

and coconuts, and very little fresh water, I am ready to turn back for camp. I

have not resolved my inner conflict about Margaret. Being away from her, though,

has only made it worse.

I am beginning to think that I am not mentally stable. Does a crazy man know

he's crazy? I am also thinking of my daughter as a desirable woman now. Is

this crazy? I think of romancing her. I think of marrying her. I know I must

be crazy.

Crazy? maybe not.

I know in my heart that I am truly in love with my little girl. I cannot go on

without her. I miss her. I need her. These are no longer father-daughter

feelings. But, those of a love-sick young man after a girl.

God help me.


I am reunited with my daughter.

As I appeared on the path to our camp, she flew into my arms. She would not stop

hugging and kissing me until I promised to never leave her again. I am at home at


During my long walk back, I decided to allow her to satisfy me sexually, and made

a promise to satisfy her as well. I will keep her a virgin in the event that we

are rescued. I do not want to ruin her for any future husband she may snare.

This night was the best night we have had together since we arrived. After

dinner, I helped her clean up. While I sat, and drank some home-made grape wine

that I brewed by hand, she came to me. She came into my lap, and began to caress

my shoulders and neck as she kissed my lips tenderly. I nuzzled her neck with my

bearded mouth, and sucked tenderly on her soft skin. I moved my mouth down to her

chest and began kissing, licking and sucking her luscious tits and hard nipples.

She moaned loudly. I placed my index finger in her wet slit and began to rub her

clit. She came in my lap twice before I took her in my arms and moved her to the


She spread her luscious thighs and exposed her pink cunt for me. I brushed the

short blonde pubic hair aside and I moved my tongue into position, and began

licking her delicious pussy. She came four more times, her broad hips bouncing

her sweet slit hard into my face. Finally she pushed me away and begged me to

let her to suck my cock. Reluctant to leave off my own licking and sucking, I

moved around so that she could get to my penis while I didn't have to leave her

sweet cunt.

She had only sucked cock just that one time, so she wasn't very good at it yet,

but her sweet mouth made me feel wonderful regardless of her level of expertise

at sucking cock. When she spasmed into her sixth orgasm, I could resist no

longer. My cock swelled even larger as I shot squirt after squirt of fresh semen

into her sucking mouth. Feeling the expanding pulse of my penis she pushed her

mouth down over the end, sucking fiercely, eagerly swallowing as much as she


Drained, we lay together in the same position, savoring each others warmth,

gently touching and kissing each others private body parts, not trying to excite

so much as to join together in a tighter bond. Finally we slept, our mouths on

each others sex.



It is over a month and Margaret is still a virgin. My little girl's appetite for sex

is surprising. We have had some sort of sexual contact every night. Sometimes we

spend the whole day doing nothing but those things which satisfy the other.



Margaret's fourteenth birthday is in 10 days. Her status as a virgin may change

soon. She has formally requested that I make her a complete woman by making love

to her on her birthday. She insists that if I take her virginity it will be the

best present that I could ever give her. Margaret is very serious about this.

Shockingly, I am seriously considering granting her request. I am in completely

in love with my beautiful daughter. I want her to be my wife. I want her to have

my children. I can honestly say that I love her more deeply than I did Elizabeth.

That does not shock me now. I have always loved Margaret as my daughter. Now, my

love has grown for her as my companion and lover. I am still proud to be her

father. I still have protective feelings for her but I also desire her body,

mind and soul. I want to spend the rest of my life by her side as her mate.

I believe that she feels the same way. I am going to have to talk to her about

this to make absolutely certain that she understands.


We went to the beach today. Surprisingly, we spotted a ship. We could have been

rescued. Instead, we looked one another in the eyes, and made a silent vow.

Then, we walked back into the forest where we found a spot of soft undergrowth.

Wrapping ourselves in each other we used our mouths and hands to make fantastic,

satisfying love.

Margaret told me today that she wants to be my wife, to have my baby, and that she

intends to spend her life with me and our children on our island together. I

agreed with her, and told her that she and I should be married before I take her

virginity and give her a child.


Today is Margaret's 19th birthday.

Margaret Ann K and Tom Harold K formally joined one another in matrimony today.

We held a small ceremony on a hilltop. We said our wedding vows to one another

and pledged our love. When we returned to camp after the ceremony, we made true

sexual love for the first time.

My daughter-wife was simply beautiful when I took her virginity. We began by

stimulating each another orally. She was wetter than I had ever seen her before,

certainly more than enough to lubricate herself to accept a penis of my size

into her tight pussy. Sucking gently, she came three times bucking and

spasming each time. She was ready. I could not hold back no longer. I mounted

her, and eased my cock into her. When I reached her barrier, I stopped. She

wrapped her legs around my back and pulled, demanding our joining. I sank

forward. Her maidenhead shattered as the thin membrane which separated our love

gave way. She cried out in pain. I paused, letting my cock soak in the sheath of

her extremely tight cunt. Eventually I could feel her love tunnel begin to

pulsate and squeeze my cock. With this signal I began to slowly move in and out.

Her cries of pleasure were duplicated by the age old movements of the horizontal

dance of love. She suddenly cried out, her cunt clutching at my cock as she

orgasmed. I stopped.

"Don't stop" she whimpered.

I continued and she came again massaging my cock with her cunt. Each time she

came it felt as if the spasming clutching of that part of her young body was

trying to snap the penis from my body. I continued to move my hips, plunging my

cock into my daughter/wife until suddenly the last clutching of her cunt caused

me to begin firing my load. Her vagina continued to milk my cock. It felt as if

I was having a multiple orgasms too. I finally sank blissfully down on top of

her my manhood emptied of its load. My semen in its rightful and proper place.

"I love you, daddy! Now, I will have your baby!"

She looked at me with bright eyes, misting with tears.

"Yes you will. I cannot say no to you any more."

She grinned.

"I want more! Now!" She panted, as her semen soaked pussy began, again, to grab

fiercely at my, semi- hard, penis.

"You want more? Now?" I questioned feeling her pussy clutch. To my surprise, my

cock began to swell, quickly regaining its full size, filling again her tight

sweet young pussy.

"Yes! Now!" she said emphatically, and began to pump up against me.

It was my turn to grin.


Life is good.

Love is wonderful with my beautiful daughter/wife is 22 now. We have a

four year old daughter/grand-daughter, Jennifer. Margaret is finally pregnant again.

I'm surprised that we don't have more children because we have never gone more

than two nights without making love since we were married. Neither of us can get

enough of the other.

Margaret is worried about carrying on our family since I am the only male, so far,

on this island. She has made me promise to impregnate Jennifer she reaches

eightteen, like I did her.

This will keep our family alive. After spending the last four wonderful years

married to Margaret, I have no doubt that our daughter will feel the same way as

Margaret did about loving her father.


We heard a helicopter today. We all ran into hiding before it could see us. We no

longer have any desire to return to civilization. We have what we need here. We

have each other.

Copyright ?1998 by SIC


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