Summer Visits With My Uncle


Growing up when I did I suppose I got on my parents nerves. They were pretty old

and I was pretty young. For most of the year it seemed that they barely tolerated


When I was a kid I used to get shipped off to my Uncle Harris's house for the

summer. He lived in a small cabin outside Mendochino. I didn't mind staying with

my Uncle Harris. He was a nice guy. He would go off to his job cutting timber and

leave me to play around his cabin in the woods.

I had been spending the summers with Harris since I was 9 but the best summer I had

with him was the year I turned 18. Certain changes had happened to my body that

year that made me curious as to what would happen as I got older. Believe it or

not, I had not jacked off by then. Nobody ever told me about it and it just never

happened. I was filled with questions and since my dad wasn't around much (even

when I was home), I hoped that Uncle Harris could answer some questions for me. So,

that year I was looking especially forward to our visit.

Harris was in his early 30's. Tall and muscular. His handsome face was quick to

smile. He hardly ever wore a shirt in the house. Until that summer I never

noticed how beautiful his tanned, muscled chest always showed a few drops of

sweat in the small patch of dark hair that grew between his pecks. I had always

thought my uncle was good looking but never was I so impressed with him until

then. I remember the charge I'd get when he'd put that leather tool belt on over

his Levis then work high on a ladder in the summer sun. I found myself turned on

at the way the tool belt hung around his waist, how it was filled with the tools

of his trade.

Harris would work hard all day. I wouldn't see him until after dark most nights. In

the year since I last saw him I had learned to cook a few things so I tried to

have some food waiting for him when he came home. I never heard him talk about

going out with girls and we never seemed to have company.

Harris didn't own a television. In past years this drove me nuts but in my 18th

year I discovered that Harris was much more entertaining to watch than any TV show.

Nights were spent sitting on the porch listening to the sounds of the forest,

watching the stars appear straight above us through the tops of the redwoods.

My mind was filled with questions about growing up and the changes my body was

going through. I really didn't know how to bring the subject up, though so I

attempted to satisfy my curiosity by just watching him...studying Harris's every

move; his masculine way of sitting, his deep voice, his chiseled features, his

confident manner.

I don't know if Harris ever noticed how intensely I studied him but I guarantee I

never missed a move. Sitting on the edge of the wooden porch he would lean back

and support himself on his elbows and look up at the stars. Even in the near

darkness I could see how his magnificent chest tapered into a small, taut waist

that dove into his jeans. I had noticed when he walked, Harris's crotch area seemed

to be filled, like he was carrying something large in there. It seemed to bulge

against his leg as he walked. I was sure it was his dick! I had never thought

about Harris's dick before, but it seemed to capture my attention on that visit. I

had noticed that my dick had started growing in the past year and I wondered how

large they eventually got. From the size of the bulge in Harris's pants, I figured

they must get pretty big.

One night we had sat outside longer than usual. Harris had worked hard that day and

was starting to nod off. I woke him and told him we ought to go inside or be

eaten alive by mosquitoes. He made a sound then got up and went in the cabin. He

told me to go on to bed that he was going to sit up a little longer (I didn't

think he could stay awake much longer but I did what I was told). I crawled into

the little bed he had set up for me in a converted back porch.

An hour or so later, I had to pee. So, I got up and went to the john. On the way,

I peeked into the living room and there was Harris, fast asleep on the couch. He

had stripped off his jeans and was laying there wearing only a pair of Jockey

shorts. I did my business but left the bathroom light on and snuck into the

living room to get a look. I stood right over him watching him sleep. In the dim

light I saw Harris's tanned body draped over the sofa, his head was propped on the

arm of one end, his feet dangled off the other. His legs were muscular. Like two

tree trunks meeting at the Jockey-clad middle of his body. His shorts were packed

full. It looked like he had stuck a sausage between his legs! It seemed to be so

wide as to part his legs a little so as to venture between them. I couldn't even

see where it ended. I was excited to think that I would grow one like it some

day. Just looking at him made my dick hard and poked against my underpants. I

touched my small pecker while I looked at Harris and got a better feeling than I'd

ever had before.

Suddenly, he inhaled then turned on his side. If he had opened his eyes he would

have seen me gazing at his near naked body and feeling my own. Quietly, I knelt

down to get a closer look. I noticed the tiny trail of black hair that led from

inside his shorts past his belly button. It blossomed to a larger patch on his

chest. Harris must have been having a dream because he moaned then reached into his

shorts, took hold of his meat and re-arranged it. The flap of the Jockeys was

open just a little and I could see the dark space where his dick rested. I looked

at where his flat waist met the white underpants. It was perfectly flush, no fat

whatsoever. Being this close to Harris made me forget myself. I wanted to be closer

to him, to smell him, to taste him.

I leaned into his crotch and smelled. His musk was clean and sensual. I ran my

finger over the opening in the shorts. I just touched the material at first but

after a few minutes I felt a hair... then flesh! I was running my finger along

the side of Harris's dick! It wasn't quite hard but awfully long. I finally reached

the head. He was cut, like me and the ridge of the head began to get harder. He

reached down and I pulled away quickly. This time, in an attempt to rearrange his

meat, it found the opening in the shorts and poked straight out. I looked at the

huge dick pulsate and jerk in front of me. I looked over and saw his tool belt at

the end of the sofa. I reached in and took his metal tape measure. Quietly, I

stretched it along the length of his dick. From base to head, Harris measured 9 and

3/8 inches! The base looked about as big around as an apricot but the head

swelled larger. I put the ruler away and just knelt there admiring the powerful

tool and hoping that I would grow one just like it. The feeling of being near one

so big was exciting and I could imagine that having one must be ever better. I

was so nervous I could swear I could hear my own heart beating. There was no

telling what he would do if he caught me. I wished for more light. I wanted to

see everything there was to see about him.

After a minute or two, I leaned in real close again. I took a deep breath through

my nose. His smell was intoxicating. Dicks smelled different than any other part

of the body and I liked it. My mouth was half an inch from the big meat. I rubbed

my dick as I took in his sight and smell and was overcome to the point that I

reached out with my tongue and licked the part where the shaft meets the head! I

couldn't believe I was doing it. I had never imagined a dick could get so was

huge or hard. I felt it stiffen at my touch. I licked again and the mammoth head

swelled even bigger. The next thing I knew, I took the head in my mouth! I did

know if anyone had never sucked a dick before. I felt at once nasty and excited.

I never dreamed they could be so big or taste so good. My excitement was mixed

with fear; what if Harris should wake up? What if he were to piss? I lost myself in

the exploration of his long shaft when one of my fears came true.

"What th' fuck?" Harris jerked and woke up. There was his 18-year old nephew,

Scott, swallowing his fuck-stick. I immediately stopped. I fumbled with my

underwear trying to hide my hard cock. Harris sat up. He looked at me in the dim

light of the cabin.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?"

"I'm sorry, Harris! I was just curious. I got carried away."

"Well, pup, don't be doin' that shit."

"Is there somethin' wrong with it?"

He was quiet for a minute trying to find an answer to my question. "Well, I don't

know but I heard that when a man starts suckin' dicks that's all he ever wants."

He was sitting straight up on the couch looking down at me. His dick still stood

straight up against his belly through the piss-slit of his Jockeys.

"Didn't it feel good?"

"Yeah, partner, but that's not the point."

"You're not mad at me, are you?" I asked.

"Nah," he was calming down, "You just kind of startled me, that's all. What would

your parents say if I sent back a cocksucker at the end of the summer?"

"Well, what's wrong with it, Harris?"

He reached down and grabbed his dick in his fist. He moved his hand along it sort

of pointing it at me until he reached the end then let the hard peter pop back

loudly against his belly.

"Well, you're just not supposed to, that's all. Men are supposed to like women.

If we were playin' with each other all the time, there wouldn't be no babies." I

was unimpressed with is logic. "Why were you doin' it to me?"

"I just wanted to see how big I was going to get when I was grown up. When I got

close to yours, it seemed so clean and nice I wanted to see how it tasted."

Harris got quiet. He held the bottom of his dick and squeezed. The head swelled up


"I guess I do have a pretty big one, huh?"

"Yeah," I said, watching his dick get bigger.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Harris."

"What's my dick taste like?" he asked quietly.

"Tasted...good. It's real clean. Kind of sweet around the top. It was real

hard...I liked it, Harris."

He stood up, packed his meat back in his shorts and walked to the screen door. He

stood there for a long time staring off into the night. I worshiped the perfect

body as it leaned with one hand high on the doorjamb. He was quiet for a while. I

sat on the floor with my back against the sofa watching him. I was sure he was

pissed off at me. Probably he had become disappointed at what I was or maybe he

felt trapped by this 18-year-old dick-sucker he was stuck with for the summer.

"You mad at me, Harris?"

"Nah, just thinkin'."

"'Bout what?"

He got quiet.

He turned in a minute or two then sauntered over to me. His slender lumberjack

body swaggered in silhouette. When he got to where I was sitting, he reached

through the opening of his shorts and lifted out his equipment. It hung down

semi-hard like a blackjack hanging out of his shorts. He leaned over and picked

me up, seating me on the sofa.

"I don't' want you to tell nobody we did this," his said. I promised it would be

our secret. Then he showed me how to hold onto my dick and stroke it up and down.

"This is called jackin' off, kid. I want you to do this while I do something

else, okay?" I told him 'okay' and began jacking myself off. Holding his dick by

the base, Harris straddled my head, lifted his sausage up and let it touch my lips.

His reached in and pulled out his huge balls and let them hang way down between

his legs. I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips, enjoying the

weight of his meat on my tongue. I was excited by the way the soft yet rock hard

tip of his dick seemed to probe my mouth. I opened as wide as I could. I wanted

him to put all of his cock in me.

I jacked my own small dick as I sucked him and wondered how much better it felt

to have a big dick than my little one. Harris shuddered and pushed deeper into me.

I had almost half his big manmeat in my mouth. He pressed his knees against the

sides of my head and used his hips like pistons to drive his manhood home. I

opened my mouth wide and let him pump it into me. It got harder, and I could feel

the veins pumping blood to the rod. I didn't know what was going to happen next.

He seemed to be breathing harder and harder. His dick got even bigger around.

Then suddenly he pulled out! He grabbed the tip of it and got quiet.

"What's the matter, Harris? Did I bite?" I asked, alarmed that suddenly everything


In a couple of seconds he released the tension.

"Nah, kid. You did great. Real great. You made me want to shoot, that's all."

"Shoot?" I asked.

"You know, shoot my wad."

"What's a 'wad'?" I asked

He was amazed.

"You've never cum?"

"What's 'cum'?"

"God, kid. You're 18 and you've never shot a load?"

"No," I answered, embarrassed. "What is it?"

"When a man is pulling on his dick, or he's sticking it in somebody, it starts

feeling real good and it makes cum. Cum shoots out faster than piss and when a

man is making it, he's not really in control. All he wants to do is shoot it."

"What does cum look like?"

"It's white. Thick. And it feels real good when you make it."

"It does? Where does it come from?"

"Out of your balls. Cum is ball-juice."

I still didn't understand.

He smiled took my hand and guided it to his ballsac. His heavy nuts hung between

his legs, as big as golf balls (unlike mine that were like marbles).

"This is where a man makes his cum. You're just a boy. Your little balls won't

make very much. My nuts are big and right now they're real full." I must have

looked disappointed and confused because he put his hand through my hair and

mussed it. "Hey, tiger, you just wanted to taste some dick and I let you taste

it! You don't want me to loose control and make a mess in your mouth do you? Now,

you had your taste, why don't we jack off together so we can get rid of these

hardon's and catch some shuteye." Harris sat down on the sofa next to me and

started slowly jacking himself off. "You gonna do it?" he asked me. I started

jacking off. I never knew that there was something beyond just occasionally

playing with your dick. I wanted so much to see what it looked like that I didn't

take my eyes off Harris. He slid his hand heavily up and down his manhood. He

closed his eyes and seemed to be somewhere else. I watched his grip alternately

tighten and loosen as he got into it. I did the same things. I knew Harris was

teaching me how to make cum and I couldn't have asked for a sexier teacher. His

breathing began to get heavier. I knew he was pretty close to making his cum so I

scooted down to get a closer look. I refused to touch him because I was afraid

he'd stop and make me go to bed without getting to see him shoot.

His balls jumped up and down with simultaneously with his rapid jerks on his

cockmeat. The ballsac started getting tighter. It was fascinating watching a man

bring himself to climax. I wondered if he were joking about this white liquid he

told me about. No, he couldn't be lying. He was enjoying it too much to lead me

on. I didn't know when it would happen so I waited, keeping my eyes on his dick


Suddenly, Harris sighed. "Yeah," came from deep inside him. His chest heaved and I

knew this must be it. His muscles tightened, he body went rigid. That's what me

meant when he said a man couldn't control himself, that he was at the mercy of

his dick. He jammed his fist to the base of his pud so the top 8 inches or so

were in the air. There it was, being held in the air like he was offering it to

me. I opened my mouth and gulped about 3 inches in my mouth. Instantly, something

hot sprayed against the back of my throat! Harris let go with a spray of thick,

lumpy, bitter juice. It reminded me of hot cottage cheese. I couldn't believe

that something so thick was shooting out the small slit! My mouth filled up but

Harris kept shooting more. It was like a hose was turned on in my mouth. The chunks

fired out of him immersed in his hot cream. I felt his hand on the back of my

head. He pressed me down on his dick as he moaned. The cum was filling my cheeks

and I didn't know what to do with it until suddenly, and involuntarily, I

swallowed. When I did, it opened up my throat and his dick slid into me farther

than it ever had. My lips were around the throbbing base of his meat. His balls

convulsed and nearly touched my nose. He was sighing and repeating my name over

and over. He shoved me down all the way on it. I could feel his dickhead expand

in my throat as he expelled another rush of ball juice into me.

A couple of minutes passed. My head lay on his abdomen. The moment was perfect;

Harris's dick was buried in me all the way, he knew it and he obviously liked it.

It didn't matter that he had used me as a receptacle for his cum. I'd drink it

out of him any time he wanted, just so I could be the receiver of his masculine


I didn't want to take him out of my mouth. My tongue was darting around the head

of his softening dick and occasionally finding one of the chunks he had fired

into me and savoring it. I was quickly getting used to the taste and I liked it.

Harris rubbed the back of my head. "Partner, you okay?" I hummed 'uh-huh'.

"I think I'm about through," he said, "You can take it out of your mouth now."

I sat up and wiped my mouth. A few drops had run down my chin.

"You kind of surprised me, drinkin' me like that."

"You don't mind do you, Harris?"

"Nah, kid. It felt great. I don't get a lot of blow jobs up here in the woods.

Never did get one from a boy before. So, tell me, how does it taste?"

"Kind of bitter...chunky. But I liked it. You sure make a lot!"

"I shoot that size load every time."

"I took it all, too!" I said, impressed with myself.

He put his hand on his dick and stroked it lightly.

"You sure surprised me. I thought you wanted to see some cum, not eat some."

"I do want to see some. Maybe I can watch you again sometime."

"Yeah, maybe." He stood up and went into the kitchen. Now that he had cum he

didn't seem as interested as before. He drank some milk out of the carton then

came back through the living room and told me we ought to get to sleep.

Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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