Hi. My name is Mona - I'm 28, single, and I own a house. Just got it 2 weeks ago, moved in 2 days ago, and really confronted what it would take to make the payments.

When I first found out I was responsible for the payments, I asked friends to move in. Then my sister and brothers, but all declined. I broke down the other day and put an ad in the paper for roommates. I'm not concerned if they are male or female, just as long as they pay the rent and don't destroy the house.

The ad had run two days when I got my first call, Dean. He said he is 23, in his last year of college and wants out of the dorms. I asked if an hour was okay and he said sure.

Let me tell you about the house while we wait for him: it's a 2-story, 6 bedroom, 3 bath. It has a huge downstairs living room and kitchen area, plus a den and a family room. What I love about the house is the back yard. Its got a pool & tons of grass in great shape, you can lay down or walk barefoot on it without fear of bugs and dirt.

Ok, now I guess I should tell you how I came to own the house. About two years ago I was desperate for money and I did some escorting for about six months. One "client" was a newly divorced man who had a thing for fast sex: he loved to see how fast he could make me come. It was truly a game for him (he even had a stop watch). Well, three months ago I get a call from some lawyer telling me that he died and I had been willed his house and to come in for the reading. I went down the next week, heard the reading, signed a lot of papers and received the key. He died in a car accident on his way home from the local nudie bar. Driving too fast for the slick roads and slid into a tree. Since he was divorced already, I have no fear of his ex-wife claiming it as community property like wives can in California.

Dean's here, and I have to sell him on staying.

I walked to the front door, looked out the peephole, and... wow.. is he hot! I wiped the drool from my chin and did a once-over in the foyer mirror. Oh well, probably got lots of girlfriends, I thought to myself. I opened the door, introduced myself, he introduced himself, and I stepped back so he could come in.

"This is a nice place," he commented as he was looking around the living room.

"Thanks, I haven't been here that long, and it was in perfect shape when I got it," I said.

As we toured the upstairs I told him the prices of the rooms as we got to them and tried to sell him to the local features and easy access to important stores and transportation. We went to the down stairs again, chatting away about college and roommates from hell. The back was explored, with comments about the pool.

As we entered the kitchen, the conversation turned to house rules. "I haven't really put rules into concrete yet," I said. "they will evolve person by person I guess. As far as over-nighters..," I paused, searching his face for interest in the topic. I saw none, so I asked, "Do you have a girl friend?"

"Nope," he answered smoothly

My eyebrows went up, "Really?"

"Really," he said smiling.

Needless to say I wanted him, anyway I could get. And lately I am bold enough to go for it. What with me the big house owner, and it's been awhile too. I took two steps toward him, and kissed him full on the lips. He seemed surprised, and he took a while to kiss back, but when he did, he wasn't that shy about it himself.

I ran my hand up his torso as he grabbed my waist. He lifted me up, placing me on the counter. He ran his hand over my breasts through my shirt. He broke the kiss and leaned over to tease them through the fabric. Still with his right hand on my breast, he ran his left hand down to my crotch. He spread my legs, and rubbed my pussy through my shorts. As he was massaging me, I moved my hands to his waist and pulled him closer between my legs, wrapping my legs around his waist, trapping him between my thighs.

I ran my hands up his sides, removing his shirt as I went. He lifted his arms and I pulled the shirt over his head, flinging it to the floor. I leaned up and kissed the nape of his neck, with my right hand on the back of his head. I heard him moan, which spurred me on.

I used my left hand to go for his jeans, but he pulled away. He moved to unbutton my shirt. He slowly slid my shirt off, running his fingertips along my skin. He did a low moan when he saw my bra, satin maroon , "I love satin," he breathed.

He touched lightly with his fingertips around the tops of my breasts, moving upward til his palms were around my neck. He looked down at me, put his hands on each of my legs, still wrapped around him, and asked with sincerity, "Will my performance effect me getting into the house?"

"Not a bit", I answered back with equal sincerity.

And thus began the undressing rush.

He ran his fingers along my arms up to my shoulders, his fingers under the bra straps. I undid his jeans, allowing him to pull them down and step out of them. When I saw his boxers it was my turn to moan, I'm a sucker for them. I laid back on the counter so he could remove my jeans. He took an ankle in his left hand and pulled my socks off. He did the same with my other ankle and sock. He ran his palm over my stomach, tracing around my bellybutton.

I leaned up and whispered, "Touch me everywhere as you take my jeans off," and I kissed behind his ear. He looked down at me and ran his hands across my torso, kissing my stomach, unbuttoning my jeans, pulling them off slowly, tracing my legs with the tips of his fingers as he went.

I closed my eyes as he pulled off my jeans and let them fall to the floor. He spread my legs and stepped toward me. He leaned down, putting his hands around my back and lifted me up. I wrapped my hands around his neck, "Where to?" he asked.

"I'm yours ," I optioned.

With a naughty smile he pried my legs apart and went to the spare downstairs bedroom. I heard a whip-like sound, and saw him coming back with a thick towel. He went to the center chopping island, and laid the blanker down, folding it several times. He pushed in the middle, satisfied with the thickness and then looked over at me.

He turned around and pulled down his boxers, leaned over and pulled them off.

He turned around, cock fully erect, and sat on the chopping block, watching me intently. I got off the counter and walked over to him. I didn't notice before, but he's got his left nipple pierced, a gold ring in the hole. I lean down and lick around the ring, sucking the nipple just a little as I move over to the non-pierced nipple.

I play my finger around the nipple ring while sucking and licking the other nipple. He runs his hand through my hair and I suck hard on the nipple.

I lean up and kiss him, sucking on his tongue. I lick his lips as I pull away again. I unhook my bra in the back and pull the straps over my arms, leaving the cups in place. I turn around and walk over to the fridge. I fling my bra over my shoulder in his direction and open the freezer door. I take two ice cubes, close the door again. I move back to standing in front of Dean, still sitting on the chopping block.

I hold one ice cube in each hand and start to rub them over my breasts, the melting water streaking down my skin. My nipples and areolas harden with the extreme cold. The cubes almost melted, I walk over to him, dropping the fragments of ice on the floor. I place my cold hands on his butt and pull him toward me and I kiss him again.

He pulls me closer with his hands on my waist. Feeling my panties, he runs his hands on the edge of buns, pushing the panties down til I have no choice but to break the kiss, and let them fall.

He jumped off the chopping block, and lifted me up to where he was sitting. He kneels in front of me and spreads my legs. Directly eye-level with my cunt, he places my knees over his shoulders. He looks for a sliver of the ice melting ice I dropped. Spying one, he picks it up, spreads my cunt lips, and runs it over my hot, dripping clit.

I shiver and moan, while whispers of "lick me" and "nibble my clit" escape me.

He pushes the remaining bit of ice up my cunt hole and its cold melted water runs down my ass. He goes over to the fridge, pokes around a while and pulls out a cucumber. He smiles at me as he goes to wash it.

Feeling my hot pussy juices mix with the cold melting ice, tingles my spine and I start to massage my clit.

With the vegetable washed, he comes back to the chopping block, kneeling again in front of me. He leans down and flicks his tongue on my clit, licking and sucking my pussy lips. Moaning, begging to be fucked, he lays the tip of the cucumber against my hole. I start to play with my nipples, rubbing my juices all over my breasts.

He puts his hand on my shoulder and I feel a huge thrust, and realize the cold cucumber is sliding in and out. I scream and grunt, wanting only more.

He goes back to my cunt, and starts to move it deeper, til almost all nine inches are inside me. I put my hands on the end of the block, and start to fuck the green lover. My juices helping slide it in and out.

I'm moaning and screaming for more when moves over to where his cock is right over my face. Still sliding the cucumber deep inside me, he rubs the shining pre-cum over the tip of his cock. I lick his balls, my hand taking the place of his on his dick. He moans and putts his free hand on the table next my waist. Concentrating on his sensations, his strokes with the cucumber slow down. I run my hand up and down his cock, stiff enough for more than a few fucks. I pull him closer to my head, and lick between his legs.

I start to pump his cock with my hand, and nibble on his ball sack. He lets go of the cucumber, leaving it fully inside me and leans down, placing his hands on the chopping block. I take one nut in my mouth, squeezing gently, running my tongue through his thick pubic hair.

I release his balls. I lick the base of his cock and run my tongue up the side to the tip, taking in just the tip. He groans, gripping the edge of the chopping block tighter.

"I must have you now, I can't take it anymore," he lustily breathes. He moves from beside me to between my legs. He removes the slick cucumber and drops it on the floor. He starts to massage my slick dripping pussy. Running his finger around my hole, massaging my clit. I moan and twist my hips, fucking his inserted finger.

He puts my ankles on his shoulders and places the tip of his cock at the base of my cunt. He pulls my hips closer and I feel him slide in, and he immediately starts to pump. I match his stokes, grabbing the edge of the table with my hands, our moans mingling.

He starts to shudder, and slows down his pace, moving my left ankle to around his waist, so he can watch.

"Fuck me like a whore," I demand.

"Yes, ma'am," he says and he leans down to lick my nipples.

I run my hands through his hair as he runs his tongue over my breasts, circling the nipples. He takes a nipple in his mouth and my leg grips his waist tighter. I arch my back and his stokes get harder.

Easily sliding in and out I feel him tense as he comes. He leans up, groaning, pushing as far as he can inside my cunt.

He pulls me closer at the waist. I can feel he is still hard and he starts the strokes slow and deep. His hands move back to my nipples, pinching them.

"Fuck me more," I whisper in his ear, my hands around his neck.

He moves both my legs to his waist and puts his hands on my ass cheeks. He lifts me off the table and I wrap my legs around his waist.

He walks into the family room and stands beside the bean bag. I unhook my legs from his waist and he sits down.

He lays back, his hands still on my ass. I pull my legs in close to his waist and rock back a little, adjusting to the new position.

He runs his hands up my back and plays with the ends of my hair. Still rocking, I lean my head back and put my hands on his waist.

I moan as he starts to massage my shoulders and back, running his fingertips over my back lightly. I lean down and put my hands on the floor above his head. My hard nipples are right above his head and he flicks his tongue at them.

Shivers run through me and I lift on his hard cock, running the tip along my pussy lips and over my clit. He moves his hands to my ass and I slide slowly back down. I move up slightly and tighten my cunt muscles around his cock and slide down. His breath is hot on my chest and breasts as he moans deeply, arching his back.

His hands grip my ass tighter and I slide up and down his cock in longer strokes. He takes a nipple in his mouth and runs his tongue around in circles. Moaning, he starts to match my strokes, meeting my cunt half way.

I lean up and spread my legs wider, his cock going deeper in my hot pussy. "Oh, yes," he says and I rock back and forth. I put my hands on his stomach and push down on his cock, going deeper.

I lift up a little and he put his hands on his waist. He starts fucking me and I lean my head back. He slams against my clit, going deep and hard.

"Oh, God, yes, fuck me Dean," I tell him and he grasps my waist tighter, slamming harder into my cunt. The first waves of orgasm hit and I yell for more. With my cunt gripping his cock, he comes, slamming harder. Lost in my own ecstasy as he is, our juices run down my leg.

Slowing down, he lets go of my waist. I roll off and lay on the floor. Catching my breath I hear him ask, "So is the room still available?"



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