A Forced Accomplist


My sister and I had always been close, so she was not suprised when I presented my

"evidence" to her. Of course she didn't like it, but that didn't stop me from

presenting my plan.

Angela and I made a deal. She would be my sex slave for the next two weeks, on

Monday and Friday afternoons, and that she would try to get Mary Ann in a

compromising position for my camera so I could blackmail her too. I promised Angela

that We would destroy the photos IF she got her friend, Mary Ann, nude on the

bed together with her so i could take another FLASH picture. Then we would

blackmail Mary Ann into playing along with us for a couple weeks, and then I

would destroy the photos. (I didn�t tell her about my silent camera, the

camcorder hidden in the closet, or the tape recorder I was going to hide under

her bed.)

The next day I rode home on my bicycle and got to the house before anyone was

there. Mom wouldn�t be home for several hours. I hid the video recorder in

Angela�s closet on her top shelf and my silent camera under a pile of her clothes.

I started the two hour tape recorder under her bed and left the room as she got

home. I went downstairs with the flash camera in my hand. �Are those pictured of

me still in your camera, Jim?� she asked. �Because we�re going to destroy them

before you ever get them developed, right?� I lied, �Sure, Sis. They are still

in here. I wish I could see them, though, because you really have gotten so

cute.� (I didn't tell her there were just some pictures of my bike in this one,

which I wouldn't mind losing.) �Well, thenk you, Jim, I�m not sure what to say.

I suppose we could be nicer to each other.� with that she lifted up her short

skirt. �Are these the panties you wanted me to wear today? They felt especially

silky since I shaved yesterday. It drove me crazy in school every time I moved

or walked.� Her confession continued, �See if these are already too wet for our

little game with Mary Ann.� She held her skirt higher and walked over to me. I

obligingly felt between her legs. �I should have picked out a pair of your

panties with the cotton liners in them instead of these. Maybe we should find

some others for you before Mary Ann gets here.� �Good idea.� and she followed me

up to her room while we reviewed our plan.

We got to her room and she removed her wet panties and threw them in the closet.

I was glad she didn�t go in. I told her to hold up her skirt while I held

different pairs in front of her. I touched her newly bald skin and she flinched

back. Then she straightened and said. �OK, I guess you�re going to be touching

me there anyway, later in our game.� So I rubbed her for just a moment when we

heard Mary Anns knock at the front door. I got into her closet, out of sight

behind her rack of clothes. We left the closet door opened like it usually was.

Angela and Mary Ann came running up to the bedroom just moments afer I got all the

equipment rolling. As usual Angela had her radio blaring away. The rushed into the

room giggling and holding hands. Mary Ann plopped onto the bed and asked my

sister if she �buzzed� last night. �Of course. It was great. That was the best

birthday present I could have gotten! How long have you been buzzing, Steph?�

�Just a couple months now. A boy in math class gave it to me in a college

envelop! I told him I wasn't looking at colleges yet, but he said I might really

like this one. When I opened it later I was going to through it away, but

decided to test it first. He gave me a little one a few days later, and I was

insulted again!... but kept it. That�s when I discovered the �back door.� She

was removing her panties while she talked. �Let�s take all our clothes off this

time, Steph.� my sister said like she had promised me she would. �What about that

brat brother of yours?� she asked Angela. (�Brat Brother� ?! Boy was she going to

get it!) �He�s at practice and won�t be home for two hours.� Angela said as she

dropped her skirt and blouse on the floor. �Here, hlp me with this bra.� as she

tried to reach around behind her. Mary Ann got up and unsnapped my sister�s bra

and then took off her skirt and boulse. �Now you can help me with mine, too!�

and she turned her back to my sister, as I snapped the fifth picture with my

silent camera. My sister unfastened her friends bra and then reached around under

Mary Anns arms as if helping her remove it and then brushed her hands on

Mary Ann�s nipples. �OH, Mary Ann, your nipples are hard already! Maybe you

should lie back today, and I�ll prove to you that I know where the �magic spot�

is.� �That sounds like fun,� Mary Ann replied. Both girls pranced around

tickling each other and getting over their awkwardness at being naked - almost

naked, that is. Mary Ann still had on he ankle socks, and panties. She sat on

the edge of the stuffed chair and leaned back, still wearing her panties. She

raised her knees and spread her legs apart, stretching the thin, sheer fabric of

her panties. �Buzz me through my panties untill they get so wet you can see

through them.� she grinned. I got another picture as Angela knelt down next to her.

�That shouldn�t take long,� she laughed, �They�re wet already.� She turned on

the buzzer and made little circles on Mary Ann�s panties. A moment of silence

except for the radio and buzzer, then Angela said, �These are soaked!� Let me help

you take them off. Angela stood and pulled the panties off Mary Ann�s now straight

legs. As Steph spread her legs again exposing her bald pussy, Angela tossed the wet

panties into the front edge of the closet. (A present for me!) I wasn�t sure if

Angela would go through with the next part of our plan, but she was being good at

staying out of my line of sight. I could see that Mary Ann�s pussy was

glistening as Angela knelt beside her again and took the buzzer. In stead of

inserting it as Mary Ann was expecting, Angela started kissing her thighs - moving

towards her pussy. We were both waiting to see Mary Ann�s reaction. Without a

sound Mary Ann just spread her upstretched legs farther apart. Angela began licking

her right betwen the legs. Mary Ann had her eyes closed and was massaging her

own breasts as my big sister licked her. I was geting some great photos. My

sister inserted the buzzer into Mary Ann�s very wet, bald pussy while she liked

her. I got several more �quiet� photos and knew I was supposed to make my grand

entrance with the flash camera, but decided to wait a little longer.... just to

see what they would do, if I didnt stick to our "script." It looked like Angela was

getting into it. Her left hand was between her own legs. �Get the little one

now,� said Stpeh. Both girls got up. I was worried Angela was going to get me out

of the closet, but she shot a �wait-a-minute� glance in my direction. Mary Ann

got on all fours on the bed with her beautiful bare bottom towards me, while my

sister put some lubricant on the little buzzer. (This was better than I could

have imagined!) She was moving her fanny around, moaning, when my sister got to

the edge of the bed. �I�m so ready, Angela, do them both at once!� She lowered

her head onto the two pillows and grasped her fanny in her own hands and pulled

her bottom open even more. (Could have shot a whole role on this scene!) As my

sister inserted the little one into Steph�s bottom, she bent lower to lick her

pussy one final time. FLASH!.... FLASH..... I stepped out of the closet and

yelled, �Caught you! You two lesbians, wait till the guys at shcool hear about

this. Wait till they see these pictures� as I held up the camera with six shots

of my bike and two of the girls. (My silent camera was hidden in the back of the

closet again, and the video camera was still rolling.) Mary Ann was bright red -

from excitement and embarassment. She didn�t even turn over yet. She was still

on her knees with her head lowered to the pillows - just looking at me. A new

idea came into my mind. �Don�t move, either of you, unless you want me to show

these to your friends!� I walked over and started patting Mary Ann on the

bottom. She was practically dripping, but didn�t move. �Now, let�s have some

fun.� I said. My sister hadn�t said anything yet. Maybe she was going to wait

to see what I wanted them to do. �Maybe I sould get undressed and join the party.

Angela, unbuckle my belt.� I patted Mary Ann on her fanny and asked, �Ready for a

spanking, naughty girl?� She still hadn�t said anything. Then, �Uh huh, OK� she

said meekly. "What's this?" I asked touching what looked like the end of a small

white flashlight sticking out of Mary Ann's fanny. I touched it. It was

vibrating. I pushed it farther in with a finger and then pulled it slowly out.

Angela said, "Just twist it to turn it off." "I don't want to turn it off yet." and

pushed it back into Mary Ann. "UMMMM" said Mary Ann, who still didn't seem to

grasp the situation. "You both need to be my sex slaves for the next two months -

every Monday and Friday for two months or else I'll tell your friends at shcool

about this and show them the pictures." "OK." they both said in unison. I was

happily surprised that Angela didn't argue about our "New Deal." Then, instead of

spanking Mary Ann right away I slipped a finger into her still totaly exposed,

wet, open pussy while I jiggled the protruding end of the tiny vibrator in her

ass. My finger slipped in easily (A dream come true!) I couldn�t believe how

wet she was. �Maybe you two should continue,� I said as Angela finished removing my

shorts and shirt. I was still wearing my underwear. �But first, Sister, Dear,

pull off my underwear and kiss me like you kissed Mary Ann!� She did it! She

was kissing and licking the sides of it, holding it with one hand while her other

hand tickled between her own legs. I was getting kissed on my dick by my sister,

with my finger in her best friend! (I hoped the video was still rolling!) I was

ready to cum. I didn�t want this to be over, so I told the girls to change

places. They did it immediately. I told Mary Ann to play with my balls and

lick my sister, which she jumped into with relish. (I didn�t dare have her kiss

or stroke my thing - the game would be over!)


Copyright �1998 by SIC

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