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After a long, hot bath she needed a little relief. Too bad Don was

out of town or she would fuck him half to death. Oh well, a little

self service wouldn't hurt. She laid down on the bed and slowly

stroked her damp pussy, dragging a finger thru her slit causing a

tremendous shudder. Quicker than she thought, she needed more and reached

under the bed for her "helper". With little hesitation she rubbed

the head up and down before forcing the dildo deep into her pussy.

A low groan was forced out of her throat and she pulled back out to

slam the cock back into her. Before she could finish a long growl,

there was a knock at her door. "Damn !" as she slid the thick dildo

out of her dripping pussy. Almost to the point of no return, she

decided to answer the door anyway. As she opens the door she sees

this well built man with his short jogging suit on, looking at her. "Hi !

he says, I'm here to work on the problem you are having with your

PC". She could see his eyes giving her the twice over, from her wet

tee shirt to her short, hiked up pants, with her pussy juices just

starting to roll down her thigh. " Oh! that problem fixed itself

yesterday, but come on in anyway, and take a look". He closed the

door behind himself and followed the gorgeous hip-swinging girl into

the living room."I'm Ray, by the way", he said. "So nice to meet you

Ray" she said, as she looked at his trim figure, with the growing

bulge in his pants. "Let me get you a drink and show you my PC". He

again watched her twiching ass as she bounced into the kitchen. His

eyes lit up when he saw her bouncing breasts, under the thin t-shirt

on her return trip. She handed him the drink, and slid in front of him

to get to the keyboard, bending over with her ass right in front of

him." These keys didn't work right for a couple of days, but they seem

alright now", she said. He slid his hands under hers, lightly brushing

her tits, pinning her ass with his now raging hard on. "HUMMMMM,

you're right, everything seems fine to me." She slowly brings her hand

down from the keyboard, and brings it up his leg, until it gets to the

bottom of his shorts. Toying with the edges of his shorts, she says

"My keys are fine, but I have another problem right now", as she

slides her hand under his briefs and grabs his dick, playing with it. He

puts both his hands on her taut ass, and pulls her to him. Kissing

her, he slides his tongue in and out of her mouth, grinding her pussy

against his thick dick. He reaches his hands under her wet panties,

massaging the cheeks of her ass gently. His hand slides down to her

wet crack, where he puts two fingers into her. Rubbing her hot lips

around, he finds her swollen clit, and circles it with his fingers. She

has pulled his shorts down, exposing his cock, now beginning to

show a drop of sperm on it. She grabs his balls with one hand,

stroking his dick with the other. He takes his hands out if her shorts,

and peels them down to her ankles, so she can step out of them.

While he is down there, he takes a good look at this beautiful shaved

pussy. "This is nice!!". He lets his tongue glide over her clit a few

times, until she starts moaning. He takes his dick with his hand and

pushes it up to her pussy. "Now ?"he says. With that she rams herself

onto him and knocks him back onto the couch. Pumping up & down

he shoots his hot sperm into her & says "Guess everything's fixed for

now !" maybe I can come back Later ?"


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