My Sister, My Teacher


The weekend had been fun. Not to much homework and a very cool party Saturday

night. Even though she had slept late Sunday, Helen decided to get to sleep

early that night.

It was just another Monday to everyone else, but it wasn't an ordinary day for

Helen. Today she woke up wet between her legs. She had her first wet dream last

night. It was about a guy at school. A very cute guy. She doesn't talk to Matt

very often because they don't have many classes together. This wasn't the first

time Helen had sexual thoughts about him, but was the first time she had a wet

dream about him, or anyone else for that matter. Just then Helen's older sister,

Joyce, started to wake up. Helen hurried to get up so she could get to the

shower first and so Joyce wouldn't see her wet panties. Joyce and Helen have

shared a room since Helen was four. They have always slept in separate beds.

Helen is 18 and Joyce is 20. They have always gotten along well and they tell

each other everything. Helen has long brown hair that goes down past her

shoulder blades, and emerald green eyes that boys seem to like to stare into. She

has noticed that with all the boys she has talked to, including her teachers. She

is 5'4 and 117 lbs. She has nice, small and firm breasts. Joyce has short red

hair down to her shoulders, and brown eyes. She is 5'5 and 125 lbs. Her breasts

are a little bigger than Helen's. They're just as firm as her though. Both girls

are always being stared at by boys. They have even caught their teachers staring

at them from time to time. There probably isn't a boy in colllege that wouldn't die

for the chance to have sex with one of them. After both of the girls had taken

their showers they got dressed for school. Helen put on white bra and panties,

red button down blouse, and blue jeans. Joyce on the other hand put on red nylon

panties and matching bra and a red dress. The skirt on the dress just went to her

knees. The girls went down to the kitchen for breakfast. After breakfast the

Joyce and Helen went to school. Since Joyce has her license she will drive to

school and Helen rides along. It is only about a ten minute drive from their

house to the school. When the arrived at school the girls went their own ways.

Joyce's first class was Calculus. Her teacher Mr. Lenoard always tries to look up

her skirt. She likes to catch him trying and smile at him. He turns bright red

every time. Joyce loves the power she has over him. Helen's first class was

French. Ms. Robertson, the French teacher, is rumored to be a lesbian by the

girls in school. No one really knows for sure if Ms. Robertson is a lesbian or


Helen would like to find out. Helen has fantasized about girls since she

learned about sex, who better to learn from then a teacher. Joyce sat in Calculus

class with her legs apart. Since she sits in the first row Mr. Lenoard as an

easy view right up her skirt. Joyce watched him out of the corner of her eyes.

She could see him staring up her skirt. She was pretty sure that he was getting

very hard. Mr. Lenoard is a very handsome man. He has blue eyes, jet black hair,

and was in pretty good shape. Joyce would love to have a chance to fuck him. She

hopes that sometime he will have her stay after school to talk about the way she

sits in class. The bell rang. Joyce got up to leave when Mr. Lenoard asked her

to stay for a minute. Joyce got started to get horny. Could today be the day?

"Yes, Mr. Lenoard?" She asked in a sweet innocent voice that only a girl could

do. "Joyce, I think we need to talk." "What about, Mr. Lenoard?" "The way you

sit in class." "What's the problem with the way I sit?" Joyce ask setting her

books on his desk. "Well, Joyce I can see right up your skirt," he told her.

"What are you doing looking up my skirt, Mr. Lenoard?" She asked. He didn't say

anything. "Were you trying to see my panties?" "No, of course not." He said

quickly. Joyce smiled. "I think you want to see them." Before he could answer she

reached under her skirt and took her panties off and set them on his desk.

"You can keep those. I got to get to class." She said as she hurried off to her next

class. Mr. Lenoard quickly grabbed the panties and put them in his briefcase

before any of the kids got to his room for his next class. At the end of the day

the girls met up by Joyce's car and went home. Joyce didn't say anything to

Helen about giving her panties to Mr. Lenoard. Joyce was wet thinking about

what he could be doing with them right now. Joyce was hoping that he was smelling

the crotch of them. She hopes that tomorrow he has her stay after again, but not

to talk to her. Joyce decided to wear another dress tomorrow, but no panties.

That should make Mr. Lenoard very hard. That night the two girls were in their

room talking. It wasn't long and they were talking about boy which soon lead to

sex. There was something that Helen has been wondering about. She figured that

now was as good a time as any to ask. "Joyce, can I ask you something without you

thinking that I'm werid?" Helen asked. "Sure, what?" "Have you ever played with

yourself?" Helen asked nervous of what her sister thinks of her for asking that

question. "Yeah, I have," Joyce answered smiling. "Have you?" "No, I'm not sure

how," Helen answered feeling kinda stupid. She has touched herself, but not

really sure what will feel the best. She lowered her head thinking she shouldn't

have said that. "Would you like me to teach you how?" Joyce offered. "Yeah, I

would," Helen answered blushing. Joyce smiled. "Ok. Lets take off our clothes."

Joyce then lifted up her dress and through it on the floor, forgetting that she

wasn't wearing panties. "Joyce, why aren't you wearing panties?" Helen asked as

she unbuttoned her blouse. "Oh, I had taken them off earlier," Joyce lied as she

took off her bra. Helen dropped her blouse on the floor and then started to

remove her jeans. Joyce was getting hot and wet watching her sister get naked.

She had seen Helen naked before, but this time it was different. It was turning

her on. Could it be because they are about to do something sexual?

Joyce licked her lips and decided to help her sister get undressed. "Here let me help,"

Joyce said as she got behind her sister. Joyce unhooked Helen's bra and let it fall

off of her. Joyce slid her hands around to Helen's breasts and started to

squeeze them. A soft moan escaped Helen's lips. Joyce leaned close to Helen's

ears. "What to do something that feels even better than playing with yourself?"

Joyce whispered as she continued to fondle Helen's breasts. Helen just nodded

her answer. Joyce's hands felt great on her breasts. Helen had a pretty good

idea what Joyce was referring to. Helen knew it was wrong for sisters to do

that, but Joyce's hands felt so good that she didn't care. She didn't want the

pleasure she was feeling to stop. "Let's get in bed," Joyce told Helen. Helen's

pants fell down around her ankles. Joyce couldn't resist. She let her right hand

slide down Helen's body right into her sister's panties. Joyce ran her fingers

through Helen's bush. The hair by Helen's pussy was soaked. "Mmmmmm," escaped

Joyce's lips. That told her that Helen was enjoying this very much. Joyce was

too. Helen stepped away from Joyce just to take her pants the rest of the way

off and to get into bed. Helen laid down on her back with her legs spread. It

was a very sexy sight. A 14 year old girl wearing only white socks with a wet

pussy and a look on her face saying that she wants her sister right now. Joyce

laid down on top of her supporting herself up with her hands. Joyce's legs were

right in between Helen's. Joyce lowered herself down to kiss Helen full on the

lips. Helen raised her hands up and for the first time in her life she fondled

another girl's breasts. Joyce took her lips off of Helen's and moved to her

breasts. Joyce kissed each nipple. Then licked all around them, and sucked on

them. Helen's moans told Joyce that she was enjoying it. "Joyce, do you want to

do 69?" Helen asked. "Mmmmm, that sounds like fun." Joyce replied. Joyce spun

around and put her puss in Helen's face. Helen reached out with her tongue and

started to lick her sister's pussy. Helen moved her tongue up and down Joyce's

slit. Helen found the smell of her sister's pussy intoxicating.

Helen never thought another girl's pussy would smell and taste so good. Joyce was busy

between Helen's legs too. She was licking up and down Helen's slit and

flickering her tongue across Helen's clit. Both girls were pushing their hips

towards their sister's face. It wasn't long and both girls had the best orgasm of

their lives. Joyce turned herself around and laid by her sister. Joyce placed one

hand on Helen's breasts. She squeezed it and fondled it while they laid in bed

together. They both on some of the others juices on their face. Helen leaned

close to Joyce and kissed her. Their tongues danced in the others mouth. Both got

to taste their on juices. They both knew that this was the first of many times

together in bed. In the morning when the girls woke up. They kissed and fondled

each other before they each shower separately and got dressed. Joyce put on

another dress just as she had planed. She put on a white bra, but forgot to put

on panties. Helen put on a white bra and panties, white blouse, and blue jeans.

Just before they got to the school they took a chance and stopped along the

street and kissed passionately and fondle each other's breasts. That really got

Joyce in the mood for Mr. Lenoard. In Algebra class Joyce sat like she always

did with her legs spread wide. She caught Mr. Lenoard looking up her dress. She

wondered if he could tell she wasn't wearing panties. She decided to make sure

that he knew she wasn't wearing any. She lifted her ass up off the seat just a

little bit and pulled her skirt up. She pulled it up to about half her thigh. She

smiled as he watched her do it. It wasn't long after that when the bell rang.

Joyce stopped up by his desk and glanced at his crotch. He was hard. "If you want

to see more I'll come here after school." He didn't say anything. "Just nod a yes

or no. Would you like to see more?" She smiled big. He nodded yes. "Good. I'll

stop by after school. Be ready for some fun." After school Joyce went to Mr.

Lenoard's room just like she promised. She closed the door behind her and sat

down on his desk right in front of him. She sat with her legs spread and he was

right between them. "Joyce, this is wrong. Please go." "Don't you want to see my

pussy?" She asked as she started to slowly pull her skirt up. "If I get caught

with you I could get fired. Please stop," he begged. She leaned down and kissed

him. "I want you. Don't you want me?" She took his hand and placed it on her

thigh. He gently squeeze it and slow began to massage it. "Mmmmm, I like that,

Mr. Lenoard," Joyce told him. He put his other hand on her other thigh. Joyce

knew she had him now. He slowly began to push her shirt up. She lifted her ass up

so he could push it up around her waist. She put one foot up on his desk to give

him much better access to her pussy. He started to rub her slit. He open it and

pushed a finger in her. "Ohhhhh, yes. Finger me," She moaned. He did as she

asked. He slowly moved one finger in and out of her slit. He felt her getting

wet. He then took his finger out of her licked her juices off. She smiled. "If

you want more why not drink from the source?" He leaned forward and started to

eat her pussy. His tongue felt wonderful. He licked up and down her slit. He

flicked his tongue across her clit several times. He pushed his tongue inside

her. Everything he was doing was feeling great. It wasn't long and she was

cumming in his mouth. He drink all of her juices. Now there was only one think

she wanted. She wanted to be fucked right now. "Please fuck me." He stood up and

let his pants fall to his ankles. He placed his cock at the opening of her pussy.

Then slowly began to fuck her. He started to fuck her real slow and then speeded

up. They both were moaning as they fucked. Joyce was enjoying every minute of it.

It was great. It wasn't long and he was cumming inside her. She could feel him

shooting his load inside her. That was too much for her and started cumming.

After their breathing calmed down some he started getting dressed and she

straighten out her dress. "That was great. Thank you, Mr. Lenoard," She said

with a smile. "No, thank you," he told her. He kissed her on the lips and slipped

his tongue in her month. Their tongues wiggled around for a minute or two before

she broke the kiss. "I better get going before someone notices me here. I would

hate to see you get in trouble." She smiled and then left. She wondered if she

would be able to have sex with him again. She hopes she gets another chance.


Copyright ?1998 by SIC

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