Cathy was relaxing, and taking it easy, when the phone rang.

She answered it. "Hi, sis!" said Diane, Cathy's sister.

"Hiya kid," said Cathy. Her sister Diane was twenty-six and five years younger than Cathy.

"You remember? In two days I fly out to San Diego for the company's annual convention," Diane said. "I'm giving a talk on 'just-in-time manufacturing.' My boss said I was an important asset to the company and he knew I would do fine." They chatted awhile longer. Cathy promised to see her off at the airport on Saturday in two days.

Fresh out of college with a degree in marketing, she had danced the whole resume and interview dance without success. Diane counted herself lucky; she was contacted and hired by the company through a resume she had deposited in an Internet resume bank. The company had looked for a local candidate with her background.

Five years Diane had put into the company - a manufacturer of fasteners. Fasteners were all types of screws, nuts, bolts and washers. Through hard study and work, she had moved from junior sales rep to senior account executive in record time. She called on some of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the U.S. Those days as a junior rep were gone. No more completing and routing paperwork or making follow-up phone calls for the senior execs.

She was the youngest woman ever to make senior exec. She had a company car, cell phone, pager, laptop and two junior reps just to keep up with her sales. Then Diane met this hunky guy Martin in the PR department. He oversaw catalog and brochure copy and photos, and press releases. He kept in contact with trade organizations and planned trade shows.

His rugged good looks, compact runner's body, lean and muscular upper body and legs, cute behind and thick black hair attracted her. Martin was drawn to her short raven hair and her face that was pretty as a model. She was taller than he and she had voluptuous body, rounded hips, a cute ass, large, firm breasts, and long legs.

Within a week they had dinner. Within two weeks they had gone to bed. Within a month they lived together. Within a year they were married. They shared the same work ethic and high standards. Two years later baby Jacob came along and Diane took six months of parental leave. Then they found a nanny.

Diane had taken Friday afternoon off to prepare for the trip. She was excited, yet a bit apprehensive about the trip. She had never given a talk to two hundred people. As she packed her bags in the bedroom, she thought how she hated going anywhere without Martin. He had to stay and work the weekend preparing for some major PR event. She traveled a lot, but she did not like the loneliness.

Diane loved to snuggle up to Martin in their big bed, her head on his hairy chest. She loved feel his deep slow breathing, feel and smell the warmth of him. When he kissed her and touched her that special way, she felt as if they could make love forever.

Well, she had to go on this trip so she packed: lacy undergarments, wool skirts and blazers, silk blouses, hosiery, custom leather shoes, bath necessities and cosmetics. Laptop, important papers, and her speech. Everything fit nicely into her Gucci bags. Then she remembered to throw in her bathing suit. Maybe there would be time to unwind in the hotel pool.

Her excitement over the trip turned into nervous sexual energy. Diane wished she did not feel guilty. Her big sister Cathy liked to tell Diane about masturbating while her husband watched - or while he didn't. Cathy loved to shock and embarrass her sister by describing the most intimate and explicit details of her sex life.

Diane - mesmerized - listened, but wouldn't admit to masturbating herself. Nor would she get very specific about what she and Martin did. Cathy described all her high school and college adventures. A shocked Diane listened on the phone and later did it to herself to relieve the tension.

The nanny had taken Jacob to the park so Diane could prepare for the trip. Her sexual tension rising, thinking, "Oh hell, guilt be damned," she lay down on the bed. She opened and unzipped her jeans, pulled them down, lifted her hips and quickly stripped them off. She pulled down her panties. Hurriedly taking off her t-shirt and bra, she was naked.

A bottle of lotion sat on the night stand. She grabbed it and drizzled lotion on her breasts, down her stomach and onto her pubic area. She shivered at the cool contact. She massaged the lotion into her shoulders and upper chest. She worked her way around and over the surface of her breasts - avoiding her large areolas and sensitive nipples. Her back arched and she bit her lip. "Uhhhh," she sighed.

Determined to prolong her pleasure, she rubbed the now warm lotion below her rib cage, on her tummy, across her flanks and on her hips. Then she worked the lotion into the outside and inside of her thighs. She made herself crazy as she avoided the pleasure spot. Diane had forgotten all about plane trips, hotels, conventions and speeches.

She rocked side to side as her fingernails gently scratched and explored her areolas. When she rolled her erect nipples between her fingers, she began to gasp and moan at the almost unbearable pleasure. With the flat of her palms, she massaged her breasts and nipples with firm pressure. One hand worked its way down her tummy, slowly coming to rest in her pubic hair. She stroked her inner thighs and spread her legs wide. Her ass was off the bed now - begging her to pleasure herself.

With one finger and the most gentle of pressure, Diane traced the outlines of her inner and outer labia and dipped it in her honeypot. Under the hood of her clitoris, she found the hard little nub. The first contact rocked her. She squeezed and rubbed her breasts and nipples with one hand. She stroked the length of her pussy and played with her clitoris with the other hand. Diane rubbed it up and down and around. She vibrated her fingers against her clit.

She slipped one finger inside herself and her hips bucked. She was crazed with lust, but she wanted something bigger. She stretched herself wider with two fingers, then three. She moaned loudly.

A hairbrush - its handle about eight inches long, thick, smooth and rounded perfectly at the tip - lay on the night stand. Diane picked it up and lubed it with some more lotion. Rubbing the rounded tip against her clitoris almost drove her to orgasm - but she wanted more. Diane moved the handle tip all around her inner lips and put it in her opening. Since it was bigger than a man, she had to be careful. She worked it around and slowly in, feeling it stretch her wide open. Diane pretended it was a man and said cried out, "Oh yes, baby." She imagined a handsome, dark-haired stranger.

The hairbrush obliged. She rotated it and pleasure shot through her body. Diane begin to slide it slowly in and out, then faster. She frantically rubbed her clitoris and plunged the whole eight inches in and out, fucking her hips back against it. It was like being taken by a thick, steely hard shaft. Jolts like electricity shot through her body. Her lower belly warmed. She was moaning and gasping. Then her whole body tensed and the inner walls of her vagina began rhythmic contractions. A tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her. "O god O god!" she screamed. Working the brush, working her fingers she brought herself to orgasm after orgasm until the pleasure became unbearable.

Finally she lay still. Then as she slid the brush handle out of her, it made wet sucking noises. She wiped the lotion and juices off with a towel. She tidied up the bed and got herself settled down and dressed again. Diane got all her bags in order for the trip.

It was late afternoon. The nanny had brought Jacob back from the park. Diane played with her baby and waited for Martin's planned early return from work. Then Diane made a simple meal of broiled fresh salmon, wild rice, an endive and romaine salad, bread crusty and warm from the oven with real butter, and an expensive Chardonnay. Her timing was perfect; dinner was done and on the table when Martin arrived. They greeted, embraced and kissed right at the front door. Martin changed into sweats in a flash and sat down to dinner.

Over dinner, they made chit chat about work and the upcoming trip. The Chardonnay was heady and tasty, the meal delicious. Yet Martin sensed her nervousness about her upcoming speech. She was usually keyed up before a trip, but not this nervous.

"Diane, honey, you'll do fine with the presentation. You know that subject backwards and forwards," he said.

"What if I am standing there and I forget or lose my place? What if I am so nervous I can't catch my breath?" said Diane. "I wish you could come with me."

"You know I have that project," Martin said. "And, sweetie, you're one of the best talkers I've ever known. You talked me right into bed and then marriage." They both chuckled at the joke. Martin poured her the last half-glass of the Chardonnay. They chatted awhile longer about the trip. Martin noticed that she looked particularly radiant. "And are you the dessert?" he said. Her neck and face got red.

"Maybe. We will have to see," she said. They cleaned up after the meal together and went upstairs to put baby Jacob to bed. In their bedroom, Diane changed into a light cotton night gown, glanced at the hairbrush on the night stand, and blushed again. Martin stripped down to the boxers he always slept in. They climbed into their king-sized bed and cuddled together while watching CNN News. After the news, they watched "Casablanca" on cable. They didn't talk much, just nestled in each other's arms.

Martin wanted her. With little embraces, caresses and kisses lovers use to signal each other, he tried to arouse her. But she was a knot of tense muscles and keyed up nerves in his arms. And Martin couldn't know that she had used up that kind of energy during the afternoon. They set the alarm for earlier than usual and turned out the lights.

"Let me give you a massage," Martin said. She turned her back to him. His hands gently yet firmly started on her neck at the base of her skull and worked their way down. After plenty of time loosening her neck, Martin began to firmly knead the tight muscles above her collarbones. She exhaled deeply. He used his thumbs and applied pressure to points around and under her shoulder blades. Diane felt her shoulders drop and the tension begin to melt away. "Martin," she sighed.

He placed rigid forefingers and middle fingers on either side of her spine. Rapid, firm, overlapping strokes traveled from the top to the bottom again and again. Tension drained from Diane's body. He worked on the muscles just above her pelvis; then the small of her back. With broad strokes, he unknotted the large, flat muscles of her back.

She purred like a kitten. Feeling that she was relaxed and maybe in the mood, Martin began to massage her ass cheeks. She sighed and pushed back against his exploring hands. Martin got hard. Then heard her soft snore. Damn, all dressed up and no place to go.

Martin had to take matters into his own hands. Reaching carefully across the sleeping Diane, he took the bottle of lotion from the night stand. Strange, it was very slippery on the outside. He slid over on the bed until he was as far as possible from Diane. He pulled his boxers down until they dangled from one foot.

Martin squeezed a good amount of lotion into his palm and cupped it with both hands. When it was warm, he spread the lotion on the inner and outer surfaces of his cock. He massaged some onto the tip. He rubbed some on his balls and between his legs.

Martin held his shaft with just enough pressure for it to feel as if he were inside a pussy. He cupped his other slippery hand over the tip. He began to slowly pumping his hips and fucking his hands. He took his hand from the shaft and began to play with part of his cock below his balls. Each thrust of his hips brought the sensitive glans against his palm. The back of his hand gently bumped his balls. Warmth flowed through his body and concentrated in his loins. He put the hand back on the shaft and humped his hips hard, exhaling, "hooo."

Diane begin to stir and stopped snoring. He didn't want to wake her, but now he was aware of her again. Her could smell her fragrance and dimly see her rounded ass. Martin scooted over by her and had an idea. He spooned against her. He lifted her cotton nightie and put the side of his slick cock against her ass cheeks. He figured he could just slide up and down with delightful friction and then roll over on his back to come on this stomach. She would never know. He placed his cock lengthwise between her cheeks. Each stroke was maddeningly arousing. He kept quiet and kept it slow so as to not wake Diane.

Then she stirred. "Mmmm." She opened her legs and took his cock in her hand. She guided it to her pussy and helped him slip it in. Martin continued the slow, dreamy strokes, but inside he was all fire and desire. She bumped her ass back against him. Then Martin's body stiffened and his cock swelled. He pushed all the way in and held himself there. Muscles began to contract and his come erupted out of him in spurt after spurt.

He was shuddering it felt so good. Diane hardly stirred. He snuggled against her for awhile and kissed the back of her neck. She was so quiet, he wondered if she would even remember in the morning. As she fell back asleep, she smiled to herself. Sometimes it felt good just to let her man have his way.

Diane and Martin had a good night's sleep. The alarm went off very early, so they could get to the airport on time. They were both sleepyheads. Somehow, they got dressed, had breakfast and put Diane's bags in the trunk. Jacob was strapped in the backseat of their Volvo and the family headed out to the airport. Diane made nervous chit chat the whole way.

They parked and walked to the terminal. Diane checked her bags and got her ticket and boarding pass in order. They went through the security checkpoint. Cathy, Ron and their kids were waiting at the gate. There were hugs kisses all around. When I cam time to board, Martin held Diane in his arms.

"I don't like going alone," said Diane. "I wish you were going. And I am nervous about this talk."

"I love you. Don't worry about the talk, I'll miss you," said Martin.

Diane turned and waved as she entered the tunnel to the plane. She found her seat in the first-class cabin. During the long plane ride from the Midwest to San Diego, she reviewed her notes for her presentation. She realized she really knew her material. Diane pictured herself speaking with ease and eloquence to the audience She felt more confident.

Because Diane had caught such an early flight and had flown east to west, she arrived with plenty of time to check into the hotel and get dressed for the conference kickoff luncheon. As she signed in, she noticed a dark, handsome stranger. He had on a badge for the conference. He wore a crisp white cotton shirt, a silk tie, and an elegant, expensive lightweight wool suit. He caught her looking and smiled. Flustered, she smiled and looked away.

Diane sat with some key company officials during the luncheon. She was to give the second keynote address after lunch. The food was delicious at this expensive hotel, much better than at most luncheons. Yet, in her excitement, she hardly tasted the food. She talked with company management about upcoming projects, new products and new markets. She listened to the welcome from the CEO. Yet she didn't hear much of the first keynote because she was mentally reviewing her own presentation.

Soon it was her time. She strode briskly and confidently to the podium. Diane had learned that if you act confident at the beginning of a speech, in a minute you will be. She got a chuckle with a little joke and then spoke eloquently about just-in-time manufacturing - the change and challenge facing the company.

With her striking appearance, expressive gestures and melodious voice, she had them all. Even the skeptics began to see how the new plan would increase sales and productivity. No more huge inventories, long production runs or unsold product. The company would become flexible and turn around sales more quickly.

She was an experienced public speaker and she made eye contact with all parts of the audience to keep their attention. And then, there he was, off to the side, the dark, handsome stranger, nodding and smiling at her. The audience, the whole world, shrank down to this one man. She gave the rest of her speech to him and him alone.

When she concluded, "When you want it, when you need it, just-in-time manufacturing," The audience rose and applauded. She looked around the room from the podium and said her thank-yous. When she glanced back toward the dark, handsome stranger, his chair was empty.

Diane enjoyed the remaining presentation and seminars that afternoon. Afterwards, she changed into a very short white wool skirt, a silk blouse and navy wool jacket. She had dinner with a few of her buddies from Sales. They spend the evening in one of the hotel lounges.

Diane got on the elevator and right behind her was the stranger. They were alone. She was flustered. He was very handsome in a crisp white shirt, silk tie and nicely fitted suit. He was a little older than she - dignified yet with magnetism. He was clean shaven and smelled of expensive cologne - a light but masculine scent. Just looking at this kind of guy made Diane weak in the knees

She was so embarrassed, but she put a hand on his arm and said, "Which division of the company do you work for?" The stranger turned and faced her. He smiled. Diane was feeling so brazen she left her hand on his arm. She could not belief it when, "Are you here alone?" popped out of her mouth.

"Yes I am, and you?" He had a deep, resonant voice like a tv anchor.

"Y...y...yess" she stammered in reply.

They looked deeply into each others eyes. He was powerfully attracted to her and wondered if he should act on that attraction. Did she sense it? Diane slid so close to him they were touching and said, "What did you think of my just-in-time manufacturing talk?"

He laughed and said, "When you want it, when you need it, just-in-time-manufacturing." He took her shoulders in his hands and kissed the top of her head. She was confused but so excited - would he go further? Or would he just get off the elevator? God, she was a married woman. With a powerful, yet nicely shaped hand he raised her chin. "You are beautiful, you know." And he kissed her lightly on the lips. Then he got to his floor and off the elevator. He gave her a big smile as the doors closed.

Diane was worn out and keyed up at the same time. She got ready and then crawled into bed. Yet at 1:00 a.m. she was still awake. She thought she might wear herself out with a late night swim in the hotel pool. She got up and put on her one piece bathing suit, robe and deck shoes. She took the elevator down to the pool level. The pool was empty and the lights low. Moonlight streamed in the windows. She swam a couple laps and then rested against the edge of the pool.

Then she saw the dark, handsome walking toward the pool with a purposeful stride. He had curly chest hair and his tight trunks revealed a nice firm ass. Diane felt a little apprehensive. What would she say? What would happen?

The stranger walked over without a word and sat down on the edge of the pool just next to where she was hanging in the water. He slid over a bit and his thigh pressed against her arm. Diane just about blasted off out of the pool like a rocket. She swam away and behind her she heard a splash. She wanted to hear that splash. She wanted him to come after her, but she was so confused by her feelings. Martin, her child, she thought.

With powerful strokes the stranger caught up with her and matched her stroke for stroke. She smelled a hint of cologne even through the water in the pool. The moonlight and the water rippling on his powerful arms and shoulders made Diane forget about everything but the moment. They reached the shallow end of the pool - hip deep for him and over her waist. Diane was a little out of breath, but not from swimming. His breaths were slow and deep - like a tiger in the forest.

He reached out and brushed a wet strand of hair from her face. "You are very beautiful," he said. She melted inside leaving her even more breathless. "Yes?" she gasped. He came a little closer - his hands gently on her neck now. Diane abandoned herself to the moment. He pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply. She snuggled up against him so their bodies were lightly pressed against each other. They both were intoxicated by the moment. One of his strong hands held her neck as their mouths hungrily kissed.

His other hand was on her back. She almost swooned, but the stranger supported her weight. The tip of his tongue traced the outline of her lips. He kissed her cheeks, her closed eyes, and her forehead. His mouth traveled down her neck. The hand on her back slid lower. Diane felt her nipples against his chest through the thin bathing suit material.

His hand rested gently on her ass. She was bolder now and reached both hands around to feel his cute, tight butt. At the contact she felt him stirring him against her belly. He still had one hand on her ass and the other hand slipped the strap of her suit down. And he kissed the hollow of her shoulder and the gentle rise of her breasts.

How daring right there in the pool, she thought. Somebody might walk in. But all thought vanished as he lowered the front of her suit and he kissed the top her breasts lightly. Diane felt him grow really hard against her. They both moaned. He kissed all around her breasts and then blew moistly on a nipple. She was on fire and pulled his head to her. His mouth teased and pulled at and sucked her nipples. The stranger took more of her breast into his mouth and sucked gently.

He slid the rest of the front of her bathing suit down. She was so hungry for him she stepped boldly back and stripped off her suit. She came back to him and yanked down his trunks. Their mouths locked together. Their bodies pressed together. The stranger felt her rounded softness. Diane felt his firm muscles and excited manhood standing in the air. His mouth went back to her breasts. She kissed his shoulders - so strong, so masculine. She was aroused as his hand slid down her tummy and found her bush.

The stranger heard Diane's sharp intake of breath as his fingers found her clit. He began to rub gently up and down and round and round. His other hand massaged her ass cheeks. His mouth was on her breasts. Boldly she reached out and found his swollen manhood. His fingers working on her clit with perfect rhythm drove her crazy. She gasped and moaned. His cock in her hands felt so velvety smooth and firm. She could feel the big vein on the front as it pulsed - a living thing in her hand.

They were strangers - but their lust was out of control. They did not even know each other's names. One finger slipped lower while the others stayed on her clit. That finger gently traced the length of her slit and opened her. She was wet and warm and ready as his finger slipped inside. A few fingers rubbed her clit while another explored the inside of her pussy. God, here she is with a stranger, she thought, going crazy. Diane shoved her hips against his hand. She began to stroke his shaft with her hands.

He took her by the hips with his strong hands and lifted her and positioned her over his cock. He kissed her deeply as she took it and put it in the entrance of her pussy. They were weightless in the pool. She slid herself slowly down onto to his hard cock feeling her vaginal walls stretch and her pussy open. He wrapped her legs around his waist and began long strokes in and out of her. She sighed and moaned and gasped. Her hands clawed at this back.

As he pushed in and out, it pulled against her clit. Diane's erect nipples rubbed against the stranger's hairy chest. She was frantic with desire and she bounced up and down on his cock. She felt a storm gather within her. He got bigger and harder within her. She bit his chest and he moaned. A fire began to run through her body and she went rigid. Her pussy hungrily grasped him and began to contract around him. She heaved and groaned - the heat inside her almost unbearable. She exploded into wave after wave of orgasm - contracting, expanding.

Ahh! the moonlight, the pool, and the man. She felt him begin to spurt inside her and this caused her to have another orgasm. His hot come exploded into her in spurt after spurt. The stranger's gasps and moans mingled with Diane's as they came together. He held her for a long time afterwards. Her head on his shoulder, he gently caressed her shuddering body and kissed her lightly on the lips.

The hour was very late. They separated, found their suits and put them back on. They came back together for a deep kiss. Diane and the stranger climbed out of the pool and got their robes. They walked hand-in-hand to the elevator. When it stopped at his floor, he wrapped himself around her. They kissed deeply. This time Diane got off the elevator with him.



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