Jeanine the virgin, looked up at Robert with apprehensive eyes. He smiled down at her with a barely concealed contempt that made her both revolt against him... and desire him. He told her, withou ceremony, to lie face down on the bed, with a pillow under her tits and her ass in the air.

Jeanine did as instructed, her face pressed into the mattress, a pillow under her chest and her ass high and inviting. She presented a delightful view. Robert once agin marveled at his good fortune. Not only was he going to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass but he was going to be the FIRST to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass. "Are you ready to become a woman, Cunt?" Robert asked.

Jeanine was having a hard time catching her breath. In this position she realized how vulnerable she was to Robert's advances. All her life she had saved her virginity for her marriage bed. She had fought temptation, and more than one boyfriend, in doing so and now she knew she was going to lose her most precious gift to this evil man."Tell me how much you want it Jeanine. Beg me to pop your cherry." Robert taunted.The tears welled up in Jeanine's eyes as she looked over her shoulder to see Robert idly stroking his manhood."Please don't make me do this Robert." Jeanine pleaded. Robert's smile faded as his eyes narrowed. "Now, Bitch, get yourself nice and wet and tell me now how much you want me to fuck you." As Jeanine resigned herself to the inevitable she heard her own voice begin to beg. "Oh yea baby, I need that nice big Cock. See my pussy? It's all wet just thinking about what your going to do for me." Jeanine felt Robert's hand on her backside as her began to knead her cheeks. She jumped as he began to spread her ass open and felt his hot breath on her now exposed pussy. As per his instructions her pussy was leaking profusely. Robert could see her juices begin to run down her thighs. "So you really want my Cock do you?" Robert taunted "Tell me what you want me to do with it." She was such a sight, hunched over a pillow, her ass waving high above the mattress. As she glanced over her shoulder Robert looked into her lovely green eyes framed by her disheveled hair, tears now streaming down her cheeks. "Put it in me Robert" she cried her voice trembling "Put that big Cock inside me and take my cherry. I want to feel it deep inside me." Jeanine felt first one then two fingers begin to run the length of her now slimy slit. With his other hand Robert separated her lips then inserted two fingers into her pussy. In one stroke he was buried to the knuckle. Robert could feel the membrane of Jeanine's cherry at the tip of his finger. Sure enough, the Bitch was a virgin. "Not for long" he thought, removing his fingers and wiping his hand with her hair. Taking his Cock in hand he positioned himself at the entrance to her womanhood. "Dear god" she thought "It's really going to happen. This animal is going to take my virginity." A sob racked her body "Please no Robert, don't do this to me. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings..." In mid plea she felt Robert's penis push its way past the lips of her vagina. "Oh Jeannie" he said "Your Cunt feels so wet. Don't tell me you don't want it. This is something you have needed for a long time. It's a crime you haven't shared this hot cunt with any one before now." Jeanine's mind raced. She had to admit Robert's cock did feel good in her pussy. As he gently but firmly pushed forward the head of his dick soon came up against an obstacle. "This is it" she thought "he's going to do it now. After tonight I'll be ruined." Robert felt his cock head push up against her cherry. Robert hadn't had a virgin since high school and this bitch was tight. If her cunt wasn't so damn wet he would be having a tough time getting in. Jeanine's pussy felt like a furnace. With only a small part of his cock buried he couldn't wait to be balls deep in this fresh pussy. "Tell me to bury it Jeanine. Tell me to pop your cherry" Robert said with enthusiasm. Jeanine couldn't help herself. As much as she hated Robert and what he was forcing her to do she found herself begging this monster to take from her, forever, her precious virginity. "I need it Robert, I need to feel you balls deep in me. Rip me up you bastard, do it now!" she shouted Robert laughed out loud. Taking a hand full of her blond hair he pulled back forcing her head up and arching her back in the process. "What a delicious sight" he thought. Pulling back slightly he took a deep breath then pushed hard. What ever small pleasure Jeanine may have felt ended abruptly as Robert tore through her virginity. The pain took her by surprise but in a moment she felt Robert's large balls slap against her pussy flesh and she knew she had taken all of him. The feeling of fullness was incredible! In a way she was proud of herself. She had taken all 8" of him. Robert began to pull out but quickly slid back home. He began to build a rhythm gradually taking longer and longer strokes until he has sheathing and unsheathing his full 8" on each stroke. Releasing his hold on her hair Robert reached around and began fingering her now fully erect clit. "Oh my" Jeanine gasped as she felt Robert's fingers manipulate her clit. "This feels fantastic!" With each pounding stroke Jeanine could feel something building in her. Her pussy was leaking buckets around Robert's pounding cock and his fingers felt incredible. Jeanine felt the first wave of her orgasm roll over her. Robert kept sliding his hot, hard cock in and out of Jeanine's spasming pussy. "The bitch is finally getting into it" he thought. As her orgasm began to ebb he pulled his now dripping fingers from her slit. Looking down he saw her pink ass hole wink at him. Jeanine was moaning softly and pushing back with each stroke. Robert pulled all but his cock head out of her pussy. As one hand kneaded her ass cheek he casually drew his wet fingers to her puckering ass hole. As he gently pushed forward his slick finger popped past her sphincter muscle. Jeanine froze. What was he doing? She hated the feeling of his finger in her ass hole. "No Robert, that's sick" she complained "Just fuck me, it feels so good." "Shut up bitch" Robert growled "One more hole left to test." Jeanine's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't be thinking of that. Please god don't let him be thinking of that! But she knew that he was. Robert's finger was sawing in and out of her puckering hole. Before she knew it he had two fingers imbedded in her tightest of holes. Dear god how could she ever fit Robert's big cock in her tiny little ass? Robert was not to be dissuaded though. As he removed his fingers she heard and felt him spit into her ass hole. Jeanine felt Robert pushing his cock head against her rosebud. It felt like a baseball bat. Instinctively she clenched her muscles. "Better relax" Robert laughed "Its going in, one way or the other, but it will hurt a lot less if you just relax." Robert pushed a little harder. "This bitch was tight" he thought. As he put a little more weight into it he felt the head of his cock push past her tight muscle. He paused for a moment to let her get accustomed to the feeling. He wasn't an animal after all!

Jeanine tried to catch her breath. Robert's cock felt huge in her back side. There was no way, she was sure, she could ever accept his huge cock in to her ass. The pain was unbearable. He was pushing agin. First one then two inches disappeared into her ass hole. He began to pull back only to push even more into her. As her abused ass hole became accustomed to its intruder the pain began to subside only to be replaced by something that almost seemed like pleasure. "I can't possibly be enjoying this" Jeanine thought but certainly the initial pain had eased. The friction of Robert's cock sawing in and out of her ass hole was developing heat that was indeed pleasurable. Before she knew it she felt Robert's heavy balls slapping her wet pussy. He was in. She had accepted all of him!

Robert couldn't believe it. Jeanine had not only taken his full 8" but her ass was pushing back at him. She was looking for more! He knew she would be a hellcat once she got started but this was beyond his wildest dreams. He began deep stroking her. Pulling all the way out until just the head of his cock was left in her tight hole then pushing all the way back in. Jeanine was actively bucking back at him now. Her moans had turned to grunts as she raced toward yet another orgasm. Robert felt his own orgasm building but he had one final humiliation left for poor Jeanine. Pulling his throbbing cock free of her tight embrace Robert hurried around to the head of the bed to see a bewildered Jeanine looking up at him. "Don't stop Robert. I'm almost there." Jeanine squealed. Pointing his cock at her Robert growled "Open up bitch, I want to cum in your mouth." Jeanine froze. He was NOT going to put his cock, still slimy from her ass hole, into HER mouth! "Oh no Robert, no way, its filthy!" Jeanine gasped. Robert smiled. "Not only are you going to do it but your going to beg me to save some cum to spray your pretty faced with." Jeanine thought she was going to be sick. As Robert stepped closer to the bed she could smell the stink on his cock. She could see the streaks of blood from her pussy, and yes, the brown stains from her ass. Her stomach roiled but she heard herself begging just as he had instructed. "Give me that cock Robert" she began "fill my mouth with your hot cum baby. I want it all. Spray your cum on my face, in my mouth any where you want to, just do it now!"

Robert liked what he heard. As he pressed his cock into her mouth he saw her nose wrinkle up. She was crying agin and he felt more powerful than he had ever felt in his life. He had broken her. Broken the ice queen. Here she was sucking his shit stained cock and begging him to cum all over her. He felt his balls rising up and the muscles in his legs turning to molten lava. As the cum raced up his shaft Robert let out groan. As his cock shot its first load into her mouth he looked into Jeanine's eyes."Jack it for me baby" Robert moaned "Jack it into your face."

Jeanine's small hands began milking his spurting cock. Another charge flew into her mouth but she directed the next shot onto her pretty face. It struck her just below her eye and began to run down towards her chin. The following volleys struck her nose and chin. As his orgasm subsided Robert looked down at his handiwork. Jeanine was a mess. Taking his softening cock in hand he began to smear his cum all over her face. "I have one last suggestion for you Jeanine" Robert said with a smile "I want you to remember this as a pleasant experience. I want you to think of me as someone you can't live without." As Jeanine curled up next to Robert in his King sized bed she knew she would do anything for him. "What a lucky person I am." she thought as she drifted of to a peaceful sleep.

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