Things had been busy lately - too busy. Not just work, but home, family, kids... Joseph had been wound up and needing some time to himself.

The dawn chorus of migrating birds awakened Joseph. Out the window of their second floor bedroom he saw flashes of gold and yellow, blue and gray, green and rust as the tiny birds darted among the leaves. He leaned across and kissed his wife Jennifer. She, the bed, the room still smelled sweetly from their lovemaking last night.

"Jennifer, honey, I'm going out to birdwatch and hike. Be back this afternoon," he said.

"Okay, have fun," she said sleepily.

Joseph slipped his favorite khaki shorts up over his muscled runner's legs and buttoned them. He slid a dark green t-shirt over his thick black hair, past his neatly trimmed beard, down his soft chest hair and firm stomach, and pushed his nicely developed arms into the shirt. He pulled on heavy socks and aerobic training shoes. Into a daypack went binoculars, bird and wildflower field guides, a water bottle, bathing suit and towel.

Joseph went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed the orange juice and guzzled half of it, stuck a bagel in his mouth, tossed two more and a banana into his pack. The day was mild - seventy-degrees - and the sky a brilliant blue with a few clouds. How much he loved the dawning of the day, the fresh, green scent of spring.

The trailhead was only ten miles from Joseph's home. The clicks and whistles, warbles and chirps, the notes of birdsong filled the air. Then, an insect-like "spss, sp sp sp spsss." And again. A Golden-winged warbler! Joseph hadn't seen one in years. His binoculars searched the shrub until he found it. Such a pretty bird.

"Hey stranger, what you looking at?" said a smokey, sultry voice behind him.

Without turning around or lowering his binoculars he knew she was his wife's sister Nicole or "Nicky," as everyone called her. "It's a Golden-winged warbler. Rare bird up here. Have a look."

She eased up beside him, raised her binoculars and pointed them in the general direction. Their bare arms lightly rubbed against each other. Joseph felt the fine hairs on her arm rise at the contact. She smelled of morning shower and shampoo. "I can't find the bird," she said.

Joseph moved her body in front of him and helped her raise the binoculars to the right spot. He couldn't help but feel her round, firm ass pressing against him. Joseph felt a bulge growing in his khakis. Nicky wiggled her behind. "Oh! there it is. What a beauty!" she said and slowly moved away.

Nicky looked him up and down. "My, my you've gotten fine since you started jogging," she said. "If I hadn't married Rob and you hadn't snagged my sister, I might just..."

She looked down, embarrassed, remembered wiggling her ass against Joseph and couldn't believe she was acting and talking so wantonly. Nicky had enjoyed herself in high school and college. But she had been a one-man woman since marrying Rob.

Joseph's eyes drank her in. Long auburn hair, high cheek bones, pert nose, full lips. Skimpy running shorts, white leotard and no bra left little to the imagination. She was all womanly curves and nicely toned from aerobics.

He had never looked at his sister-in-law like this. This was confusing. Sure, he'd been attracted to other women - but not with this alchemy of looks, sensations, feelings. He had always been faithful to Jennifer. My God, he thought, I want her sister.

"Let's walk the trail and see all the spring flowers and birds," Joseph said. Each time they stopped to look at a bird their arms brushed or they pressed against each other side-to-side. Nicky had that warm electric feeling. Each time they brushed against each other, she tingled.

Joseph was intoxicated with the way her hair brushed his arm and when their bodies touched while looking at birds. "Oh look. Bloodroot, this is a pretty flower," he said. They crouched to look at the wildflower. As Joseph reached around Nicky to show her the flower, his arm pressed firmly against her breast. The firm touch was jolt of erotic energy through both of them.

Without a word, they stood and looked deep into each other's eyes.

"Nicky....? a question and a statement.


Joseph reached out and his fingers traced the curves of her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin. She sighed. Her lips parted. Like a feather Joseph's finger traced the contours of her lips. The gentle caresses left Nicky brimming with erotic energy.

His hands lingered on Nicky's neck and pulled their faces together. Their lips met - ever so gently at first. Then with mounting passion - deep wet kisses, nips with teeth, tongues dancing. Hot, hungry wet mouths fueling hot hungry bodies. They moaned and pulled body closer to body.

Nicky put her hands under Joseph's t-shirt. ran her fingers through his chest hair, felt the toned muscles of his chest, shoulders, stomach, back. Feeling his strength and power inflamed her further. Joseph felt a tremendous heat rise within him as his cock swelled. He touched her long hair, caressed her shoulders and bare arms.

He pulled his mouth from hers for a moment and said, "You're so beautiful." His hands explored her back, slid down and up under her running shorts to massage her ass. Nicky moaned and pushed her crotch against him. Joseph thrust back.

They stepped slightly apart and Joseph reached down the front of her running shorts, pushed aside the flimsy leotard fabric and found her clit with two fingers. Nicky inhaled sharply, sighed loudly and groaned, "O my god, Joseph, O my god." She planted her mouth back on his, thrust her hips against his fingers and shuddered all over.

Nicky unbuttoned the top two buttons of his khakis, slid her hand in and felt the silky smooth, yet rigid cock-head. Joseph moaned. She loved the feeling of power when she held a cock in her hand - that special power that women have over men. She grasped the head with one hand and the shaft with the other.

The two stood stroking each other, driving each other wild, stroking and kissing. This heat between them became the center of the universe. They wanted to take and be taken. Right there. Right then. Public be damned.

Joseph led Nicky just off the trail to a soft, open sunny spot of grass and unrolled his beach towel. She added hers to his, and they had a cozy love nest. The pair were too excited and aroused to care who might walk by. They quickly stripped bare and stood a moment - even more aroused by the sight of each other. Neither one had been this horny in years. Joseph could not recall when his cock had felt so hard and had stood so straight. Nicky could not remember this intense a fire in her belly.

They lay naked in each other's arms in their love nest. Sun-warmed, breathing moistly on each other, naked, skin to skin, bliss to bliss. You are never so naked as when lying in the arms of your lover. Yet the pair were too lusty to be still for long. Nicky rolled over on her back, opened her legs, smiled and looked him in the eyes and said, "Joseph, Joseph honey, I want you inside me."

Joseph was dizzy with the smell of her pussy and of her sweat, and with the wildflowers all around them. He positioned himself over Nicky, between her legs with his weight supported on his arms and knees. She took his cock and rubbed it the length of her slit to open herself and to lubricate him. She was wet and warm and ready.

Nicky held his shaft and his used cock-head to rub up and down her clit - driving them both wild. Both were moaning and gasping. She pulled his cock to her, put the tip in her pussy and let go. Jason collapsed his weight on her. As his hairy chest grazed her erect nipples, fire shot through her loins.

As Joseph slid into her warm, wet tightness, her pussy yielding to him, he almost came. He began to slide deeply in and almost all the way out - long, strong slow strokes. She pushed back in perfect rhythm. In and out, the liquid sounds of cock and pussy. Bellies slapping, sliding on each other's sweat slippery bodies. The tang of sex. Gasping and moaning.

For her, the incredible feeling of hard cock penetrating, plowing her, of loins rubbing her clit, of a muscular body on top of her. For him the tight embrace of a wet, warm cunt around his cock, the plunging in and out, the sweet, soft, round woman under him, wrapped around him.

Neither could wait; neither could hold back. Faster and harder they fucked. Nicky's body stiffened, her back arched, her pussy contracted, she pushed against him. She screamed, "Joseph!" and wave after wave of orgasm flowed through Nicky's body.

Joseph pushed in and held himself there, felt the fiery come spurting from his cock, grunted almost sobbing, fell the warmth running up and down his body. He heaved against her and throbbed and throbbed inside her tight pussy.

Together, coming and coming and then they collapsed into their nest. Nicky and Joseph kissed tenderly and caressed each other for awhile, soothing, yet feeling the aftershocks of orgasm. Both were warm and drowsy.

"Nicky, you are beautiful. That was incredible," he whispered.

"Joseph, you're the best. You're the best, god that was good," she said.

They slept and morning turned to afternoon. Awoke, dressed basking in silent warmth, walked hand-in-hand back to the trailhead. Headed for their homes.

Joseph walked in the front door and greeted Jennifer and the kids with kisses. "My sister called a few minutes ago."

"Sh..she did?"

"Yeah. Nicky told me she ran into you on the trail," said Jennifer. "Nicky says the Golden-winged warbler was much more than she expected."

"She did?"

"Yeah, and she wants to know if you two can go birdwatching next weekend."



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