Friendly Visits



It’s funny looking back on your life. You see all sorts of Things that you might

have done differrently. You also see some experiences that were quiet nice just as they were.

When I was in my twenties, my wife and I were friendly with some of the kids in

the neighborhood. One in particular, a 18 year old girl named Rebecca, used to

stop by the house to visit. A lot of her visits were for "girl talk" with my

wife, but sometimes she’d visit to watch some of our videos, play video games or

just to chat, even when my wife wasn’t there. My wife and I had a policy with

her: as long as the front door was open and the screen door was unlocked, she

could just walk on in. This went on for a few months.


Then my wife, who is an RN, changed shifts and began working in the evenings. I

began making plans, knowing that Rebecca would continue visiting and walking in

without knocking. Over a couple weeks time, when she walked in, I would

occasionally be upstairs in the bedroom reading, watching television or listening

to the stereo. When she walked in the front door, She’d say something like:

"Hello. Where is everybody?" I’d yell down: "I’m up here. Come on up." She’d


come on up, and after several times of doing this and finding nothing "out of the

ordinary", she got used to coming to the bedroom when I invited her up. After

that, I just shortened it to: "I’m up here", and she would come up. Now the table

was set.

On one particular day around the time I knew she’d be likely to visit, I made

sure the front door was open, screen door unlocked, and proceeded upstairs to the

bedroom. I undressed, and waited near the window to peek out to see when she was

approaching. While I waited, I stroked my cock into a state of semi-erection.

Then I saw her approaching the house. I waited until she entered the front door,

and she called out: "Anybody here?". I replied, as usual: "Up here."

Then I quickly stepped into the big walk-in closet, and waited for her to come up

the stairs and walk into the room. As soon as I knew she was well into the room,

I stepped out of the closet and we stood face-to-face. It took several seconds

before she fully realized that she had walked in on me naked. She quickly

surveyed my body, glancing at my partial erection before her mouth dropped open

and let out a gasp. I stood there, as if in shock, not being too quick to cover

myself up. She blurted out: "Oh my God! I’m so sorry." and turned to leave the

bedroom. I quickly grabbed her, stopping her, saying: "Wait a minute, Rebecca,

don’t leave yet. If you go, I’ll never be able to face you again." With that she

stopped, but did not turn to face me. I told her: "I know you’re embarrassed and

so am I, but the only way I’ll be able to get over this is if you go ahead and

look. If you do that long enough, pretty soon neither one of us will feel so

embarrassed about it." With her back to me she said, "I don’t know if I can. I

feel real bad that I walked in on you while you were dressing, but...I’ve never

seen a...a...naked man before." With that, I turned her around and said: "Look.

It’s not a big deal." Then I took away my hand which had been covering my cock

and gently stroking it, to allow her to see it. She glanced down, and had a look

on her face as if she were thinking - it IS a big deal. Obviously, not having

seen a naked man before, she must have thought my semi-erection was the normal

condition of my cock. I continued: "See. It’s just a penis. It’s not a monster."

She giggled, and I took her by the hand and led her to the bed to sit down. I

stood in front of her. She was still a little shy about looking, but I told her,

"Really, it’s okay. If you just look for a couple of minutes you won’t be

embarrassed anymore." I said, "You’re a girl. Girls check guys out. What do you

think?" Then I turned around almost like a model displaying some new fashion,

letting her check out the rest of my body. At that age I was still in real good

shape. "How do you like my butt?", I asked her. She laughed and replied, "It’s

cute." Then I said:"Like my muscles?" She told me that I looked pretty strong.

Then I asked: "Okay, what do you think about my penis?" By this time, she was

more comfortable and she looked straight at it. Then I said, "If you ever have

questions about men’s bodies, you can always ask me."

After about a minute, she squinted and pointed toward my crotch, and said: "Are

those your...what they call ‘balls’?" I nodded. She asked: "Why do they call them

balls?" Fair enough question for someone who had never seen balls before. I

answered: "If you felt them, you’d feel how round they are." She looked me in the

eye and smiled. Boldly I told her to go ahead and touch. She hesitated and said,

"You don’t mind me touching you...there?" I told her just to be gentle and

careful. I lifted my still enlarged cock out of the way and told her to go ahead,

just don’t squeeze. Slowly she reached for my sac and held my balls - just long

enough to feel them. "They DO feel like balls!" she said, giggling. Just the

sensation of her small hand on my balls was enough to make my cock grow to it’s

full erect length. When she let go of my balls, and as she did, I let go of my

cock which just stood there pointing at her. She gawked at it and said, "What

happened to your...penis??" I explained how when she touched my balls I got

excited, and that’s what happens before a man can have intercourse, otherwise he

won’t be able to put his penis inside a woman’s vagina. With that, she blushed.

Then she smiled and said, "Oh." Then, as if thinking about it, she added:



I wasn’t about to push this any further, so I told her I felt less embarrassed,

and I asked her if she felt the same way. She nodded and told me, "A little least I know what a guy looks like down there." I told her it was time

for me to get dressed and that she could come back later if she still wanted to,

but to please not tell anyone about this because I’d be so embarrassed if anyone

found out. She said she didn’t want anyone to know either. As she started to

leave the bedroom, she turned around, looked at my still erect cock and asked:

"Will you be able to get your penis in your pants when it’s like that?" I told

her, "I’ll take care of it after you leave." She looked quizzical. "Take care of

it?", she asked. I answered: "After you’re gone, I’ll masturbate until I have an

orgasm, then it will go down." She was still looking at me as though I was

speaking a foreign language, then it dawned on her, and she started blushing

again. "Oh...I think I understand. Well, I’d better go." She started to go

downstairs, then she stopped and yelled up, "I’ll be back tomorrow....don’t be

embarrassed anymore, it’s okay, I won’t tell anyone what I saw."

I watched her leave the house and walk down the street. She had a little smile on

her face. I guess she had some things to think about.

As for me, I immediately began stroking my cock. I was so fired up over what had

just happened, it took me no time at all to shoot cum all over my belly and


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