Spyin' on da Homies

Ramona just couldn't get enough. She was full now, but wanted more. But, really,

she couldn't take anymore.

Ramona was about to burst. Between the cock's spearing her from either end and

the long anticipation of this adventure, she was ready to cum, and cum hard. She

sucked the best she could at the long, hard cock that was trying it's best to

push it's way into her throat, but her pussy was about to go ballistic. She

whimpered and cried, moaned and slurped as her climax built and built.

Just as she felt like she'd crested, and was about to come down a little bit, she

sensed that both the men fucking her were about to cum. She held as still as she

could, waiting to receive the floods of precious goo.

Harold watched in awe as Ramona took both those long hard dicks at the same time,

gasping and spluttering, but clearly having the time of her life, despite her

discomfiture. He saw Tom and Hank exchange glances, and realized they were

timing themselves. Both of them were about to cum together, about to drown her

simultaneously with a flood of cum. He grinned as he saw them work.

"Okay, bitch," yelled Hank, "Here's your reward!"

Hank's eyes rolled up in his head, and he growled fiercely as he slammed the last

two inches of his cock into Ramona's face, distending her throat so that even TJ

could see he was well into her gullet. "Mine too, bitch.. Here it comes!"

groaned Tom as he buried his cock in her deep and held it there.


"OOOOHHHHH!" they yelled together.


And the door flew open. "Look what the hell I found! Whew, looks like I got here

just in time!"

TJ, Hank, and Tom all looked up suddenly to see what was happening. Ramona

couldn't move, as both men still held their sperm-spewing rods deep inside her,

impaling her thoroughly from both ends.

Jeremy stood in the door, holding a very uncomfortable Randy by the scruff of his

neck. He looked a bit the worse for wear, and he had a huge camera hanging

around his neck. Ramona didn't know who Jeremy held, but she recogized his voice

from her first escapade. It wasn't until Hank had finished spilling his cum into

her throat and withdrawn that she could take a gasping breath and look up. She

recognized Randy immediately. "I know him... he's a friend of Terry's!" she

choked out. "Must be spying on me!"

"Oh," said TJ, getting up without his shorts and walking over to Randy. "You like

to watch, huh? You like watching your boy's girl get a REAL fucking from a bunch

of niggers? Huh?" TJ, furious, drove a fist into Randy's middle, doubling him


"No, don't!" said Ramona. Harold looked at her, confused, and still angry. "Let the

motherfucker watch if he wants. Probably do him good to see a woman get a real

fuck. He might learn something!"

Harold grinned and nodded. As Tom removed his sagging cock from Ramona's spunky

pussy, he sent Hank for duct tape that they used to bind Randy's hands and feet,

then taped him to a folding chair from the closet. One last piece of tape went

across his mouth.

Ramona got unsteadily to her feet and walked over to him, her skirt falling back

into place over her hips, but her tits bare and her face showing traces of the

two loads of cum she'd already swallowed. She grabbed Randy's camera from TJ, who

was holding it.

"Did he send you with this?" Randy shook his head. "I don't believe you!" she

screamed, drawing the camera back as though she'd hit him with it. He flinched.

"Fucking coward! Can't even do his own dirty work, now? Goddamn him!" She

lowered her arm, handing the camera back to TJ. Ramona explained the way that

Terry had spread the story of their earlier encounter with Harold and his friends,

and the way he'd twisted it. She told him too, about the encounter in the store

room, and her resultant joblessness.

"See, babe, thatt's what brought me back to you. I figured as long as I was

getting fucked every time I turned around, I might as well get fucked by somebody

who could do it so I'd like it!" Harold smiled at her as she handed him the camera.

"Do you know how to work these things?"

Harold nodded. "Shit yeah.. Got a better one upstairs. Why?"

"Cause I want to send some pictures back to Terry by this sonofoabitch. Will you

take some for him? Show him how much better off I am with you than him? Huh?"

Ramona's eyes were wild with laughter and rage.

"Sure, babe. No problem here!" Harold looked to Jeremy. "Was there a bag with this?"

Jeremy said there was. "Go get it. This lens won't work in here." As Jeremy ran

back out to get the camera bag, Harold faced the intruder again. "I don't know what

the fuck you thought you were doing, looking in my windows with this thing, but

you better be damned glad Ramona here stopped me. You'd 'a been years getting

your face put back together!

Jeremy came back in with the gray bag, and Harold switched to a standard 50mm lens.

"This oughta be fast enough, with the film he has in here. Got 24 more

exposures, too. Yeah, this'll do." He pointed the camera at Ramona. "Lemme get a

shot of you, just like that!" Ramona posed for him, bare tits shining. "Pull your

skirt up, so we can see the pretty bush of yours!" She pulled up the skirt,

showing the camera the small tuft of soft brown hair at her crotch, and the

camera clicked. The auto-winder whirred.

Ramona turned at that point to Jeremy. "Good to see you again," she said, walking

over to him. She gave the lump in his jeans a squeeze. "I think you've got some

catching up to do!" With the other three egging her on, Ramona knelt in front of

him, unbuckled his pants and freed his swelling prick. It flopped, long and

almost hard in her hand. "Mmm.. Just a little work here.... and then..." she

smiled as she bent to the task of hardening his cock. Kissing and licking,

squeezing and pumping, it was only moments before he was rock hard. She lifted

her mouth from his tool and looked up at him. His eyes were closed.

"Now, it's about time one of y'all got acquainted with my tight little ass.

Can't believe none of you has fucked it yet!" Harold and Tom both made

appreciative noises as Ramona positioned herself on the couch, kneeling, facing

the back, bending to show her butt. The skirt, kept falling in the way. "Will

somebody help me get this off?" Hank was eager to help. He unzipped the side of

the skirt and actually pulled it over her head. Now Ramona was completely naked,

but for the red sneakers on her feet. She bent forward again.

"What're y'all looking at? Jeremy, let's get busy!" He strode over to the couch,

shedding his shirt and jeans as he did, and kicking his shoes across the room.

Ramona reached back and guided his cock to the tiny rosebud between her ass

cheeks. It was slick already with the cum and other fluids that had been leaking

from her pussy for the last little while. She held her breath and tried to


"Now you're gonna know what it is to get ass-fucked!" bragged Jeremy as he pushed

harder and harder, wedging the head of his cock into her ass. "Here it is!"

Suddenly he gave a sharp shove and the first three inches of his cock sank

rapidly into Ramona's ass.

"OH, SHIT!" she yelled as she felt her anus burning with the sudden stretch and

friction. He withdrew a bit and shoved again, worming another two or three

inches of thick black cock into her ass. "Goddamn!" she cried again, gasping.

Again and again he drew back and pushed forward with great force, stuffing her

ass full of his cock, until at last his groin met her buns, and she could feel

the root of his tool nestled against her anus. She gathered enough breath to

hiss, "Now, fuck me! Fuck my ass till you cum!"

Jeremy needed no more encouragement. He withdrew and slammed the whole length of

his cock into her at once, producing another wail of pain and gratification.

Ramona could hardly believe what she was feeling. The pain should have been

excruciating, but it was tempered by the awareness that she was getting

ass-fucked by this gorgeous black man, and that she was being watched by three

others, not to mention Randy.

Jeremy started to withdraw more slowly, and Ramona heard the click and whir of the

camera. "You're gonna like that one, babe. You gotta see the way your asshole

was clinging to his cock as he pulled out, like it was sucking him!"

"Feels like it is," chuckled Jeremy, increasing his tempo. He started slamming his

hips forward into Ramona's bouncing her forward with each huge thrust. "Ohhhh...

yeah... yeah!" he groaned as the tightness of her tiny anus continued to grip his

huge organ.

"Fuck me," groaned Ramona through clenched teeth. "Come on! Fuck my ass!" Jeremy

responded by doubling his tempo again. He was now almost a blur, sliding his

shiny- slick rod in and out of Ramona's ass at an incredible rate.

"Mm! Mm! Mm!" he grunted as he felt his balls begin to boil. "Yeah, yeah,

yeah... Gonna... cum... right... up.... your.... tight.... ass!"

Ramona screamed as she felt his cock erupt inside her, sending torrents of hot,

thick jizz into her bowels. Jeremy was silent, letting his cock speak for him. He

only groaned quietly at the end, as Ramona's tight ass milked the last bit of cum

from him. At the end, he pushed deep into her and just held himself there,

relishing the heat and wetness wrapped around his aching tool.

When he finally did pull out of her, Ramona's anus didn't quite return to shape.

It remained slightly distended, so well had it been reamed. A little rivulet of

jizz oozed from her hole and slide toward her inflamed slit. She leaned heavily

on the back of the couch as he stepped away. "Goddam you are one hot, crazy

assed slut!" marveled Jeremy as he collapsed into a chair across the room. TJ

walked over to him.

"Now, you gotta try to work this thing, bro. Want you to get some pics of the

three of us doin' her all at the same time." He looked at Ramona to see what

she'd say. She grinned. Harold showed him how to frame a shot and set the focus on

automatic, to be sure he didn't miss too much. Then he walked over to the couch.

"You think you can take us all at once?"

"I'll never know till I try, will I?" she answered back. "Tom, you better get

on the bottom." She moved from the couch till Tom had positioned himself on

his back. His cock was nearly hard again. "Here, let me help with that," she

said, bending over him and wiggling her butt at the others. She sucked him till

he was hard, then straddled his waist and lifted the head of his cock to the

entrance of her slit. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm... she moaned as she sank all the way down

onto him, till her clit collided with the base of his cock. She ground her hips

in small circles for a momet, feeling his hardness moving in her belly, then bent

forward. "Who's next in my ass?" she asked.

Hank started to step forward, but then looked over at TJ. He looked like he

wanted a piece of that tight little butt. "You go, man... she's your bitch!"

"Fuckin' A she's my bitch," agreed Harold as he climbed onto the couch behind her.

Ramona thrilled to hear Harold claim her that way. She wanted nothing more at that

moment than to be wholly owned by this fascinating, powerful black man. She

beamed at him as he started to shove his rigid cock up her ass, wiggling just a

bit to help him get in. Jeremy had done a good job of opening the way. When he'd

buried the last of his prick in her butt, she nodded to Hank.

Just as Hank offered her his cock, Ramona looked over at Randy.

"See, asshole. Now this is the way to fuck a girl! You and Terry don't know

shit!" And she fastened her mouth to Hank's torrid prick. She started to suck

as the other two started to move, alternately filling her nether holes with

raging black flesh. Little by little, Ramona lost control of herself, unable to

concentrate on Hank at all. He didn't mind. He just grabbed her head and started

fucking her mouth on his own.


Randy watched in horror and fascination as Ramona's body was invaded by three

enormous black cocks, all at the same time. His eyes were wide with wonder as he

watched her take one deep in her throat. He'd never known her to be so wild, so

slutty. The camera beside him clicked and whirred, clicked and whirred,

recording the whole thing. 'Good thing,' he thought. 'If I tried to tell Terry

this, he'd never believe it.'

He watched as Ramona's eyes glazed over, and her will and mind were consumed by

her hunger for the three men. As they grew accustomed to the awkward postion, the

men grew more aggressive, each fucking harder and harder with each passing

moment. Ramona's firm tits jiggled wildly with the fucking she was getting. She

looked like an animated doll. No human could take the fucking they were giving

her. Small, urgent mewlings escaped her as she reached climax after climax.

Then the men started to cum.

"Oh, fuck!" yelled Hank as his cock started to jump. He jerked it out of Ramona's

mouth just as the first thick strand of cum emerged, and splattered it across her

nose and cheek. Jerking his cock hard and fast, he shot his entire load on her

face. Ramona only waited, mouth open, catching tiny bits here and there as Hank

painted her face white with his jizz.

"Uh, huh! Yeah, bitch.. Here it comes!" groaned Tom as his second load poured

into her aching cunt. Ramona sat down hard on him, holding his spasming cock deep

inside her, feeling each spurt, relishing the heat and gooiness she sensed

collecting inside her.

Last came TJ. "Okay, Ramona.. You want this in your ass? Or on your back?"

"Let me feel it!" she croaked.

Harold yanked his cock out of her ass just as he came, and sprayed cum all over

Ramona's back, letting the last bits ooze out of his cock and dribble across her

asshole and run down her leg. "Oh, shit, girl... that was somethin'...." He

looked at her. Her back and face were still drenched with cum. "And you are a

mess!" An idea struck him. "And I got just the way to clean you up!"

His hard cock still bouncing in front of him, Harold walked over to the chair where

Randy was being held. "You, you scumbucket.. You're gonna clean her up!

Goddamm!" He cursed as he looked at Randy, the dark stain in his jeans betraying

his arousal. "Fuckin' asshole came all over himself, watching us. You liked it

so much, go lick it up!"

Harold loosened the tape that held Randy's wrists to the sides of the chair and pulled

him to a standing position, then roughly yanked the tape from his mouth. Randy

grimaced, but didn't yelp as the tape took bits of skin with it. "Hank," said TJ

in a commanding tone, "Be sure you get this on film."

"Now, start on her back there." Ramona felt Randy's nose crash into her spine as

Harold shoved his face down at her back. Then came the first tentative licks, as

Randy tasted sperm for the first time.

"Come on, asshole," she urged. "I know it tastes good, but we don't have all

day!" She felt the flat surface of his tongue then, lapping at the goo that had

puddled in the small of her back. "Now my face!" With Harold holding him by his

hair, Randy proceeded to lick away most of the cum that still adorned Ramona's

face. All the while, the camera clicked and the winder purred.

"One more place to clean," said Ramona as she lifted herself from Tom's now soft

tool. It flopped noisily to his belly. "Oops. I get to clean that." She bent

and put the whole of his limp cock into her mouth, sucking off the blobs of cum

that clung to it, then lay back on the carpeted floor and spread her legs.

Pulling her knees up as far as she could and spreading them, she said, "Now, my

cunt and my ass are full of it... Clean me out!" Harold shoved him to his knees,

then pushed him forward until his face nearly fell into Ramona's open crotch. As

Hank tried to get close- ups, he lapped away the jizz from her pussy, even pushed

his tongue into her distended anus before she said he was through.

When he'd finished, Ramona lay flat on the floor, feeling tired and well used.

She grinned up at Harold as he removed the film from the camera. "Where you gonna

get that developed?"

He smiled back at her. "Where you want it to go, doll? I could send it to

L.A., if you want. That would be private."

"Nah, take it to that new one hour place in town." TJ's eyes widened. "They

won't see anything they aren't thinking already. Except for him!" She pointed

at Randy. Be interesting to see how long it takes for word to get around that he

likes the taste of "nigger cum!" All four of the black men in the room guffawed

as Randy blanched white. Harold agreed that this was a fitting end to things, and

sent Randy out the door, looking like he'd seen a ghost.


"One other thing," he added as Ramona crawled into a chair and actually started to

put her panties back on. She looked up at him. "Earlier, when you were telling

me about how you lost your job, and couldn't pay your rent and all. I had an

idea. Ramona waited breathlessly, hoping she'd hear what she'd been thinking of

since she'd first called today. "What say you move in here? I got a whole floor

upstairs I don't use, we could put your stuff up there, and you could party with

me and my boys as much as you want."

Ramona tried not to look too eager. "Yeah," she said, as casually as she could.

"Yeah, that would work! I think maybe you and me could think up a lot of trouble

for me to get into!"

"Shit, girl, you don't even know the half of it!"

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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